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Shi Yan stood on the stone bed of the cold chamber. He squinted to have a better focus at the girl that the two Incipient G.o.d Realm experts of the Broken Hall were confining.

She wore a veil and she couldn't move. However, the light emitting from her bright moon eyes was really touching.

Ban Yu stood aside and said darkly, "Friends from the Broken Hall, outsiders aren't allowed to interfere with our Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's business. Without permission from the Manager of Cold Iron City, you can't stay on this ship. Please leave!"

In this vast galaxy, Tsunami Chamber of Commerce was powerful and wealthy. Even the G.o.d Clan had to give them face. Although the Broken Hall was also intimidating, they were dependent on Tsunami Chamber of Commerce in some aspects.

The warriors of the Broken Hall frowned when they heard Ban Yu. They became hesitant.

"He isn't from your Chamber of Commerce. How can he embark this ship? Tsunami Chamber of Commerce has done something against the agreement. Aren't you afraid that the Thousand Fantasy Sect will question you?" The First Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm expert shouted. However, he was just trying to sound bold.

"It's our Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's business. You guys from the Broken Hall don't need to interfere! I made myself clear enough. Without the permission of our Cold Iron City's Manager, other people can't embark this ship. If he's here, he sure got the permission from our Manager. You guys didn't, so you should leave."

Ban Yu's face was stern. He lifted his head to look at the other battleships. Some war chariots suddenly flew out carrying dozens of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's warriors who didn't look friendly at all.

The two old men of the Broken Hall were called Wei Yun and Xing Shang. Wei Yun was at First Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm and Xing Shang was at Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm. Xing Shang was Xing Ming's cousin who was famous for his sinister deeds in the Broken Hall. Also, he was loyal and dedicated to Xing Ming.

The Broken Hall consisted of different halls. Xing Ming was the loyal subordinate of Caesar's father in the past. He was in charge of those scattered halls. He chained them and consolidated them into one force.

When Caesar's father had power, Xing Ming didn't have many benefits. Caesar's father had the power to decide many things.

However, when Caesar began to be the Hall Master, he always cultivated alone. He didn't care too much about the matters of the Broken Hall, which made Xing Ming have the chance to manage all the works of the subordinate halls.

Xing Ming's power became too influential. He had become the one with real power in the Broken Hall. The masters of the subordinating halls had only reported to Xing Ming.

Xing Ming had made good advantage of his power to enrich his family. He had spent many precious cultivating materials of the Broken Hall on nurturing the experts of the Xing family. Eventually, the Xing family had become an intimidating family of the Broken Hall and could even replace the role of Caesar's family.

Xing Shang was Xing Ming's cousin, a member of the Xing family. He only listened to Xing Ming while swaggering in the Broken Hall.

Xing Shang knew that the Broken Hall wasn't weak, but they couldn't offend Tsunami Chamber of Commerce. Thus, although Ban Yu was bold, he had pulled himself together. He decided to yield and retreat the brutal makings he had formed after so many years. His team was going to leave this ship.

Xing Shang glared at Wei Yun next to him, cursing him for the bad idea under his breath that embarra.s.sed him. He snorted, "We should go. Just embark another ship." He signaled Wei Yun to bring the girl and leave.


The veil covering the girl's face was torn strangely, pieces of it falling like leaves.

An extremely exquisite face was revealed. Her white skin was like beautiful jade with the moonlight. She looked so pure that people were absorbed with her looks.

The warriors of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce riding the war chariots had prepared well. When they saw the girl's glamor after the veil was gone, they felt enchanted. They eyed her, deeply showing the face when a normal man saw an extremely beautiful woman.

"It's you, indeed," Shi Yan sounded surprised.

That girl was Ouyang Lou Shuang, the Moon G.o.d of the Three G.o.d Sect who cultivated Moonlight. She used to seal herself inside a meteorite in Sky Meteor City. At that time, her realm was already profound.

As soon as she got on the ship, Shi Yan got a familiar feeling. It was because Ouyang Lou Shuang cultivated Moonlight power, which wasn't different from Shi Yan's Star power Upanishad. It was the magical cultivating technique that the G.o.d Clan had spread out dozens of thousands of years ago.

Now, Ouyang Lou Shuang was at First Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm. She gave people a pure, holy feeling. Apparently, her realm was more marvelous and profound.

Shi Yan was very surprised. His cultivating progress was rapid because of his Devouring power Upanishad. As Ouyang Lou Shuang had cultivated only one power, it was astonishing that she could progress that quickly.

Shi Yan knew that Ouyang Lou Shuang should have some good encounters. Otherwise, at a normal warrior's cultivating speed, she wouldn't be able to reach First Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm in a short time like this.

"What do you want?" As Wei Yun saw that Ouyang Lou Shuang's veil was torn, he had a concealed obscene gleam flash in his pupils. He snorted and rolled his eyes at Shi Yan. "Kid, you shouldn't poke your nose in the Broken Hall's business."

If Shi Yan wasn't on this ship that hinted his high position and echelon, Wei Yun would have attacked him immediately.

"Friends, I just received the request to give you a ride. I'm not responsible for your safety," Ban Yu frowned and reminded the others.

Xing Shang wore a dark face, coldly looking at Shi Yan and then at Ban Yu. The vicious light sparkled in his eyes, but he hadn't said anything yet.

Shi Yan didn't react to their words. He just looked at Ouyang Lou Shuang and the chains on her wrists.

Shi Yan and this woman didn't have a close friendship or anything like that. However, his Star power Upanishad came from Ouyang Lou Shuang's precursor. From this point on, he owed the Ouyang family a favor.

Moreover, Ouyang Lou Shuang was from Grace Mainland. After he had fused with Grace Mainland's Origin, he had unconsciously considered the creatures from Grace Mainland as his family members. Seeing Ouyang Lou Shuang get confined, he considered the possibility of saving her.

Ouyang Lou Shuang's eyes were clear and tranquil. She just looked at him and had no intention of begging.

However, Shi Yan felt a little embarra.s.sed under her gaze. He gave a slight cough and said, "She's my friend. Leave her to me. I'll explain to Caesar."

His words sounded natural.

Although Caesar was the Hall Master of the Broken Hall, a famous character in this universe, Shi Yan's position now was higher than his.

Although their realms were different, as he was the Bloodthirsty Force's Master, it was enough to make up for the gap.

He thought that it was natural, but the others didn't think so.

Wei Yun and Xing Shang, the two experts of the Broken Hall, heard him and their face became cold and harsh.

Caesar was the Hall Master of the Broken Hall. Although he didn't involve himself in the matters of the organization, he was their pillar. He was respected more than his father that year.

Even Xing Shang, the haughty member of the Broken Hall due to his powerful cousin, still had great respect for Caesar. It was because Caesar was at the Immortal Realm!

In this vast sea of stars, there weren't many Immortal Realm experts. Thus, Caesar was the foundation and the pride of the Broken Hall!

But in this place, an unknown young man had called their master by his real name without respect. He didn't put Caesar in his eyes. It made Wei Yun and Xing Shang feel insulted.

It was an insult to the entire Broken Hall!

Ban Yu of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce also had an awkward countenance. He had a gleam of irony in his eyes that he didn't want to conceal.

Caesar, the Hall Master of the Broken Hall, was famous for his pa.s.sion for practicing martial arts. His fame was well-known around the universe. At the Immortal Realm, this powerful character didn't meet up with other people regularly.

This unknown young man had said nonsense. Apparently, he didn't think that Caesar was a respectful senior.

He didn't know the immensity of earth and heaven!

Ban Yu had a conclusion for his a.s.sessment of Shi Yan.

"The name of our Broken Hall's Master is something you can take in vain? If you are the President of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce, the Sect Master of the Thousand Fantasy Sect, or the Master of the Heaven River Temple, you can say his name. You're just a stinky kid. Do you think you're qualified to say his name? You know nothing. Well, then don't blame me for giving you a lesson on behalf of your seniors!" Wei Yun snorted. He wanted to attack Shi Yan directly.

Xing Shang sneered, "Don't kill him. Just break his limbs. It's not good to overreact."

"Don't fight on my ships!" Ban Yu couldn't help but shout when he saw the situation accelerate.

"Take him out," Xing Shang was still wary of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce. He nodded to Wei Yun and signaled him to give face to Tsunami Chamber of Commerce. They shouldn't create any unnecessary dispute.

The warriors of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce around were frightened. Their line of sight shifted from the two experts of the Broken Hall to Shi Yan and then to Ban Yu. They were waiting for Ban Yu's instructions.

Ban Yu didn't change his countenance: he tacitly allowed the Broken Hall to teach Shi Yan a lesson. It was because Ban Yu thought that Shi Yan shouldn't interfere with others' business and tear the veil on the girl's face. Also, he shouldn't offend Caesar. Ban Yu thought that it could be a good lesson so Shi Yan could know how cruel this life was.

He had considered Shi Yan a junior who had just come to experience life. He didn't know the dangers hidden in this sea of stars where there were some forces he shouldn't offend.

"Teach me?" Shi Yan grinned, his eyes cold and dark.

He turned his head to look at the illusions of Wei Yun and Xing Shang in the layered s.p.a.ce. His soul altar spun and waves of energy rippled through his body, expanding in just a blink of an eye.

When that happened, Wei Yun's and Xing Shang's reflections in those layers of s.p.a.ce seemed to receive a new vitality. They became lively, wiggled out of their s.p.a.ces, and stormed toward the real Wei Yun and Xing Shang. All of a sudden, the strange illusions in the mirrors had become demons that attempted to kill the true bodies.

Wei Yun and Xing Shang were petrified. They screamed in fear, their minds shaken.

Since the two of them had stayed in this Fantasy Zone for a long time, they knew how bizarre it was. They also knew that the Thousand Fantasy Sect could use illusions to attack the enemies. Seeing their own illusions dashing towards them, they instinctively thought that the Thousand Fantasy Sect's member was attacking them.

While they were still panicked, Shi Yan squinted and the five starlight chains shot out of his eyes. They wound around Ouyang Lou Shuang quickly and directly pulled her into the cabin.

Shi Yan then walked out of his cabin and sneered, "Teach me? Well, let alone you two, even Caesar isn't qualified to do that!"

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