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Shi Yan didn't know that Ban Yu was restless as he was wholeheartedly sinking in his marvelous comprehension. He seemed to not know the commotions around him.

He knew a new ability of s.p.a.ce power Upanishad that even Bello at Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm didn't know. This kind of layering up s.p.a.ces used s.p.a.ces as different facets of a mirror to create many illusions. It was an incredible use of s.p.a.ce energy.

Shi Yan's real body closed his eyes and his soul altar spun. Many Shi Yan inside the layers of s.p.a.ce had different activities and facials expressions. One was laughing, one was shaking his legs contentedly, and another was lowering his head to consider something.

They were like his clones with his consciousness and streaks of life. They were the real existences.

"Oh wow!"


"What's going on?"

Finally, the other warriors had found strange things. They couldn't help but scream and look at the battleship in the middle of the formation and Shi Yan who was closing his eyes.

Inside different s.p.a.ces around them, they saw many Shi Yans with different activities and expressions. Apparently, Shi Yan wasn't different from his illusions. They were bewildered and scared, the hair on their nape rising.

"Shut up! All of you!" Ban Yu snorted.

The others had their eyes changed. They quieted down but still looked at Shi Yan curiously.

In their eyes, Shi Yan was so mysterious and peculiar. It seemed like he could move through different s.p.a.ces as he pleased.

After a while, the strange change happened again.

Dozens Shi Yan scattering in different s.p.a.ces looked like they were summoned. They flew from his left and right. Even though some were smiling or contemplating, they were all heading to Shi Yan's real body.

Those people had weaved through the s.p.a.ces and congregated from different dimensions.

Ban Yu discolored in fright.

More warriors gawked as they didn't know what was going on.

Different Shi Yans with their own consciousness came from different dimensions and disappeared into Shi Yan's real body. They were the wisps of Soul Consciousness that he had sent away that now returned to him.

After those Shi Yans disappeared, the other warriors found no illusions of Shi Yan in this Fantasy Zone where countless illusions could be produced.

They could still see the lines of battleships on their left and right moving in a diamond-shaped formation. Also, they still saw the warriors with the same aghast expression as them on those battleships. Now, those illusions were looking in the same direction.

However, the illusion that should be there didn't exist.

—— Shi Yan didn't exist in this fantasy area.

It was like they were standing in an area that had many big mirrors. They could see their reflections in those mirrors, but Shi Yan, the one who was standing next to them, didn't appear in any mirror.

It was so strange, indeed.

"Oh, it's so," Shi Yan opened his eyes, the light of understanding sparkling in his pupils.


A Fantasy Sky Ring on his left hand exploded. Many weapons and divine crystals inside that ring quivered then overflowed, disappearing into his glabella.

Shi Yan opened a s.p.a.ce inside the brilliant Incipient Extent in his soul altar to gather the materials that used to be stored in his Fantasy Sky Ring. As he had understood the mystery of the layered s.p.a.ce, he cleaned a s.p.a.ce in his Incipient Extent to store his stuff.

Later on, his Incipient Extent became his Fantasy Sky Ring. It could store many items.

As his thoughts flickered, a divine crystal emerged in his hand. His thoughts changed and the divine crystal he had just taken out of the Incipient Extent got back to its place in his Incipient Extent.

He chuckled. With the new understanding of spatial ability, he was able to open his Incipient Extent, the fantasy world, and connect it to the real world. He created a Fantasy Sky Ring that could store billions of items.

Closing his eyes to feel for a while, he nodded to Ban Yu. He wasn't really curious about the Fantasy Zone anymore. He returned to the cabin that Ban Yu had given him. He stayed there and sensed his new ability. He had a strong feeling that he was about to break to Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm.

He needed time to comprehend it.

Inside the Fantasy Zone, the battleships of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce were still heading in a direction. Ban Yu had come here many times, so he was familiar with the Fantasy Zone.

However, he still needed to keep contacting the Thousand Fantasy Sect to get instructions from them. They had to change their directions continuously.

"There's someone one hour behind you. They're going to the Fantasy Star too. Please give them a ride. They're from the Broken Hall. Our Thousand Fantasy Sect has invited them here. They got some problems, so their battleships were broken. It's not easy for them to travel through the Fantasy Zone. Please help them."

Today, as Ban Yu was talking to a member of the Thousand Fantasy Sect through the Sound Stone, he was given new instructions about the direction then suddenly requested something.

Ban Yu didn't think it was strange so he agreed. He said that he would pick the others up on the way.

He had come to the Fantasy Star many times and he had encountered this situation before. Some warriors might have gotten lost and done something stupid like fighting their own illusions and breaking their battleships if they came here for the first time without a navigator.

Sometimes, the Thousand Fantasy Sect asked them to pick up some warriors related to the Fantasy Star and give them a ride to the star.

Thus, the Thousand Fantasy Sect didn't need to send someone from the Fantasy Star to pick up the others.

"Pay attention. After one hour, we will pick up some people on our way," said Ban Yu.

The warriors on the other battleships nodded to him, but they were still keeping an eye on Ban Yu's battleship and on Shi Yan's closed cabin to be exact. They were so curious, though.

As Shi Yan had joined them unknowingly, they were curious already. It was because Ban Yu was famous for his stubbornness and for strictly keeping the rules.

Bringing people the Fantasy Star hadn't approved was an act of violating the contract. In the past several years, Tsunami Chamber of Commerce had a lot of good opportunities, but Ban Yu had denied them because he wasn't a flexible businessman.

However, it confused them a lot when Ban Yu had brought someone unidentified who was against their agreement with the Thousand Fantasy Sect.

One hour later.

In the layers of illusions in front of them, there were three warriors who the Fantasy Zone was creating many illusions of their images like in the mirrors.

There were two elderly warriors and a girl with her face veiled waiting for them.

The warriors of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce had their eyes brighten when they saw the girl in the distance. Although she wore a veil, she could still surprise them.

The girl wore a pure white dress with the hem inlaid with the accessories of the twinkling stars and moons. However, her slim, white wrists were tied by a dark, bluish chain that had electrical beams winding around. From time to time, people could hear thunder from her.

Apparently, the Broken Hall had confined this girl. However, her clear eyes were like a bright moon above the white veil that could still charm people.

The two old men of the Broken Hall had First and Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm. They watched her carefully, their faces stern. After they recognized that Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's battleships were coming, they turned away to see.

"Hey, the real versions of us are here!"

The First Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm screamed and waved his hands. However, at the same time, the surrounding illusions screamed the same way and wave. His illusions had made the same actions.

He made it more difficult for the others to distinguish between the real warriors and the illusions.

Ban Yu frowned and looked at the three people ahead of them. A deep cyan light sparkled in his eyes. A special crystal in his hand released magical energy fluctuations. That crystal was from the Thousand Fantasy Sect and it was given to Tsunami Chamber of Commerce so they could navigate and find the real objects among the illusions in the Fantasy Zone.

Ban Yu held the crystal to sense. Then he pointed to a group of people, "Over there."

Their ships moved to that area.

Three minutes later, the ships stopped by the other three. Ban Yu wore a serious visage and called, "As per request of the Thousand Fantasy Sect, we're giving you a ride to the Fantasy Star. Please embark quickly."

The two old men of the Broken Hall exchanged looks and then nodded. They brought the girl and flew to Ban Yu's ship.

Ban Yu frowned and threw a quick glance at Shi Yan's closed cabin. Ban Yu said hastily, "You guys should get on the first ship. My ship carries a lot of precious materials for the Thousand Fantasy Sect. I'm afraid that we don't have enough rooms for you guys.

"Well, someone is there. Why did you tell us that you didn't have more room? Don't deceive us." The First Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm expert snorted. He didn't care about Ban Yu's objection and stormed towards them, landing by Ban Yu.

He looked at Shi Yan's cabin and frowned, "There are two empty rooms there. We just need one. We don't need you guys to take care of us a lot."

Then, the two old men of the Broken Hall brought the girl in the white dress to one of the empty cabins.

"I need a quiet environment." Suddenly, a stiff and cold voice came from the adjacent occupied room.

The two old men of the Broken Hall became stern. They looked at Ban Yu. The man at Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm laughed evilly. "Well, that one isn't from your Tsunami Chamber of Commerce, right? Our Broken Hall, Thousand Fantasy Sect, and the Heaven River Temple do business with your Tsunami Chamber of Commerce. I know the agreement between you guys and the Thousand Fantasy Sect. You're not allowed to bring strangers to the Fantasy Star. You're violating the agreement, aren't you?"

As soon as he arrived, he found someone learning the Upanishad in Ban Yu's cabin. As he knew many secret rules of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce, he immediately understood that Shi Yan wasn't part of the staff of Chamber of Commerce. That's why he came to make it clear.

Hearing him, Ban Yu grimaced and shouted, "It's our Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's business. You don't need to mind even though you're from the Broken Hall."

The two elders of the Broken Hall frowned when they encountered stubborn Ban Yu. They could smell trouble here.

They knew how mysterious and intimidating Tsunami Chamber of Commerce was. Even the G.o.d Clan had to step away from this Chamber of Commerce. Of course, the Broken Hall wouldn't dare to turn its back against Tsunami Chamber of Commerce.

They wanted to trouble Ban Yu. But since they knew he was tough, they couldn't trouble him any more.

They didn't notice that the clear eyes of the girl in their confinement had sparkled with a strange light when she heard his voice.


At the same time, Shi Yan also made a surprise sound as he seemed to find something strange.

Then, the closed cabin's door sprang open.

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