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Inside the G.o.d Zenith, G.o.d Clan's ancestral star.

The G.o.d Lord in Haig's body was sitting cross-legged inside the ivory clouds. It contained extremely thick spirit Qi and essence of life. He could use those energies directly to increase his power.

Underneath him was a yellow river where many Dark Prison Demonic Flowers were floating. Those flowers were really big. They were more than several meters tall and each of them covered more than one bodies from different races. However, the lowest realm of those victims was First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm.

This yellow river had several thousand Dark Prison Demonic Flowers that confined almost ten thousand high-realm warriors of many clans.

Every second, the warriors inside the demonic flowers lost some of their energy to them. Their faces were so thin and their bodies were dry like a bamboo stick.

They looked like skeletons inside a skin bag, which was so pathetic. Their eyes that had sunk deep into their sockets showed only pain and despair, their faces bewildered.

The buds of the Dark Prison Demonic Flower covered them and drew their Essence Qi and vitality in every second, turning them into ivory wisps of mist that raised and congregated at the clouds underneath the G.o.d Lord.

By the river, some elders of the G.o.d Clan's Elder Committee were ordering their subordinates in a low-pitched voice, their faces respectful.

At this moment, dozens of battleships were anch.o.r.ed around the G.o.d Zenith. Countless rhombus crystal war chariots were moving back and forth, transporting more experts from the other star areas. They were going to be brought to the G.o.d Zenith to become the materials for the G.o.d Lord's recovery.

Monthly, several hundred experts at Ethereal G.o.d Realm were transported here through the seven Sea Territories of the G.o.d Clan.

In the past ten thousand years, the G.o.d Clan's invading step had never ceased. They had set up many G.o.d Perishing Lands inside medium or high-level star areas to imprison the experts that didn't want to obey the G.o.d Clan.

Currently, the Elder Committee had ordered to bring those slaves to supply the G.o.d Lord with their energy.

Inside the mountain, the G.o.d Lord closed his eyes as if he had merged with the sky, his Soul Consciousness establishing a marvelous connection with this planet.

The elders of the Elder Committee stayed around the G.o.d Lord and watched him in fear and respect.

In their eyes, the G.o.d Lord was now the heart of this ancient continent. This marvel of his fusion with the ancient continent was like milk and water blending, which the former Haig couldn't compare to.

Every day, they could feel the G.o.d Lord's power increase steadily. The Great Elder, Feng Jue, felt this clearly as he was the expert who had reached Immortal Realm, which was one level higher than Spark.

However, when he used the Soul Consciousness of the expert at Immortal Realm to sense the resonance between the G.o.d Lord and this earth and heaven, he was shaken as if he was facing the prestige Might. This great difference between their realms couldn't be made up with energy.

Feng Jue used to have rebellious thoughts but now, it was extinguished. He had even burned down his wisps of memories and eliminated them.

—— He was afraid that the G.o.d Lord would figure it out.

"Great Elder, have they... the Four Great Heavenly Kings fallen in the vast sea of stars? You've called them on behalf of the G.o.d Lord, but none of them have come back. Has something bad happened to them?" In a remote corner inside the mountain, the newly-promoted Third Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm elder looked doubtful and frowned.

He hadn't experienced that era. He knew about the fame of the Four Great Heavenly Kings, but he had never seen them.

Recently, many elders of the Elder Committee were suspicious about whether the Four Heavenly Kings had survived the long river of Time.

Some elders with the same concern turned to look at Feng Jue and pried.

Feng Jue squinted and looked at Spark. "Well, Spark hadn't come back after several thousand years. He's alive, right? He hasn't reached Immortal Realm, but he can live thousands of years. Do you think that the Four Great Heavenly Kings have False Immortal Realm?"

Spark was sitting cross-legged in the corner. He snorted and coldly glared at the elder who had just voiced his concerns. "When the Four Great Heavenly Kings spread their names around the universe, I was just at First Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm. At that time, they were at First Sky of Immortal Realm. It has been ten thousand years. Unless they don't want to live anymore, who can kill them?"

Those suspicious elders shut their mouths when they heard Spark say so.

"G.o.d Lord... his power seems to not be as powerful as they've rumored. Elder Feng Jue, he..." said again.

Feng Jue changed his visage as fear swarmed over him. He didn't dare to look at the G.o.d Lord and just hissed at that elder, "Shut up!"

He didn't know why his heart was throbbing anxiously and frantically all of a sudden. He was at First Sky of Immortal Realm so he had an exquisite sensibility of soul fluctuation and internal air movement. Only the experts at Immortal Realm could vaguely touch this kind of sensibility, which was marvelous and incredible.

This kind of insecure and anxious feeling had never happened to him in the past ten thousand years. Feng Jue was skeptical if it was true.

However, after a while, he knew why he got such a feeling. He was frightened and he looked at the entrance where a good-looking, brawny man was walking as if he was taking a walk in an empty park. Feng Jue couldn't help but quiver.

That man had sideburns outline his manly, rough face. The contours of his face made him look like he was carved out of the granite with clear corners. He was holding a big red wine bottle where the sun, moon, and stars were shining. He was strolling, his eyes murky as if he was enjoying his wine.

The man was wearing hempen clothes that were completely opposite to the precious and luxurious costumes that the G.o.d Clan had. His clothes weren't neat. There were many holes on his elbows and knees. He looked like a beggar to the others.

While walking, the man didn't forget to take sips from his bottle. He was humming some folk songs with vulgar lyrics too. His appearance contrasted a lot to the high echelon members of the G.o.d Clan who claimed to be elegant and n.o.ble.

In this area, the elders who had just been promoted had luxurious clothes and wore a lot of rings where they stashed their huge fortune. They had enjoyed the fame and wealth of the G.o.d Clan for ten thousand years. The twelve families of the G.o.d Clan served them, so the Elders had become first-cla.s.s characters with power and wealth in this universe.

The elders looked at the tall man striding toward, their faces surprised. They felt strange, indeed.

Because the man's appearance and aura were totally different from theirs. He looked like a low peasant in the low-level star areas that the G.o.d Clan had conquered. At the same time, they didn't feel any energy fluctuation from that man.

The elder who had just talked to Feng Jue about his suspicion of the G.o.d Lord darkened his face and shouted, "How could that peasant get in here?"

If he paid attention to the facial expressions of the previous generation elders like Feng Jue and Spark, he wouldn't have said that. Because at this moment, Feng Jue and Spark had quietly stood up and bowed slightly to greet the man with a respectful face.

"The new elders of this generation make me disappointed," the man glanced at the elder who had just spoken to him.

His hand that didn't hold the bottle of wine grabbed the void. A dazzling sun emerged in his palm. The purifying light had emitted like a waterfall and covered the elder who had doubted the G.o.d Lord earlier.

In three breaths, that elder exploded and turned into ashes that vanished. His soul altar was even purified and left nothing.

Without giving the poor elder another glance, he took another swig from his bottle. He rudely spat on the ground and said to Feng Jue and Spark. "If the new Elders have such makings, they should become the meat pellets for our Master to recover. In that way, we can save our G.o.d Clan from shame."

The newly promoted elders had their bodies stiffen as they heard him. They stood still and didn't dare to move. They were aghast, indeed.

Feng Jue, Spark, and many elders of the previous generations stood still and nodded with a forced smile. No one dared to retort.

The man looked at the G.o.d Lord hiding in the ivory clouds and kneeled. "Greetings, Master."

The G.o.d Lord's closed eyes parted to a slit to look at the beefy man and gave him an indifferent nod. "Where are Easygoing, Carefree, and Divine Martial?"

"They're on the way back. I was closest to the ancestral star, so I come to meet Master first," Heavenly King Light said with his head low.

"My power hasn't recovered yet. I can't send my orders to them through the star areas. You tell Easy-going to go to Imperial Dark Tribe first. He doesn't need to come back now. Talk to Adele to know their decision. Tell Carefree to get the confirmation from the Thousand Fantasy Sect, the Broken Hall, and the Heaven River Temple. Ask Divine Martial to go find the President of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce. We need their intelligence to know the plan of Bloodthirsty Force, Heavenly Monster Tribe, and Immortal Demon Clan," ordered the G.o.d Lord.

Heavenly King Light nodded.

Shortly after, the three wisps of Heavenly King Ligh's soul flew out like three meteors and disappeared.

Light shook three times and a brilliant light curtain emerged above his head with the endless marvel of heaven.

After several seconds, the three meteors returned to him and disappeared into his nape. He stood still and said respectfully, "Easy-going, Carefree, and Divine Martial have changed their routes. They asked me to say congratulations to you. Welcome back to this world, our Lord!"

The G.o.d Lord nodded.

Heavenly King Light pondered for a while and then said, "Master, I found Bloodthirsty's skull. Please check it out."

A blind light as big as a mill covered something round and rolled towards the G.o.d Lord.

Many elders of the G.o.d Clan were shocked when they heard what the Heavenly King Light had said. They looked at that chunk of light, their eyes thrilled.

They had spent ten thousand years to find it, but they couldn't find many pieces of Bloodthirsty's remains. Today, Heavenly King Light had returned with Bloodthirsty's Skull. It made them so excited.

Bloodthirsty's remains had two core things: his heart and his skull. They were the most important things about Bloodthirsty's body. They could make any expert crazy and crave for them.

G.o.d Lord sat cross-legged on the cloud and looked at Feng Jue.

Feng Jue shuddered and spoke gingerly and respectfully. "Here are the five pieces of Bloodthirsty's remains that we've collected. Please check them."

Five Heavenly Fragrant Soul Soothing Jade boxes flew out of his sleeves and moved towards G.o.d Lord. Just like that beautiful chunk of light, they hovered in front of G.o.d Lord so he could study them.

"Tell Carefree to take the Bloodthirsty's remains from the Thousand Fantasy Sect, the Broken Hall, and the Heaven River Temple. We will pay a star area for each piece. It's the deposit so they will be on our side to fight." The G.o.d Lord watched the remains of his archenemy, pondering and then talking to Heavenly King Light.

Heavenly King Light regarded him.

"Give me more meat pellets. I want to recover faster," hissed the G.o.d Lord.

Feng Jue and Spark nodded continuously.

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