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As Ming Hao could tell Randolph's ident.i.ty clearly, it was evident that Randolph was on his side. Ming Hao had arranged for this warrior.

Shi Yan looked at Ming Hao and then at Xuan He and Frederick. He was a little shaken.

According to Xuan He, they had arranged only Thor and Benton as they thought that the two of them could take the Chief position of the Dark Force and Corrosion Force. With two votes from them and two from Xuan He and Frederick, they could ensure that Shi Yan had half of the Chiefs supported him.

However, Ming Hao was at another level, indeed.

Without Yang Tian Emperor as the new face and Senro's Essence, Baku would have become the new Despair Chief. The new Chiefs of the Destruction Force and Chaos Force would listen to Ming Hao too. With Randolph who had just replaced Thor, Ming Hao had defeated Xuan He and Frederick.

At this moment, Shi Yan looked grave as he gazed at Ming Hao.

He finally recognized that Ming Hao was worthy of holding his leading position in the Cortege of Eight. Whether Xuan He and Frederick admitted it or not, Ming Hao's capacity and deeds were one level higher than theirs.

After this compet.i.tion for the Chief position, Shi Yan could see clearly that Ming Hao, the one who didn't put him into his eyes and didn't let him enthrone, would never let him become the new Master easily.

Shi Yan instinctively turned around and looked at Yang Tian Emperor and at then Benton who cultivated Corrosion power Upanishad. He could only hope that Benton could win because Yang Tian Emperor was definitely going to win. If Benton won with Xuan He and Frederick, at least Shi Yan would have half of the Chiefs supported him.

If Benton also failed, Shi Yan would have five chiefs objected him enthroning. Then, he would lose the Blood Vein Ring of Bloodthirsty. According to the protocol the Cortege of Eight had set up that year, he would have to hand back the Blood Vein Ring and even his Devouring power Upanishad Inheritance.

It meant that he would be killed!


While he was wearing a heavy countenance and contemplating, Thor banged his head into the Black Armored Horned Dragon's membrane again. The intricate drawings on the membrane glowed and released the counterattack energy like a high tide. Thor's bones cracked when that energy hit him.

Thor was now bleeding and he was almost deformed. However, Xuan He and Frederick didn't say anything. Thor was heading to the membrane with no fear for death. He was trying to get through the barrier to fight Randolph one more time.

Shi Yan had heard from Xuan He that unless he was an expert at the profound Immortal Realm, he could never tear or break this membrane since it was the defense that they had prepared to counter the G.o.d Clan's attack. They knew how strong the defense of the membrane was.

Looking at Thor barge into the barrier and the counter energy from the membrane, everybody knew that Thor couldn't break it.

Ming Hao didn't say more. He darkly watched the scene, his mouth making a harsh and cold curve.

Dozens of warriors cultivating the Eight Great Inheritances of the Bloodthirsty Force scattered around and watched. No one talked. They all looked at Thor and watched him drain his energy and continue hitting his head into the barrier. They all kept their mouths shut.

The palm of Leona's hand was bleeding as her fingernails had dug into the flesh there. The scars on her cheeks twitched like strange snakes. She was gazing at Xuan He and Frederick. Her breathing became heavy. The light from her eyes was so fierce like a volcano that was about to erupt.

Xuan He and Frederick were still indifferent. They didn't put Leona in their eyes. Ten thousand years ago, these two had soaked their hands in blood. How could the two cold and unfeeling hearts have mercy?!

They had invested a lot of efforts and materials to train Thor with the hope that he would win and become the Chief of the Dark Force.

Today, Thor was defeated and it enraged them. They had given him a death sentence in their minds. They intended to watch him killing himself here.

The rage compressed in Leona's heart had reached the limit. Finally, it burst out.

She didn't care where she was. She didn't care that Xuan He and Frederick had tacitly agreed that Thor should kill himself. After a scream like a ghost's cry, she stormed towards Thor as if she was possessed.


Thor turned his head abruptly, thundering, his mouth bleeding. The green veins on his forehead burst off. He screamed in fear. "Sirs, please forgive my daughter. It's I who didn't meet your expectation. I deserve death. Please, please consider her magical innate talents and spare her life!"

Thor had followed Xuan He and Frederick for a long time. He knew how bloodthirsty and cruel they were when they fought their enemies. Seeing Leona act against the other two's will, Thor was terrified.

After he said that, he closed his eyes. His soul altar began to emit strange energy fluctuations. His body rapidly swelled up like a balloon.

Leona's eyes were about to bleed. She knew that Thor wanted to explode himself. She wanted to rescue him, but her body was restrained.

—— Xuan He had confined her.

She looked at Thor. The agony and despair in her eyes had shaken people's hearts.

In people's eyes, Thor's body ballooned. The energy fluctuations emitted from his soul altar became so fierce. He was about to destroy himself at any minute.

Xuan He, Frederick, and Ming Hao were unconcerned. The warriors cultivating the eight power Upanishads around didn't know Thor. They stayed nonchalantly and quietly.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

When Thor was about to explode, billions of starlight dots fell on him like a shower of rain and entered his body.

Thor's ballooning body shrank miraculously after the tender starlight had entered his body.

Shortly after, starlight dots twirled around Thor. The bloodstains on his body were cleaned by the purifying starlight. Hovering above Thor's head was a radiant star that was emitting a mild and clear aura that had soothed his soul altar and protected his soul.

Leona's eyes were red as if they were going to crack in any minute but now, they looked bewildered.

Ming Hao's eyes sparkled with a cold light. He looked at Shi Yan and snorted, "A woman's benevolence!"

Xuan He and Frederick frowned and looked at Shi Yan who had walked to Thor. They didn't look happy or content with what he had done to stop Thor from destroying himself.

"Leona has followed me. I can't ignore her issue. I didn't take action earlier to see how heartless you guys can be. I understand it now."

Shi Yan walked to Thor. Some drops of Immortal Demon Blood dripped from his left index fingertip. The surging vitality from the Immortal Demon Blood entered Thor's body and stabilized his wounds. It prevented his body from shattering and dysfunctioning.

While Shi Yan was talking, Ming Hao, Xuan He, and Frederick looked dark and cold while they watched him.

Shi Yan smiled ironically and shook his head. "What you've done today perhaps is your style that year. It was your typical principle when he was alive. That year, you'd ruled the world with the competence that could scare any clan. Well, you can play like that. But now, how many descendants does our force have? And how many of them are at Incipient G.o.d Realm? If you are persistent with that style, your warriors will all be killed before you encounter the G.o.d Clan."

His heart was chilled.

From what Gulian, Xing Ming, Lena, and Holy Beast Azure Dragon had told him, he had guessed that the Cortege of Eight had internal conflicts all the time.

However, he had thought that since this force had been weakened after ten thousand years, they would unite and avoid the internal strife.

He was wrong. As soon as they got here, Ming Hao, Xuan He, and Frederick had started their fight again. The compet.i.tion to find the Chiefs was also a b.l.o.o.d.y one.

And now, as Thor had failed Frederick and Xuan He, naturally, they a.s.sumed that Thor shouldn't live any longer. He should eliminate himself to vent out their dissatisfaction.

He couldn't believe it.

He finally understood why Gulian, Xing Ming, and Lena had just dodged him. They knew that it would be hard for him to get the Master position because they knew that even when Bloodthirsty was alive, the other eight had always been fighting with each other. They had never gotten along well.

They were just the remaining force. There were only three survivors, but they were still fighting with each other. They could even ditch the warriors they had nurtured, even though Thor was a Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm expert.

Shi Yan thought that even if he got the position now to become the new Master, this force would have no hope to resist against the G.o.d Clan. He didn't see the slightest hope, to be honest.

If the three chiefs Ming Hao, Xuan He, and Frederick, didn't change their opinions and this force still had internal strife, Shi Yan thought he shouldn't stay if they couldn't unite.

"You guys should continue doing what you want. Excuse me, I'm not going to accompany you. I understand now. I shouldn't have come here." Shi Yan held Thor with one hand and threw Leona a glance. "I give up this Master position. This Blood Vein Ring belongs to your Master. I'm returning it to you now."


The Blood Vein Ring's Spirit sent him extremely turbulent soul energy. It had never been as proactive as now.

It was too bad that Shi Yan didn't care about it. He slid the ring off his finger and threw it at Ming Hao. "When I was in Black Iron City, didn't you want to take this ring? I'm going to fulfill your wish now. You're the leader of the Cortege of Eight. I'm giving it to you."

"No! Don't let him touch me! I'm begging you! No!" The Ring Spirit's voice ran directly into Shi Yan's brain. It has never sounded so restless and frightened. It seemed wary of Ming Hao a lot and it screamed crazily.

—— But only Shi Yan could hear it.

"You don't want to serve me as your Master anyway. I'll fulfill your wish too. I will return you to the strongest subordinate of your Master. You can deal with him. He's much stronger than me. You two have the same goal. You can collect his remains together. I believe that he will be interested in the conditions you've offered me." Shi Yan smiled faintly.

"I will make you my Master! I agree to make you my Master. Please, get back the ring. No matter what, don't let him touch me!" The Ring Spirit shouted begrudgingly as it was extremely scared.

Shi Yan had a strange light in his eyes. Hearing the Ring Spirit screaming in his soul, he felt so wrong.

Earlier, when the Ring Spirit met Bloodthirsty's finger, it had proactively cut off the connection with Shi Yan. Then, it wanted to separate from him. It didn't want to serve him anymore. It told him bravely that it had only one master.

However, it was currently trying to protest. It didn't want Ming Hao to touch the ring as it was begging Shi Yan with the promise to make him its master.

To return to his hand, the Ring Spirit had denied all the things it had stated before. It made Shi Yan feel so strange...

Ming Hao stood there, his eyes deep and dark. He had an odd countenance as a vague shadow flashed in his eyes. The magical, pure soul energy arose from his family.

He had locked the Blood Vein Ring. No matter how hard it struggled, it couldn't get rid of his constraint.

Ming Hao gathered the wisps of his soul that were scattered around the universe and held the ring in one hand.

Right after that, the shadow in his eyes flew out and entered the Blood Vein Ring directly.

"Indeed," Ming Hao smiled faintly and spoke darkly. "You're not it!"

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