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Chapter 127 The Burial Site
“Corpse slaves?” Shi Yan scowled, “These slaved corpses belong to the Corpse Sect?”
“The Corpse Sect and Yin Yang Wonderland are very close, as both the forces hail from the Tuta Sea. In the Corpse Sect, disciples control corpses to fight, and they are also experts in corpse refinement. The martial skills they cultivate are almost entirely related to controlling of corpses.” Xia Xinyan frowned, her eyes full of disgust, “The disciples from this sect are able to control more corpses as they advance to higher cultivation levels. A Disaster realm warrior’s corpse, through the refining of the Corpse Sect, could become even more frightening than when they were alive!”
“These corpses are all corpse slaves from the Corpse Sect?”
“Yes, but these corpses have not yet been refined into slaves. These corpses have only been preserved from decaying by using the most simple methods. But once they go through the Corpse Sect’s refining, these corpses will become very frightening. Some corpses, that have gone through thousands of years of refining, have astonishing powers, their bodies are impenetrable, and they can even use the power of the five elements. They are the finest weapons of the Corpse Sect.”
Shi Yan’s heart shook and his expression darkened even more.
“The Yin Yang Wonderland will collect these corpses along the way, while they collect medicinal ingredients. This time, the Yin Yang Wonderland should be sending these corpses to a burial site of the Corpse Sect. It seems that we will be going to a burial site.”
“Burial site?”
“A burial site is where the Corpse Sect refine their corpses. In the Endless Sea, the Corpse Sect has hundreds of burial sites. In each burial site, there are many corpse slaves. When the Corpse Sect disciples fight, and their corpses get destroyed, they will come to a burial site to choose a new corpse, in order to regain their combat power. Some core disciples can get very strong corpse slaves. The corpse slaves that have been refined in the burial site for hundreds of years are very powerful and aggressive in combat!”
“How many corpse slaves can a disciple from the Corpse Sect control?”
“It depends on their cultivation realm, and also on the level of the corpse slaves. The corpse slaves under a hundred years of refining are called Mortal corpses. Over a hundred years and they would be called Earth corpses. Over a thousand years they would be called Sky corpses. And a ten thousand year-old corpse would be called a corpse King! Mortal corpses are mediocre, they can only use 30% of the power that the corpse had when it was alive. A hundred year-old Earth corpse can use 100% of its power it had before it died. A thousand year-old Sky corpse can use 120% of its power! And the ten thousand year-old corpse King is the most frightening. They are said to be able to use twice the amount of power they had when they were alive. They also know how to use the power of the five elements! A corpse King that knows how to use the power of the five elements, this is equivalent to having five martial spirits!”
“Mortal corpse, Earth corpse, Sky corpse, and corpse King!” Shi Yan’s expression changed, “In the Corpse Sect, how many corpse Kings are there?”
“I don’t know. It’s said that they only have one or two, but those two corpse Kings were all Sky realm masters when they were alive. I heard that the leader of the Corpse Sect fought with a G.o.d realm master, and by simply using that one corpse King, he was able to make that G.o.d realm master miserable. That corpse King was made from a dead Sky realm master, yet it was comparable to a G.o.d realm master! It’s truly frightening!”
“Amazing!” Shi Yan’s expression was aghast.
“It truly is amazing.” Xia Xinyan’s expression was serious, “These corpse slaves play a huge part in making the Corpse Sect one of the fifteen forces of the Endless Sea. When the followers of the Corpse Sect bring corpse slaves to a fight, it’s like they have a few extra lives. When they fight with others, all they have to do is hide on the side and control the corpse slaves. Just by using their corpse slaves, they can wear down their opponents.”
“... Burial site. I hope this time the Yin Yang Wonderland’s ships won’t stop at a burial site first. A creepy place like that, it’s better if we steer clear of it.” Shi Yan smiled wryly.
“It’s not up to you and me.” Xia Xinyan sighed faintly, “We should be careful. If we see any other ships over the next few days, we’ll leave immediately. I don’t wanna stay in this s.h.i.tty place any longer than I have to.”
“I’ll seal the trunks again.” Shi Yan nodded. He performed his Finger Spear again, and pressed down on those dug-out steel nails.
In a moment, Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan were sitting in their room again.
After the two knew that this level was filled with corpses, their expressions were not that pretty. Especially Xia Xinyan, she felt uncomfortable all over. Then, after a while, she finally breathed evenly again, and entered into the cultivation mindset.
Shi Yan furrowed his brows, he took a deep breath in, and closed his eyes to go into vigorous cultivation.
There was no conversation for the rest of the night.
The next morning, Shi Yan continued to carry the flower pots onto the deck. Xia Xinyan followed him, as she didn’t want to stay alone in the lower level.
On the deck, Li Wei and a bunch of Yin Yang Wonderland disciples maliciously stared at the two. There were sneers on their lips, G.o.d knows what they were thinking about.
Shi Yan pretended like he didn’t see it. He minded his own business but secretly was on the look-out.
Unexpectedly, Li Wei and the bunch didn’t come up to make trouble. They only glared at them in the distance, as if they already had some plan.
Shi Yan was silent, but he secretly paid attention to Li Wei and his group. He gazed into the distance of the deck, looking for an opportunity to leave.
Before the sun set, he carried those flower pots back down to the lower level again. Xiao Feng came on time, and brought up the food and fresh water for the two.
“Ungrateful!” After dropping off the stuff, Xiao Feng murmured under her breath, and left looking unfriendly.
This time, the food was no longer generous, it was still salted fish and steamed bread, the fresh water was only enough for daily drinking.
Shi Yan already expected this outcome. He didn’t take it to heart, so he ignored Xiao Feng.
Time pa.s.sed quickly, the sun repeatedly rose and set.
Every morning, Shi Yan would wake up and carry all the flower pots up to the deck, then help Xia Xinyan clean up the trash.
Before the sun set, he would carry those flower pots back to their original place, and receive the salted fish and steamed bread. At night, he would chat with Xia Xinyan about the Endless Sea, then he’d close his eyes and cultivate.
In the blink of an eye, a month had pa.s.sed.
Xia Xinyan’s power had recovered a lot, and the Profound Qi in her body was already as vigorous as a Human realm warrior’s. Although she couldn’t use the Reincarnation martial spirit, she could now defend herself a little.
Shi Yan hadn’t been idle either.
Over the course of this month, although he didn’t cultivate the skill, he did ponder about the possibilities of cultivating the second sky of Rampage. He tried to find a method to merge the negative energies into his blood, and somewhat gained a little insight.
But he didn’t cultivate on the ship. Cultivating the Rampage martial skill would need to stir the negative energies. And after every cultivation, his body would be very worn out.
On the ship, there were many unpredictable dangers. Although that Li Wei didn’t make a move, Shi Yan still couldn’t let down his guard. He always maintained his peak condition, and made preparations to leave the ship at any time.
Late at night.
Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan meditated in that cramped room with their eyes closed.
Suddenly, the speed of the iron ship slowed down.
Shi Yan immediately opened his eyes, and alerted Xia Xinyan, “It seems like the ship is stopping, we should be more careful now.”
Xia Xinyan’s long eyelashes flickered, and her bright eyes opened. She spoke indifferently, “Use your Black Formula to sense around a bit, look if there’s any strong body of Yin Qi nearby. Remember, don’t completely perform the Black Formula, so as not to cause a big change. At that time, if you or I attract attention, we’ll be dead for sure!”
“Okay.” Shi Yan nodded.
Recently, Shi Yan had learned many secrets of the Endless Sea from Xia Xinyan. He had also learned a bit about the mysteries of the Black Formula.
The Black Formula was a special martial spirit that nourished the Silver Moon martial spirit and the Star martial spirit of the Three G.o.ds Sect. Like the Light Formula, it was a forbidden power that was not pa.s.sed down. The Light Formula was very similar to the Black formula, but it needed to gather vigorous Yang Qi in order to be cultivated. It could nourish the Sun Martial Spirit.
Only the three G.o.ds, the elders, and the G.o.d children of the Three G.o.ds Sect were qualified to peek into the profoundness of the Light Formula and the Dark Formula. It was said that with the a.s.sistance of the Light and Dark Formulas, the three martial spirits of the Three G.o.ds Sect could reach different levels of growth.
Although the Black Formula was just a Mortal level martial skill, if the natural Yin Qi absorbed becomes enough, it could even reach the strength of Profound and Spirit level martial spirits.
If the Black Formula absorbs the endless natural Yin Qi, it could even reach the level of Sacred martial skills!
Like Xia Xinyan said, the Black Formula was one of the only martial skills that could evolve, it had endless possibilities.
Of course, it required one to have enough natural Yin Qi to absorb. This condition seemed simple, but it was actually very hard to achieve.
There were not many places with natural Yin Qi. In the Endless Sea, Any places that had natural Yin Qi had long been wiped clean by the Three G.o.ds Sect. So even though the Black Formula seemed amazing, it was truly hard to evolve.
The burial site of the Corpse Sect was a strange area where death Qi and corpse Qi were mixed. In the death Qi and corpse Qi, there was often some Yin Qi mixed within. That Yin Qi came from the depths of the earth and seeped out of the corpse slaves. The amount of it was very little, but it was enough for Shi Yan to notice.
Xia Xinyan told him to circulate the Black Formula and search around, just to know if the landing spot of this iron ship was a burial site of the Corpse Sect.
“There is Yin Qi!” Shi Yan’s expression changed, “The Yin Qi is separated into wisps, and spread to every corner of the island. The landing location of the ship is a burial site of the Corpse Sect. It’s just as we feared, f.u.c.k!”
“Let’s wait and see. If there really is danger, then we’ll just jump into the sea to escape.” Xia Xinyan sighed, “I just hope that there are no Sky realm warriors in the burial site. I also hope that there are no water corpses, or else we will have no chances to escape.”
A water corpse is formed when the Corpse Sect uses special methods to refine the corpse slave, sinking it into the sea, and using the whirlpools under the sea to gather corpse Qi. After being thoroughly tempered, the water corpse would become like a fish. It could freely swim around in the sea. Although it wasn’t like a corpse King, who could arbitrarily control the water currents, the water corpse was still quite extraordinary.
But this kind of corpse slaves had a fatal flaw. Although water corpses were powerful in the water, if they touched fire, their strength would severely decrease.
These corpse slaves did have a special use, yet they also had a far too obvious flaw.
Which was why the Corpse Sect wouldn’t put too much effort into refining this kind of corpse slave. Corpse slaves with special uses, were in the minority, as they were only refined by the Corpse Sect to extract ores from special mines and medicinal ingredients in special areas.
The sound of the anchor dropping into the water suddenly came from outside.
Soon, that Xiao Feng appeared in the staircase, she said indifferently, “You two can come down now, we’ve arrived at our destination.”
In Xiao Feng’s cold eyes, there was also a hint of pity.
Xia Xinyan’s mind was very sensitive, she only looked at Xiao Feng once, but her heart had already begun to sink. She realized something was very wrong.
“Hehe, you two can come out now. I’ll expose you to some interesting knowledge.” In the staircase, Li Wei also poked his head out and sneered, “Burial sites are very famous in the Endless Sea, but normal people would never get a chance to step in. You guys got lucky, now you can experience a burial site of the Corpse Sect for yourselves, hehe!”
Translated by: Amy
Edited by: Jimmy and Eli
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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