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The blood sea.

Ming Hao, Xuan He, Frederick, and Shi Yan were floating outside the forbidden island. They were quarreling about Bloodthirsty's remains. They couldn't conclude anything yet.

"The Ring Spirit can recognize his remains. The more pieces it gets, the better its sensibility can become," Shi Yan said, shaking his arm. "I have two pieces now. Should we ask the Thousand Fantasy Sect, the Broken Hall, and the Heaven River Temple to take them back?"

"When you enthrone, we will do that. It shouldn't be a problem," said Xuan He.

"Enthrone?" Ming Hao's dark eyes were cold as he said, "I don't agree. What does he have to enthrone?"

"If five Chiefs agree that he will become the Master, he'll be the newly-elected Master. When Senro, Lao Luo, and Gru were still alive, we had confirmed this. You were there too. Do you plan to not follow that protocol?" Frederick bellowed, his face ferocious.

"I will do what I've agreed to do. But we have only three chiefs now. We haven't selected the other chiefs. It's the G.o.d's will whether he can get the position or not.

Ming Hao didn't want to talk to them more. His figure vanished like the smoke.

Although he had left, his voice still came to their ears. "We'll be in charge of the formation of our islands and we'll prepare for the chief selection of the Destruction, Dark, Despair, Corrosion, and Chaos islands."

"I'm on it," Frederick nodded to Shi Yan and then disappeared.

Xuan He smiled and explained, "We need five Chiefs to recognize you. That's how you can be the next Master. Of course, Frederick and I will agree. Thor and Benton will compete for the Chief positions of the Dark and Corrosion Forces. They're at Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm. It shouldn't be a big problem for them..."

Xuan He carefully explained to Shi Yan the protocol they had approved that year. He had also mentioned Yang Tian Emperor. "If he can become the chief of the Despair Force, we're done. But there's a guy at Incipient G.o.d Realm in the group of Despair power. He's not Frederick's or my warrior. We think he follows Ming Hao."

"Despair power Upanishad!" Shi Yan's eyes brightened. He grinned, "Let's go to that island. I have a method to help my great-grandfather get the Chief position!"

Xuan He was surprised as he gazed at Shi Yan and then nodded. "Great!"

Two flows of light flashed and fell on the Despair Island. This island had dozens of warriors cultivating Despair power Upanishad. Yang Tian Emperor was one of them. He was standing in a far corner of the island and watching someone far from him. His eyes sparkled with fighting desire.

That person was a member of the Ghost Mark Clan with cyan tattoos covering his entire body and face. He looked glum and sinister. With the First Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm cultivation base, he gave people a strange feeling of despair and loneliness with a feeble vitality. He was sitting in the corner while people could hear the white bones around him screeching and shrieking mournfully as if they were struggling in desperation.

Yang Tian Emperor had considered him his target. He had aimed at that expert. The aura of an extreme warrior burst out from him as his Immortal Demon Blood burned.

Although he was at First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm, his body had the blood of the Immortal Demon clan. He used to absorb the Blood Essence Crystal. The tenacious level of his body was extraordinary. Compared to that Ghost Mark warrior, if nothing unexpected happened, he could gain the upper hand with his body. However, because of the big gap between their realms, his overall competence was much weaker than Shi Yan's.

"Great-grandfather," Shi Yan called him quietly.

Yang Tian Emperor was surprised. He lifted his head and couldn't help but scream. "When did you arrive?"

"I've just arrived," Shi Yan smiled. His Soul Consciousness covered the entire Despair Island. He recognized the realms of the warriors on this island.

"We're about to compete for the Chief position. Anyone who doesn't want to join, please leave the island and go to Ming Hao's island, Frederick's island or my island to wait there. After we get the results, you guys can return." Xuan He didn't land. He was floating above the small island as he shouted.

"Previously, we didn't care about life or death in the compet.i.tion for the Chief position. But it's different now. Today, the number of the descendants of the Eight Great Inheritances have been reduced greatly. Thus, if you think that your power isn't great enough to fight, you can give up the match by leaving the island while you're competing. Your opponent will not kill you. Of course, if you want to be persistent with your battle even though you know you can't endure it, you can't blame anybody if you die..."

Xuan He indifferently explained the rules. While he was talking, many low-realm warriors began to leave to the Death, Soul Control, and Corpse Qi islands.

Most of the warriors cultivating Despair power Upanishad had left quickly.

After Xuan He finished introducing the rules, there were only five warriors staying including Yang Tian Emperor at First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm, the lowest realm, three Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm, and the Ghost Mark expert at First Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm.

The three at Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm planned to use the magical features of Despair power Upanishad to leap the realms and defeat that expert to get the leader position.

They were confident. After listening to Xuan He, they thought that if they couldn't endure it, they could leave before their compet.i.tors can kill them.

While the others were leaving, Shi Yan was carrying out his plan in the corner of the island.

After he talked to Yang Tian Emperor for a while, he asked him to sit down and relax to receive the power from Senro.

Yang Tian Emperor followed him immediately. As soon as Yang Tian Emperor sat down cross-legged, the Ring Spirit sent out marvelous energy fluctuations. The Essence of Senro's power Upanishad that the Ring Spirit had collected before had turned into an energy stream that poured on Yang Tian Emperor's head and entered his soul altar.

Yang Tian Emperor lifted his head to look at Xuan He. He winked at him to signal him to seize a little more time.

Xuan He gave him a slight nod. He also looked at Yang Tian Emperor's head and contemplated. After a while, Xuan He looked upset as he sighed.

He could feel Senro's aura from that energy stream. Although Senro, the Chief of Despair Force, was extreme and odd, he had a good friendship with Xuan He. As the aura from Senro was so pure and magical, it told him one thing: Senro was utterly gone.

Although he knew Senro had fallen for a long time, he couldn't verify it. But today, seeing Senro's Incipient Extent and the energy stream of his power Upanishad and energy, he had grief.

Right at this moment, Ming Hao's voice arose. "When will we start?"

After his voice ceased, he appeared by Xuan He and said, "I've arranged the Chaos Island and Destruction Island properly. When the three of us signal, the compet.i.tion for the chief position will begin. Frederick is done with the Dark Island and the Corrosion Island. We're waiting for you."

"Greetings, my benefactor," the Ghost Mark expert who had kept his eyes shut this entire time suddenly said. He stood up and welcomed Ming Hao.

Ming Hao squinted and gave him a slight nod. "Do your best to get the Chief position. You'll repay my favor that ways. Make some effort."

"Baku will not fail your expectations," said the other respectfully.

Xuan He stooped to see that man, snorted, and then said, "Almost ready. You have an early arrangement. It seems like you want Baku to become the Despair Chief."

Ming Hao didn't change his countenance. "Haven't you and Frederick arranged for Benton and Thor to compete for the Corrosion and Dark Chief positions? If you can arrange such a thing, I can also do the same. Let's see whose arrangement is better."

He coldly glanced at Shi Yan, his eyes uncertain. He then looked at the Blood Vein Ring. Afterward, his body flashed and he left the island.

The Despair energy emitted from Yang Tian Emperor turbulently as if he had sunk into a vast sea of desperation. His face looked savage as he was struggling in pain. His soul seemed to have left the bind of his body.

Shi Yan stood by him to guard him. His cold eyes glared at the four other experts cultivating Despair power Upanishad.

Except for Baku who didn't change his visage, the other three experts at the Peak of Ethereal G.o.d Realm were surprised. They looked at Yang Tian Emperor and felt a little wary of him.

They had recognized that the most exquisite and terrifying energy fluctuation of Despair power was his. This kind of energy fluctuation had gripped their minds and subdued their Despair power Upanishad. It was the fear people felt when they saw the experts at the higher realm.

They closed their eyes to sense. They were scared, so they made up their minds that when the compet.i.tion began. They were going to their best to avoid Yang Tian Emperor.

A magical light shot out of Xuan He's eyes. He quietly nodded. Now, when he looked at Yang Tian Emperor, he had respect for the warrior.

After a while, Yang Tian Emperor roared like a beast, Immortal Demon Blood boiling in his body. He woke up, his eyes crimson like blood. He took a deep breath to calm down and said to Shi Yan, "It's okay now."

Shi Yan looked at him and found that he was still at First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. However, the energy fluctuations from him were really wonderful and it was still rising. It seemed like he was fusing with tremendous power. After each second, he became stronger.

"Do you need... more time?" said Shi Yan.

"No need," Yang Tian Emperor shook his head and grinned arrogantly. "If I get more time, the battle won't be difficult anymore. It will be tasteless. At this moment, my realm and power haven't fused completely. I'm in a bad situation. Fighting in such conditions is really enjoyable, you know. It will satisfy me."

Shi Yan was surprised. "Alright."

He floated up to the sky, hovering by Xuan He and talking to him. "We can start now."

Moving further, he found that candidates for the chief position on the Dark Island, Destruction Island, Chaos Island, and Corrosion Island were waiting in silence. All of them had brutal auras. They were ready to fight and shed their blood for the chief position.

Fei Lan and Leona were staying by the Corrosion and Dark Islands and waiting in worry. The ones they loved were about to compete there.

"Ming Hao, Frederick, we can start now!" Xuan He suddenly shouted, his voice piercing through the blood clouds like thunderclaps reverberating above the islands in the blood sea.

Ming Hao and Frederick shouted back to him. In their shouts like the dragon or the tiger roar, the blood sea became to surge. Many vortexes in the sky began to spin.

Their shouts seemed to activate some magical formations that changed the blood sea.

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