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Thousand Fantasy Sect, Fantasy Star.

There were many bamboo houses inside a lush forest with beautiful sights and a network of rivers. The forest had abundant earth and heaven energy with a marvelous aroma. This sort of magical land with a great fragrance was really rare in this vast cosmos.

This special place was also the private territory of the Thousand Fantasy Sect.

Deep inside the forest were many beautiful waterfall, hills, and palaces. The warriors from different races were walking here and there, taking in the earth and heaven energy to refine their bodies and soul powers.

The Thousand Fantasy Sect was an ancient force that followed the rules of Nature. There was almost no war chariot or battleship in Fantasy Star. The warriors here didn't count on external materials. They wanted to explore themselves as the foundation of their cultivation.

Deep in the forest was a clear lake that had an islet. The islet was filled with green colors of lush floras.

Many fish were swimming around the islet as if they could live in peace and harmony forever with no danger awaiting them.

A handsome man was lying on his side in a small pavilion on the islet. He was holding a book and reading wholeheartedly.

After a while, he frowned and lifted his head to check the sky, his eyes surprised.

The magical lights sparkled above his head like meteors. His eyes became focused. He rose a hand to pull the void and the sky seemed to be pulled altogether.

Deep inside the layers of clouds, some shadows flew through the barriers and landed on the islet.

They were males and females at different realms. Surprisingly, they were Xing Ming of the Broken Hall, Gulian and Guling of the Thousand Fantasy Sect, and Lena and Cecilia of the Heaven River Temple.

Besides them, there was another man and a woman.

The man was st.u.r.dy with hair like a hedgehog. He looked stiff and he wore a rough warrior costume. There was dust on his clothes. Apparently, he wasn't a man who minded his appearance much.

However, Xing Ming of the Broken Hall was so respectful standing by him.

This man was Caesar, the famous Hall Master of the Broken Hall. He was famous for his pa.s.sion for martial arts. He had dedicated his whole life to martial arts. He didn't like women or wealth. He didn't mind minor things too. He had spent his whole life to learn and comprehend earth and heaven powers.

Caesar was his father's successor. His father was the former Hall Master of the Broken Hall. Before he died, he had appointed Caesar as the new Hall Master.

Although he had inherited the Hall Master position of the Broken Hall, he didn't care too much about the issues of the Broken Hall. The Broken Hall consisted of many smaller halls. He didn't mind their business unless the Broken Hall had encountered dangers. Only then did he step out and solve it.

Although Caesar was lazy in taking care of the business of the Broken Hall, the leaders of the small halls under the Broken Hall had always respected him even more than his father.

It was because Caesar was really strong and his martial arts could protect the reputation of the Broken Hall. When the other entered the Immortal Realm, it was much shorter than the time his father took. He was much stronger than his father. He was the strongest expert of the Broken Hall and he was still getting stronger. No one could be his rival.

As long as he was intimidating, even though Caesar didn't care about the Broken Hall, the others still respected him. No one had the guts to provoke him.

Besides Caesar, there was another woman. This woman looked graceful and mild. She looked very similar to Lena. She was tender and mature, indeed. She was Lena's blood sister, the Master of the Heaven River Temple, Lorraine.

"Ling Xiang, you've been immersing in the beauty of nature for years. Has your realm increased further?" Lorraine's clothes weren't precious or luxurious. They were simple and elegant. She said casually after they had arrived.

Ling Xiang wore cyan clothes. He was the Sect Master of the Thousand Fantasy Sect. Caesar, the Master of the Broken Hall, wore simple, hempen clothes. Lorraine, the Master of the Heaven River Temple, wore an elegant dress. It seemed like they had reached the stage where they had "returned to the Truth" with the natural mindset.

Ling Xiang smiled faintly and put down his book. "Oh, it's not that easy. In the past few years, I've been cultivating ascetically at the end of the universe alone. I've sent my emotions to the mountain and the river to keep my soul sound and clear. I've been making a lot of efforts to maintain my realm and to not let it lower. It's really hard to develop further, though."

The Master of the Broken Hall Caesar nodded, his voice rough and manly. "At our realm, it's no use to only cultivate and use pellets or spirit herbs. After many years, I've destroyed my soul altars many times to become a mortal person to experience the bitter and sour events in life. I can feel my realm change a little bit, but I haven't figured out how to break through again."

Caesar sighed and looked at the immense starry sky, feeling a little dispirited. "I don't know how he has cultivated..."

When Caesar mentioned "he," everybody kept quiet as if they had a big mountain placed on their hearts. It felt so heavy they had to gasp for their breaths.

"That year, we hadn't reached the Immortal Realm. Our teachers and fathers had joined that battle. Most of them were killed. Many warriors had to bury their bodies there. I heard from my teacher that after that horrible fight, that man had shown that he was worthy of the t.i.tle of the First Warrior. Although his soul was destroyed and his body was shattered, he still exists today."

Lorraine, the Master of the Heaven River Temple, sighed deeply.

All of them had stern visages and were frowning, sinking in their remote memories. They kept silent for a long time.

"That year, our fathers and teachers were lucky to get a piece of his remains. They imparted them to us until now. They hoped that we could use his remains to learn that unknown energy. It has been ten thousand years. Did you have any harvest?" While Ling Xiang was talking, a box appeared in his hand that was made of the Heavenly Fragrant Soul Soothing Jade and was similar to the box that President of the Tsunami Chamber of Commerce had.

Caesar and Lorraine wore complex countenances when they heard him. Their minds flickered and the same boxes appeared in their hands. Both of them were made of the Heavenly Fragrant Soul Soothing Jade.

Lorraine sighed and looked at Lena standing by her. "We've been trying every method we know to decode the mysteries of his remains to get that power. Unfortunately, we have failed every time. There were several times we were almost killed."

She looked at Ling Xiang and Caesar. "As you've been training for your whole life, have you ever encountered any good things? Have you ever sensed a bit of this mysterious energy?"

Caesar wore a heavy face, his brows slamming together as he shook his head. "Nothing."

"Me neither," said Ling Xiang with a frown.

Gulian, Xing Ming, and Lena just listened and didn't intervene with their conversation.

Until now, Lena pondered for a while and then said eventually, "That year, our teachers and fathers had collected his remains. For thousand years until today, the G.o.d Clan has solely ruled the world. And now, the Bloodthirsty Force has the Genesis Fruit. Their successor has shown up and defeated Haig. The sea of stars that has been quiet for ten thousand years is going to be stirred up again. We should have a choice."

"... A choice."

Ling Xiang turned around and looked at the horizon and then the lake with the fish swimming. "Why do we have to choose? Why do the Four Great Creatures who have the right to join the compet.i.tion to conquer this world have to choose a side? Why we have to choose a side all the time? Do we have the right to join that compet.i.tion and conquer this universe too?"

Hearing him, Caesar, Lorraine, Gulian, Xing Ming, and Lena were shaken.

Ling Xiang turned around to look at them, his eyes as sharp as sabers. "The Four Great Creatures have taken turns to control the universe for the past one hundred thousand years, and we could only pa.s.sively support one side. We have battled, but we couldn't enjoy the triumph. Ten thousand years ago, our precursors of the Thousand Fantasy Sect, Broken Hall, and Heaven River Temple were killed. We had to bear a significant loss. But after the G.o.d Clan has won, what do we have?"

Caesar and Lorraine kept silent.

"We got nothing. We've sacrificed our blood and flesh to help the G.o.d Clan raise their dictatorship. We've created the dominating reign of the G.o.d Clan, but our position and status haven't changed a bit. We could only guard our star areas and the G.o.d Clan didn't invade us. That's all that we've gained."

Ling Xiang suddenly screamed, his calm aura changed and it showed his sharpness.

Caesar and the others were moved. They sank in their thoughts.

"This time, we, the Thousand Fantasy Sect, aren't just going to be supporters. It's a rare, once in a blue moon opportunity. Our ancestors had pa.s.sed the opportunity but I, Ling Xiang, won't let it go!" he hissed.

"You want to compete for once?" Caesar and Lorraine screamed.

Ling Xiang smiled frankly, "Didn't you come here with the same purpose? Don't you want to fight once? Currently, the Bloodthirsty Force is weakened and the G.o.d Clan is domineering. Anyway, the Bloodthirsty Force often creates miracles. If we do it well, we can have the chance to change the structure that has been established for dozens of thousands of years. The Four Great Creatures are going to be the overlords of the entire world!"

"I have only one question. What does that man from Tsunami Chamber of Commerce think about this?" Lorraine asked all of a sudden.

"Same thoughts as mine" Ling Xiang smiled.

Lorraine and Caesar exchanged looks and nodded. Excited light radiated from their eyes.

"Before that, to show our goodwill, Tsunami Chamber of Commerce gifted him a piece of his remains. We couldn't find anything from it for years, so we don't mind giving it away. It's to congratulate that kid as he can enthrone," said Ling Xiang.

"What if he can't enthrone?" Lorraine and Caesar frowned.

"Then we'll choose Ming Hao. We don't care who becomes the Master. We just want the Bloodthirsty Force and the G.o.d Clan to fight each other until they both are hurt," laughed Ling Xiang.

Lorraine nodded and turned around to look at Cecilia and Lena. "You should watch this girl closely. Don't let her leave your side."

"I know," Lena nodded.

Cecilia wore a sour face.

After she had heard Ling Xiang's sharp shout, she understood that she wouldn't have a chance to meet Shi Yan for a long time. Her freedom was going to be restricted.

The Thousand Fantasy Sect, Broken Hall, and Heaven River Temple had been playing the supporting roles for dozens of thousands of years with Tsunami Chamber of Commerce. This time, they didn't want to be the supporting roles anymore. They wanted to be the protagonist. They wanted to change the scenario and have the Four Great Creatures to rule the universe again. They wanted to use their combined force to replace the Four Great Creatures.

This time, the star war was going to be much more complicated.

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