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The forbidden island had a great commotion that had even seethed the blood sea. It had startled all the descendants in this dark abyss.

Xuan He and Frederick were still lingering around. They could feel the tremor from the island deeply. They exchanged looks and saw the thrill in each other's eyes.

They used to visit this island, so they knew that there were eight altars in there that represented the eight power Upanishads. In fact, those eight altars could control the eight island in the blood sea. The energy in those altars had many powers including the ability to impart power Upanishad inheritance.

They knew something about the sacrificial altars, but they didn't know anything about the Bloodthirsty's statue.

Today, feeling the turbulent commotion from the island, Xuan He and Frederick were anxious. They were worried that something bad had happened in there.

Yang Tian Emperor, Benton, and Thor had returned to the respective island of their force. Xuan He and Frederick had prepared for Yang Tian Emperor, Benton, and Thor to get the Chief position of their force. That way, they could make Shi Yan the new Master. They hadn't left the outside of the center island because it wasn't time for the compet.i.tion yet.

At the same time, the Imperial Dark old man on the Soul Control Island had changed his countenance in fear. He observed the forbidden island from a distance.

He pondered for seconds and then closed his eyes to contact Ming Hao. He told him the commotion of the forbidden island. He had stressed about the tremor and the boiling blood sea.

He was so grave telling his discovery sufficiently. He then waited for the other's decision.

After a while, he suddenly looked at a man from the Dark Clan. That man also cultivated the Soul Control power Upanishad, but his realm wasn't really high. He was only at Ethereal G.o.d Realm. He looked as thin as a dry tree branch with an average look.

Under his gaze, that Dark man was bewildered. Right after that, he looked like he was struggling with a wince. His soul was occupied instantly.

Shortly after, his face resumed, but now he had a pair of dark eyes as if he had become a completely different person.

"Welcome the Chief's soul!"

The Imperial Dark old man immediately kneeled down, one hand touching his forehead and the other placed on his chest. It was the special etiquette of the Bloodthirsty Force to greet the leaders.

The other warriors cultivating the Soul Control power Upanishad also felt a tremendous power pressing down. They hurried to kneel down, using the same etiquette to greet, screaming, "Welcome the Chief's soul!"

The Soul Control Chief didn't plan to come here. Because of the strange commotion, he had to come here using his soul. He didn't have a body, but still, he could use his subordinate's body to appear in this blood sea holy land.

Ming Hao's soul arrived. His dark eyes raked around the area like a ghost.

On the forbidden island in the center, Xuan He and Frederick were gazing at the island when a blood light shot out from the inside abruptly. Xuan He and Frederick looked shocked.

Then, Shi Yan flew out of the forbidden land and walked to Xuan He and Frederick.

At the same time, a ghostly figure came from the sky and appeared right next to Xuan He. His cold eyes studied Shi Yan and then stopped at Blood Vein Ring on his finger. His face changed again. "It's true that our Master's relic is the key to open the forbidden land."

Xuan He and Frederick darkened their faces and looked at him. "Ming Hao!"

Ming Hao had countless appearances. His soul could come and possess any warriors who he had turned into his soul slaves. When he wanted it, he could use many beams of Soul Consciousness to appear as different people in different star areas at the same time. Those warriors could come from different clans and forces, but their souls would all be controlled.

It was a supernatural power of the Soul Control power Upanishad. It was also the most dangerous and mysterious ability of the Soul Control Force.

"Xuan He, Frederick, long time no see. You've been planning a lot of things for this man to get the throne?" Ming Hao's voice was cold but tender. While talking, it seemed like he had sent his wisps of soul power to people's Sea of Consciousness discreetly. It was the way he used to control the others' mind.

While Ming Hao was talking, Shi Yan felt a chill in his body as if an invisible force had invaded his soul altar.

However, he enjoyed Ming Hao's voice a lot. Also, he wanted the man to talk more. Ming Hao had become a fantasy in his mind...

"Ming Hao!" Xuan He shouted, his voice like the thunderclaps.

The blood thunderbolts appeared in Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness. As soon as those blood bolts appeared, the relaxing feeling and the fantasy in his Sea of Consciousness washed away.

The blood lightning bolts with the intent domain of Death and Life continuously multiplied in his head as if it could create Death and Life ultimately. The lightning bolts had smashed Ming Hao's invading soul power. Then, they had become the robust vitality that entered Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness to clean it. Eventually, Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness got cleaned with no dregs remaining.

"He's not qualified to be the next Master. He couldn't even endure my voice," said Ming Hao.

Xuan He and Frederick didn't mind him. They all observed Shi Yan. Xuan He smiled, showing his teeth and introducing himself. "I'm the Death Chief, Xuan He. He's Frederick. That sneaky guy that comes here with only his soul is Ming Hao, the Soul Control Chief. He's the biggest chicken among the Eight Great Inheritances. He's never fought with people directly. He always hides in the dark corner to play with his dark scheme."

Xuan He mocked Ming Hao, not trying to be polite.

"True. Well, they say that he's the leader of the Cortege of Eight, but we never admit it. Basically, the one that has never shown his real body and has always enslaved the others' souls doesn't deserve to become our Master's retinue. I still couldn't figure out how he could have a slot in the Cortege of Eight."

Frederick grinned and then laughed loudly. His mocking voice wasn't worse than Xuan He's.

Even when Bloodthirsty was still alive, Frederick and Xuan He had never gotten along with Xuan He. They had always fought. They never liked Ming Hao.

When Bloodthirsty was still alive, he could subdue their dispute and unite them. However, after Bloodthirsty had fallen, no one could restrain them anymore.

Thus, when they saw each other after many years, the three barked at each other's faces. It was normal if they fought too.

"I'm here today to get inside," Ming Hao looked at the blood light cage in front of them. "Give me Master's Blood Vein Ring. You're not qualified to keep it. Wait until one day you reach the Immortal Realm. Then, you can stand in front of me and keep the ring."

"Even if he has to hand back the Blood Vein Ring, it's not for you, Ming Hao." Xuan He laughed evilly. "That year, Xuan Shan, Lao Luo, and I kept a part of the Ring Spirit's memory. Even if we need someone to keep the ring, I should be that one."

"I don't care about your dispute."

It was the first time Shi Yan talked. However, it was strange that Xuan He, Frederick, and even Ming Hao didn't intervene. They just waited for him.

Xuan He, Frederick, and Ming Hao had known about Shi Yan from very early on. They knew that he had inherited their Master's power and the Blood Vein Ring. They had taken care of Shi Yan in silence. They even knew the details of every battle that Shi Yan had joined.

However, they had never met Shi Yan personally or communicated to him.

Today, it was the first time they met their Master's successor.

"I'm here with the hope that I could gather his remains. His remains are scattered around the corner of the universe. Someone is keeping them too. As his heir, I'm responsible for gathering his remains. And you guys are his retinue. Don't you bear the same responsibility too?"

Shi Yan stooped to see the Blood Vein Ring. "He'd fallen for so many years, but his body wasn't intact. As his retinue, have you ever tried to do this?"

"How do you know that we have never tried for this?!?" Ming Hao voice sounded so cold. "So you think that we've done nothing after so many years? You hide here and crave for your life. What do you know? The G.o.d Clan has been searching for our Master's remains. The Thousand Fantasy Sect, Broken Hall, and the Heaven River Temple have collected them. We always kept searching. Do you think only you want to do that?"

Xuan He and Frederick exchanged looks and forced smiles.

"Our Master's remains have been scattered at the end of the world. Also, they are very special. It's not easy to find them. You can see them or use the Soul Consciousness to sense. It just takes good encounters to find them. As far as we know, the Thousand Fantasy Sect, Broken Hall, and Heaven River Temple hold one or two pieces of him. Tsunami Chamber of Commerce and the G.o.d Clan have some too. They got them right after the fight before Master's remains had changed. Also, only Tsunami Chamber of Commerce has the piece that has turned into some unique material."

Xuan He shook his head, his eyes upset and reluctant.

"Tsunami Chamber of Commerce got it by chance. Someone sold it. They just know that they can touch it but can't see it or use the Soul Consciousness to check it. It's a rare thing and it exists. Tsunami Chamber of Commerce had mobilized hundreds of experts to check it. After they gave it to their President, they knew that it was a piece of our Master's remains. The warrior who got it by chance had been dragged into the s.p.a.ce crack and found it. He didn't know what it was, so he gave it to Tsunami Chamber of Commerce to verify..." Frederick explained to Shi Yan.

"Why have his remains become so peculiar?" Shi Yan frowned.

Listening to Xuan He and Frederick, Shi Yan vaguely understood. He had seen them so he knew Bloodthirsty's remains could become invisible. It was really hard to find them in the universe as they couldn't see or sense it with their soul.

"Why are they so peculiar. . ."

Xuan He, Frederick, and Ming Hao muttered, their eyes mysterious as if they had immersed themselves in the big secret again.

"Billions of warriors in this vast sea of stars have the same question. Many peerless existences including the Chief of the G.o.d Clan, the Sect Master of the Thousand Fantasy Sect, the Master of the Broken Hall, the Master of the Heaven River Temple, Frederick, Ming Hao, and me at the Immortal Realm want to know the reason. After our Master had fallen, in the next ten thousand years, those experts want to know this mystery to control this kind of power. However, no one has ever succeeded until now. This kind of power that had turned our Master's remains into something peculiar has remained a secret until now. No one could know or learn it," said Xuan He.

Shi Yan was astonished. He suddenly remembered what the Ring Spirit had told him.

"Master kept a power that only he knew and controlled in this vast universe among billions of creatures. He'd fallen because of it too."

What kind of energy was it?

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