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Forbidden island.

Shi Yan stroked the Blood Vein Ring and walked deep into the island while frowning. This island had many dark red clouds with energy that could affect the soul. It aroused Shi Yan's bloodthirsty desire.

He tried to put aside the chaotic thoughts in his mind to keep his head sound. His body flashed as he walked directly to the white bone island.

Shi Yan was dumbstruck and he stood with a baffled face.

The center of this bone island had eight grand earth and haven sacrificial altars. These eight altars were several thousand meters tall and more than one hundred mu large. They were made of some strange material. It wasn't metal or chalcedony, but it looked as red as blood. The eight altars had a terrifying pressure that would have slapped people in the face.

The eight sacrificial altars were arranged in eight directions and they jutted into the dark clouds. These altars looked like soul altars, but they didn't have a Sea of Consciousness, a tier of power Upanishad, or an Ethereal Extent or Incipient Extent.

These altars were made of a special material with many beautiful, exquisite carvings. Those patterns on the altar looked like what was carved on the Blood Vein Ring. They were like profound records of earth and heaven powers. Each sacrificial altar had five blood clouds that hovered where it released the energy that matched with the aura of each altar.

The eight altars matched with eight power Upanishads: Soul Control, Death, Corrosion, Dark, Chaos, Destruction, Despair, and Corpse Qi.

The five blood clouds above the altars were the crest of the Bloodthirsty Force. Shi Yan didn't know which magical effects it had.

It had been ten thousand years since someone could enter this area, but the eight ma.s.sive sacrificial altars didn't have a speck of dust. They were sparkling as if they were the source of Power Upanishad Inheritance. As long as he could sit on the altar, he could receive the respective power Upanishad.

Only the Despair altar looked different. It had a unique energy fluctuation as if it had reached the other end of the world that was seeking for a suitable candidate. It wasn't going to stay pa.s.sively to wait for the warriors to get here and receive the inheritance.

These altars had distinctive auras that were auras of the eight small islands that he saw when he had arrived.

The eight altars were the foundation of the eight islands. They seemed to be able to affect those islands' energy and direction. Shi Yan thought that they were so marvelous.

However, what had surprised Shi Yan a lot wasn't these eight grand altars.

Standing in the center of the eight altars was a ma.s.sively imposing Demogorgon statue. That statue was even more majestic than the eight altars. It looked like a holy mountain. The members of the Giant Tribe were like ants compared to this statue.

That Demogorgon statue was extremely gigantic. It was made of the same material as those altars. A beam of light from the scarlet sky was shining on it. It gave people a fearsome feeling.

That statue didn't have clear facial features. It had two horns on its head, a spiky tail growing from the bottom, and a pair of ma.s.sive wings on its back. The Demogorgon had an exquisite set of keratin armor lingering on its body.

From a distance, this Demogorgon statue was so intimidating. It faced the sky as if it was roaring and shouting at the heaven.

The Demogorgon statue was more than ten thousand meters tall. It had long chains tied around its tail, shoulders, wings, and legs that were connected to the eight altars.

At first glance, Shi Yan was shocked, but he actually had a magical feeling.

That year, when he had come to G.o.d Perishing Land, he used to see the magical formation that the G.o.d Clan had set up in G.o.d Perishing Land. It used the Soul-Sucking Demonic Flowers to draw the energy, blood, and flesh from other warriors to heal the wounded experts of the G.o.d Clan. It was going to revive them eventually.

That magical formation in G.o.d Perishing land was similar to what was in front of him now. Each stone stele in that area had twelve chains that were used to collect energy from the victims.

Taking a closer look, he found that the scale and level of this area were much more profound than the G.o.d Clan's G.o.d Perishing Land.

Shi Yan vaguely felt that the strange structure of the G.o.d Clan's G.o.d Perishing Land was a poor copy of this place. It could imitate the shape but not its real essence.

It was because Shi Yan could feel that the eight altars here weren't to bind the Demogorgon statue or to take energy from it.

Quite the contrary, he felt that these eight altars were some sort of weapons for the statue. It was like if the statue could use its force, it could swing the several-thousand-meter altars around and use the abilities of the eight power Upanishads to attack. It would be the utmost power of the world.

The eight chains that connected the statue to the altars seemed to be used to transfer the marvelous power from the statue to the altars to trigger their power.

In his eyes, the Demogorgon was the Master with the real power and the eight altars were just the weapons it would use to vent its power.

Observing the Demogorgon statue for a while, Shi Yan suddenly shouted. "Bloodthirsty Force's Master!"

He suddenly understood it.

He remembered that when he tried to explore the mysteries of the blood mark many years ago, he used to see a fantasy like this. In an immense world, a giant was roaring inaudibly. Although he was chained by ma.s.sive chains, he was still bellowing bravely.

Today, as he saw this scene, he suddenly understood.

"That's the statue of Master," said the Ring Spirit.

Then, a finger and a bone of Bloodthirsty flew out from the ring and entered the gigantic Demogorgon Statue.

At that split of time, the majestic Demogorgon Statue seemed to revive and send out earth-shaking energy. This kind of energy could crush a whole level 7 life star. It shook the soul and made people scared.

While the Demogorgon statue had earth-shaking energy, the entire blood sea in this dark abyss bubbled and boiled up.

The Demogorgon statue was still standing and facing the sky as if it was howling indignantly. However, it didn't have any special move.

However, the chains connected to the statue's shoulders, wings, tail, and legs now had a strange blood halo. The blood drawings on the chains were like blood snakes that moved.

"What's going on?" Shi Yan looked stern.

The imposing, intimidating aura coming from the Demogorgon statue made him feel like there were billions of mountains on his shoulders that made him kneel down.

Under that aura, he turned into his Immortal Demon Body and activated the power of his blood. However, he couldn't endure it. He slumped on the ground, soaking in his sweat.

His bones made "crack crack" sounds as if the prestige of the Demogorgon statue had broken his bones, soul, and body.

That pressure was even more dangerous than the anger of heaven. Shi Yan's mind and spirit couldn't endure it.

"It's horrible!" Shi Yan was shaking. He called the Blood Vein Ring as he wanted to know what was going on here.

He could see that the blood lines on the eight chains were moving towards the eight altars. Strangely, the eight altars began to move as if they were about to fly up.

However, they moved several meters and then fell again as they didn't have more energy.

The white bone island shook hard. The blood sea surged to the sky and shook the entire dark abyss.

Shi Yan spurted out blood. When the eight altars fell back on the ground, they created a tremor that had almost displaced Shi Yan's internal organs. Shi Yan winced and gritted his teeth as blood trickled from his mouth.

After the eight altars fell back to the ground, the threatening aura from the Demogorgon statue disappeared.

Then, he heard Blood Vein Ring's voice, "Only two pieces... still needs a lot..."

Shi Yan's face darkened. He thundered in his mind. "What happened? What do you want to do?"

The Blood Vein Ring kept silent.

After a while, it said, "From now on, you will collect my Master's remains. Every time you get a piece, you can learn a power Upanishad from the Cortege of Eight. Among the eight powers Upanishads including Soul Control, Death, Corrosion, Dark, Chaos, Destruction, Despair, and Corpse Qi, you've got only Death power Upanishad. You can cultivate the other powers too. As long as you continue to collect Master's remains, you can gain the powers Upanishads he used to have. What do you think?"

Shi Yan was bewildered.

"Breaking through to the Incipient G.o.d Realm requires the perfect understanding of the powers Upanishad. If I get the other powers Upanishads at this time, it means I will never be able to break through again?" He was a little confused.

"Devouring is Master's main power. With the other eight power Upanishads, he was invincible. What you're worried about is an obstacle to the typical warrior, but it's not something you should worry about."

The Ring Spirit paused for a while. "You have Master's Devouring power Upanishad. You can use it to swallow the new power Upanishads. I have the method to help you break through those powers. Also, you need to enthrone. Using the power of the Bloodthirsty Force to gather the Master's remains, you can learn the eight new powers Upanishads. Then, you can officially inherit all powers from him."

"As long as I can swallow them, those power Upanishads will become mine?" Shi Yan sounded dumbstruck.

"You can slowly inherit the eight powers Upanishads including Soul Control, Death, Corrosion, Dark, Chaos, Destruction, Despair, and Corpse Qi. You just need to activate these eight altars to trigger the source of power Upanishad inheritance inside and then use the Devouring power Upanishad to swallow them. You can have them," explained the Ring Spirit.

Shi Yan was thrilled.

When he fought against Haig, he had swallowed the Metal Star created by Haig's Incipient Extent and it then appeared in his Incipient Extent, becoming a part of it.

He had a vague feeling that the power of the Devouring power Upanishad was absolutely beyond his imagination!

Bloodthirsty could use the Devouring power Upanishad to swagger tyrannically around the world. As he considered it his main power, this power Upanishad would be extremely evil.

Today, he had finally confirmed his a.s.sumptions. The Devouring power Upanishad was the utmost power in this universe, indeed.

It was worthy of the First Power Upanishad in this cosmos!

The Ring Spirit had thrown the two pieces of Bloodthirsty's remains to the statue to activate some mysterious formation. However, as the energy in those pieces weren't enough, they couldn't trigger the real power of the altars.

Apparently, the Ring Spirit wanted to activate the marvelous formation here as it wanted to gather Bloodthirsty's remains.

The Ring Spirit didn't tell him what that formation would do, but it had given him an enticement he couldn't resist.

--- Having the Eight Great Inheritances at the same time!

He knew that the Ring Spirit wanted to get something secret through him. He didn't know what secret it was, but he couldn't endure the enticement of having the eight powers Upanishads!

For the remaining seven powers Upanishads including Soul Control, Corrosion, Dark, Chaos, Destruction, Despair, and Corpse Qi, he pondered for a while and then replied, "I agree with you."

"Then we must now get the leader throne first!" the Ring Spirit was discreetly excited.

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