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Inside the dark abyss, a narrow blood light descended from the scarlet void like a saber thrusting into the blood sea. Its destination was the only sealed bone island here.

At that moment, the eight islands with the power of Soul Control, Death, Corrosion, Dark, Chaos, Destruction, Despair, and Corpse Qi shook grumblingly. Warriors from different races staying on those islands looked at the sky in fear.

The bone island at the center was the secret place where Bloodthirsty used to cultivate. The others weren't allowed to get in. Even the Eight Chiefs could visit the island only when Bloodthirsty allowed them to.

The bone island with the Devouring energy fluctuations was the center of the blood sea and the forbidden area of the holy land. It was the root of the Bloodthirsty Force.

Since Bloodthirsty had fallen and his body had fragmented, that small island had remained sealed. The Eight Chiefs had tried many times, but none of them could open the place where Bloodthirsty used to cultivate.

Until now, the descendants of the Bloodthirsty Force thought that the island would never open again.

This kind of thought seemed to be carved in their souls and made them think that it was true instinctively.

However, today, a blood light had pierced through the forbidden land that had been sealed for ten thousand years.

Each warrior of the Eight Great Inheritances knew the secret of the forbidden land. They discolored in fright as they knew that a new era was about to come.

The black eyes of the Imperial Dark man on the Soul Control island shot out the cold air. He stood up and looked at the island in front of him. He said sinisterly, "Unexpectedly, he comes. Harrumph, does he think that he can be the new Master with the inheritance from the old Master to rule our Chiefs?"

There were many warriors cultivating Soul Control power Upanishad. They were the members of the Dark Spirit Clan, the Dark Shadow Clan, and the Dark Clan. Those warriors were his henchmen.

The warriors with the Soul Control power Upanishad were experienced experts with exquisite knowledge of the soul Upanishads. All of them had dark and sinister auras as if their bodies had bound countless ghosts and Yin creatures. Their cold eyes were so piercing.

They looked at the Imperial Dark warrior and kept their mouths shut. No one replied.

"Our Chief has his plan. That one isn't qualified to be the new Master," the man raked his eyes through the place and spoke in a cold voice, "You guys came to the other island and spread our Chief's idea to them."

Some experts at the Incipient G.o.d Realm nodded.

Their bodies stayed on the Soul Control Island while their souls became a bunch of dim light that flew around. They disappeared shortly after.


At the same time, Frederick and Xuan He were asking Fei Lan and Leona to know Shi Yan's whereabouts. They wanted to know every place Shi Yan could visit as they needed to find him hurriedly.

Every time they activated the Blood Imperial Order, it took a lot of efforts and materials of the Bloodthirsty Force. Every time the Blood Imperial Order appeared, it meant that the Bloodthirsty Force had a big event. They used the Blood Imperial Order this time to find Shi Yan, but they couldn't find him. Xuan He and Frederick were so restless that they wanted to kill someone.

"We don't know. We can't find our Master."

"I've been in Fiery Rain Star Area for a long time. I haven't met Master."

"Didn't he go to Tsunami Star? He hasn't come back yet."

"I don't know, either."

Ka Tuo, Benny, Fei Lan, and Yang Tian Emperor shook their heads as they didn't have a clue.

Xuan He and Frederick were so annoyed. They had spent a lot of efforts to plan many things for so many years to carry out this Blood Imperial Order smoothly so Shi Yan could enthrone.

At this critical moment, Shi Yan didn't tell them a word before he disappeared into the s.p.a.ce crack. It had completely stirred up their plan. They felt so annoyed.

In their points of view, all that they had done was to continue the Bloodthirsty Force's inheritance and help Shi Yan achieve his goals. They a.s.sumed that Shi Yan would follow them and their plan. With their support, he was going to take the leader position and consolidate the eight forces of the Bloodthirsty Force to resist the G.o.d Clan.

Shi Yan betrayed them. They felt so indignant.

All of a sudden, a blood light pierced through the cloud and fell on the forbidden island.

Xuan He and Frederick threw each other a look, their eyes brightening. They looked at the island of the Master in the center and were filled with thrill. They grinned, taking Yang Tian Emperor's group and dashing towards the Devouring Island.


Shi Yan was moving like a blood rainbow. He thrust into the small island in the center of the blood sea and landed on a pile of bones.

The small island was made of white bones. Looking around, the island had only bones. There was no gra.s.s, tree, bird, or insect. It didn't even have earth and heaven energy.

This place was so strange.

The blood mist hovered and filled the small island like a blood cage sealing the small island.

While he was still landing, the Blood Vein Ring shot out of a bright blood light and it tore that blood light cage. That was how Shi Yan could get into the island.

Shi Yan gathered himself together and released the Soul Consciousness to sense. His face became stern.

He was at First Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm, but his power was much purer and more condensed than the others. Although his energy was enhanced with s.p.a.ce power Upanishad, he couldn't tear the b.l.o.o.d.y cage. It meant that the barrier covering the small island was very tough and tenacious.

Perhaps, only the peerless experts at Immortal Realm had the power to break this barrier, Shi Yan thought instinctively.

Unfortunately, he didn't know that after Bloodthirsty had fallen, the Eight Chiefs had tried many times and efforts to get into the island, but they hadn't succeeded once.

The island where he was standing today hadn't welcomed anyone in the past ten thousand years.

At this moment, Xuan He and Frederick were also stopped outside the blood light cage. They were so excited when they came as they thought that they could enter the island one more time, but the barrier had stopped them outside. They released their Soul Consciousness and tried to contact Shi Yan.

At their realm, their Soul Consciousness couldn't pierce through the barrier.

Bloodthirsty had set up this barrier a long time ago. It was like an eternal boundary that separated the earth and heaven. It could stop anything whether it was energy or the Soul Consciousness.

Xuan He and Frederick were at Immortal Realm, but they were stopped outside. They stood helplessly outside and glared at Shi Yan's blood light entering the Bloodthirsty's forbidden land.


Xuan He looked at Frederick. Hovering by him were blood clouds carrying Yang Tian Emperor, Leona, and the others. "We can't get in there or contact that kid. What should we do?"

"Even when we kept the piece of the Blood Vein Ring's memory, we couldn't enter. It means that only the Ring Spirit with full memory can get through that blood barrier. The Blood Vein Ring is the key to opening the forbidden land. As he had the ring, he could get in there as he pleased." Frederick sounded begrudging. "We couldn't get there before and we can't do that now. We have no choice. We can only wait for him to come out then."

"But the other forces have to carry out the compet.i.tion to find new chiefs. Why doesn't he get a good sense? Does he have some other thought? Sigh, I have a headache. We can't treat this kid as a normal kid," Xuan He forced a smile.

"Leave it to me. I'm going to talk to him into this. He'll agree to get the throne," all of a sudden Yang Tian Emperor said, "If he comes here, he must know the situation. He came here for the Master position. You guys don't need to worry anymore."

Hearing him, Xuan He and Frederick couldn't help but look at Yang Tian Emperor. Their eyes were strange and piercing as if they wanted to see through Yang Tian Emperor's bones.

After a while, a strange light shot out from Xuan He's and Frederick's eyes. They nodded and agreed with Yang Tian Emperor.

Yang Tian Emperor's realm wasn't really high. Typically, he couldn't be seen in Xuan He's and Frederick's eyes.

Anyway, Xuan He and Frederick understood that they couldn't compare the real competence of the warriors who cultivated Despair power Upanishad by their realm. They could feel some sharp power that could even pierce through the world from Yang Tian Emperor! This kind of spear had endless power!

And only the experts at their realm could be able to see the nature of a warrior's competence that way.

"Hmm, we should arrange this Chief compet.i.tion first and wait for him to get out of there." Frederick nodded. Pondering for seconds, he turned to Yang Tian Emperor. "There are dozens of warriors cultivating Despair power Upanishad on the Despair Island. In the vast sea of stars, only they can get the chance to encounter and learn the power from our Master's Soul Consciousness and succeed to practice the power. One of them will become the new Chief of the Despair Force. You... do you want to give it a try?"

Xuan He was shocked. He looked at Yang Tian Emperor as he was thrilled.

After many years of arrangement, Benton and Thor were their weapons to get the Chief positions of the Dark and Corrosion Forces.

However, even if Benton and Thor could succeed, they had only half of the Eight Great Inheritances even with the addition of Xuan He's and Frederick's forces. They needed the support from one more Chief to fulfill their plan.

Yang Tian Emperor had shown them hope.

Among the Eight Great Inheritances, the Despair power Upanishad was the most special. No warrior could impart this power to the next generation. They had to learn the power themselves. Thus, the experts cultivating this power on the respective island didn't have profound realms.

The strongest warrior in that group was at First Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm. Although Yang Tian Emperor was at First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm, the understanding of the power was more important than the realm. The warriors who cultivated this power could always fight higher realm opponents.

In fact, right at the beginning, this power had been related to skipping realms and challenging stronger experts. Many peerless experts of this power had continuously challenged the opponents at higher realms to improve their powers.

It sounded like a dreamy story when an Ethereal G.o.d Realm expert fought against an Incipient G.o.d Realm expert in the other forces. However, it could work in the Despair Force.

"Defeat that Incipient G.o.d Realm expert to become the Chief of the Despair force?" Yang Tian Emperor' eyes became frantically excited. They had a light that only extremely stubborn and wild warriors could have. His slender body quivered. A robust fighting will shot out from deep in his soul altar.

Xuan He and Frederick had their eyes brightened.

They had only seen this kind of extreme enthusiasm in fighting on one person - Senro, the former Despair Chief.

The sharp aura that Yang Tian Emperor was showing together with his frantic desire was more than what Senro had that year!

A person like him was born for the Despair power Upanishad. Although he couldn't take the Chief position this time, he was going to become the soul or the core expert of the Despair power Upanishad!

Xuan He and Frederick observed Yang Tian Emperor and thought such things. They suddenly had respect for him.

At this moment, they seemed to see Yang Tian Emperor as the future Chief of the Despair Force. His aura was even stronger than Senro's. When they looked at Yang Tian Emperor, they vaguely treated him as their peer.

This was a sort of recognition; heroes confirmed heroes.

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