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Deep inside the immense Endless Sea, Shi Yan was on a reef, looking to the area far ahead while stroking the Blood Vein Ring. He asked, "How will we go to the Bloodthirsty Force's holy land? How am I going to enthrone?"

Leaving the Heavenly Monster Mountain Range, he pondered for a long time. Eventually, he decided not to ignore it anymore. He was going to listen to Azure Dragon. If he didn't want Fate to bind him, he had to hold it in his hand. If he became the Master of the Cortege of Eight, the future leader of the Bloodthirsty Force, he could even control the others' destiny. He would gain control.

He made up his mind and decided to be proactive. He had to fight for his future.

He was going to take the glorious throne of the Bloodthirsty Force's Master, the sole leader of the Cortege of Eight, and kick the G.o.d Clan out of the arena!

The Blood Vein Ring sent him some vibes and glowed. "Once the Blood Imperial Order is activated, anyone with the blood mark can use it to enter the Holyland. As the Blood Imperial Order has in the holy land and is activated now, you can trigger your soul to activate the energy to cross s.p.a.ces to get to the holy land directly."

"How do I activate it?"

"It's simple. You just need to think about it and send your Soul Consciousness into the mark. That way, you can feel the call of the Blood Imperial Order."

"Let me try."

Shi Yan prepared to try.

"Hold on. Once the mark opens, you will be summoned directly to the blood sea holy land," the Ring Spirit stopped him, "I need to tell you how to enthrone first."

Shi Yan became focused and lowered his voice. "Please, do tell."

"You know that my memory was divided into three parts kept by Lao Luo, Xuan He, and Xuan Shan. They were responsible for finding the successor. Lao Luo came to Grace Mainland, Xuan Shan came to the ancestral land of G.o.d Clan, and Xuan He came to Ancient Demon Continent. Lao Luo succeeded. He brought your soul here from the other universe."

"What does it matter to that enthroning thing?"

"It matters. The so-called enthroning was set up by the Cortege of Eight. Because when Master was still alive, he thought that he would never die utterly. He had never wanted to choose an heir.

"After he died, the Cortege of Eight was like a snake without a head. At that time, they came to recognize that they should find a master. Because Lao Luo, Xuan He, and Xuan Shan kept a part of my memory for each, they were eligible to choose our Master's successor. Since I was cooperating with them, with the power of the ancient continent's Origin, we could change the natural principle to impart the Devouring power Upanishad to the successor instantly," said the Ring Spirit.

Shi Yan nodded quietly.

That year, Lao Luo had brought a part of the Blood Vein Ring's memory to Grace Mainland. He had twisted the rules of earth and heaven to take Shi Yan's soul from a different universe to occupy the body of another Shi Yan. Then, Shi Yan had received the inheritance from that blood pond.

Unfortunately, the brave and stern Xuan Shan had come to Ancient G.o.d Continent, the ancestral star of the G.o.d Clan, to scheme things that were against the Nature order. Eventually, the G.o.d Clan's experts had joined hands to kill him.

Xuan He came to Ancient Demon Continent. However, the Origin of that planet was almost drained. It didn't have enough energy to guide a soul from another universe. Xuan He had to give it up begrudgingly. He kept the part of the Blood Vein Ring's memory and left his streaks in the vast sea of stars. Then, he waited patiently. He hoped that the other two could succeed. Then, the Ring Spirit could gather its full memory once again.

"The Eight Chiefs had determined that if Lao Luo, Xuan He, and Xuan Shan could find the successors, they would let the three fight each other. That's how they could fuse the part of memory and choose the strongest. This warrior would be qualified to enthrone and become the new Master of the Bloodthirsty Force," the Ring Spirit continued.

"Xuan He and Xuan Shan failed. Now we have only me. What should we do?" Shi Yan rubbed the bridge of his nose.

"The Eight Chiefs wanted the leader to be someone with a bloodthirsty heart. The one who defeated the other two would be able to lead them all. If they had three successors, they would let them fight. The one who stands to the last moment would enthrone directly. Of course, they had thought about the current situation where two of them failed and only one had received the inheritance. When this happens, this person has to receive the acceptance from the Eight Chiefs. That warrior had to get the approval from at least five out of eight Chiefs and make them believe that he has the will, characteristics, wisdom, realms and qualities that would make him qualified to order the Chiefs."

"It means that if I want to get that position, I must gain the approval from five out of eight Chiefs?"


"But we know that only Ming Hao, Xuan He, and Frederick are alive among the eight Chiefs. What should we do then?"

"The strongest warrior of each force of the Eight Great Inheritances will become the new chief. As the Blood Imperial Order is activated, they must prepare to select the new Chief of each force. Any warrior of the force that doesn't a have chief can compete to be the strongest one cultivating that power and be the next chief."

"I understand."

Listening to the Ring Spirit, Shi Yan now understood the rules of the Bloodthirsty Force.

If he wanted to enthrone, he had to get the approval from five chiefs. Because of Xuan He's and Xuan Shan's failure, he couldn't fight the other two candidates to get the throne himself so now, he had to count on the others' recognition.

As Xuan He and Frederick had been arranging a lot of things for him, they had to be on his side. Thus, he had two chiefs on his side now. He needed three more to become the new Master of the Bloodthirsty Force.

However, Shi Yan knew that it wasn't simple. Ming Hao of the Soul Control Force was the leader of the Cortege of Eight and he didn't think the same way with Shi Yan.

This man had countless faces with the ultimately powerful force in the Bloodthirsty Force. The shadow of this man existed in the dominating forces in the sea of stars. It wasn't going to be easy to get over this man and enthrone.

"At first, you should go to the blood sea holy land. I'm sure that Xuan He and Frederick will arrange something," said the Ring Spirit.

Shi Yan nodded.

The wind blowing from the sea felt warm. Shi Yan took a deep breath of humid spirit Qi in his lungs to calm down. He sat neatly on the reef.

His Soul Consciousness gathered and his mind concentrated at one spot, which was the mark on the host soul's glabella. The blood mark became clear. He gathered his Soul Consciousness and felt the energy fluctuate from the blood mark. His mind flickered as he found a calling energy that came from the unknown place through the endless s.p.a.ce.

It was like a mother calling her children home. The voice ran directly into his soul and made him baffled.

At that split of time, the G.o.d power in his body ran like an electrical current that flooded his head. The blood mark appeared between his eyebrows on his real body, glowing in a strange blood halo.

As soon as the halo emitted, a blood vortex appeared from the sky above his head. It had a powerful suction force that was trying to pull him away.

As Shi Yan cultivated s.p.a.ce power Upanishad, at first glance, he knew that vortex had the supernatural power of s.p.a.ce that even at First Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm, he couldn't recognize its mysteries and how it was operated. That vortex was like a black hole in his brain. They were both ultimately mysterious that he couldn't describe.

Shi Yan didn't wiggle. He turned into a blood light and got into the blood vortex.

After he had disappeared, the vortex shrank like a balloon that had the air inside drawn out. Shortly after, it had become a blood light dot and it vanished into thin air.


The vast blood sea.

Frederick was using his power Upanishad on the island with thick Corpse Qi. He opened his mouth and released a pale cloud flying away.

Shortly after, Benny on the Destruction Island, Benton and Fei Lan on the Corrosion Island, Leona with her father Thor on the Dark Island, Ka Tuo on the Chaos Island, and Yang Tian Emperor on the Despair Island were bewildered. Right after that, they saw pale clouds come to them and take them away.

Benny, Ka Tuo, and Yang Tian Emperor had low realms so they couldn't resist. They had to follow the clouds.

Fei Lan at Incipient G.o.d Realm changed her face. She was ready to counterattack.

"It's the Corpse Cloud of Sir Frederick. No need to panic. I think he wants to talk to us," said Benton.

Fei Lan was surprised.

"Sir Frederick is the Corpse Qi Chief. He and Xuan He saved me from the Dark Shadow Clan that year. Sir Xuan He and Sir Frederick have done us great favors," continued Benton.

Listening to him, Fei Lan stopped her moves.

Just like that, Thor was explaining to Leona. "That year, your Big Uncle and I came to Agate Star Area from G.o.d Perishing Land in Raging Flame Star Area. Because we used the Dark power Upanishad and the Corrosion power Upanishad, the Dark Shadow Clan noticed us and confined us. They wanted to bring us to the G.o.d Clan. Fortunately, Sir Xuan He and Sir Frederick found that. Xuan He had come to save us personally. Recently, we were cultivating in seclusion as they told us to do."

Leona nodded.

The Corpse Cloud brought Yang Tian Emperor, Benny, and Ka Tuo to the Corpse Qi Island. As Frederick saw them, his soul flickered and sent a message to Xuan He.

Xuan He was watching his subordinates cultivating happily in the blood shower on the Death Island. He grinned and disappeared from the island.

Then, he appeared by Frederick looking at Yang Tian Emperor, Benny, Ka Tuo, and the others. "Who knows Shi Yan's whereabouts?"

Yang Tian Emperor looked bewildered, frowning and shaking his head. "Why do you need to see him?"

Xuan He gave a warm smile. "He's the Bloodthirsty Force's successor. He'll be our future Master. We need to find him to let him take the role of the Master."

He turned to Thor and Benton. "Hey, the Blood Imperial Order has summoned all the experts cultivating Dark power Upanishad and Corrosion power Upanishad. Did you find anyone you can't deal with? I rescued you guys from the Dark Shadow Clan with the hope that you two would become the Chiefs of the Dark Force and the Corrosion Force. To nurture you, Frederick and I have spent a lot of Original Incipient Grade pellets and materials. I'm sure you understand that we will not create any mistake in this."

Thor and Benton were earnest and they replied respectfully. "We won't fail you, Sir!"

"Are you confident?" Xuan He squinted.

"We'll win!" Thor and Benton shouted.

"We have the Death, Corpse Qi, Dark, and Corrosion. It shouldn't be a problem. Ming Hao's Soul Control Force will listen to him. Hmm, about the other three forces, Destruction, Despair, and Chaos... I think eighty percent of the new Chiefs will be on Ming Hao's side. It's a little troublesome here," Frederick frowned.

Xuan He nodded and glanced at Benny, Ka Tuo, and Yang Tian Emperor. After a while, he sighed inwardly.

Benny, Ka Tuo, and Yang Tian Emperor didn't have high realms. They weren't able to control the force or become the new Chief to give Shi Yan their votes.

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