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Azure Dragon had to lower his head and admit his defeat.

His Heavenly Monster Tribe needed Shi Yan to survive. They couldn't live independently from Shi Yan, but Shi Yan wouldn't bear any loss if he left Heavenly Monster Tribe.

One side needed the other while the other didn't need them to survive. Of course, they had to yield.

"From now on, you guys aren't allowed to activate the energy gathering formation on the Heavenly Monster Mountain Range anymore. The Vault of Heaven Sea Area is your territory. You can get into the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist to cultivate, but it's not exclusive to Heavenly Monster Tribe. The others can go there to cultivate too. Heavenly Monster Tribe will not interfere with them!"

Shi Yan walked out of the s.p.a.ce slit, hovering in the sky above the Heavenly Monster Mountain Range. He observed the members of the Heavenly Monster Tribe underneath and shouted.

Heavenly Monster Tribe's clansmen looked begrudging and dispirited, but no one could retort.

Cang Yun of Heavenly Monster Tribe had transformed to his humanoid form and he stood in the crowd of his fellows. He lifted his face to look at the sky, sighing and looking lonely.

Holy Beast Azure Dragon looked upset. Pondering for seconds, he nodded. "On behalf of Heavenly Monster Tribe, I agree with your arrangement. We will not forcefully draw the energy in the sea territories around anymore."

"I hope it won't have to be repeated," said Shi Yan, his face cold and harsh. "If it's repeated, Heavenly Monster Tribe must leave this place immediately. Then, this place will become the prohibited land and all of you will be banned!"

All the members of the Heavenly Monster Tribe shut their mouths. They wanted to retort, but they didn't have such power.

"In the coming ten thousand years, the earth and heaven energy in this area will reach the acme. As long as you can live here in harmony, your general competence will reach new heights as you were the race born on this planet. If you are content to your lot, I can ensure your prosperity."

Shi Yan frowned and looked at the members of Heavenly Monster Tribe. He stopped at Cang Yun.

"Cang-ge, I don't aim at your Heavenly Monster Tribe. I just want you to be not selfish. Give the others a chance and the right to live. Heavenly Monster Tribe used to wander around the sea of stars. You guys have drained the energy of many life stars to survive. I hope you wouldn't consider this place one of the life stars you have drained. I don't want you to rob the others' welfare and exhaust the planet to strengthen your tribe."

When they were on Desolate, Cang Yun had helped him. Shi Yan recognized his favor. Thus, he told him those words.

Cang Yun forced a smile as Shi Yan was looking at him. He glanced at Azure Dragon but talked nothing.

Azure Dragon knew their situation. He sighed inwardly. As he had made up his mind, he didn't want to talk more.

Each of the Heavenly Monster warriors quieted down. Shi Yan didn't want to talk more so he prepared to leave.

Azure Dragon contemplated for a few seconds and then said, "The Blood Imperial Order has been activated. The descendants of the Bloodthirsty Force on this continent have been taken away by the Blood Imperial Order. At this time, Xuan He and Frederick have asked Tsunami Chamber of Commerce to find you. They've been looking for you for a long time. If you want to inherit the Bloodthirsty Force, you should use the Blood Imperial Order to leave."

Shi Yan darkened his face. He released his Soul Consciousness, reaching every corner of the continent.

Yang Tian Emperor's aura had disappeared. Leona's life magnetic field was gone. Also, Shi Yan couldn't find Fei Lan and Ka Tuo's commotions. It meant that Azure Dragon wasn't lying.

He had the Immortal Realm and was staying in this continent, so he was able to sense those special energy fluctuations. Shi Yan wasn't surprised at his abilities.

"Blood Imperial Order?" Shi Yan was bewildered.

"It's a special summoning method of the Bloodthirsty Force. By using the mark on the warrior's glabella to draw the energy in the mysterious holy land, it will take the warrior directly to the holy land. When the Bloodthirsty Force has a big operation, they will use the Blood Imperial Order. As they've activated it this time, it must relate to your enthroning event."

Azure Dragon knew their situation. He pulled himself together as he knew that the Heavenly Monster Tribe's prosperity was dependent on Shi Yan.

As long as Shi Yan was alive and was getting stronger, Grace Mainland could maintain its abundant energy that would benefit Heavenly Monster Tribe.

If he died and his soul vanished, the connection between him and the Origin would be cut off, which would lead to a dramatic change of Grace Mainland. Heavenly Monster Tribe couldn't have enough energy for ten thousand years.

Thus, he couldn't betray Shi Yan and he also had to try his best to make sure that Shi Yan could continue getting stronger. He had to ensure that Shi Yan was strong enough to not be afraid of anyone.

Understanding this, Azure Dragon decided to tell Shi Yan the situation. "You're the heir of Bloodthirsty. Even if you don't do anything, the G.o.d Clan won't spare your life. Moreover, you've got the Genesis Fruit. The G.o.d Clan will definitely hunt you down to make sure that they wouldn't be defeated."

His face became serious. Azure Dragon lowered his voice. "As far as I've known, the G.o.d Clan's Elder Committee has summoned the Four Great Heavenly King. It means that the G.o.d Lord has awakened."

"The Four Great Heavenly King? The G.o.d Lord?" Shi Yan was surprised.

"The G.o.d Lord is the Patriarch that the twelve families of the G.o.d Clan recognized ten thousand years ago.

He leads the Elder Committee. Ten thousand years ago, he was the one who got the Genesis Fruit. He has been the strongest warrior of the G.o.d Clan for dozens of thousands of years. He was the one that led the G.o.d Clan and the other experts to destroy your Bloodthirsty Force that year. He and the other experts had besieged and killed Bloodthirsty.

"After that battle, Bloodthirsty's soul vanished and his body had exploded. Many pieces of his body had disappeared into the vast universe. The G.o.d Lord's soul was damaged badly. His body was gone. Afterward, there was no information about him. I guessed his situation was like mine. He was in a coma and he slowly recovered.

"The Four Great Heavenly Kings are the four strongest subordinates of the G.o.d Lord. They listen only to the G.o.d Lord. That year, they were as strong as the Cortege of Eight. After the G.o.d Lord's soul got damaged and his body was buried, the Four Great Heavenly Kings continued to destroy the Bloodthirsty Force. As the Bloodthirsty Force's remaining experts went hidden, no one had heard about the Four Great Heavenly Kings.

"The Four Great Heavenly Kings aren't under the Elder Committee. Rumors say that they have been drifting around the universe to cultivate aesthetically in remote areas, waiting for their Master to wake up.

"Only their master could summon them. Today, as the Elder Committee has summoned the Four Great Heavenly Kings, the G.o.d Lord must have awakened."

Azure Dragon had told Shi Yan the G.o.d Clan's information. After that, he sounded more serious as he suggested. "No matter where you're hiding, the G.o.d Clan will hunt you down because you're the successor of Bloodthirsty. You can't hide. You can only fight them back. However, with your personal power and current realm, you have no ability to fight against the G.o.d Clan. Thus, you have to use the power of the Bloodthirsty Force. You have to control this force and become stronger quickly. That's how you can be strong enough to battle the G.o.d Clan. As the G.o.d Lord has just awakened, he needs time to recover. You should seize the chance and take over the Bloodthirsty Force. That's how you can have the opportunity and the upper hand."

Although Azure Dragon felt irritated, he had to tell Shi Yan the details and a.n.a.lyze the situation to give him more good opinions. It was all for the future of the Heavenly Monster Tribe.

"If you want to get rid of this fate and hold your fate in your hands, and if you don't want the Bloodthirsty Force to control your life, you must become the Master of the Cortege of Eight. Then, you can plan the others' lives too."

Azure Dragon knew that Shi Yan wasn't content to let the others scheme his life. That's why he had hidden in the s.p.a.ce crack. Thus, he gave Shi Yan an explanation now.

Shi Yan was baffled. He frowned and sank in his thought.

Azure Dragon didn't disturb him. He asked Heavenly Monster Tribe's clansmen to keep silent and wait for Shi Yan's decision.

After a while, Shi Yan took a deep breath and asked, "How can I go to the Bloodthirsty Force's Holyland?"

Azure Dragon exhaled in relief, a light sparkling in his eyes. "As you're the Bloodthirsty's heir, it's easy when you want to go to Holyland of the Bloodthirsty Force."

Pausing for a while, he continued, "Ah, by the way, Hollow Fearsome Star Area and Prosaic Star Area aren't in danger anymore. Since the Thousand Fantasy Sect, the Broken Hall, and the Heaven River Temple have declared their reinforcements, the G.o.d Clan has retreated. Before these three forces have given their official decisions, the G.o.d Clan aren't going to offend them. The Thousand Fantasy Sect, the Broken Hall, and the Heaven River Temple represent the other forces besides the Four Great Creatures in the vast universe. Although they aren't united, they aren't ordinary. The G.o.d Clan is going to try their best to have them on their side. Because of those forces, the G.o.d Clan had won the battle at that year. If you can enthrone, you need to persuade these forces too. Even though you can't have them on your side, you should make them neutral. If they go with the G.o.d Clan, this battle will still be a struggle as it used to be in the past."

Listening to him, Shi Yan's face became solemn.

"Don't you worry. In the past ten thousand years, the G.o.d Clan has become too haughty. That year, when they invited those forces to help them in the war, they had promised many good benefits. However, after that, when the Bloodthirsty Force was destroyed, the G.o.d Clan hasn't fulfilled their commitment yet. The alliance between them had shattered for a long time. In the past ten thousand years, they've been fighting a lot. It's not easy for the G.o.d Clan to have their support one more time.

"If they make a comparison, they will incline to the Bloodthirsty Force more. Although the Bloodthirsty Force is always arrogant and stubborn and you don't really favor any force in this universe, you guys have a better reputation. You merely make promises but when you promise something, you will fulfill it."

"Thus, if you can enthrone, you will have more chances to gain favor from those forces."

Azure Dragon had wasted too much saliva telling Shi Yan everything he could to ensure the future of his tribe. Eventually, he expressed his opinion. "From the time you've got the Genesis Fruit, our Heavenly Monster Tribe has proactively walked the same path with you. I'm sure that our Heavenly Monster Tribe will stay on your side in this war. We don't have another choice."

The members of Heavenly Monster Tribe wore a bitter visage as they sighed.

Although Shi Yan had just aimed at them and they had to embrace a lot of dissatisfaction, they still needed to go with Shi Yan and help him resist the G.o.d Clan with all of their will and power during this critical time.

Just like what Azure Dragon had said, they didn't have any other option. Earlier, when Shi Yan had fused with the Origin of their ancestral star, they had to stand on the same side as Shi Yan.

It was their fortune and also their misfortune. It depended on how they viewed the situation and took action.

"If your Heavenly Monster Tribe tries your best to help me, I will give you even the Black Water Sea Territory after this war. It's the payment for your efforts."

Shi Yan looked at the members of Heavenly Monster Tribe and spoke with a serious visage.

Azure Dragon's eyes brightened as he eyed him, "Thank you."

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