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It was a perfect plan. However, when Azure Dragon stepped on the land of his ancestral planet, he knew that something was wrong.

That day, he saw many human warriors living on the islands in the five sea areas of the Endless Sea. They were from the weakest race, but they had a terrifying reproducing ability in this cosmos. Apparently, they had become the new owners of the Endless Sea.

Then, he immediately recognized something wrong. He realized that his perfect plan had a significant flaw.

—— Shi Yan wasn't a member of their Heavenly Monster Tribe!

Shi Yan would never place the welfare of Heavenly Monster Tribe as his priority. He wouldn't use everything from Grace Mainland to strengthen Heavenly Monster Tribe. He wouldn't try to protect the benefits of Heavenly Monster Tribe anywhere or anytime.

If Shi Yan was a member of the Heavenly Monster Tribe and he was Bloodthirsty's successor at the same time, Azure Dragon's plan would have been more than perfect.

At that time, he finally recognized the flaw of his plan. He immediately found Shi Yan and took him away from the Immortal Island. He had carefully threatened and asked Shi Yan to claim the Endless Sea and the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist. He wanted to seize the chance when Shi Yan wasn't strong enough and his understanding of the ancient continent wasn't deep enough to force him to agree.

As soon as Shi Yan agreed with him, the flaw of his plan would be made up. Heavenly Monster Tribe could still take the richest land of the ancient continent.

Unfortunately, Shi Yan didn't follow his wish and Azure Dragon didn't dare to kill Shi Yan. He had to begrudgingly put it aside.

Then, he had squeezed his brain to think of a new idea. He used the holy land of the Heavenly Monster Mountain Range to open the energy congregating ancient formation to gather the energy around the Endless Sea. It would make the Heavenly Monster Mountain Range the best place to cultivate in the world.

If Shi Yan didn't want to give him the Endless Sea and the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, he would find his own way to benefit Heavenly Monster Tribe instead.

All the things he had done for Heavenly Monster Tribe was for the welfare and the future of the race. Thus, even though he knew that Shi Yan was discontent, he was still persistent.

In fact, when he had made up his mind, he had already considered Shi Yan's reaction.

It was because he was stealing energy that didn't belong to the Heavenly Monster Mountain Range. He was stealing energy from all the small islands around the Endless Sea to benefit his Heavenly Monster Tribe only.

He wasn't afraid of Shi Yan's reaction because he had realized that Shi Yan hadn't fused completely with the continent. Azure Dragon was confident to stop Shi Yan from the negative reaction. He had to fix everything before Shi Yan became strong.

It was his previous calculation.

But now, seeing Shi Yan use the White Tiger's and the Vermilion Bird's illusions, he felt miserable and bewildered, sighing continuously.

He knew what it meant.

It meant that Shi Yan had fused with the flaming Origin to another height. Now, he could use the power of the continent fluently. Shi Yan had understood the mysteries that could make him the owner of this world.

It would be very hard to confine Shi Yan now.

On this continent, Shi Yan was the sole G.o.d. Although he might be just a false G.o.d at this moment, still, he was really tough to deal with.

If they left this place at Azure Dragon's Immortal Realm, it was too easy to confine Shi Yan.

However, this place was Shi Yan's world... Azure Dragon now had a terrible headache.

Thus, he didn't attack immediately. He made use of the relationship between the ancestral land and Heavenly Monster Tribe to force Shi Yan. With the thought that this continent used to belong to Heavenly Monster Tribe, Shi Yan would feel embarra.s.sed and yield to them.

"We were born here. This is our homeland. Only our tribe is the legitimate owner of this place. We have the right to use all things here. And only our tribe has this right!"

Azure Dragon was so outraged, his voice was like thunderclaps shaking the void above the Endless Sea. Lightning and thunder appeared thickly as if the sky was about to fall. "As the other, irrelevant creatures can live here, we're showing enough mercy!"

His voice reverberated as he talked about justice with a strong sense of righteousness.

Shi Yan was placid when he looked at his lively play and cursing him under his breath. He calmly replied, "What right does a creature who has betrayed his ancestors and abandoned his homeland have to say those words? Among the Four Great Creatures, only your tribe has been wandering around the universe and continuously draining life stars to maintain your strength. Although you were born here, you guys don't deserve to be the owners of this planet."

He looked at the horizon and said, "Any race here has stayed here longer than you did. They have experienced each cycle of energy of this planet and they have never left the place. They deserve to live here more than you do. If I hadn't taken the Genesis Fruit, where would you have been now?"

Hearing him, all the members of Heavenly Monster Tribe were indignant. Their monster eyes showed their extreme rage.

Holy Beast Azure Dragon turned purple in rage. A dragon roar echoed and triggered divine lightning from the nine tiers of the sky. The bolts of lightning descended from the sky with a tremendous aura as if it could destroy the entire world. Thunder reverberated from the dark horizon of the continent. All the creatures living in the corners of the ancient continent were so scared. They immediately crouched on the ground and bowed at the sky to beg the G.o.d to stop his anger.

As Azure Dragon was outraged, the world discolored. This continent seemed to be shattered in the next moment.

At the Immortal Realm, in the perpetual time, Azure Dragon had destroyed countless planets. With his power, it wasn't really laborious to erase a level 7 life star.

Azure Dragon was born with the ability to control lightning like a G.o.d of Lightning and Thunder. Now, his dragon roar had shaken the sky of Grace Mainland like the G.o.d Punishment of the G.o.d Clan. It was so terrifying that it made all the warriors on the continent think that doomsday had finally come.

"Well, I will admire you a lot if you dare to destroy your ancestral planet." Shi Yan sneered looking at Azure Dragon's rage. "If you're still indignant and drawing the power of lightning and thunder from outer s.p.a.ce, I would love to see where your Heavenly Monster Tribe will seek temporary lodges after this sky has been shattered..."

Listening to him, the Heavenly Monster Tribe's old monsters were so frightened. They kneeled down and screamed, "Holy Ancestor, please! Holy Ancestor, hold your anger!"

They were more frightened than Shi Yan.

"At my cultivation base of the Immortal Realm, it's as easy as flipping my hand to combine billions of lightning bolts into one."

Azure Dragon squinted. Countless immemorial symbols arose and swirled in his eyes. He drew more lightning bolts from outer s.p.a.ce. All of them then combined and turned into an electrical beam with formidable energy that shot towards Shi Yan.

That lightning strike looked like a strange world. It had billions of bolts of lightning shooting like flying dragons. Shi Yan could see images of Azure Dragon when he was a child, a teenager, a young adult, a middle-aged man, and as he continued to get older. It showed the encounters that Azure Dragon had experienced during his whole life including the milestones of his life.

As soon as that bolt appeared, Tian Yin, Au Gu, and the old monsters at the False Immortal Realm were scared out of their wits. They vaguely felt that they were about to be destroyed altogether.

Shi Yan stood still and looked at the coming lightning bolt. "I'm standing still. I want to see if you dare to destroy me."

He was Grace Mainland and the Bloodthirsty's successor. If he died now, it would put an end to Heavenly Monster Tribe's hope! At the same time, the Bloodthirsty Force would never let Heavenly Monster Tribe live in peace!

He didn't need to think to know that Azure Dragon would never dare to kill him!

"It's true I don't dare to kill you. But I can always detain you!" Azure Dragon smiled.

"You think you can detain me?" Shi Yan felt funny. "Is that the Nine Divine Extinguishing Thunder Restriction? It's the supernatural power that you've learned right at the beginning. This restriction can detain everything including Immortal Realm experts and the entire world? Am I right?"

Azure Dragon discolored slightly. It was true that this was the secret technique of the lightning and thunder cla.s.s he had learned at the beginning. This restricting technique could detain everything in this world. However, it needed time to mobilize lightning power from the fountainhead of the world, so it was slow. That's why Shi Yan still had time to talk.

As Shi Yan appeared to know this secret detaining technique, it meant that he had a deeper knowledge of the White Tiger, the Vermilion Bird, and the supernatural abilities of Heavenly Monster Tribe from the higher compatibility with the Origin. Azure Dragon felt worried.

"It's true that your Nine Divine Extinguishing Thunder Restriction can detain even the world. But this place is my world!"

Shi Yan smiled coldly.

In his laughter, the immense earth and heaven energy in the Endless Sea combined into one beam that Shi Yan held in his hand like a rod.

His wrist moved and the rod whipped the air, tearing a s.p.a.ce slit. Then, the void looked as if it was cut by a sharp knife. The s.p.a.ce cracks appeared here and there.

The rod made of the energy of the Endless Sea continued to move in the s.p.a.ce slits. He gave faint smiles. "Well, in my world, even if you are at Immortal Realm, you can only watch me swagger. Do you think you can trouble me here?"

The lightning strike created by Nine Divine Extinguishing Thunder Restriction moved between the s.p.a.ce slits, but it couldn't locate Shi Yan.

Azure Dragon grimaced.

He felt so begrudging.

At his Immortal Realm, it has been a long time since he felt begrudging.

A warrior with the Origin was the owner of that respective planet. In his world, he could take and use whatever he wanted. He could draw the energy... He could be the world himself...

Azure Dragon remembered what Vermilion Bird had told him. Now, he understood his words deeply.

"Today, I'm at First Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm and my fusion with the flaming Origin hasn't reached the utmost yet. I still need to work on it. But today, you can't be a threat to me. When my realm reaches another height and my fusion with the Origin has advanced further, what do you have to fight against me?"

In the middle of the s.p.a.ce slits, Shi Yan's stern image was discernible as if he was staying inside the mirrors. He looked at Azure Dragon and the members of Heavenly Monster Tribe grinning fiendishly. "If Heavenly Monster Tribe wants to deal with me, you should choose somewhere else. If you want to do that here, do you want to destroy your Heavenly Monster Tribe altogether?"

After he had finished, a marvelous vibration appeared in every corner of the continent. The Heavenly Monster Mountain Range shook violently like a ferocious beast attempting to burst out of the ground to destroy this mountain range.

All the members of Heavenly Monster Tribe staying in the Heavenly Monster Mountain Range discolored in fright. The commotion coming from the earth was the Sky's prestige, the Nature's anger!

It was the scream of the one leading a world.

"Holy Ancestor!"

"Holy Ancestor!

Many old monsters were frightened. They were desperate as if danger had come. They couldn't help but shout and look at Holy Beast Azure Dragon.

Shi Yan grinned fiendishly, hovering in the sky, coldly looking at Holy Beast Azure Dragon.

The ancestor of Heavenly Monster Tribe at the Immortal Realm suddenly looked so old and senile. He looked at his frightened Heavenly Monster clansmen and sighed dispiritedly. He deactivated the Nine Divine Extinguishing Thunder Restriction, lowering his head and talking begrudgingly. "Later on, our Heavenly Monster Tribe will follow your rule to live here. We won't act rashly anymore. This time, we were wrong."

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