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Deep inside the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist in East of the Vault of Heaven Sea Area, there was an islet moving within its magnetic field.

A cottage was built on this islet. Ghost Hunter in his true form was crouching on the ground in front of the cottage. His body convulsed as if he was in agony.

Every time his body shook, beams of black blood oozed out and his skeleton was refined once.

Azure Dragon had transformed into a brawny middle-aged man. He sat on a rocking chair in front of the cottage. He squinted and watched Ghost Hunter. From time to time, he boosted more energy to extract the contaminants and dregs in Ghost Hunter's monster body.

He was using his special method to help Ghost Hunter transform and extract all dregs of energy out of his body. This way, he could make Ghost Hunter's skeleton as tough as his.

In this magical magnetic field, the chaotic earth and heaven energy had created strange energy fluctuations. This energy fluctuation was similar to the fountainhead of power Upanishads. The warriors cultivating here could understand the powers of earth and heaven better, which could help them increase the realm.

This kind of change had begun in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist since Shi Yan had fused with the Genesis Fruit.

Except for Shi Yan, the Holy Beast Azure Dragon was the only one who could feel the marvelous change of this area.

He didn't try to be mannerly as he occupied the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist and turned it into a private territory of Heavenly Monster Tribe. Before this area had completed its transformation, he had brought Ghost Hunter there to claim the territory.

He had a plan. After this place had become more stable, he brought Heavenly Monster Tribe's juniors who had the great potential like Zuo Shi or Cang Yun here to cultivate.

Azure Dragon had set up the barrier outside Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist. Besides the warriors with the Heavenly Monster Tribe's bloodline, the warriors from other clans couldn't enter the place or take advantages from it.

Right now, he was planning something while aiding Ghost Hunter to quench his bones.

Suddenly, he jolted up in fright and looked at the Heavenly Monster Mountain Range from a far distance. He discolored for the first time. Swaying, he disappeared from Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist.

His body swayed and changed. He appeared above the Heavenly Monster Mountain Range. Looking at the phantoms of the White Tiger and the Vermilion Bird by Shi Yan, his eyes were so complicated.

They were the creatures born in the Immemorial Epoch with him. They were the four Holy Ancestors of the Heavenly Monster Tribe. In the long river of time, they had fallen one by one. Today, only Azure Dragon was alive.

Seeing the illusions of the other two, Azure Dragon felt like he was drawn into the flood current of time. He couldn't help but recall the old stories.

The pieces of the past emerged in his head like beautiful, magical pictures.

They were born innocent. They met each other for the first time and became friends. They were so happy when they understood the mysteries of earth and heaven. They were so worried when Grace Mainland had exhausted. The fear they felt when they first left the homeland...

Azure Dragon, White Tiger, and Vermilion Bird had experienced all of these. They used to walk shoulder by shoulder thousands of years ago.

Today, he was addressed as the ancestor of Heavenly Monster Tribe. He had done his best for the welfare of his clan while his friends and his brothers had fallen a long time ago. For their ideals and faith, they had to pay with everything they could including their last piece of Soul Seal.

After many years, he was absent-minded upon seeing his best friends' images.

He had even forgotten the reason why he got back here.

"Holy Ancestor!"

"Holy Ancestor Azure Dragon!"

The members of Heavenly Monster Tribe cheered in every corner of the Heavenly Monster Mountain Range in respect and admiration.

He was awakened from his memory. Looking at the illusions by the young man, he took a deep breath. "It seems like you've advanced further in fusing with the flaming Origin. You can awake their Seals. It's too bad that you're not from our clan. Otherwise, you would have been the best choice..."

He suddenly remembered Ghost Hunter and Cang Yun, sighing inwardly.

It would have been much better if Ghost Hunter got the Origin of Grace Mainland or if Cang Yun could swap his Origin with Shi Yan's...

Shi Yan frowned and looked at him. "You activated the ancient formation to gather energy. You made the earth and heaven energy of Grace Mainland pour torrentially on the Heaven Monster Mountain Range. It diluted energy in other areas. You're selfish enough to s.n.a.t.c.h everything in this world just for your Heavenly Monster Tribe. Don't you think you're too greedy?"

While he was talking, the illusions of the White Tiger and the Vermilion Bird slowly faded and vanished with a wind.

"Selfish? Greedy?" Azure Dragon sounded surprised. "Our tribe was born here. To the Heavenly Monster Tribe, this is our Mother. What kind of selfish behavior is it when we take things for granted from our Mother? Right from the start, this place was always our home. Everything here belongs to us. Why do you say that we're selfish?" Pausing a while, he snorted. "Human Clan, Demon Clan, Sea Clan, and the other clans came here after us. They are aliens here! After we left, they moved in and claimed our homeland. Shame on them! We're too kind to let them stay!"

In the Immemorial Epoch, Grace Mainland had given birth to the Heavenly Monster Tribe. From the beginning of time, the energy of this continent was extremely thick in every corner of the planet.

The members of Heavenly Monster Tribe in that era were so intimidating. As soon as they were born, they understood how to use earth and heaven energy to strengthen themselves.

At that time, as the members of Heavenly Monster Tribe were getting stronger, they had been draining the energy of the ancient continent rapidly.

Until one day, they found that the ancient continent had come to its final stage of the energy cycle. The energy here wasn't enough for them to cultivate and grow further. At that time, they had the ability to move in outer s.p.a.ce. Azure Dragon's team that time was like Shi Yan when he got into outer s.p.a.ce and embraced the idea of finding a new world for their families and friends in this vast universe.

Shortly after, they found many life stars suitable for them to live and cultivate in this immense sea of stars. Thus, the Heavenly Monster Tribe gradually moved to other star areas.

It was a cycle lasted for ten thousand years. After ten thousand years, a new cycle began. Grace Mainland started to gather energy from outer s.p.a.ce one more time. The planet that Heavenly Monster Tribe had abandoned was discovered by other races.

They began to dwell here and they became the new owners of the continent. The members of the G.o.d Clan, Human Clan, Demon Clan, and Sea Clan had come to this planet through many ways at that time.

Dozens of thousands of years later, those clans had survived the Immemorial Epoch, the Antiquity Time, and the Ancient Time. They had become the owners of the planet.

At the same time, Heavenly Monster Tribe was drifting between the major star areas in this vast sea of stars. However, some members of the clan had returned to their homeland when the energy there was at the peak. The Holy Beast Vermilion Bird had fused with the Origin of the continent at that time. Unfortunately, he had fallen in the sea of stars.

The Grace Mainland's energy took turns to be rich or drained. Heavenly Monster Tribe had moved to many other places of the universe, living and cultivating in level 6 or 7 life stars. Once the place didn't have enough energy for them, they found a new one.

In that way, they didn't need to endure the hard times of lacking energy.

They got used to wandering around foreign lands. They gave up the thought of coming home. They had become the only race out of the Four Great Creatures that didn't consider their homeland the core land of the clan. Instead, they wandered around the universe.

This was until they had the dispute with the Imperial Dark Tribe. Defeated, they finally recognized the subtle connection between them and the motherland.

When Imperial Dark Tribe had defeated them, an outstanding expert of that clan had the Genesis Fruit that benefitted his entire race.

It was the time of Imperial Dark Tribe. All members of the tribe could increase their cultivation speed and energy thanks to the change of their ancestral planet. Their entire race became stronger.

Heavenly Monster Tribe got the bitter fruit. They disappeared one more time and hid in the corners of the universe. Quietly, they had moved their ancestral planet, the Grace Mainland, to the end of the sea of stars.

Finally, they had recognized the magical relationship between the ancestral planets and the Genesis Fruit. Recently, they decided to join the compet.i.tion for the Genesis Fruit on Desolate. With the Genesis Fruit, Heavenly Monster Tribe planned to rise again to a new life.

However, when they sent their experts to Grace Mainland to gather the heaven flames and the Origin, they found that Shi Yan had gradually collected all of them.

Shi Yan didn't know that Heavenly Monster Tribe had planned to kill him to rob the Origin.

At that time, Xuan He and Frederick of the Bloodthirsty Force had shown up and told them that Shi Yan was their Master's successor. The intimidation of the Bloodthirsty Force had shaken the entire world. Heavenly Monster Tribe wasn't an exception.

The Bloodthirsty Force was defeated in the war with the G.o.d Clan. However, their fighting competence was still formidable. As Heavenly Monster Tribe was a loser in the battle against Imperial Dark Tribe, they were now also afraid of the Bloodthirsty Force.

Because the Imperial Dark Tribe had defeated them and had the Genesis Fruit, it made them rule the universe for ten thousand years.

However, Bloodthirsty's debut had distorted the rules of Nature. He had forcefully subdued Imperial Dark Tribe. The arrogant Bloodthirsty Force had directly replaced Imperial Dark Tribe as the tyrannical lord of this world.

It was also the reason why the Imperial Dark Tribe had joined hands with the G.o.d Clan when they rose up to eliminate the Bloodthirsty Force.

The era that should have belonged to the Imperial Dark Tribe was forced to end with Bloodthirsty's inexplicable appearance.

Bloodthirsty Force had changed the rule of the ancient continents for the first time. He had stopped the Imperial Dark Tribe, the race with the Genesis Fruit, from being the overlord of that era.

In the past dozens of thousands of years, Bloodthirsty Force was the only special case that had stopped and replaced the race that should have leaped up with power to be the overlord of the vast sea of stars.

When Heavenly Monster Tribe knew that the one who had the Origin of their ancestral planet was Bloodthirsty's heir, they knew they weren't lucky. They thought that they didn't have the chance to change their fate.

However, the Holy Beast Azure Dragon had gradually woken up. He had used his special knowledge to show the tribe a new way.

He requested Heavenly Monster Tribe to help Shi Yan compete for the Genesis Fruit. As Shi Yan was the representative of their ancestral planet, when he got the Genesis Fruit, Heavenly Monster Tribe was going to benefit altogether.

Then, Heavenly Monster Tribe had sent Cang Yun to Ancient Demon Continent to get the Origin of this planet after enduring so many hardships. The next step was to send Cang Yun to Desolate to carry out the plan of the Heavenly Monster Tribe.

They succeeded.

Shi Yan had subdued Harson and Haig. Desolate had accepted him to take the Genesis Fruit.

Heavenly Monster Tribe knew that a great time was about to come to them. They thought that their plan was so perfect.

After so many years, the race with the Genesis Fruit was going to be powerful for ten thousand years. There was only one exception, which was when Bloodthirsty appeared.

In their eyes, only Bloodthirsty could distort this rule. And today, the Bloodthirsty's successor, the only one who could change everything, had fused with the Origin of Heavenly Monster Tribe's ancestral star and even the Genesis Fruit.

Now, what kind of force in this world could stop Heavenly Monster Tribe from rising?

It was a perfect plan!

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