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Chapter 126 The Second Sky of Rampage!
Xiao Feng showed Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan to a room on the third floor. Xiao Feng knocked on the door and politely announced their presence, “Priestess Ju, they are here.”
“Let him in.” A lazy woman voice came.
“Priestess Ju, the girl came here as well.” Xiao Feng glanced at Xia Xinyan and said.
“Oh. Leave her outside.”That woman said indifferently.
Xiao Feng nodded and pushed the door open, gesturing for Shi Yan to enter.
Shi Yan then released Xia Xinyan’s hand and walked into the room, frowning.
As soon as he walked in, Xiao Feng closed the door and cautiously looked at Xia Xinyan.
This room was quite s.p.a.cious, being about 50 square meters. There was a soft carpet on the ground and s.e.xy paintings on the wall. Fresh fruits and a bottle of wine were sitting on the wooden table.
In the big bed behind, behind a red veil, lay a s.e.xy woman with white skin and eyes that shimmered like water. She had a small birthmark on her lip, which made her look even more seductive.
The woman looked relaxed. After glancing at Shi Yan, she smiled, “You hurt Li Wei?”
Shi Yan nodded and didn’t say anything.
Priestess Ju looked to be around 30 and was quite attractive. If it were not for what Xia Xinyan had told him, he would definitely have jumped into her bed.
However, once he remembered that she had experienced many men, Shi Yan felt sick.
He was rather picky. He wouldn't have been in that brothel, last time, without that negative energy.
“You look rather handsome.” The pretty woman chuckled after staring at Shi Yan for a long while. “You hurt Li Wei. Without my protection, you won’t live very long on this ship. you are at a rather high realm, and you will develop faster with the skills of Yin Yang Wonderland. I want to take you as my disciple... What do you think?”
Just as expected!
Shi Yan was unhappy, but he didn’t show it, and, instead, shook his head, “Thank you for your offer, but I’m used to being alone, so I will leave once we reached land.”
“Oh?” The woman was surprised, and her smile faded away, “There are numerous beautiful women in the Yin Yang Wonderland, ranging from the ages of 13 to 40. So many boys in the Endless Sea want to join us. Are you sure?”
Shi Yan shook his head with an indifferent face.
“Then fine. I wouldn’t want to push anyone.” The woman paused and waved her hand, “Leave. Watch out for Li Wei. You can still find me if you decide to change your mind. If you come with me, you will have countless beautiful women.”
Suppressing his desire, Shi Yan bowed and left the room.
“Let’s go.” Shi Yan grabbed Xia Xinyan’s hand, and walked back to the room on the lowest deck.
“Stupid.” Xiao Feng grunted, then turned to that woman, “Priestess Ju, what do we do now?”
“Tell Li Zhuang not to touch them. They can be a gift to our friends in exchange for something. It would be a shame to waste so much.”That woman looked indifferent.
Xiao Feng showed a slight bit of fear, then nodded, “Got it.”
“Hmm. Leave me alone.” That woman waved her hand, “If he changes his mind, bring him to me. I will still accept him as long as he comes before we arrive at our destination.”
“Yes priestess.” Xiao Feng bowed and left, feeling rather relieved.
Shi Yan was on alert the entire way, and felt relieved they returned to their small room safely.
“That woman was not pretty enough?” Xia Xinyan sat on the bed, cross-legged, and asked.
“Pretty enough. She was like a peach. I wanted to bite into her.” Shi Yan said honestly.
“Then why did you refuse her? You know, since you refused her, we will be treated badly by Li Wei later on.”
“I have my own standards.” Shi Yan grunted and cursed, “Even you thought those women were shameless, how could I be interested. Do I look that easy?”
Shi Yan greeted his teeth and stared at her angrily, “You are fond of fighting with me these days. You really want me to teach you a lesson?”
“You wouldn’t dare!”
“Why not?”
Shi Yan smiled, dropped to the bed, hugged Xia Xinyan, and kissed her on the neck. Then he got off the bed, “This is just a little punishment.”
“Shi Yan! You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! I won’t let you go peacefully!” Xia Xinyan was irritated.
“I will escape before you recover. Haha!” Shi Yan was confident, “If you keep p.i.s.sing me off, I will keep giving you lessons and let you know how to behave as a woman.”
“I won’t forget this!” Xia Xinyan gritted her teeth.
“It’s an honor that you remember me. There is barely any man that can be remembered by you in the Endless Sea, right?” Shi Yan continued to tease her.
Xia Xinyan’s eyes were filled with a cold look. She didn’t reply.
Shi Yan was secretly delighted.
In the Martial Compet.i.tion, Xia Xinyan floated in the air, like a G.o.ddess.
At that moment, Shi Yan fell for her. And after he saw her face at Moon lake, he couldn’t resist her anymore.
If it weren’t for Xia Xinyan being so badly hurt, he wouldn’t have had the chance to kiss her. So he had to seize the opportunity.
Once he thought of this pretty woman, her delicate face, and her amazing Reincarnation Martial Spirit, he couldn’t control himself.
Xia Xinyan was the first woman that had provoked his feelings after he arrived in this strange world.
Xia Xinyan kept silent. So Shi Yan also stopped talking.
Closing his eyes, Shi Yan continued to train.
Suddenly, he thought of the Blood Vein Ring on his finger.
Triggering his will, Shi Yan suddenly began to operate his Profound Qi to strike at the Blood Vein Ring.
The Profound Qi flowed through his arm like a river, quickly reaching his palm. Then it forcefully struck the Blood Vein Ring.
Red light blew out from the Blood Vein Ring.
Shi Yan was rather joyful, and he concentrated more and more energy, regardless of Xia Xinyan, who was sitting beside him.
Like a sharp sword, the Profound Qi slashed into the Blood Vein Ring.
The Blood Vein Ring became brighter and brighter, and the barrier inside the ring began to crack under the strikes of Profound Qi.
Strange signs kept jumping out of the ring, gathering in Shi Yan’s mind.
The Second Sky of Rampage!
Those strange signs were the formula of the Second Sky of Rampage, which engraved in Shi Yan’s memory.
To train in the Second Sky of Rampage, he had to pour the negative energy into his blood!
With it in the blood, the power he would gain from the negative energy would be much stronger!
Shi Yan was shocked, and he suddenly opened his eyes.
Xia Xinyan’s eyes glittered as she saw at the Blood Vein Ring. When Shi Yan woke up, she asked, “Your ring seems special. An ancient air came out from it just now. What happened?”
“Nothing.” Shi Yan didn’t want to talk about it, “This ring is a secret treasure, and I’m still exploring it.”
“Got anything?” Xia Xinyan was interested.
“Nothing at all.” Shi Yan shook his head, “There is dense corpse Qi in those boxes. I sensed it. Let’s go and check.”
As Shi Yan reached the Second Sky of Rampage, his senses became so acute that he could sense the Qi of corpses from those boxes.
“Okay.” Xia Xinyan nodded, then got off the bed. She followed Shi Yan to the center of the deck to examine the boxes.
The boxes looked heavy.
Shi Yan walked to one of them, and subtly operated Spear Finger. The wooden box was quickly opened.
Cold corpse Qi came out.Shi Yan looked into it and shouted, “Corpse!”
There was a corpse of an old man, maybe 50 years old, covered with ice.
The body was slim and dry, giving him a frightening visage.
Shi Yan face became pale, and he quickly looked into another box.
Another corpse!
“There are 32 boxes here... are they all corpses?” Shi Yan’s face became gloomy, quickly realizing why Xiao Feng didn’t want to stay on this deck very long.
“Corpse slaves from the Corpse Sect!” Xia Xinyan’s mouth quivered with disgust, “How dare that they put us down here! They will pay for this!”
Translated by: Qian
Edited by: Eli
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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