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Deep inside Grace Mainland, Shi Yan opened his eyes, starlight twinkling in his eyes like diamonds. A supernatural aura slowly emerged from him.

His eyebrows twitched. A magical feeling of the entire world combining harmoniously flooded his mind.

The corner of his mouth curved into a grin.

Then, he suddenly had a marvelous feeling as if his body had become the ancient continent and the ancient continent became a part of his body.

Squinting his eyes, he earnestly felt something. The smile on his face was broader. He felt so refreshed.

He had finally touched the mysteries of the flaming Origin and the ancient continent. After the World Extinguishing Thunder Flame, the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame, and the Ice Cold Flame had fused, his ten types of heaven flames were combined into four. They had become part of his co-soul.

Then, his co-soul had auras of the four heaven flames and billions of broken light dots. Those light dots had scattered equally as if they represented living beings... In fact, those light dots were real living beings on the continent. As Shi Yan had fused with the continent, he could feel even the slightest commotion in every corner of this continent directly.

Deep inside his co-soul were two magical seals that represented the whole life of a robust living being.

When fusing the heaven flames this time, he vaguely felt the power that Haig had performed. He could now take and use the power of the ancient continent.

He had touched the new secret of the ancient continent. The seals in his co-soul were the two phases that the ancient continent used to memorize.

Those were the people like him who had fused with the entire heaven flames of the Origin of this ancient continent in the long river of time.

The first seal was from Holy Beast White Tiger. He was the first one who ever entered Desolate. He had tried to refine Desolate, but Desolate had killed him.

The second seal was from Holy Beast Vermilion Bird. He had fused with all heaven flames of the ancient continent's Origin. Eventually, he had died after so many years of wandering around the galaxy.

The two seals represented the two ancestors of Heavenly Monster Tribe with their glorious time. The seals didn't contain memories. They contained supernatural abilities of White Tiger and Vermilion Bird and many marvelous secret techniques of Heavenly Monster Tribe.

If he was a member of Heavenly Monster Tribe, he could immediately break through with the supernatural abilities from White Tiger and Vermilion Bird. His competence would incredibly increase.

Unfortunately, he wasn't from Heavenly Monster Tribe.

The existence of the two seals gave him a fact. If he died, his soul would vanish, but the heaven flames and the Origin wouldn't.

The ten heaven flames would change one more time and scatter around the ancient continent, waiting for the one who was predestined to collect them.

After he or she collected and fused with the heaven flames and the Origin, that person could receive the incredible powers Upanishads of White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, and the power Shi Yan that used to cultivate.

After the one who had fused with the Origin died, the heaven flames wouldn't vanish. They would carry the power and memories of the former owners and impart them to the next owner.

After one hundred thousand years, only the two sages of Heavenly Monster Tribe could gather all the heaven flames of the Origin of Grace Mainland.

Shi Yan was different. He wasn't a member of Heavenly Monster Tribe, but he could fuse with the Origin that had given birth to Heavenly Monster Tribe.

Squinting, he quietly felt the power of his co-soul. The starlight dots twinkling there were living beings on the continent. His co-soul reached out and expanded to the entire continent, surveying the Endless Sea, the Dark Forest, the Divine Great Land, the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, and even the polar areas.

The entire continent seemed to shrink billions of times in just a blink of an eye. Shi Yan observed each leave of gra.s.s, the beautiful flowers, and more. Even the smallest things couldn't escape his Soul Consciousness and his "Heavenly Eye." He was the G.o.d of this planet.


Shi Yan hissed, his eyes dark and his mouth cold and stiff.

He could see many giant monsters of Heavenly Monster Tribe lying on the ground, sitting in the caves, and even sinking in the sea around the Heavenly Monster Mountain Range. Those giant monsters had thick Blood Qi like a ma.s.sive flesh mountain.

The mountains of the Heavenly Monster Range were high and imposing. The energy was surging powerfully in those mountains where there were many secret symbols of Heavenly Monster Tribe carved.

Shi Yan observed and found many magical ancient energy congregating formations created by Heavenly Monster Tribe. The earth and heaven energy of Grace Mainland was streaming into those mountains and making the energy there extremely thick and dense.

Usually, the earth and heaven energy of the continent scattered around the planet. In some wonderful lands, the earth and heaven energy would be thicker than other places. However, the intensity level of the energy in those areas wasn't more than ten times thicker than the other places.

However, the energy congregating formation on Heavenly Monster Mountain Range had changed the structure of earth and heaven. It had gathered energy from the other lands to thicken the energy in those mountains.

The Endless Sea used to have extremely thick energy. Because of those formations, only the Heavenly Monster Mountain Range now had abundant energy as it had attracted the energy from the Immortal Island and the other sea areas.

The Heavenly Monster Tribe was forcefully s.n.a.t.c.hing earth and heaven energy under Shi Yan's management! They were purely selfish as they only wanted to benefit Heavenly Monster Tribe.

Shi Yan snorted and walked out. He appeared in the Heavenly Monster Mountain Range immediately.

He looked at the mountains covered with charms and symbols of the Heavenly Monster Tribe and used a secret technique, his eyes dark and cold. All of a sudden, a ma.s.sive vortex like a tornado appeared above the Heavenly Monster Mountain Range. As soon as it appeared, it forcefully drew the energy of the mountain range into the vortex and then distributed it away.

That ma.s.sive vortex had deactivated the energy gathering ancient formation on Heavenly Monster Mountain Range. The old monsters cultivating in the mountain range stormed out in rage.

The descendants of the Sky Python, the Gold Crow, the Kirin, and the Phoenix were as ma.s.sive as a mountain. Their Monster Qi was as thick as dark clouds in the sky. Quickly, they surrounded Shi Yan.

"Who did that?!"

Kirin Ao Gu roared. The flaming scales of his armor moved and sent out burning energy as if he wanted to burn Shi Yan into ashes.

Tian Yin was a descendant of the Sky Python. He opened his mouth and the pungent smell attacked people's nostrils. The black smoke fumed like a column with many toxins.

Ao Gu and Tian Yin were core members of Heavenly Monster Tribe. These two old monsters were at level 13, the max level, which was similar to the False Immortal Realm of the other races.

"Elders, please stop!" Cang Yun suddenly shouted.

Unfortunately, Ao Gu and Tian Yin didn't listen to him. They moved their ma.s.sive monster bodies, roaring and attacking Shi Yan.

Azure Dragon, the Holy Beast, had a.s.signed them to fix that formation. They had spent a lot of efforts to fix the ancient formation built by the ancestors of Heavenly Monster Tribe to benefit the members of the Heavenly Monster Tribe.

Right when Shi Yan arrived at this place, he had broken the energy congregating ancient formation. He wanted to cut off the foundation for Heavenly Monster Tribe to thrive in the next ten thousand years. He had enraged the old monsters. They wanted to swallow him raw.

"If we weren't here, any one of you can threaten my life," Shi Yan looked at the two monsters' terrifying attacks and spoke in a low-pitched voice, "Too bad, this place is Grace Mainland. In this place, I'm the Master!"

The co-soul triggered a thought.

Suddenly, the torrential clouds in the sky above his head moved with tremendous pressure like billions of mountains pressing down from the sky.

The attacks from Tian Yin and Ao Gu in their monster bodies were shattered under such pressure. The shockwaves had even shaken Heavenly Monster Mountain Range.

The other old monsters changed their visages. They couldn't stand still anymore. The Gold Crow faced the sky and shrieked. The sun outside Grace Mainland looked as if it was triggered to shine the flaming sunlight from a far distance aiming at Shi Yan.

Shi Yan had mocking intentions in his eyes. He lifted his head to look at the sky. Accordingly, the sky darkened as if there was a big sheet covering the entire sky.

The flaming sunlight from the sun was blocked. It couldn't pierce through the barrier.

Shi Yan felt so excited. Fusing with the ancient continent, he could use all kinds of power here. It was like his Incipient Extent that allowed him to do anything he wanted. This feeling satisfied him a lot.

The ancient continent was like his co-soul's Incipient Extent. In this place, he was the G.o.d that could never be shaken. He could mobilize all resources here to fight.

After combining the three heaven flames, Shi Yan understood the ancient continent better. He suddenly had confidence that even if Holy Beast Azure Dragon was here, he wouldn't be able to bind Shi Yan on this ancient continent!

Nathan the Phoenix screamed. The brilliant light radiated from his body when he soared up into the sky.

Shi Yan stooped to see the monster body of the Phoenix. He grinned and then opened his mouth to spurt out a flame that magically changed and drew thick energy around. Surprisingly, his flame then turned into a flame that was the shape of Holy Beast Vermilion Bird. The terrifying aura of the flame from the primal chaos emitted from the Vermilion Bird.

Nathan the Phoenix suddenly felt so small. Instinctively, he wanted to bow to Holy Beast Vermilion Bird. His power reduced ma.s.sively. He halted in fright, looking at Vermilion Bird above his head and crying, "Holy Ancestor Vermilion Bird!"

"Haha," Shi Yan laughed darkly.

Above his head, a giant White Tiger with the aura of the immemorial era emerged like the phantom of G.o.d.

Cang Yun felt his knees soften. He directly kneeled down, looking baffled and mumbling to himself. "Ancestor..."

The members of the Heavenly Monster Tribe at every corner of the Heavenly Monster Mountain Range in human form had all turned into their monster bodies. On the ground, they clapped and marched. the phantoms in the sky. They couldn't help but cheer, "Holy Ancestors! Our Holy Ancestors!"

Ao Gu, Tian Yin, and Nathan gawked. They were bewildered and felt so unreal.

The aura of the Vermilion Bird and the White Tiger came from the primal chaotic time. It was a tremendous threat to their souls. Instinctively, they were scared. Lit was similar to when they met Holy Ancestor Azure Dragon. This kind of fear came from the deep of their hearts that stopped them from resisting.

Today, facing the formidable prestige of Vermilion Bird and White Tiger, they were so baffled that they couldn't even think about continuing to fight.

The members of Heavenly Monster Tribe at Heavenly Monster Mountain Range crouched on the ground in their true forms, bowing and worshiping the illusions of White Tiger and Vermilion Bird in the sky. They shouted and cheered excitedly.

"Holy Ancestors! Holy Ancestors!"

"Our ancestors! Our ancestors!"

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