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Death Island.

Blood Devil looked around and watched the warriors with the blood mark on their glabella. They cultivated the same Death power Upanishad, but they were from different races.

Those warriors were also looking at him.

This island gathered several thousand warriors at different realms. Before he had come here, the highest realm warrior was a Black-scaled expert of the Demon Clan at Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm.

That man was more than three meters tall with black scales covering his entire body. He looked cold and arrogant.

As soon as Blood Devil arrived, the man changed his face as he had fear in his eyes. He immediately behaved.

He had even stepped backward and left a s.p.a.ce in the center. He remained a safe distance from Blood Devil.


The Immortal Demon young man eyed Blood Devil and asked excitedly, "Besides the Chief, you have the highest realm among the warriors cultivating Death power Upanishad. Sir, where are you from?"

"Agate Star Area," Blood Devil frowned and contemplated, "Where are we? Where are you from?"

"This place is the holy land of our Bloodthirsty Force. We're cultivating Death power Upanishad. Usually, we are scattered around the star areas in this universe. Because of the Blood Imperial Order, we were teleported here by the blood mark," explained the young man.

Blood Devil was astounded. He suddenly recalled what Shi Yan had told him.

That year, when Shi Yan gave him the Death power Upanishad, he used to tell him the advantages and disadvantages and the profile of the Death power Upanishad. However, at that time, Blood Devil had never heard about the Bloodthirsty Force or the power of this force. He didn't consider Shi Yan's words important.

He had never thought that he would be teleported here one day because of his Death power Upanishad. He felt so reluctant that he didn't know what to do now.

"Precursor, have you ever met the Chief?" the young man hesitated for a while and then asked.

As they heard him asking, many warriors on the island paid attention to Blood Devil.

Those people came from different star areas. Although they cultivated the same power Upanishad, they didn't know each other. Only a few of them knew the connection between Death power Upanishad and the Bloodthirsty Force.

Most of them had never met Xuan He. Some of them had received this power Upanishad from their family inheritance while some others got the power by chance from the soul altars of fallen experts cultivating this power.

This young man had asked many people here and found that no one had received the inheritance directly from Xuan He.

Also, no one had ever met Xuan He.

He thought that since Blood Devil was an Immortal Demon warrior and the rumor said that Xuan He was also an expert from the Immortal Demon Clan, perhaps Xuan He had met Blood Devil and imparted him the power personally. That was why Blood Devil had reached Third Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm.

Each of the Bloodthirsty Force's Chiefs had absolute power over his force. They had the power over their subordinates' lives. As the warriors here were all disciples of the chief, they had to strictly follow him.

Many of them were infamous in their star areas. As they were teleported here unknowingly, they were so frightened and they antic.i.p.ated what would happen to them.

"I have never met him before," Blood Devil shook his head.

People looked disappointed.

Suddenly, a blood light zoomed over from a far distance and landed at the center of the island in just a blink of an eye.

A slender man with archaic facial features suddenly came. His eyes were crimson like blood, his black hair draping around his shoulder. This man looked evil and peculiar, indeed.

He didn't have a robust vitality or surging energy rolling in his veins.

Many warriors cultivating Death power Upanishad just looked at him once and then turned around.

Only Blood Devil and the Black-scaled expert at Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm were shocked. Divine lights shot out from their eyes as they observed the man.

"Are you Blood Devil?" grinned the man.

Blood Devil nodded solemnly.

The man rose his hand and pulled. A violent force like an earthquake directly covered Blood Devil instantly. The man opened his mouth and spurted out a beam of blood that then wound around Blood Devil fast. Quickly, it had created a blood coc.o.o.n.

The blood coc.o.o.n had a thick blood smell that nauseated people. The Bloodthirsty Force turned red and couldn't move inside that blood coc.o.o.n.

The warriors cultivating Death power Upanishad on this bone island were frightened. They bewilderedly looked at the man who had just arrived in fright.

Although Blood Devil was at Third Sky if Incipient G.o.d Realm, he didn't even have a bit of energy to resist this man. He was confined instantly and turned into a blood coc.o.o.n. This kind of power was over their knowledge.

"I gave you an opportunity. Let see if you can make good use of it."

The crimson eyes of the man flared with evil blood light. He let out a low shout and the garnet eyes appeared above Blood Devil's head. Those eyes were so similar to the ones on the blood sword that Shi Yan kept. The surging Blood Qi moved inside the eyes like blood lightning.

There were nine red eyes in total. Under Xuan He's control, they landed on Blood Devil's head and entered his soul altar.


Blood Devil had many bleeding cracks. The viscous Immortal Demon Blood covered his body inside the blood coc.o.o.n.

"I am your Chief. I am Xuan He. From now on, you guys have to follow my orders."

The man laughed loudly while both his hands were making magical hand seals that rose the blood sea around them. The thick blood then turned into beams of pure energy that sprinkled on this small island.

The warriors cultivating Death power Upanishad convulsed when the blood fell on them. However, the light of excitement shot out from their eyes.

"Bow to thank the Chief!"

The young man from the Immortal Demon Clan screamed excitedly. Then, the others answered him and cheered loudly.


Corrosion Island.

Although it was one of the white bone islands in this blood sea, this island had around dozens of warriors.

As all of them cultivated Corrosion power Upanishad, they had misty miasma on their bodies. However, at a corner of the island, there was someone screeching inside the green mist.

The others understood the situation so they stayed far away from him. No one dared to approach him.

A vortex appeared above this island. An old woman jumped out of the whirlwind, landing firm on the island. She was Fei Lan at First Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm.

As soon as she had landed, the blood mark on her forehead was still burning painfully. She looked at around dozens of warriors on this island and frowned.

Her Soul Consciousness was released. She wanted to check the situation of the island.

However, as soon as she had released her Soul Consciousness, the man inside the green mist in the corner of the island was shocked. He dashed toward her rapidly.

Fei Lan wore a cold face and snorted. She was about to urge her energy to counter.

"... Hey... Little Lan, are you Little Lan?" A shivering male voice came from the green mist. The green mist hovered in front of Fei Lan, but it was as turbulent as his mood now.

Fei Lan was baffled, her body stiff. Her eyes went watery immediately.

It has been so many years. Finally, she heard the voice that she had been yearning for once again!

That year, Fei Lan and Leona had left Raging Flame Star Area to go to G.o.d Perishing Land to find this man!

This man had disappeared several thousand years ago. She had missed him a lot. She had stayed in the Land of G.o.d Punishment to protect the city he had created and waited for him to come home. She had dedicated her most beautiful moments of life for this man!

The green mist slowly dispersed and revealed an old man with light smoke on his body. He looked as if he had experienced many ups and downs in his life. He looked at Fei Lan with pa.s.sionate love in his eyes. "You... You also cultivate Corrosion power Upanishad. I didn't think that the Blood Imperial Order would summon you too."

"Benton! Why you haven't died yet?!" Fei Lan gritted her teeth. However, her face was so excited as her crooked body quivered hard.


On the Dark island, at the same time.

Leona fell on the sky. However, before she had landed, she was already shocked when the feeling of having someone with the same bloodline near her flooded her heart.

Standing in the dark corner of the island was a calm and tenacious man.

He suddenly opened his eyes, his body shaking hard. He stepped out of the dark corner in just one stride.

He saw Leona landing.

Leona also saw him.

Their eyes met. Both the man and Leona had tears linger in their eyes. Leona's savage face softened for the first time.

"Father," she cried.

"I have never thought that we could meet again. It has been tough for you the whole time, little daughter," sighed Thor.


At the same time, Benny and Ka Tuo had landed on the Destruction Island and the Chaos Island respectively. They didn't know anybody there, so they were baffled and restlessly anxious.

Shortly after, someone came to explain to them the situation. They knew that this place was the holy land of the Bloodthirsty Force and that they were summoned here by the Blood Imperial Order.

They were staying in different corners of this vast universe. Some of them even had a concealed ident.i.ty. Because of the Blood Imperial Order, they were pulled to this area.

Not many of them knew the details of the situation. They just knew that something big was about to happen. All of them were cultivating powers Upanishads of the Eight Great Inheritances. However, to many of them, this was the first time they ever came to this place.

Some came from high-level star areas. Through their channels, they knew about the great events in the vast sea of stars recently. Vaguely, they knew something.

However, they still stayed silent and waited.

They knew that when the time came, someone was going to tell them about the situation and what was going to happen.


The Soul Control Island.

This island didn't have many warriors too. There couldn't have been more than several hundred. Most of them were clansmen of the Dark Clan, Imperial Dark Tribe, and a small number of warriors of the Dark Spirit Clan, Ghost Mark Clan, and Dark Shadow Clan.

Different from the other small islands, the warriors cultivating Soul Control power Upanishad on this island were strangely silent.

After they had arrived, they said nothing. Each of them found a spot to sit down and cultivate. They didn't speak to each other as if they had already received some order.

There was a member of the Imperial Dark Tribe at Incipient G.o.d Realm with many ghost souls hovering and screaming around him.

His ten fingers had many black threads tying down the souls. Those souls struggled in pain, their facial features vague.

From time to time, he wiggled his fingers. Those souls would shriek and screech as if he had just whipped them. Those souls seemed to have to endure unimaginable pain.

He looked so bored as if he was waiting for something. After a while, a shadow appeared in his eyes. That shadow flickered as if it was talking to him and advising him on something.

He became respectful, listening to the shadow and nodding.

After a while, he got up, his eyes dark and glum. He hissed, "The Chief ordered us to carry out the plan."

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