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A light door glowed immensely when a st.u.r.dy figure got through it, flashed, and then disappeared.

Deep inside Shadow Ghostly Prison, there was a hidden blue planet. It suddenly had a slight vibration magically. A white light flashed inside the planet. A man walked out of that halo.

This place was the center of Grace Mainland where the Origin and Shi Yan's co-soul had fused with the soul of the planet to control it.

Shi Yan appeared and slumped on the ground. He was so exhausted.

The chaotic s.p.a.ce basin was so dangerous. He had used up his energy there. In the end, he had used the very last bit of his power to open the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage and used the direct connection between his co-soul and host soul to return to this place.

Now, the G.o.d power in his body was drained. He gathered himself and urged the Soul Consciousness, sending one wisp to the Fantasy Sky Ring.

Many divine crystals flew out, floating and piling on him like mountains of divine crystals. The co-soul danced out of the crystal and turned into clouds of fire quickly.

Those fire cl.u.s.ters covered the divine crystals and burned them. The energy in the crystals was evaporated and then condensed, becoming so thick like liquid twirling around Shi Yan.

His Fantasy Sky Ring had millions of divine crystals. He had taken all of them out. Now, the divine crystals covered him while the heaven flames burned them.

The wisps of pure energy soothed his dry G.o.d power Ancient Tree and his exhausted body. He felt cool and refreshed as if he was soaking in the sea of spirit Qi. He slowly calmed his mind down.

"Can you tell me the abilities of the sword and shield now?" Staying still, Shi Yan connected the Ring Spirit. "I know they're both powerful weapons in Bloodthirsty's hands. What are their features?"

"Actually, that sword and that shield were Master's main weapons at his early time. After that, his power had reached a level where no one could defeat him so he didn't use them much," answered the Ring Spirit. "Relax your spirit and soul. I will carve the secret techniques in your Sea of Consciousness."

Shi Yan took a deep breath and then relaxed his mind. He cut off all chaotic, irrelevant thoughts.

Waves of memories of magical, secret techniques began to root in his brain and stay deep in his mind. He quickly knew how magical and dominating the sword and shield were.

Shi Yan was thrilled, his face earnest and solemn. He sank into his thoughts to comprehend the mysteries of the items.

During this time, his body quivered continuously while he hungrily took in a pure energy from millions of divine crystals to recover his power.

The blood sword and the blood shield sudden appeared above his head. The blood mark on the host soul's forehead that was hovering above the soul altar glowed in a blood red light. The light then shone on the mark on the shield and revived them. Instantly, the shield flew onto his body and turned into a set of tight armor that covered him.

The armor had many blood drawings. The mark of the five blood clouds appeared on his chest, shoulders, and his back like savage, hungry mouths. The blood clouds were still changing.

Each of the seven hundred and twenty acupuncture points in his body connected to this armor.

The blood shield had turned into the toughest armor that protected his body. When this armor shielded him from attacks, it could absorb all energy hiding in those attacks and send it directly to Shi Yan's acupuncture points. It seemed like the ability to devour Essence Qi from the dead could increase ma.s.sively thanks to that blood shield.

Unless the opponent's realm was higher and his cultivation base was much stronger than Shi Yan's that could allow him to kill Shi Yan within one blow, this armor could endure and even swallow the energy from the other's attack.

The blood sword had so many b.l.o.o.d.y eyes on it. Those eyes belonged to the ones who Bloodthirsty had defeated. They stored the negative emotions including resentment, despair, malice, and brutality from those dead experts. Shi Yan could use his Immortal Demon Blood to activate them. Dripping the Immortal Demon Blood onto the eyes, he could actually activate the official sword.

The blood sword wasn't only sharp. It was so formidable that it could also enter the other's soul to slash the soul altar. It could fill his opponent's soul altar with negative fixations that could explode his soul altar directly.

The blood sword could destroy the soul and also cooperate with the Soul Control power Upanishad to perform more marvelous attacks. Together, they could confine and disorder the opponent's soul, imprinting the slave seal in that poor warrior's soul and putting him into his eternal slavery. There was no way to get rid of it.

The blood sword and the blood shield could attack and defend. They were Bloodthirsty's handy weapons at his early time. They had a.s.sisted him to conquer the universe. Their names were spread out the entire universe.

However, as Bloodthirsty's realm had been increasing, he had comprehended a mysterious power that he gradually put aside the blood sword and the blood shield. He just needed to use the bursting power of his body and soul to be invincible. His abilities could be used fluently and flawlessly.

Deep inside the planet, Shi Yan was quietly learning the abilities of the blood sword and the blood shield while using millions of divine crystals to replenish his G.o.d energy.

After his co-soul had burned all the divine crystals and condensed them, it hadn't returned to the crystal of the planet's soul yet. It had turned into a wisp of fire that danced above his head.

His experiences in the battle with Haig, the struggles he had in the chaotic s.p.a.ce basin, the knowledge he had gained from the blood shield and blood sword, and the changes of his mental state had sublimated his life form. Altogether, his understanding of the heaven flames had advanced.

The cyan World Extinguishing Thunder Flame had turned into blue lightning with billions of bolts impacting and shattering. The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame was bright silver with an aura that could destroy the souls. The Ice Cold Flame was milky white with power that was chilly to the bone. It had turned into beautiful, fulgent snowflakes.

The World Extinguishing Thunder Flame, the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame, and the Ice Cold Flame slowly congregated, vibrating strangely and resonating. The Ice Cold Flame started it first. It sent its cold energy into the World Extinguishing Thunder Flame and the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame.

The three heaven flames now had cold Yin aura. Slowly, they came together and used an inexplicable method to fuse with each other.

This time, fusing heaven flames came because of his advanced Incipient Extent. It had unfolded his understanding of earth and heaven powers and principles, s.p.a.ce, Death and Life power Upanishad. When his wisdom grew, his life sublimated, his vision opened wilder, and he could understand the Origin better.

He was stabilizing his Incipient G.o.d Realm and learning the powers of the blood sword and blood shield. At the same time, his heaven flames were fusing with each other.

Meanwhile, many magical things were taking place in the world out there.


Fiery Rain Star Area.

In a magical, dark area, Yu Shan, Xiao En, and Xuan Fei were besieged. The heartless G.o.d Clan was chasing after them.

However, after the defeat in Agate Star Area, the G.o.d Clan had to retreat to gather their force. For the time being, people in Fiery Rain Star Area had escaped the dangerous situation.

The Elder Committee of the G.o.d Clan had summoned the members who were explicitly invading other star areas to retaliate the Gu G.o.d Sect, the Wu family, and the Jiao family. The G.o.d army in Fiery Rain Star Area was also ordered to come back. The danger hanging over Fiery Rain Star Area was solved like that.

Going from the hopeless situation to seeing the G.o.d Clan retreating made them so thrilled.

They intended to call Benny and ask him to go to the inland areas of Fiery Rain Star Area to help them train their armies. They needed to build a foundation to prepare for the future war in Fiery Rain Star Area.

However, when they found Benny, they discolored in fear.

Standing inside a desolate area with a lot of rock, the blood mark on Benny's glabella was spinning and releasing unknown energy that shone red light into the sky. Benny's energy was drawn and sent into the mark.

It looked like the mark gathered his energy to open a door. A bizarre medium-sized blood vortex appeared above his head. A strange suction force emitted and attempted to drag Benny into the vortex.

As Yu Shan and Xiao En were dumbstruck, Benny disappeared into the blood vortex. Right after that, the blood vortex vanished into thin air.

This place was the peripheral area of Fiery Rain Star Area. It was a desolate area with a sealed s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage that no one had ever discovered before.

However, that vortex had forcefully taken Benny away. The other two didn't know where it came from and where it was headed to.

The same situation happened in many regions in the vast sea of stars.

Before Shi Yan had returned to Grace Mainland, Leona, Fei Lan, and Ka Tuo were cultivating on the Immortal Island. The marks on their foreheads had drawn their energy and created three blood vortexes above their heads respectively.

At that time, Leona was training the soldiers of the Monster Clan and the Demon Clan. She was so angry though. However, she felt a twinge at her glabella immediately after. Then, the blood vortex appeared.

The three of them disappeared into the blood vortexes.

Similarly, Yang Tian Emperor was in the Endless Sea when his blood mark stirred up a vortex that then took him away.

While Blood Devil was cultivating on his Devil Blood Star in Agate Star Area, the mark appeared on his forehead and drew his energy to create the vortex above his head. He disappeared shortly after.

They didn't know that the warriors cultivating the eight great powers Upanishads in this entire cosmos had the same blood mark on their forehead, which then unknowingly took their energy to create the vortex and deliver them away.

It was the Blood Imperial Order!

That order summoned the Bloodthirsty Force to get back to their holy land. No matter where they were, they could use the Blood Imperial Order to return immediately.


Inside the dark abyss and the immense blood sea, Benny, Leona, Fei Lan, Ka Tuo, Yang Tian Emperor, and Blood Devil appeared on six different white bone islands.

Benny was on Destruction Island; Leona was on Dark Island, Fei Lan stood on Corrosion Island; Yang Tian Emperor appeared on Despair Island; Blood Devil came to Death Island.

There were many warriors there. They were from different races and clans with different levels of cultivation base. However, similarly, they all had the blood mark and cultivated the same power Upanishad.

Blood Devil descended from the blood vortex and landed on Death Island. As soon as he had arrived, many people on the island got scared. They instinctively moved away from him.

Blood Devil didn't have a clue. After he arrived, he gawked and dropped his jaw as he found many people with the same blood mark and the fluctuation of Death energy.

"Sir, are you from Immortal Demon Clan?" asked a young man at the King G.o.d Realm, but he was apparently an Immortal Demon warrior. He approached Blood Devil and asked respectfully.


Blood Devil nodded, his line of sight raking around the island. He found several thousand warriors standing on this island. They had different realms and were from different clans. There were warriors like him with high realms at Incipient G.o.d Realm and the lowest-realm warriors were at True G.o.d Realm.

However, every one of them had the blood mark on their glabella that flashed from time to time mysteriously.

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