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Deep in the vast sea of stars by Ancient Demon Star, there was no planet. It was all empty.

That area had a ma.s.sive, black vortex like a spinning abyss, which was heading towards Ancient Demon Continent. If someone could step into that pitch-black abyss, he would find a wonderland hiding there.

This dark vortex was somehow similar to the black hole in Shi Yan's soul altar that could swallow the entire world.

And it happened that way, actually. This area used to have stars and asteroids. However, after this dark vortex had come around, it had swallowed up all the stars and meteorites. The energy from those stars was converted and sent to the strange world inside the vortex.

After many years, this dark vortex used to appear together with a man who seemed to come to this vast sea of stars from nowhere. That man was Bloodthirsty.

That year, Bloodthirsty had come out from this vortex to create earth-shaking karma. He had made many extreme, powerful experts of the Four Great Creatures follow him and become his advisers.

Like Desolate, this dark abyss was always moving. Sometimes, it disappeared and no one could find it. The G.o.d Clan had spent ten thousand years but they had never discovered this vortex. Thus, the Bloodthirsty Force was able to preserve their holy land.

Today, this dark abyss moved like a silent black hole and approached Ancient Demon Continent.

Ancient Demon Continent was now slightly revived. Still, no creature lived here. The Holy Ancestor Azure Dragon had summoned and moved all the members of Heavenly Monster Tribe to Endless Sea in Grace Mainland, their ancestral planet.

Thus, Ancient Demon Continent had become desolate.

Inside that dark abyss was a strange world.

It was a blood sea that was crimson and endlessly vast. It had the same color as the sky here, though. This sea lay deep inside the abyss while the red sky had countless moving vortexes like talking mouths.

Now, many shadows were landing and moving through those small vortexes in the garnet sky. They fell like meteors into the blood sea.

The blood sea had nine islands made of white bones scattering around. They weren't much larger than the Immortal Island, floating above the viscous blood.

Among the nine islands, the eight smaller ones were surrounding the biggest one like how stars surround the moon. The nine islands in this sea had dark and glum auras. The atmosphere in this area was deadly and heavy as if it was in h.e.l.l. It would have put a lot of pressure on people's hearts.

Many shadows began to gather on the eight small islands. Those people belonged to different forces and races. They were from the G.o.d Clan, Immortal Demon Clan, Imperial Dark Tribe, Heavenly Monster Tribe, Corpse Clan, Human Clan, Sea Clan, and many other rare tribes.

Those people had pierced through the vortexes in the sky and landed on different bone islands.

Every one of them had a blood mark on his or her glabella.

As they were scattered at the corner of the big star areas, their chiefs had summoned them to this holy land.

Different auras floated above the eight smaller islands. There were eight different auras in total, which were from the eight inheritance including Soul Control, Death, Corrosion, Dark, Chaos, Destruction, Despair, and Corpse Qi.

At the same time, the island in the center was covered by a thick blood halo. A ma.s.sive black vortex floated above this island. It was the center of this abyss facing the world out there.

Except for the sealed island in the center, other islands had many shadows moving back and forth.

On an island with Dark aura, there was a pitch-black palace that was so dark that people couldn't see their own fingers when standing inside. Many warriors cultivating Dark power Upanishad were sitting cross-legged outside that palace.

A magical light shot through the vortex in the dark red sky. A man landed directly on the island of the Dark power Upanishad and stepped into the palace. The warriors from different races surrounding the palace stooped to greet him respectfully, "Uncle Xuan He."

The man who had just arrived was Xuan He. He looked at the people outside, nodded to them, and then walked into the dark palace.

Inside that palace was a pair of green eyes. It looked pretty similar to the place that Shang Chen used to visit that had the same pair of green eyes. Frederick was here. Seeing Xuan He, the green eyes looked yearning. "Did you get it?"

"I did," smiled Xuan He.

"I can finally leave this f*cking place of Lao Luo. Although this place can block all the light and keep me safe, it has made me endure enough loneliness for ten thousand years," said Frederick.

Frederick was from the Corpse Clan so he was naturally afraid of the sunlight. However, the experts could just ignore this disadvantage to move freely under the sunlight. As Frederick was one of the eight Chiefs of the Bloodthirsty Force and a precursor of the Corpse Clan, the sunlight used to not be able to affect him.

However, because of some strange reasons, his body became peculiar and he couldn't endure even a beam of light. He was even weaker than the newborns of the Corpse Clan.

Although he was the chief of the Corpse Qi, he couldn't stay and protect the island of his force. He had to stay in a dark palace to stay away from the light. He was a hero, but he could only use his soul to move around sometimes. His body was confined here. It was really sad for him.

Xuan He snapped his fingers. A drop of seven-colored blood emerged in the darkness. The seven-colored light moved inside the drop like mirrors layered on each other. Vaguely, it had the Soul Seals of one hundred warriors from one hundred different races including many races that had lived in this cosmos.

"To condense this drop of blood from one hundred races and lift the restriction on your body, I have to travel to almost all the corners of the sea of stars. After many years, the clansmen of many races had gone. For this drop of one hundred races, I've had to travel around the universe. I've spent a lot of efforts, though."

Xuan He sighed emotionally.

Anyway, Frederick didn't care about him. His green eyes sparkled fiercely when he swallowed this drop with the soul seal of one hundred warriors from one hundred races.

Then, he closed his eyes. People then heard the sounds of cracking bones reverberate in the dark palace. It seemed like something had happened to him.

Xuan He nodded and said no more. He walked out of the dark palace and waited outside.

After a while, a st.u.r.dy man of the Corpse Clan walked out and laughed wildly. His skin was so pale that it outlined his deep green eyes and the fangs on his mouth. He looked like a gruesome demon.

"Congratulations! Uncle Frederick!"

The warriors cultivating Dark power Upanishad outside the palace looked thrilled. They couldn't help but congratulate him.

Frederick laughed crazily, his laughter full of brutal Corpse Qi. He had even made the blood sea surge. Suddenly, he stopped laughing, his eyes astounded.

He soared up into the sky and flew to the adjacent white bone island. Xuan He followed him closely.

That island had the endless Corpse Qi hovering and there were so many gravestones. The clansmen of the Corpse Clan were cultivating there by those graves.

A jade coffin stood in front of a ma.s.sive gravestone. Amazingly, this jade coffin used to appear in Black Iron City. The creature inside this jade coffin had chewed off Bai Ye Feng and Mu Wei, the two that the Soul Control Chief had manipulated. This coffin had come to the subterranean palace of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce and then disappeared from there.

As soon as Frederick landed on this island, some noises arose underground when the members of the Corpse Clan emerged from the ground to bow to him.

The lid of the jade coffin was pushed open. A monster corpse with white fur like a white gibbon jumped out of the coffin. The fingers of this monster corpse looked like cold, sharp knives. Its mouth was also equipped with sharp, dagger-like teeth with a horrible smell.

Frederick had fabricated this monster corpse himself. He had used a powerful gibbon of the Monster Clan that had the bloodline of the Heavenly Monster Tribe. It was an intimidating creature, indeed. For many years, Frederick had had to stay in the dark palace. This monster corpse had helped him do many things.

This monster corpse was a brutal weapon in Frederick's hands. When the others saw the gibbon, they knew it was like Frederick came there personally.

The monster corpse bowed to Frederick when it saw him and talked to him in a strange language.

Frederick listened to it with a dark face. After the monster corpse finished, he snorted. "He's impatient. He wanted to rob our Master's remains. If I hadn't arranged this earlier, that kid couldn't have been able to counter him."

Xuan He frowned and sighed, "That year, his idea was already different from ours. It seems like he still keeps that thought. Oh right, is it that thing that the President has been planning secretly? He made a deal with us to help us find our Master's remains in the s.p.a.ce cracks. Does he only want us to subdue the G.o.d Clan to give them a stable market and peaceful environment for their business in the future?"

"That President, of course, has some purpose he keeps from us. This man and the other are the same. They're both mysterious. Many times, I've wondered if he's the true body of that man. But from time to time, their activities are so different. If he hadn't helped me arrange the monster corpse, that man would have succeeded in robbing our Master's remains. I think he's not that man..." Frederick shook his head.

After many years, Xuan He and Frederick had doubted that the President of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce was the true body of the Soul Control Chief. They'd tested to see and they found that their deeds were so different.

"Right, I also think that they aren't one person. However, that President and that man are mysterious, though. What does he want after all?" Xuan He was confused.

"Well, just put that President aside. We got something to worry about now. He told us through the monster corpse that the kid Shi Yan has disappeared. He couldn't sense his whereabouts," said Frederick."

"Disappeared?" Xuan He was filled with surprise. "Today, you finally got rid of it and we have endured so many hardships just to prepare for his enthronement. We've sent the Blood Imperial Order already!

"It seems like he's discontent with what we've arranged for him," said Frederick.

Xuan He frowned deeply, "Since he has received Master's inheritance, his entire life is predestined. He's our hope. He must carry on our Master's spirit. All that we've done and will be done will turn him into... our new master whether he's willing to do that or not!"

"It's true. Only when he becomes like our Master can the Eight Great Inheritances swagger around this universe!" Frederick nodded.

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