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In the middle of the ruined meeting hall, rocks piled up while the deep cracks appeared and lead deep into the ground.

Shi Yan had a dark and harsh face while he sat feebly on the chair, blood puddling around him.

His eyes paled since he was tired.

The battle with Haig had already drained him. His G.o.d power was ma.s.sively drained. He hadn't had time to recover after Mu Wei and Bai Ye Feng had come to attack him. With the help of that strange jade coffin, Shi Yan was able to finally escape. However, his soul was now weakened and his Blood Qi was ma.s.sively consumed.

Pondering for a few seconds, Shi Yan had a blood light cross his eyes. A Blood Essence Crystal emerged in front of him.

He opened his mouth and sucked. A blood halo covered the Blood Essence Crystal immediately and spun it. Wisps of Blood Qi were released from that stone and turned into small bloodstreams that seeped into his body through his pores.

The color on his face gradually returned. The evil red halo expanded from his skin. His vitality surged once again.

"What a marvelous tonic!"

The Blood Essence Crystal turned into powder. Shi Yan exhaled a murky breath. Looking at the dismal, empty mansion, Shi Yan frowned tightly.

Hesitating for a while, he took out the jade box. The blood light moved in his eyes when he studied the jade box.

This jade box stored a finger of Bloodthirsty that wore the Blood Vein Ring. As soon as the Blood Vein Ring saw this finger, it immediately left Shi Yan and slid itself onto the finger. Many years ago, the Blood Vein Ring was always worn on that finger. It was a piece of its former owner's body.

Sensing the aura of its master, the Blood Vein Ring got rid of Shi Yan immediately. It wanted to reunite with its owner so it stood by him to fight against this world.

Shi Yan darkened his face. He observed the jade box, but he didn't dare to open it.

He had many things that he didn't know about this jade box and the Blood Vein Ring. Before he could solve these mysteries, he didn't dare to act rashly.

This time, the Soul Control Chief had used two wisps of Soul Consciousness to control Bai Ye Feng and Mu Wei in order to rob the jade box storing the Bloodthirsty's finger and the Blood Vein Ring. As he had made Shi Yan his target, the Soul Control Chief didn't put him into his eyes.

Relating to what Gulian and Lena had told him, Shi Yan pulled himself together immediately.

The Eight Great Inheritances that Bloodthirsty had created now had acted on their own. After the battle ten thousand years ago, Bloodthirsty had fallen and some of the chiefs were murdered. However, some had survived until now. Shi Yan could confirm that they were Xuan He, the Chief of the Death Force, Frederick, the Chief of the Corpse Qi force, and the Soul Control Chief.

Apparently, the eight chiefs of the Eight Great Inheritances hadn't united. The Soul Control Chief didn't appreciate Shi Yan.

After Bloodthirsty had fallen, the Eight Great Inheritances had separated. No one wanted to work for the other.

Shi Yan, the Bloodthirsty's heir who had just made his debut, knew that it wasn't easy to get accepted from all the forces.

It was also the reason why Gulian and Lena didn't make a clear decision. They were cautious enough. Before he could prove himself, they didn't give him the final answer.

That year, when Bloodthirsty had fallen, the Blood Vein Ring's memory was divided into three parts. Lao Luo, Xuan He, and Xuan Shan kept one for each. Also, although the Soul Control Chief was the strongest expert of the Bloodthirsty's Cortege of Eight, he didn't keep any part of the Blood Vein Ring. There was something ambiguous here.

With his power and position in the Cortege of Eight, he was their leader. It was strange as he couldn't get a part of the ring's memory.

He suddenly confirmed that it was the internal strife between the eight chiefs. Before the death of Bloodthirsty, the chiefs' dispute hadn't burst out. But when Bloodthirsty had fallen, no one could suppress this conflict anymore. Something must have happened between them.

"Frederick and Xuan He can always find me easily. No matter where I am, they can simply spot me."

Shi Yan looked at the sky above his head, his face dark and glum. "Shang Chen had said that he wouldn't help Frederick to deliver his messages anymore. If Frederick wants to see him, he will send someone else. I wonder if that one can find me easily as Shang Chen did. Those old freaks have planned everything and made me their puppet. They have tied a rope around my neck and pull me all the way..."

Shi Yan's face became savage. He snorted as he had made up his mind.

Fine cracks appeared in his eyes as he urged the spatial power around him. Then, s.p.a.ce cracks appeared above the mansion. The brilliant s.p.a.ce streamers fluttered from the s.p.a.ce cracks terrifyingly.

He lifted his head to look at the sky, grinned fiendishly, and then got into a crack there. He disappeared in just a blink of an eye.

The s.p.a.ce cracks moved around the mansion like flying dragons, cutting and slashing it. Shortly after, they had destroyed and exploded the entire mansion including the thirteen stone towers.

Two figures stormed out of one of the collapsing towers. They cursed under their breaths and flew away.

"That kid is crazy," Gillette of the Imperial Dark Tribe had dark and sinister eyes. He frowned and watched the s.p.a.ce cracks disappearing. He rubbed his chin and then said, "The Tsunami Star's Sea Territory has many s.p.a.ce pa.s.sages and they are all stable. If he used those s.p.a.ce pa.s.sages to leave, it would be smooth and there would be no trouble. But now..."

"The s.p.a.ce pa.s.sages are stable and have fixed destinations. It means that the others would know where he's heading. At the same time, his s.p.a.ce cracks are created by his s.p.a.ce power Upanishad. They aren't stable. They move continuously. Even the Immortal experts couldn't know where he was going."

Audrey's beautiful eyes looked strangely keen. She looked blankly at the sky and sighed, "He wants to get rid of the constraint."

Gillette gave a faint smile and mocked disdainfully. "From the day he received the Bloodthirsty's Inheritance, he couldn't act on his own anymore. Earlier, I'm sure there were some chiefs planning his life. Today, he finally recognized that his life was planned. He feels like a puppet, so he wants to escape. Unfortunately for him, everything is already planned. Not many places in this vast sea can shelter him from the ears and eyes of the others..."

"Yeah, not many, but it doesn't mean there's no such a place," Audrey nodded gently.

A strange light emitted from her clear eyes. "If he can hide for a while, he can stir up the Bloodthirsty's chiefs. Perhaps, they will recognize that this Bloodthirsty's successor isn't a puppet that they can manipulate. They would understand his name is Shi Yan. He's not another Bloodthirsty. If they want to train him and make him become Bloodthirsty, something bad will happen for sure..."

"It's good then," Gillette laughed evilly. "Everybody is afraid of another Bloodthirsty coming but not Shi Yan. It's more interesting if he doesn't walk on Bloodthirsty's path."

"How do you know he won't be as strong as Bloodthirsty?" Audrey was surprised.

Gillette shook his head, his face disdainful as he gave no comment.

He had experienced that era. He used to see that man from a distance. In his whole life, he had never met anyone stronger than that man. In his mind, no one could be compared to Bloodthirsty.

"I wasn't born in that era and I haven't seen that man. I've only heard about his intimidation countless times." Audrey looked strange as she muttered, "I only know the man called Shi Yan. I used to fight shoulder by shoulder with him. I saw him defeat Harson and Haig. He has defeated all the warriors who were considered the young and talented warriors in this universe at the same realm. He doesn't have the brutality that could compare to Bloodthirsty's. But he does have endless potential. Maybe, Shi Yan, the genuine warrior, will not be weaker than that man in the future."

"Ridiculous!" Gillette just shook his head and gave a faint smile.

Audrey pouted her lips and said nothing else.


A jade coffin was moving in the ground of Tsunami Star like a lightning bolt that no one could locate.

The Headquarters of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce had a magical, imposing palace underground. It was even more s.p.a.cious than several Black Iron Cities. The pa.s.sages and corridors in that palace were weaving with each other like a ma.s.sive spider web. It had countless secret rooms and storage areas.

Many chambers of this subterranean palace had restrictions. Some smaller palaces even had more than several thousand barriers and restrictions that made them the magical seals.

The subterranean palace was the secret core center of the Tsunami Chamber of Commerce where precious items they had acc.u.mulated through dozens of thousands of years were stored. Their experts made bases in this underground palace year round.

If nothing unexpected happened, the mysterious President of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce would stay deep in this subterranean palace. He discreetly controlled the affairs of the Chamber of Commerce in this vast sea of stars. He could use his Soul Consciousness and Magic Image Crystal to send messages to manage the business of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce in many star areas.

Deep inside the forbidden land of the underground palace was a pond with so many formations and restrictions. That pond of clear water reflected many images and showed different scenes that were different areas of Tsunami Star.

The walls of this chamber had so many mysterious formations with some magical powers of earth and heaven.

The grumbling noise suddenly came out from a wall. The formation there started to move and create a green light door. A jade coffin got through it and landed by the pond.

When the jade coffin land, the image in the pond changed. Countless blocks of images gathered and created a strange mouth with white teeth.

An extremely handsome man walked out of that mouth. No one knew where he was or from which s.p.a.ce he had come from.

He held a jade box in his hands. It was similar to the one that Tsunami Chamber of Commerce had delivered to Shi Yan. It was made of Heavenly Fragrant Soul Soothing Jade. Evidently, the same craftsman made two boxes because even the carvings were the same.

He looked at the jade coffin and pondered. After a while, he sighed and raised one hand to grab the coffin from a distance.

He grabbed the coffin and hurled it into the mouth in the pond. It disappeared shortly after.

A strange light shot out from his eyes. Instantly, the walls of the room showed countless directions with the images of the corresponding Sea Territories of the major star areas. The images of people and battleships moved and flashed around.

He looked at the pond for a while, arching his brows. Those images disappeared quickly. Strange and powerful formations reappeared.

"Not in Agate Star Area or Devil Blood Star or Grace Mainland. Where did he go?" He muttered, his eyes surprised.

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