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Shi Yan sat still in the center of the meeting hall. He didn't have any intention of giving up this seat.

He squinted and looked at Xing Yu who was still yelling. He gave a faint smile, but he didn't say or show anything.

Xing Ming frowned, his face unhappy. He scolded Shi Yan discreetly for not having a good sense. They had expressed themselves clearly. Did he really think that he had the same echelon as them or even higher?

Mu Wei, Bai Ye Feng, Jiao Mu, Wu Lie, and Sanji looked begrudging. They lowered their heads and pretended not to see the strange atmosphere in this hall.

As Shi Yan was the successor of Bloodthirsty and he had fused with the Genesis Fruit, of course, he was going to become a famous expert soon.

They still needed his help in many issues.

Currently, their star areas were in danger. Being a member of the league, they desired the support from the Thousand Fantasy Sect, the Broken Hall, and the Heaven River Temple to help them solve the G.o.d Clan's threat.

To them, they didn't dare to offend Shi Yan, Gulian, Xing Ming, and Lena.

"The precursors discreetly allowed Xing Yu to do that. If they are still discontent, that man will still be yelling."

Guling found happiness from the other's misfortune. She threw Cecilia a glance and then teased her, "Well, is the man you like really that nice? He won't even blink when the someone is mocking him?"

She felt a little disappointed.

She thought that she would have something fun to watch, but Shi Yan didn't have any fierce reaction. To Guling, the one who was mischievous enough to see the world in chaos, Shi Yan looking cowardly and had disappointed her a lot.

"Cecilia jie-jie, if the one you choose has such humble bearings, he can't compare to Xing Yu," Guling snorted.

Cecilia's beautiful face looked frosted. She coldly looked at Xing Yu, her pretty eyes filled with murderous aura.

"Xing Yu doesn't know how high the sky is," she snorted. She looked a little surprised and she gazed at Shi Yan with hope.

With what she understood about Shi Yan, she knew that Shi Yan wasn't a coward. He was a heartless but valorous hero who would take revenge for his grudges.

She was sure that Shi Yan had some other ideas and plans. Cecilia pulled herself together to watch.

"Shi Yan! You're not qualified to sit on that chair! I hope you know your position. Move to one of the seats below. You should use your junior status to join this meeting!" Xing Yu was still yelling as if he was encouraged by the words of justice.

Sitting on the chairperson seat, Shi Yan wore a cold face, his eyes brutal. Suddenly, he said indifferently. "Quiet."

A cold Corpse Qi suddenly shot out from a crack in the ground of this meeting hall. The Corpse Qi shot like a sharp arrow and pierced through Xing Yu's chest


Warm blood gushed out from Xing Yu's chest, flashing around the hall.


The ground of the meeting hall cracked opened. A cold jade coffin flew up and banged on the wall behind Shi Yan.

That coffin looked ma.s.sive. It was around five meters long and two meters high. It was glowing in a cold halo.

The thick Corpse Qi emitted and turned into white smoke twirling around the coffin. The atmosphere in the hall became cold and fearfully quiet. It felt like there were ghosts standing in every dark corner of this hall.

The squeaking noises of fingernails scratching the inside of the coffin arose, which also rose gooseb.u.mps on people's skin.

The cold and sinister aura filled the meeting hall and made the soul of each expert present in this place shiver.

After the coffin landed by the wall behind Shi Yan, it didn't move anymore. The freaky noises inside the coffin didn't stop. It sounded like the ghost's voice was haunting people and scaring them.

Even Lena who had put half a step into the Immortal Realm had to wear a stern face. She took in a cold breath and looked at the coffin with fright. She didn't utter a word.

Xing Yu was covered in blood. After several seconds, his chest stopped bleeding as his vitality was drained.

Xing Ming didn't say a word as if he didn't see his nephew die tragically. He just looked at the coffin, his eyes malignant.

The entire hall was dead silent.

Guling covered her mouth tightly as if she was afraid that she would scream if she didn't do that. She was afraid that her scream would break the silence in this hall and trigger the coffin to kill more.

Cecilia's bright eyes had a strange beam of light. She observed the coffin, feeling both scared and happy.

Shi Yan glanced at the coffin and gave a faint, satisfied smile. He gave a light cough and said indifferently, "If the Broken Hall doesn't want to talk with me, it's not too late to leave now."

He looked at Xing Ming, his back straight. A murderous aura shot out from his body, his eyes garnet.

Xing Ming of the Broken Hall was shocked. He felt like an ancient beast was watching him. He discolored, the emotion in his eyes strange and complex.

He pondered for a few seconds, smiled, and said calmly and naturally. "The Broken Hall comes here with sincerity. Our junior had no sense of propriety. Your people killed him. We won't blame you for his death. If you aren't satisfied, I apologize on behalf of the Broken Hall."

While talking, Xing Ming stood up and bowed to Shi Yan. He looked honest while looking at Shi Yan and keeping his bowing posture. "Please don't blame the junior for his presumptuous act."

Gulian of the Thousand Fantasy Sect, Lena of the Heaven River Temple, Mu Wei, and Bai Ye Feng were so surprised. They then wore awkward countenances.

The Broken Hall had the Immortal Realm expert. They were a powerful force in this vast sea of stars ranked right behind the Four Great Creatures. They were a truly mighty force in a large region.

As the representative of the Broken Hall, Xing Ming didn't care about his nephew's death. He bowed and yielded. This man knew how to be flexible. He wasn't a simple character at all.

Xing Yu, his nephew, was also a warrior that the Broken Hall had concentratedly trained. He was killed and his uncle had no reaction. This man was a heartless person, indeed.

Guling bit her lower lip and looked Xing Yu bleeding to death. She paled as she was so terrified. Now, she didn't dare to look at Shi Yan again.

She stopped gossiping with Cecilia as if she was afraid that a word from her careless mouth would bring her to death.

She was frightened.

"Just let it go. I hope there will be no other exception." Shi Yan flung his arm and talked loudly and harshly. "Although our Bloodthirsty Force isn't as strong as we used to be ten thousand years ago, not many people can provoke us. It's not the right time so we've been secluding for a long time. It's because the fortune of the current ten thousand years belongs to the G.o.d Clan. I hope you guys will make a right decision!"

Xing Ming nodded continuously. He sat back to his seat and lowered his head, his eyes cold and sinister.

However, when he lifted his head again, he looked sincere as if he had put on another face.

"Forgive me for asking," Lena suddenly said while frowning, "Have you ever visited the holy land of the Bloodthirsty Force? Have you stepped on that glory position under the witness of the eight great inheritances?"

"I'm going there in several days," Shi Yan said deliberately.

Lena smiled, nodded, and then said, "I can speak for the Heaven River Temple. If you can step on that throne under the witness of the eight forces in the holy land of the Bloodthirsty Force, our Heaven River Temple will join your alliance. We will have the same goal for the next ten thousand years. We will be with you during every operation."

Pausing for a while, Lena glanced at Cecilia behind her and frowned, "If you can't get that seat, well, let's consider no alliance then. I can't say now whether you guys and our Heaven River Temple are friends in the future."

"I, Gulian, can represent the Thousand Fantasy Sect and we will proceed with the same conditions. If you get that seat, you're an ally of our Thousand Fantasy Sect. Otherwise, we have nothing to discuss."

Gulian suddenly said loudly.

"Haha," Xing Ming smiled and nodded. He didn't say anything, but his idea was clear.

The leaders of the other forces also supported Lena's and Gulian's decision. The establishment of this alliance was going to depend on his enthronement.

Shi Yan frowned, his face cold. He snorted but said nothing.

He looked at the coffin behind him, his eyes awkward. It seemed like this coffin had been here for a long time. Shi Yan had never found its aura before.

After Frederick's soul had sent him a message, he left immediately. At that moment, Shi Yan could feel a hiding Corpse Qi underground.

Then, Shi Yan knew Frederick had some other arrangement. He knew that Frederick had a.s.signed the experts hiding deep underground to help him.

Thus, right when he arrived in this meeting hall, he didn't try to be polite. He immediately took the chairperson seat.

As he was Bloodthirsty's heir, the successor of the tyrannical Bloodthirsty that year, if he acted humble, he was going to lose Bloodthirsty Force's face. The others would end up looking down on the Bloodthirsty Force.

He had a feeling that not only the ones in this hall could observe his performance today but also the experts of the eight forces.

Mu Wei and Bai Ye Feng were the soul slaves of the Soul Control Chief. That man could see what he'd performed today through them.

The Corpse Qi underground was the work of the Corpse Qi Force under Frederick's management. Perhaps, Frederick was watching him discreetly too. His moves in this hall were observed. It could affect his enthroning ceremony in the Bloodthirsty Force's holy land.

Shi Yan didn't know what that "enthroning" meant, but Frederick had mentioned it before. Also, Gulian, Lena, and the others also mentioned that they would use that "enthroning" to be the criteria for their cooperation with the Bloodthirsty Force.

He understood that it wasn't simple when Bloodthirsty's successor "enthroned." It must have a lot of secrets that he didn't know now.

"As Hollow Fearsome Star Area, Prosaic Star Area, and Black River Star Area are from the same league as you, what will you do to help them with the G.o.d Clan's invasion?"

Shi Yan snorted inwardly as he had a series of thoughts in his head. Then, he reminded them of the main topic.

"We are from the same league. Of course, we will take our responsibility. We're here this time to show our att.i.tude," Lena wore a stern face. "We will take it seriously. We won't let the G.o.d Clan swagger!"

"We'll fulfill our responsibility," said Gulian.

Jiao Mu, Wu Lie, and Sanji cheered up. They knew the threat in their star areas would be lifted.

Shi Yan nodded as he listened to them. He could ease his mind now.

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