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Chapter 125 - Accept as Disciple?
Sponsored by: Tyson Hartwell
On the bottom level of the iron ship, Shi Yan’s expression was serious. He kept knocking on the iron and wooden boards of the ship.
Xia Xinyan stood silently to the side. She only quietly watched his movements.
“The iron ship is very solid, but it can’t stump me. If I use all my strength, it will be enough to break through these boards.” Shi Yan tapped around for a moment, then his expression loosened. He smiled and said, “We can stay right here. If some master were to go against us later, then I can just blow a big hole in this ship, and escape into the sea with you.”
Xia Xinyan nodded lightly, “That Li Wei won’t let this go easily. He should be bringing some people here very soon.”
“Xinyan, your charm is really fascinating. Even under such a disguise, you can still attract all these bugs, tsk tsk!” Shi Yan shook his head in exclamation, “If you return to your true appearance, then all the men on this ship would go crazy. It seems that we cannot stay here for long. Let’s leave as soon as we can.”
“You attract bugs! Really nothing decent can come out of your filthy mouth.” Xia Xinyan rolled her eyes, but she didn’t really get mad. Instead, she felt a little bit secretly pleased inside.
Although Shi Yan’s words didn’t sound that good to her ears, he did compliment her beauty. If it were back then, she couldn’t have cared less. But now, looking at Shi Yan, she didn’t feel that annoyed anymore.
Back in that moment, Shi Yan blocked the door and held up against four Disaster realm warriors. This left a deep imprint in her mind, and somewhat stirred some ripples in her heart…
“I saw you attack for the first time today. Unexpectedly, your strength is really not bad.” Xia Xinyan hesitated for a second, her bright eyes filled with some curiosity, “I heard that you didn’t cultivate any martial arts before you were seventeen. But you reached the Nascent realm in the matter of a single night, is that right?”
“Yeah, I got some lucky opportunities.” Shi Yan answered indifferently, he didn’t want to go too deep on this topic, so he smiled and said: “It’s not that I’m strong, it’s just that Li Wei’s group was too weak. Those four people didn’t have any sort of martial spirits, and their Profound Qi wasn’t very vigorous. They’re probably not as good as other Disaster realm warriors of the same level.”
“You have good eyes.” Xia Xinyan nodded and said, “In the Yin Yang Wonderland, most disciples are obsessed with s.e.xual pleasures and do not put a lot of effort into cultivation. There are many s.e.xual energy cultivation skills in the Yin Yang Wonderland, but they have benefits and drawbacks. While letting the disciples cultivate through s.e.x does strengthen their Profound Qi, it also corrupts their state of mind. Many disciples, who have nice potential, often slowly become depraved, due to obsessing over s.e.xual pleasures. They go so far that some would stop working for progress, and it would be hard for them to cultivate to a higher level.”
“Indeed, the disciples here mostly lack vigorous Profound Qi. Although Li Wei was at the second sky of the Disaster realm, his Profound Qi was worse than an ordinary first sky of the Disaster realm warrior. Against me, of course he couldn’t gain any advantages. Besides, he doesn’t even have a martial spirit.”
“Li Wei is a little weak, but your strength is simply ridiculous.” Xia Xinyan’s brows furrowed, then she said, “When I was at the first sky of the Disaster realm, I still wouldn’t have been able to take care of Li Wei so easily. I could’ve used the Reincarnation martial spirit, but that would’ve been cheating.”
Both Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan were not like ordinary people. After wounding Li Wei, they could still casually chat, even though they were in the opponent’s territory. It was as if they didn’t care about death at all.
The two laughed and chatted. Soon, three hours had pa.s.sed.
Unexpectedly, Li Wei didn’t come back. Instead, that girl, Xiao Feng, brought the food and water early.
After Xiao Feng arrived, her eyes glinted with light. She put the food and water down, then curiously looked at Shi Yan.
Shi Yan didn’t waste time talking about useless things. He went to open the food, and suddenly smiled, “Xiao Feng, what’s going on today? The food is quite generous this time.”
There were not salted fish and steamed bread in the basket. Instead, there was cooked beef and delicious-smelling chicken, plus a kettle of liquor. There was also one extra big jug of fresh water.
The food this time was a whole grade better than before. This made Shi Yan feel a little baffled.
“Was it you who wounded Li Wei?” Xiao Feng asked curiously.
“That’s right.” Shi Yan dazed, and looked at the slightly excited-looking Xiao Feng, “Why? Is Li Wei your enemy?”
“I want to kill him!” Xiao Feng clenched her teeth, her eyes were filled with hatred, “I had three sisters, they were all tortured to death by Li Wei. If I had the ability, I would’ve killed him a long time ago!”
“I do want to help you, but Li Wei seems to be the nephew of that yellow-faced man. If I hurt him, I probably won’t be able to stay on your ship any longer.” Shi Yan bit a chunk of meat off the drumstick and started chewing it in his mouth. He took a gulp of liquor, and casually pa.s.sed that big piece of beef to Xia Xin Ya, “Wife, eat up. You’ll only have strength to escape if you eat.”
Xia Xinyan stood behind him. She secretly reached her hand to his waist and pinched tightly. She threw a glare at him, then finally she walked forward from behind Shi Yan, and took that piece of beef. She immediately turned to the side, her pretty eyes looking pleased.
Shi Yan grinned, and, with a wry smile, he shook his head, “You unrestrainable woman, I’ll deal with you later.”
Xiao Feng seemed to have noticed the movements between the two, but she didn’t mind it much. She explained, “Although Li Wei is Priest Li Zhuang’s nephew, he still wouldn’t dare to mess around. When I knew that Li Wei was hurt by you, I immediately notified Priestess Ju. Priestess Ju told me to find out about the situation. As long as it’s not your fault, Priestess Ju will protect you.”
Shi Yan’s mind clicked, and he realized that this Priestess Ju was probably stood opposed to that Li Zhuang. He hurt Li Wei, so that Priestess Ju was secretly delighted, and was trying to take the opportunity to oppress Li Zhuang.
“So this is what happened. Li Wei was a despicable son of a b.i.t.c.h. He wanted to violate my wife, I …” Shi Yan exaggerated a lot, and used all the malicious words to slander Li Wei.
“I understand now.” Xiao Feng nodded and smiled, “Li Wei sure is a despicable son of a b.i.t.c.h, you said it right. I’ll go inform Priestess Ju right away. Don’t worry, Priestess Ju likes you a lot, she’s definitely going to protect you.” Then, Xiao Feng hustled away, and quickly went up the stairs.
“That Priestess Ju, she should be the woman that vouched for you in the beginning and let us on the ship.” After Xiao Feng left, Xia Xinyan quickly spoke up.
“Right.” Shi Yan smiled, “It seems that we don’t have to escape by jumping into the ocean anymore. Those two priests can fight on their own, and we’ll be stuck in the middle, so there are still some opportunities here.”
“That woman probably has her eyes on you now. Maybe she’s going to accept you as a disciple. You should thoroughly consider it.”
“Accept me as a disciple?” Shi Yan exclaimed.
“In the Yin Yang Wonderland, the priests and elders have the right to take in disciples. Usually, it’s the men who take female disciples and the women who take male disciples. The relationships between Yin Yang Wonderland’s teachers and disciples are every close, close enough that they would need to exchange knowledge on the bed! Um, I think you should know what that means?” Xia Xinyan said lightly.
“Like gigolos?” Shi Yan exclaimed.
“Pretty much. On the outside, they have the teacher and disciple t.i.tle, and once the night comes, they will sleep together. I don’t know how many disciples that Priestess Ju has, but if you can become one of them, you should be able to get your turn a few times a month. Then by that tie you can learn some secret skills from the Yin Yang Wonderland, isn’t that what you want?” Xia Xinyan said indifferently.
“A couple of disciples?” Shi Yan’s expression slowly started to darken.
“That would be considered as little. Some Priestesses have dozens of disciples, and other than disciples they have all sorts of other partners. Hmm, when they meet an allied force, and a man catches their eyes, they could take off their clothes for them at any time. That’s how the women of Yin Yang Wonderland are, they’re touched and kissed by thousands.”
“Isn’t that worse than prost.i.tutes?”
“No, it’s different, this is their hobby, they don’t ask for money. Do you understand? This is a hobby! It’s like how some people like plants and other people like luxurious jewelry. This is what the people from Yin Yang Wonderland like to do! They don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. They just say that it’s a way for people to communicate with each other. Hmm. Soon that Priestess Ju will meet you, and, at that time, you will understand.” Xia Xinyan casually explained all of the secrets within.
Shi Yan’s expression was turning worse.
“Thump. thump. thump!”
Sure enough, Xiao Feng returned quickly. She smilingly stood by the staircase, and waved at Shi Yan, “Priestess Ju told you to go over to her, she said she has something to discuss with you. It seems you are quite lucky today. If you get accepted by Priestess Ju, that Li Zhuang won’t dare to do anything to you. Come on, Priestess Ju is waiting.”
“I feel a little unwell, maybe next time.” Shi Yan clutched his stomach, his face full of pain.
“You also got hurt by Li Wei, right?” Xiao Feng was a little surprised, she nodded, “Don’t worry, Priestess Ju has a lot of healing medicine. Maybe she would reward you a few, then your injuries would heal very quickly. This is a big opportunity. Don’t miss it! Come on, let’s go.”
Shi Yan still shook his head.
“What? You’re scared?” Xia Xinyan felt delighted inside, she said, “ As a wife, I don’t even mind. What are you scared about?”
“Fine, then I’ll go!” Shi Yan’s expression hardened. He suddenly moved to Xia Xinyan’s side and forcibly grabbed her little hand, “Go with me!”
Xia Xinyan’s hand was supple, smooth, and soft, as if she had no bones. Holding it in his hand felt like clutching on a beautiful piece of smooth and silky jade, cool and comfortable to the touch.
Xia Xinyan’s eyes became tinged with panic. She struggled for a moment, then said, “Let go! You can go by yourself, why are you dragging me along?!”
Shi Yan held on tightly, no matter how much she struggled, he still wouldn’t let go. He said, “I would worry if you stayed here alone. Who knows if that Li Wei would come back while I was gone? From now on, you can’t leave my sight. Wherever I go, you have to follow along!”
“You!” Xia Xinyan exclaimed. She was angry and furious at Shi Yan’s arrogance, but she also felt a little touched. Xia Xinyan stared at Shi Yan for a few seconds, a complex expression on her face. She finally stopped struggling. Her neck flushed red, and she just let Shi Yan hold on to her little hand.
“I can go, but she has to come along. I can’t leave her here.” Shi Yan looked at Xiao Feng.
“Fine.” Xia Feng frustratedly nodded, and said: “Later when we reach the door, I will ask Priestess Ju. Let’s go.”
Xiao Feng took the lead in front, and Shi Yan held Xia Xinyan’s delicate hand, casually following behind her. They went straight for the top deck of the ship.
Xia Xinyan lowered her head, and her face didn’t change because she had the disguise on, but her neck was becoming more and more red, her heart was quickly filling with shyness.
Then at this moment, Shi Yan’s face quietly came close, and came towards her ear.
Xia Xinyan’s heart shook, she quickly stared at him, signaling that he shouldn’t mess around.
Shi Yan didn’t bother, his mouth came upon her red little ear, and said quietly: “In a moment, that woman might get furious. Pay attention to my signal. You jump into the sea first, I’ll follow after you.”
“Okay, you… you be careful.” Xia Xinyan murmured under her breath, then she hurriedly moved a small distance away from Shi Yan, her fair-skinned neck flushed red.
Translated by: Amy
Edited by: Eli
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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