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Shi Yan walked out of the secret chamber.

Sha Zhao, Wu Feng, Mo Fou, Jiao Shan, and Jiao Hai looked ashen. They were currently looking at Shi Yan with fear in their eyes.

Sha Zhao's team looked as if they had just experienced a fatal battle. Because they were standing near the secret chamber, their host souls were flickering a lot and they had even attempted to leave the soul altar when the fierce devouring power had expanded from the room.

Blood Qi in their bodies surged like a rising tide. Their G.o.d power became like streams heading into the vast sea.

Sha Zhao's team had to struggle strenuously to resist and calm down their host souls and their turbulent energy.

Of course, they knew who caused all of these.

"Oh, you guys..." Shi Yan was surprised. He looked at Sha Zhao's team who were pale with sweat beading their forehead and asked uncertainly, "Is that because of me?"

Sha Zhao forced a smile.

"Shi Yan, is that Bloodthirsty's Devouring power Upanishad? It's so frightening!" Wu Feng said cautiously.

"My soul and even my G.o.d power didn't listen to my control. They had almost left me to go to the secret room. It's like a nightmare," Mo Fou sounded as he was still fearful.

"Experts from the Thousand Fantasy Sect, Broken Hall, and Heaven River Temple are waiting for you," said Sha Zhao with a serious complexion. Pondering for a while, he reminded, "The Thousand Fantasy Sect, the Broken Hall, and the Heaven River Temple are the strongest forces in this universe. We're much weaker than them. In fact, it's because we were able to live in peace for years without the threat from the G.o.d Clan because we were in the same league as them. These three forces are the main forces of this league. Also, they have experts at Immortal Realm."

"The real Immortal Realm and not like the experts with half a step into the realm like Spark," added Mo Fou.

Shi Yan was startled. He nodded to them.

"My grandfather also has the intent domain of the Immortal Realm, but it was just like Spark. Otherwise, the G.o.d Clan wouldn't have dared to provoke our Black River Star Area," Mo Fou continued.

Mo Fou's grandfather was the old freak Black Wind, the real overlord in Black River Star Area. He had hundreds of thousands of disciples. The forces from everywhere had considered him their senior. However, a character like him had just half a step into Immortal Realm. He hadn't reached the real Immortal Realm yet. The gap between the false Immortal and the real Immortal Realm experts was really vast.

Until today, the only Immortal expert Shi Yan had ever seen was Holy Ancestor Azure Dragon of the Heavenly Monster Tribe.

Only him.

The Thousand Fantasy Sect, the Broken Hall, and the Heaven River Temple had Immortal experts, which had made them really powerful forces. The alliance of these three forces was a force that no one could neglect. If he could get their support, it was going to be really helpful to his plan.

"I'm going now," Shi Yan nodded and said to Sha Zhao.

"Don't worry. Of course, I will help you solve the danger in your star area. As you've crossed thousands of miles to help me in our Agate Star Area, I will repay this favor. I will lend you a hand."

Sha Zhao's team gave him reluctant smiles and nods.


A flow of electrical lightning flashed. Shi Yan appeared in the meeting hall. Looking around to see the people sitting there, he smiled and chose a seat.

There were twelve people sitting on the chairs put in the center of this room. They were the representatives of the forces from many places sent here to observe the battle between Haig and Shi Yan. The ones who sat here were leaders of their forces. Their disciples and retinue had to stand behind them.

Cecilia and Guling had to stand outside the hall.

Mu Wei, Jiao Mu, and Bai Ye Feng were the representatives of their star areas, so they got a seat here.

However, this kind of seating indicated the low or high positions.

Gulian of the Thousand Fantasy Sect, Xing Ming of the Broken Hall, and Lena of the Heaven River Temple sat on chairs near the chairperson's seat. Also, Mu Wei and the leaders of the small forces were seated below the others.

The chairperson seat was empty. As soon as Shi Yan appeared, he chose that seat, which was even higher than the seats of Gulian, Xing Ming, and Lena. He didn't try to be polite.

Gulian, Xing Ming, Lena, and the other experts squinted when they saw him arrogantly choose the main seat. They looked a little strange as they thought that he wasn't qualified to sit there.

As they had left the chairperson seat unoccupied, they wanted to test him, though. If he got the leadership position of the Bloodthirsty Force, of course, he was qualified to take that seat. Otherwise, even though Shi Yan had received Bloodthirsty's inheritance, he was just a junior in their eyes. For the time being, he wasn't qualified to sit on that high chair.

Gulian and the others squinted, their eyes conveying deep meanings. No one started the meeting.

After Shi Yan had arrived, the clamorous hall fell into silence. The heroes from many places kept silent and looked at him strangely.

"Too arrogant!"

A low-pitched voice arose from the corner behind Xing Ming of the Broken Hall. It was Xing Ming's nephew, Xing Yu, an expert at Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm.

Xing Yu was a talented warrior that the Hall Master of the Broken Hall favored. He was pretty young. Also, even though his cultivation time wasn't really long, he had reached Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm.

If Xing Yu were older and had reached Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm, he would have had a quota to visit the ancient continent previously.

As the Thousand Fantasy Sect, the Broken Hall, and the Heaven River Temple had a close relationship, the juniors from the three forces knew each other well. These three forces often held compet.i.tions and training so their young warriors could have more chances to practice and discuss their attainment.

In a joint training of the three forces, Xing Yu met Cecilia. He felt like he had met a fairy. He was so pa.s.sionate about admiring her glamor. He used to chase after her tightly, but Cecilia had denied him.

However, Xing Yu wasn't enraged. Every time he met Cecilia, he would try his best to approach and win her over. He hoped that she would put him in her eyes.

The warriors of the three forces knew he was pursuing Cecilia. The Broken Hall agreed discreetly as they thought that if he could win Cecilia's heart, it would help them gain Lena's favor. It wasn't a bad thing to the Broken Hall.

Thus, Xing Yu became more enthusiastic. He had entangled Cecilia and irritated her a lot.

Many people said that Cecilia wanted to go to the ancient continent even though she knew it was too dangerous to avoid Xing Yu.

Xing Yu didn't think it was humiliating. Quite the contrary, he thought that it was his honor. He often boasted to the other that water could wear out even the hardest stone. He said that Cecilia also had feelings for him. She was just a shy girl, so she didn't want to admit it. He acted as if he had her already.

However, after Cecilia had returned from the ancient continent, she announced that Xing Yu was just a stinky fly. Apparently, she wanted to make it clear that she had no feelings for him.

What Xing Yu had boasted become jokes that the three forces enjoyed telling. When someone met him on the street, he would tease him a lot. Xing Yu lost his face. He turned to curse Cecilia. He fabricated that Cecilia as a despicable b*tch who had fun with many men.

However, Xing Yu hadn't known why Cecilia had to curtly wipe off all things related to him. She didn't hesitate to tear his face even in front of others.

This was until he saw the way she looked at Shi Yan. That kind of pa.s.sionate admiration had told him something. Xing Yu knew that there was something that happened between Shi Yan and Cecilia on the ancient continent. He was so outraged that he threw all the hatred to Shi Yan.

Thus, seeing Shi Yan take the chairperson seat and the other seniors say nothing but wear strange faces, he recognized something. He took the chance to mock Shi Yan.

His words were what the others had in their minds but they couldn't spit them out. Xing Yu cheered up. He inwardly appraised this boy for being smart and his quick understanding of the situation.

Xing Ming squinted, smiled, and shouted, "Shi Yan is the future leader of the Bloodthirsty Force. He got the position and status. He's qualified to sit there. Kid, don't talk nonsense."

As Xing Yu had been with Xing Ming for so many years, how could he not understand his uncle's idea? He snorted and then pretended to be blunt. "If Uncle says he's the future leader, doesn't it mean that he isn't the leader now? Before he gets that throne of the Bloodthirsty Force, he's just a junior. Why does he get to be the chairperson here?"

The more he talked, the higher his voice became. Xing Yu glared at Shi Yan from a distance. He looked content as his eyes swept through Cecilia.

Cecilia's beautiful face looked annoyed and angry. She snorted and then scolded. "This a.s.shole is trying to make Shi Yan look bad! He's so annoying!"

Guling's beautiful eyes were lively. She smiled and whispered softly, "Well, Xing Yu isn't worth mentioning. But he's right. Shi Yan is just a junior like us. Even if he's from the Bloodthirsty Force, at most, he could have a spot to stand like us. Why does he get to take the main seat?"

"He's the future leader of the Bloodthirsty Force. Of course, he's qualified." Cecilia tried to quarrel, but she also recognized that her reason wasn't really adequate.

"I think Xing Yu is right."

Guling parted her lips and muttered, "You see. Those old men didn't say anything. Apparently, they thought that Shi Yan wasn't qualified. Those people always respect position and echelon. As they thought that they didn't hold the high position, they had spared that seat. If Shi Yan wasn't haughty, he would be a dimwitted kid who couldn't tell that the situation wasn't right. He's bold enough to take that seat, though."

Inside the hall, the old experts had a strange silence as if they all agreed with Xing Yu, letting him shout and criticize Shi Yan for his arrogance.

Xing Ming had shouted once and then kept silent. Apparently, what Xing Yu was talking was what he had in his mind. Those seniors had really appreciated status and position. Unless his realm and position had surpa.s.sed theirs greatly, Shi Yan sitting there made them irritated a lot.

If the chiefs of the Bloodthirsty Force like Xuan He and Frederick had sat there today, they wouldn't have had an opinion.

But Shi Yan wasn't eligible, though.

Thus, they let Xing Yu shout. They keep silent while their eyes raked through Shi Yan as if they were waiting for him to get up and walk out of that seat.

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