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Ancient G.o.d Shrine

Feng Jue and some G.o.d Clan's Elders were sitting neatly under the ma.s.sive, majestic G.o.d statues. All of them wore dark and sinister faces and were silent.

They seemed to be waiting for something.

Suddenly, a starlight landed and entered Ancient G.o.d Shrine. It was Spark.

Spark paled, gave a dark smile, and hurled Haig aside.

Haig immediately kneeled down in front of the G.o.d statues and the Elders. His head lowered and he said nothing.

He was defeated again. He didn't say anything to defend himself. He could only wait for the Elders' decision in silence.

Spark shot Feng Jue a look, his eyes murderous. "An opportunity was given. It's he who couldn't grab it. He is no longer eligible to lead our clan in the future."

"What about your opinions?" Feng Jue looked at the other elders.

The elders then nodded and looked at Haig with their cold and heartless eyes. Currently, Haig was just an outsider that they didn't want to mind anymore.

Haig lifted his head, his face ashen. He felt a chill in his heart as he could recognize something. He stood up and tried to run away with his life.

Feng Jue sighed and raised one hand to grab the void. A dry and thin hand appeared in the air and pulled Haig back. The old man lifted his head to look at the G.o.d statue next to him, his face sinisterly resolute. "Prepare for his soul to arrive."

Feng Jue had a rare respectful complexion when he mentioned someone. It seemed like that person had incredible fame and power in this G.o.d Clan and the Great Elder and the other Elders of this committee had to show respect when talking about him.

Haig's face was as gray as ash. He couldn't help but shout ear-piercingly, "NO!"

"Shut up!" Spark snorted coldly. A cold Yin symbol arose and sealed Haig's mouth, silencing him.

The Elders of the G.o.d Clan then released their soul altars that had various shapes and countless supernatural abilities. Their soul altars bobbed in the void and created a magical formation with terrifying energy fluctuations.

The G.o.d statues that had stood in this shrine for so many years suddenly revived at this moment. They started to release wisps of memories and Soul Consciousness that had been kept for so many years that then congregated in the middle of the formation created by the Elders' soul altar.

The wisps of Soul Consciousness united and became an ancient soul that had the immense aura of the Primal time.

Each Elder wore a solemn face and each host soul hovered respectfully on their soul altars.

That ancient soul condensed for a while and turned into a black cloud. As Haig was watching everything and freaking out, the black cloud stormed into his head and intruded his soul altar.

Haig's Incipient Extent changed earth-shakingly. His realm increased amazingly from First Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm to Third Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm immediately. The bottlenecks between his realms were broken easily. After a short moment, he had reached an unimaginable height.

Haig closed his eyes right from the beginning as if he was digesting something. He sat quietly to stabilize his realm.

All the G.o.d Clan's Elders studied the "new" Haig. After they had retrieved their soul altars into their body, the Elders kneeled down and greeted him, "Your Majesty, welcome back!"

"Haig" didn't react. It seemed like he hadn't adjusted to his new body yet, so he didn't answer the Elders.

The G.o.d Clan's Elders didn't lose their patience. They remained in their kneeling postures and waited in silence.

They understood clearly that before that man had wakened up, the Elder Committee was the supreme structure of the G.o.d Clan. But when this man woke up, the Elder Committee became his backdrop. They had to be servile to him with great respect. This need of being servile hadn't been in their makings for a long time. As it came back now, they all felt a little awkward.

Before that man had woken up, the Elder Committee was the most powerful organization in this cosmos. And now, everything was gone.

After a long time, the man opened his eyes, which weren't really special. Compared to the previous Haig, the wise and bright man, this man looked just like the most ordinary man in this world. He didn't have any strange halo. His gaze raked through the faces of Feng Jue, Spark, and the other Elders. "Use my name to summon the Four Heavenly Kings."


Feng Jue, Spark, and the other Elders nodded respectfully.


Inside the ruined mansion, many stone towers had collapsed and the ground became rough. The bridges and the mountain pavilions were now a big mess.

The battle between Shi Yan and Haig had leveled this mansion and destroyed the entire quiet resort. However, the experts of the Thousand Fantasy Sect, the Broken Hall, and the Heaven River Temple didn't really mind the situation. They were all gathering in a cracked meeting hall.

There were no servants here. Mu Wei, Jiao Mu, Bai Ye Feng, and the others stood there, but n.o.body came to serve them drinks or fruits.

Gulian, Xing Ming, and Lena were the representatives of the Thousand Fantasy Sect, the Broken Hall, and the Heaven River Temple. These three forces were the strongest forces in the universe besides the Four Great Creatures. They had their position and the G.o.d Clan wasn't going to provoke them.

They were waiting for Shi Yan here and they didn't look impatient at all.

Mu Wei, Bai Ye Feng, Jiao Mu, and Sanji were here to seek help. They told each other about the tough situation of their star areas and the horrible pressure from the G.o.d Clan.

Gulian, Xing Ming, and Lena just listened to them and promised nothing. They made Mu Wei's team more restless.

Audrey and Gillette also stayed in this mansion, but they didn't come to the meeting hall. The Imperial Dark Tribe could just stand and watch the compet.i.tion between the G.o.d Clan and the Bloodthirsty Force. If they didn't want to join, the G.o.d Clan and the Bloodthirsty Force wouldn't have any reason to retaliate against them later.

However, the Thousand Fantasy Sect, the Broken Hall, and the Heaven River Temple couldn't stay neutral. Although they had their positions in the sea of stars, they weren't one of the Four Great Creatures, so they didn't have the background to stand equally with the G.o.d Clan or the Bloodthirsty Force.

They needed to make a choice.

Cecilia stood by her teacher Lena. Her bright eyes were so charming and had a faint smile. She was in a good mood, indeed.

"Cecilia jie-jie, do you know... him?" A young girl standing by Gulian of the Thousand Fantasy Sect beamed charmingly.

This young girl was around twenty. She wore a water green short dress. She had bright skin with beautiful eyes. When she smiled, two dimples showed up pretty cute on her face. She was Guling, Gulian's daughter. As she knew Cecilia, seeing her love-spreading emotion, she felt that it fun so she pried.

As Guling had witnessed the battle between Haig and Shi Yan, she was so astounded. Being a member of the Thousand Fantasy Sect, Guling knew how intimidating the G.o.d Clan was. For the past ten thousand years, the G.o.d Clan had continuously proven their position as the overlords of this universe.

Guling knew a little about the Bloodthirsty Force from her elders. She didn't live in that era, so she trusted half of what her elders had told her. Guling didn't think that the existence that used to subdue the G.o.d Clan and make the G.o.d Clan join hands with forces from everywhere to counter was true.

She thought that her precursors had just exaggerated.

Until the end of the battle between Shi Yan and Haig, Guling then knew how intimidating the force that had frightened her precursors was.

Guling was curious about Bloodthirsty's successor. She wanted to know what was so special about him and how he defeated the future leader of the G.o.d Clan.

"Of course, I know him," Cecilia smiled. "You didn't go to the ancient continent to train so you don't know him. If you had gone to the ancient continent, you would have known of his competence. He's stronger than Haig."

Guling giggled then lowered her voice. "Cecilia, you and him... is there something..."

Cecilia blushed. She thinned her lips and talked nothing.

They stood behind their precursors and chatted. They kept their voices low as they were having girl talk.

However, the juniors of the Broken Hall and the other forces were listening to them. When they mentioned Shi Yan, Cecilia looked shy and excited, which cooled down the young men who had claimed themselves handsome and elegant. They snorted discreetly.

While the juniors were chatting behind them, the precursors sitting in the front were also discussing. Gulian asked, "Lena, your disciple and he used to be on the ancient continent. He... has he ever met the Chiefs of the Bloodthirsty Force?"

"I don't know," Lena shook her head.

Xing Ming looked disappointed. He turned to Mu Wei and Bai Ye Feng. He asked, "Mu-ge, Bai-ge, has Shi Yan... been taken to the holy land of the Bloodthirsty Force to enthrone yet?"

"We don't actually know," Mu Wei and Bai Ye Feng shook their heads.

Xing Ming frowned.

"The Bloodthirsty Force has eight Great Inheritances for the eight power Upanishads. Thus, they have eight forces with one chief for each. Each of these chiefs was an earth-shaking expert. All of them were supernatural and tyrannical. They didn't get along well with each other. As Bloodthirsty could subdue and control them, they had cooperated with each other. But now, Bloodthirsty was gone. Who could unite these eight forces?" after a while, Xing Ming asked.

"It's true. That year after Bloodthirsty had fallen, the eight forces detached from each other. They fought alone. They didn't want to cooperate. If they had cooperated well, even when Bloodthirsty was gone, the Bloodthirsty Force would have defeated them. Before that, it was the only time that the eight chiefs joined hands. Amazingly, they could directly attack the Ancient G.o.d Continent of the G.o.d Clan. If they had maintained that alliance, even without Bloodthirsty, the G.o.d Clan couldn't have defeated them." Gulian wore an odd face.

"Will Shi Yan today be able to reunite the eight forces from the Eight Great Inheritances?" Lena wore a bitter face.

Xing Ming, Gulian, and Lena exchanged looks. They could see that the others hesitant. They then sighed inwardly.

They knew well that the eight forces of the Bloodthirsty Force were powerful, but they didn't listen to others. Only when Bloodthirsty existed, they united. That year when Bloodthirsty had fallen, the eight forces had competed against each other to gain a leading role. It gave the G.o.d Clan the golden opportunity to destroy them one by one.

Anyway, in the end, they had finally united to attack the G.o.d Clan once and for all, directly fighting them in their ancestral star. The G.o.d Clan had to pay a b.l.o.o.d.y price at that time.

If the Eight Great Inheritances could unite to fight against the G.o.d Clan, of course, the forces present here would have stood on Bloodthirsty Force's side. But if the forces of Bloodthirsty Force still had internal fighting or didn't want to join hands, they would have to be with the G.o.d Clan for sure.

It was the reason why they were hesitant.

They weren't suspicious of the Bloodthirsty Force's intimidation. They knew how strong the eight forces were. However, even though they were strong, their situation was going to be very serious if they didn't want to unite.

"Let's wait for that kid Shi Yan. He'll give us a proper explanation," said Gulian.

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