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Shi Yan still sat cross-legged on the ground, his face indifferent.

He was exhausted. The energy he had acc.u.mulated for years in his acupuncture points had been used to create the black hole in his Incipient Extent to swallow Metal Star that Haig had created.

Because he had spent so much energy, his spirit and body couldn't bear it anymore. However, his Incipient Extent now had the sharp Metal power from the Five Elements.

It wasn't a power Upanishad in his soul altar. It just existed in his Incipient Extent, making it change and approach perfection.

Shi Yan was still immersed and shocked.

At the critical moment, he had used the Devouring power Upanishad to counter the enemy. He had tried and took risks. It worked unexpectedly.

His compatibility with the Origin wasn't as profound as Haig. He couldn't urge the ancient continent's Origin at ease. Thus, when facing Haig's lethal attack, he had squeezed his brain and decided to use Bloodthirsty's power Upanishad. This power Upanishad was really magical and Shi Yan hadn't figured out its mysteries yet.

When he tried today, its power was so marvelous.

The black hole could swallow Metal Star from Haig's Incipient Extent and put it in Shi Yan's Incipient Extent. It was perfect in his Incipient Extent as if it was born there.

Shi Yan suddenly recognized one thing. If his power Upanishad could swallow things from the others' Incipient Extent, should he be able to collect unique power Upanishads like Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, Sound, Light, Gravity, Illusion, and more? Could he put them in his Incipient Extent?

Shi Yan's Incipient Extent was like a small world with s.p.a.ce, brilliant stars, death and life. And if he could make it have the Five Elements, sound, light, gravity, illusions, and many other things, would it gradually be like the real world out there?

was it true that his Incipient Extent would become perfect like the real universe?

Shi Yan contemplated as he sat still to comprehend the flash of recognition that had just emerged in his head.

The ma.s.sive corpse created by hundreds of thousands of corpse stood by the mansion and towered the sky. The Corpse Qi filled the air and made the entire Black Iron City an ancient battlefield with corpses scattered everywhere.

Now, the experts of the major forces hiding in the thirteen stone towers finally showed themselves. They all wore complicated complexions and looked at that ma.s.sive corpse.


Someone was screaming from afar. He turned into a beam of light and zoomed over immediately.

"You're not allowed to act rashly in this Black Iron City!" Tie Dun was the Branch Manager of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce in Black Iron City. He hurried to the scene and shouted, his face dark and sinister. "Black Iron City is a city of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce. Anyone who messes with the order of the city has already challenged our Tsunami Chamber of Commerce!"

Tie Dun bellowed and looked at the crowd. Suddenly, his eyes changed as he was shocked to see the ma.s.sive corpse created by hundreds of thousands of corpses.

That giant corpse didn't have facial features. It had only a skull, which was the combination of dozens of thousands of corpses.

Then, the skull turned to Tie Dun. A Corpse Qi extended and tied Tie Dun instantly.

"Frederick! You're the Chief of Corpse Qi Force, Frederick!" Tie Dun discolored in fright as if he was encountering the terrifying demon. He shouted, "What do you want? I'm a staff of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce. Even you're a Chief of the Bloodthirsty Force. You should follow the rules!"

"I can smell Feng Jue's smell on your body."

The terrifying Soul Consciousness swept through Black Iron City like a tornado and came from that ma.s.sive corpse. It turned into an air current and crossed a long distance to reach a mysterious area on Tsunami Star.

A quiet aura diffused from that mysterious area to reply to Frederick's Soul Consciousness.

Anyway, besides Frederick, no one could know or hear this.

However, the old freaks with the exquisite cultivation base immediate understood it: Frederick had... contacted that man of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce.

The ma.s.sive corpse showed it shortly after.

As Tie Dun was tied by the Corpse Qi, his vitality was drained rapidly. His eyes bulged when he attempted to escape using the soul altar. However, the hand that was made of countless corpses had a firm grip on him and compressed him forcefully.

Tie Dun's soul altar shattered immediately and turned into countless light dots that vanished.

The manager of Black Iron City was killed quickly and simply like that. The ma.s.sive corpse that contained Frederick's soul had smashed him utterly.

The warriors of the Thousand Fantasy Sect, Broken Hall, Heaven River Temple, and Imperial Dark Tribe were indifferent. No one said a word to stop Frederick.

They were familiar with Frederick's brutal deeds. Many old warriors had surprised smiles as they felt that Frederick had changed somehow. He was much more tender than before.

It was because they could see that Frederick had notified the mysterious man of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce before he killed Tie Dun.

In the past, besides Bloodthirsty, their Master, the eight chiefs of the Bloodthirsty Force never gave anybody face. Under their rage, they could drown an entire star area in misery and bury billions of creatures altogether.

Today, Frederick was much more restrained. He had surprised the people who used to witness his brutal nature.

"He dares to kill even Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's staff. This man is too savage!" Audrey of the Imperial Dark Tribe cried.

Gillette glanced at her, his face odd. He contemplated for a while and then said, "Frederick used to be too callous. That year when he got angry, it meant that billions of creatures would become corpses. When he got angry, even Bloodthirsty couldn't control him. He could even attack other chiefs instantly. He had never thought about giving mercy or favor to anymore.

"Currently, he looks controlled a lot. I guessed it's because his body is still confined. After thousands of years, time has worn out his savage characteristics."

Gillette forced a smile and looked at the ma.s.sive corpse with fear flashing in his eyes.

"We couldn't believe that the brutal evil of the Corpse Qi Force that year knew how to control his anger today," Lena of the Heaven River Temple sighed. She mumbled, "If the Bloodthirsty Force had controlled itself a little bit that year, the G.o.d Clan wouldn't have had a chance to rise. To counter the Bloodthirsty Force ten thousand years ago, the number of famous experts who had fallen in that battle was around two-thirds. Many great powers Upanishads were lost. For them, this cosmos had to pay a big price that it hasn't recovered even after ten thousand years."

Lena's eyes were dark and unpredictable. She looked at the young man who was still immersed in his comprehending session. She thought, Would they raise the blood rain again? What should the Heaven River Temple do?

"Teacher, he won! I knew he would win!"

Cecilia's eyes were shining as she looked tipsy with admiration. She smiled and looked at the young man sitting on the ground. Her beautiful face blushed and she also felt hot.

"He won. The Bloodthirsty Force has proven to us that they are still very intimidating after ten thousand years," Lena gave her a slight nod.

"So we Heaven River Temple has made up our mind, right?" asked Cecilia.

"We will talk about this when we come back. I have to report to the Temple Master. She will decide it. Sigh, the whole picture will become more chaotic after this," Lena sounded as if she didn't expect Shi Yan to win. She wanted to maintain the current situation. She didn't expect the Bloodthirsty Force to rise again and replace the G.o.d Clan.

Because of the Bloodthirsty Force's savage nature in that era that was worse than what the G.o.d Clan had now, that era was the worst nightmare to any warrior.

Many experts at their peak had to live under the shadow of the Bloodthirsty Force and it had suffocated them.

She never wanted to live in that era again...

"Re-adjusting yourself. Someone will guide you for the next part. Xuan He and I have called for the Eight Inheritances scattering around the universe. We're going to the holy land to set up a sacrificing altar. We're preparing the final steps for you to enthrone."

A wisp of Soul Consciousness suddenly echoed in Shi Yan's head. While it was twirling around Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness, the ma.s.sive corpse standing by the mansion gradually lost its Corpse Qi. The energy streamed back into the universe and disappeared into the Sea Territory by Tsunami Star.

Frederick's aura disappeared.

The terrifying pressure covering Black Iron City vanished after this moment. Many people exhaled in relief.

The vague shadows hiding in the thirteen stone tower emerged. They landed from the air while smiling in a friendly way. They walked towards Shi Yan.

"Gulian of the Thousand Fantasy Sect. It's fortunate that I can meet Bloodthirsty's successor today. This trip isn't bad at all."

"Xing Ming of the Broken Hall."

"Lena of the Heaven River Temple."

". . ."

They came with smiles, standing by him with stable auras. Those people included men and women, internal disciples at the high realms, and juniors coming for experience. They all eyed him carefully as if they wanted to see all of his secrets.

"Cecilia of the Heaven River Temple," after everybody finished their introductions, a charming voice arose.

Shi Yan was confused. His eyes suddenly became focused as he beamed sincerely. He looked at the graceful figure behind the group and asked, "When did you come here?"

"I've been here for a long time. I've always been watching you," Cecilia answered gently, her watery eyes filled with emotion.

"Audrey of the Imperial Dark Tribe."

Another cold and clear voice arose. Then, Audrey walked out of the crowd. She was wearing a cyan dress, her long hair draping around her shoulders. Her eyes were bright and it gave her mysterious and elegant bearings.

Like a cold moon.

The seniors and juniors of Thousand Fantasy Sect and the Broken Hall became stiff when they heard the name Audrey of Imperial Dark Tribe. They proactively made way for her and let her walk straight towards Shi Yan.

"Long time no see," Audrey said. She was still cold, arrogant, and indifferent as usual.

"Yeah, long time no see," Shi Yan lifted his head, but he sat still. "Congratulations! You've also reached Incipient G.o.d Realm. You didn't fail the reputation of your tribe."

He studied Gillette standing behind Audrey.

Shi Yan could feel an aura that wasn't weaker than Spark from Gillette. His aura was even stronger than Spark's. Shi Yan could confirm that this man was at least at Spark's realm.

Such a character was enough to threaten his life. He couldn't ignore it. He had to treat him gingerly.

"Kid, you're excellent. As you can defeat Haig, you're eligible to inherit Bloodthirsty's legacy." Gillette squinted and looked at Shi Yan then Audrey. A strange light sparkled in his eyes when he was contemplating.

"Thank you, precursor," Shi Yan clasped his fist to greet him. "I've spent a lot of energy in the battle. Forgive me for not treating you well. If you don't mind, please wait for me for a while."

"It's okay. It's okay."

The warriors of the Thousand Fantasy Sect and the Broken Hall answered.

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