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Each warrior fused with the Origin could have a co-existence relationship with the respect ancient continent. When their compatibility with the flaming Origin reached a specific level, they could draw the energy of the ancient continent.

Every time they drew the energy of the ancient continent, their competence was significantly boosted, which was beyond their real realm.

However, when the energy of the ancient continent was drawn, the result directly showed on the continent: Mountains exploded and collapsed, and rivers and oceans dried up. The speed of energy draining in this continent become faster.

It happened like that on Ancient G.o.d Continent right now.

The G.o.d Clan's ancestral land in Ancient G.o.d Continent had collapsed. Mountains and withered plants were a part of the border of the continent. The earth and heaven energy there was taken away.

Due to the magical power of the Genesis Fruit, the Ancient G.o.d Continent's earth and heaven energy had reached the utmost level in the recent ten thousand years. It had boosted all members of the G.o.d Clan and made them the overlords of the universe.

This world had rules. When the G.o.d Clan was at their peak of power, it was the time that the earth and heaven energy in the ancient continent was thickest. After that, it was the time of declining just like what happened to Grace Mainland, the G.o.d-blessed Mainland, and the Ancient Demon Continent.

Every time Desolate opened, it was the time that the ancient continents renewed their energy cycle. Currently, the energy of the Ancient G.o.d Continent was increasing gradually. It could begin to gather the energy remnant in outer s.p.a.ce once again. However, it was impossible for the Ancient G.o.d Continent to reach its peak of thick energy one more time.

That was because Haig didn't get the Genesis Fruit this time.

Today, as Haig had taken the energy of his ancient continent, it affected his ancestral planet directly, which was the collapse by the edge of the continent.

Anyway, the energy he had drawn had caught people's attention!

With the price of mountains collapsing, rivers drying up, and forests withering, Haig's power had shocked the powerful old freaks everywhere. His meteor now had a long bright tail of billions of meters. Filling with Haig's energy, the warriors below Immortal Realm were going to be wounded severely or even killed by this attack.

The warriors fused with the Origin had such power when they took the energy from the continents!

In the dark, many people were watching Shi Yan. They wanted to see if he would choose to draw the energy of Grace Mainland too. It would shatter the world of many people living in Grace Mainland. Things would collapse like it was happening on Ancient G.o.d Continent.

"He's not able to draw the energy from the Origin!"

Audrey sighed inside a stone tower.

Finally, she knew where Haig had his confidence. It turned out that Haig had intended to use the energy of the ancient continent right from the start to fight this battle. Among the group of four warriors who had fused with the Origin of the ancient continents, only Haig could do this since his compatibility with the flaming Origin was really profound.

Shi Yan couldn't take the energy from the Origin. With this disadvantage, it was going to be very difficult for him to defeat Haig.

"Shi Yan is going to lose this match. Although he has reached Incipient G.o.d Realm, his fusion with the flaming Origin isn't much. He can't use the power of the Origin. He's going to lose eventually. Haig is the miracle of the G.o.d Clan. After ten thousand years of acc.u.mulation, the foundation of the G.o.d Clan has surpa.s.sed the Bloodthirsty Force."

Lena knitted her brows; she seemed to have made up her mind.

Many people had the same thought as hers. This battle was related to the G.o.d Clan and the Bloodthirsty Force. It could also affect the structure of this universe for the next ten thousand years. It was arranged so those experts would have their final decisions.

The Bloodthirsty Force used to be unrivaled. To counter the Bloodthirsty Force that year, the G.o.d Clan had joined hands with their forces to gain the final triumph. At that time, the G.o.d Clan couldn't resist against the Bloodthirsty Force if they fought alone.

After ten thousand years of acc.u.mulation and subduing the Bloodthirsty Force, and making this monster small and vulnerable, the weak G.o.d Clan had turned into a new beast.

The G.o.d Clan today wasn't the fragile clan that year and the Bloodthirsty Force today wasn't the invincible force of the past.

Seeing Haig take in the power of the Origin of the ancient continent, many people hiding in the stone towers made their decision. They were reluctant and emotional because they thought that the current structure of the world couldn't be changed easily.

"I'm going to destroy your soul to take Genesis Fruit back. This world will still be the world of our G.o.d Clan!"

All of a sudden, Haig shouted. At this moment, he looked so energized. His entire body was dazzling like a G.o.d rising from Earth to rule the galaxy for ten thousand years.

"The G.o.d Clan will be destroyed. It's the rule of Nature. You're just a poor witness."

Shi Yan's eyes became placid.

The Incipient Extent he hadn't released was now emerging clearly in the sky above his head.

At that short glimpse, a new galaxy appeared in the void. Shi Yan's Incipient Extent had many stars with endless s.p.a.ce, Life and Death. It looked actually like a small universe...

His galaxy had beautiful suns and cold moons. It also had miniatures of life stars, dead stars, and even mineral stars. It had everything that the cosmos should have.

At this moment, it seemed like Shi Yan had just created a whole new world, a world that was pretty similar to this world.

At the same time, seven hundred and twenty acupuncture points in his body had created a connection to that world instantly!

Each of his acupuncture points was a strange world where he had absorbed a large amount of Essence Qi from the dead. It then generated endless negative emotions and ma.s.sive vortexes.

The seven hundred and twenty acupuncture points in his body were like seven hundred and twenty new worlds. The negative energy in those worlds was drawn out and poured into Shi Yan's Incipient Extent.

Inside his brilliant, galaxy-like Incipient Extent, a ma.s.sive black hole suddenly appeared. It looked like a dark, bottomless mouth that could directly fly out of the Incipient Extent and swallow the meteor that was falling from the sky. No one could understand how it could do that.

That meteor was Haig's power taken from the Origin of Ancient G.o.d Continent. It could kill all the warriors below Immortal Realm!

At this moment, the black hole had swallowed the entire meteor!

That meteor flashed and then disappeared. The black hole slightly twisted, turned into wisps of smoke before vanishing.

Also, Shi Yan's brilliant Incipient Extent now had a new magnificent star. The meteor that the black hole had just devoured was Haig's Metal Star, which was generated from his Incipient Extent. It seemed to become a star in Shi Yan's Incipient Extent!

The black hole flew out of Shi Yan's Incipient Extent and swallowed the meteor before returning to his soul altar. Then, Shi Yan's Incipient Extent now had a new Metal Star.

This was so absurd.

"It's Bloodthirsty's power Upanishad!"

"Devouring power Upanishad!"

"It's the most dangerous power Upanishad in this world. Unbelievable! He can use it!"

"It can swallow even things from others' Incipient Extent. It's the exclusive power Upanishad of that man!"

Instantly, in each corner and each tower of the mansion, the terrifying auras emitted.

The experts of the Thousand Fantasy Sect, the Broken Hall, the Heaven River Temple, and the Imperial Dark Tribe held their breaths while beholding Shi Yan's Incipient Extent and Metal Star that used to belong to Haig. They thought that they were watching Bloodthirsty.

Ten thousand years ago, that man's Incipient Extent was a chaotic, black hole. It was the most extreme and evil thing in this world that could swallow the soul altar and everything generated in the Incipient Extent. Everything seemed to repeat in front of their eyes now.

Everybody was filled with fear.

And now, Haig became so tired. He seemed to age quickly, his hair turning white.

"Withdraw your power!"

Spark shouted ear-piercingly. He touched the sky and Haig's four stars returned to Haig's Incipient Extent at once. His Incipient Extent returned to his soul altar.

Spark gazed at Shi Yan and roared. A cold Yin river emerged in his Incipient Extent with the power of the Immortal Realm expert. It also had Spark's essence Qi as if it had its own consciousness. The river plunged down and aimed at Shi Yan.

"I do want to see if you have mastered Bloodthirsty's power Upanishad or not! I'm convinced that if you can swallow all things in my Incipient Extent!"

The Cold Yin River roared and grumblingly poured on Shi Yan's Incipient Extent. The willpower of the Immortal Realm could connect to the world directly and release the earth-shaking energy.

"Bully! What a bully!"

"Using the power of the Immortal Realm to counter Shi Yan. Well, I think the G.o.d Clan became angry out of shame!"


Many people screamed, but they didn't want to help Shi Yan. Lena held Cecilia who was so worried as if she had a flame in her heart. "Of course, Shi Yan's Devouring power Upanishad now can't swallow all things in the Incipient Extent of the Immortal Realm warrior. He's not Spark's opponent, either. The gap between their realms is really vast. But if the Bloodthirsty Force has sent him here, they would have arranged something else."

"It's time for the Bloodthirsty Force's experts to crane their necks out," Gillette snorted.

The Cold Yin River swarmed over with the power of the Immortal Realm. Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness was fixed and his Incipient Extent was about to shatter.

Shi Yan's mental world exploded as he screamed.

There wasn't as much energy from Spark's attack as in Haig's, but it was accompanied by the Seal of power Upanishad and the will of the Immortal Realm, which were much more terrifying than Haig at First Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm.

Shi Yan could resist Haig, but he couldn't even have the thought of fighting back under Spark's Immortal will.

It was the gap between their realms.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Right at this moment, the corpses standing in strange poses out of the mansion suddenly flew up to the sky like the bolts of lightning. Hundreds of thousands of corpses gathered in the air!

Shortly after, those hundreds of thousands of corpses had turned into a giant corpse that was even bigger than the tower. It looked like a corpse of a giant that could touch the sky.

A wisp of Soul Consciousness from outer s.p.a.ce reached that corpse. Immediately, it gave the corpse life. Just like the ancestor of the Corpse Clan, it released a thick Corpse Qi that was then turned into a white bone saber. It attacked Spark's Cold Yin River.


The Cold Yin River was slashed before it shattered. It became many smaller streams and it returned to Spark's Incipient Extent. Spark paled in just a blink of an eye. He faced the sky and cried. "Frederick!"

After shouting, Spark rose his hand to grab Haig. His dark eyes raked through the experts hiding in the stone towers. He tried to press down the Corpse Qi in his chest, but he didn't dare to linger. Shortly after, he turned into a meteor and shot out to outer s.p.a.ce.

The ma.s.sive corpse stood emotionlessly as if it was still watching Spark. It didn't move.

"The Chief of the Corpse Qi: Frederick!"


"Frederick protects him discreetly!"

"No wonder why those corpses appeared. They are for Frederick to come."

"It's true that the Bloodthirsty Force had things arranged."

Many people hissed on the stone towers.

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