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There were hundreds of thousands of corpses scattered around the mansion in different positions. The ones who were still alive were at least at Ethereal G.o.d Realm.

Around the mansion were many stone towers where people could observe the commotions inside the mansion.

Lena and Cecilia stood on a tower while Audrey and Gillette, the Imperial Dark experts, were standing on the opposite tower.

Besides these two stone towers, there were many other towers with vague shadows standing. They were all watching Haig of the G.o.d Clan and Shi Yan, the representative of the Bloodthirsty Force. After they had arrived at the stone tower, Gillette's brows twitched. The dim souls like shadows detached from his G.o.d body.

He furrowed his brows, his face awkward. "Interesting."

"What?" asked Audrey, her voice cold and clear.

"Did you notice the surroundings?" Gillette blinked. "How many stone towers are there in this mansion?"

Audrey's line of sight raked through the place. "Thirteen towers. Some of them look new."

Each of the stone towers stood firm and scattered around the mansion where Shi Yan, Mu Wei, and the others stayed. Those towers remained a safe distance from the battle. Some of them had marks of newly built buildings.

Those stone towers looked shabby as if they were abandoned for a long time. It was really strange in this city where every square meter was as expensive as gold.

"Thirteen stone towers and each of them has experts hiding. They belong to different forces." Gillette looked surprised. Then, he said, "Now I understand why your mother wanted me to escort you."

Audrey was astounded.

"The hotshots of the Thousand Fantasy Sect stay there." He pointed at another tower. "The Broken Hall's experts stay there."

He looked at the opposite tower and paused for a while. "Oh, Lena is standing opposite to us."

"Lena of the Heaven River Temple?" Audrey was astounded. She then lowered her voice. "Cecilia, the one I met on the ancient continent, should be her disciple. Hmm, what made Lena come here personally?"

"The Thousand Fantasy Sect, the Broken Hall, and the Heaven River Temple are forces that rank right behind the G.o.d Clan and our Imperial Dark Tribe. Of course, they have a purpose of gathering here today," Gillette paused and then continued, "The experts of the other forces stay in the other stone tower. I think they had some intelligence so they all came and hid in those towers."

"You mean that someone has arranged all of this?" Audrey suddenly got it.

Gillette nodded. "Yeah, meticulous arrangement. And I think your mother knows who is behind all of this. We're here, right?"

"What does the person who has arranged this want to do?" Audrey was suspicious. She frowned and looked at the ground where Shi Yan and Haig were standing. A flash of recognition crossed her mind. She got something. "Is it true that those forces want to use the result of the battle between Shi Yan and Haig to choose a side?"

"I think so," Gillette gave a slight nod, his face strangely stern.

"Ten thousand years ago, the G.o.d Clan had united the forces everywhere to resist against the Bloodthirsty Force. At that time, the Thousand Fantasy Sect, the Broken Hall, and the Heaven River Temple had joined hands with the G.o.d Clan and helped them destroy the Bloodthirsty Force. The forces of the Thousand Fantasy Sect, the Broken Hall, and the Heavenly River Temple had contributed the most efforts. Without them, the G.o.d Clan wouldn't have had the victory in the end. Today, these forces gather again in those stone towers."

Gillette said in a low-pitched voice, "Haig is the new leader of the G.o.d Clan and Shi Yan is the Bloodthirsty's successor. These two represent the G.o.d Clan and the Bloodthirsty Force. I wonder if the forces observing this battle would choose their side after they know the result and compare the young men's competences?" Audrey sounded surprised.

"Your mother had sent you and me here. She may consider this too. Haig got the inheritance of his ancestral star and Shi Yan also got the inheritance of the ancient continent. If nothing unexpected happens, they will be the leaders of these two forces respectively. After this battle, their roles in their forces would become more crucial. The other forces will possibly a.s.sess the fighting competence of these two young men. This a.s.sessment will affect their choice when they choose a side to support," said Gillette.

Audrey's beautiful eyes were glum and dim as she mumbled. "Why is our tribe ineligible to join this?"

Gillette forced a smile and sighed. If you could take the Genesis Fruit on Desolate, you would have been one of the warriors in this battle, he thought.

Too bad...

Spark stopped fighting like a glacier that stopped flowing. He even stepped back and said, "We're not the main characters of this battle."

He looked at Mu Wei and Bai Ye Feng. Mu Wei and Bai Ye Feng looked confused. A vague shadow flashed in their eyes. Mu Wei and Bai Ye Feng looked baffled for a while and then nodded.

"This battle is the compet.i.tion between the G.o.d Clan and the Bloodthirsty Force. We just need to watch it." Mu Wei told Jiao Mu, Sanji, and Wu Lie.

"As Spark doesn't partic.i.p.ate in this, we should do the same. What do you think?" said Bai Ye Feng.

Jiao Mu, Sanji, and Wu Lie were bewildered. They were inexplicably confused.

They didn't know that someone was behind this scene to encourage the battle between Shi Yan and Haig. Mu Wei and Bai Ye Feng were just the ones bearing this task. Jiao Mu, Sanji, and Wu Lie didn't know that this battle would determine the trend of the major forces in the near future, either. Choosing the G.o.d Clan or the Bloodthirsty Force was a consequence of this battle.

They were very confused about Mu Wei, Bai Ye Feng, and Spark as they stopped fighting now. Seeing Spark just stand there and cross his arms in front of his chest to watch, they also decided to step aside and watch the battle.

These three were just sacrificing p.a.w.ns without knowing any conspiracy.

Even Mu Wei and Bai Ye Feng were puzzled from time to time when the vague shadow flashed in their eyes. It seemed to be able to control them in that blink of an eye and distort their thoughts.

Afterward, Spark glanced at the stone towers around. Flames sparked in his eyes when he snorted.

Gillette grinned and released a wisp of Soul Consciousness to the void between him and Spark, which carried a fierce, sinister energy.


Thunder reverberated in the sky. People with high realms had their soul altars quiver. The mysterious shadows standing inside the stone towers looked at Gillette and Spark.

"One of the old freaks of the Imperial Dark Tribe is here."

Lena was solemn. She frowned and looked at the tower in front of them and then the ground of the mansion. When she observed Haig and Shi Yan, her eyes changed inexplicably.


A heavy aura filled the mansion. Spark, Mu Wei, and the others had backed off to the other corners of the place.

Sha Zhao, Wu Feng, and the other juniors were forced to stay away. They left the main ground for Shi Yan and Haig.

This arranged battle had attracted a discreet audience that hid inside the stone buildings around. They had concealed their auras and commotion. They were here to seriously consider and bet for their future. This battle was going to help them make up their minds, which would break the current balance.

The result of this battle would shake the entire cosmos. After that, the real strong forces could finally have their opinions.

"Haig, why are you here?"

Shi Yan looked colder. When his Soul Consciousness checked around, he found many terrifyingly strong auras from the stone towers around. The confuse that had stayed in his mind for a long time was revealed after he found those auras.

He didn't understand why the chief of one force of the Bloodthirsty Force had requested Shang Chen to take him here. He knew something strange hidden here. And now, he got it.

He immediately understood. This battle had been arranged beforehand. It was inevitable. He and Haig were the representatives of the two forces' future. They were the criteria for the other forces to compare and make their bet!

"I've always thought that the G.o.d Clan's Elder Committee doesn't have keen eyes and even the G.o.d Clan's ancestral star has some problem." Shi Yan grinned as many secret eyes were studying him. "Because as far as I've concerned, you, Haig, aren't eligible to be the future leader of the G.o.d Clan! I thought Harson was more qualified! If your ancestral planet and the Elder Committee weren't blind, why would they choose you instead of Harson? Tell me. Which strength do you have to be a better choice than Harson?"

Pausing for seconds, he laughed fiendishly and talked oddly. "If Harson were standing in front of me now, I would be gingerly fighting whim. And I would be even more anxious. But you..." Shi Yan shook his head smilingly and strangely.

Everybody could hear his ridiculing. The shadows hiding in the towers felt awkward.

This kid has a sharp tongue, indeed...

However, Haig had just kept silent right from the start. He didn't look reluctant at all. He kept his placid eyes, listening to Shi Yan's harsh words.

"My mind doesn't have a leak. All of your harsh words will just be in vain." Haig sounded calm and natural, "Harson is dead and I am here. It proves I'm stronger than him. When Harson was at his best condition, the Charteris didn't dare to send him to challenge me. It's the clearest evidence that I'm much stronger than him."

A holy light curtain arose above Haig's head. The Light Incipient Extent that Haig had created was beautifully dazzling with the soul purifying divine light shining.

Five stars slowly emerged from his world that carried the deepest powers of the Five Elements including Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. The brilliant divine lights floated between the five stars and made them five gorgeous ma.s.sive diamonds. The energy emitted from them was torrential and endless.

The five orbs slowly spun and carried the principles of Nature like a formation that never ceased. They took turns to flash the power of the Five Elements.

Many hermits with the profound realm could learn something new by watching the changing power of the Five Elements.

"Using the power of Five Elements to create the stars and using the divine light to chain them up. Perfect Incipient Extent and power Upanishad. This lad Haig is mighty!" Gillette was so surprised.

"This man is really outstanding. The G.o.d Clan does have keen eyes as they've chosen him as the future leader," Lena nodded.

The hiding experts of the other forces were also startled when they observed Haig's performance. It was amazing to them, indeed.

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