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Two people were watching the street on a tower of hundreds of meters tall at a corner of Black Iron City.

Not far from them was that mansion where the earth-shaking murderous aura had just soared up.


Cecilia cried, her charming face pale. "What is that phantom of Demogorgon?"

She had just found the mansion where Sha Zhao and the others were staying so she stood on this tower to watch with her teacher, Lena. While she was thinking to get there, the terrifying aura had shot up into the sky. It had covered the entire city and astounded people.

As she stood near there without her teacher's help, her soul was going to collapse under such pressure.

Then, Cecilia was standing on the high tower to watch that mansion from a distance. She was aghast.

Within one hundred miles around that mansion, there were bodies of hundreds of thousands of dead warriors scattered. They died in strange positions. Some were buying things while others were having fun. They remained at their positions, but their soul altars were all broken. They didn't have a bit of vitality in their bodies.

The warriors under Ethereal G.o.d Realm died everywhere, inside and outside that mansion.

"It's his aura," Lena was frightened, her face grimaced. "He had fallen for so many years. Why did we see his aura today?"

"It's the Master of the Bloodthirsty Force?" asked Cecilia.

"It must be him," Lena contemplated for a while and then said, "When this man swaggered around the universe, I was still very young. My realm at that time wasn't as high as yours now. But my teacher used to join that battle. She had joined hands with the G.o.d Clan to attack that man. After that battle, she came back and not long afterward, her soul vanished after a period of being corroded by his power. Before she died, she told me that before that man was killed, his body had fragmented. Countless pieces of his body had disappeared into s.p.a.ce slits. It has been so many years and the G.o.d Clan hasn't given up on the mission of finding those pieces of his body. But they got nothing."

Lena paused for seconds and watched the mansion down there. "The aura we'd seen should be from the fragments of his body."

Cecilia discolored in fright. "Only a piece of his body and it could shatter the soul altars of the warriors at Ethereal G.o.d Realm?"

"It's true," Lena looked as if she was still scared. "I have never seen him before. My teacher had cooperated with the leading experts from the major star areas to fight him. During that battle, they had smashed several star areas. The shockwaves from their battle reached a far distance and killed many warriors around. A piece of his body had such terrifying power."

Cecilia was aghast.

"Teacher, it's just half a step and you can enter Immortal Realm. That man... what realm does he have at that time? How could he be so intimidating like that?" Cecilia managed to ask after a long time.

Lena gave her a forced smile. "My teacher was in Immortal Realm at that year. That's why she was qualified to join the operation of killing him. However, my teacher was attacked by his corroding power. After that battle, she had done many things to get rid of it. She failed. Eventually, her soul altar rotted to death. You can tell how strong he was?"

"What realm were you at?" asked Cecilia.

"You shouldn't ask much. The more you know, the more pressure you will bear. It will be a detriment to your realm's advancement." Lena sighed. "Wait until I can break that barrier to enter the Immortal Realm. Then, I will be able to know how strong he was."


Brach office of the Chamber of Commerce in Black Iron City.

Tie Dun had sweat beaded on his forehead. He looked in the direction of that mansion and talked to a man standing in front of him. "Elder Spark, you could sense that aura. You don't need me to say more, right?"

Tie Dun put away a brocade box carefully. He looked delighted. That brocade box kept the item that Feng Jue had promised him. It could help him break through to Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm.

Spark was like an iceberg. He nodded and said no more. He looked at the ma.s.sive mirror in the center of the secret chamber and then disappeared after a flash.

Tie Dun waited for a long time before activating the mirror. He then reported, "President, Sir! Black Iron City is in trouble. The jade box we delivered was opened."


Shi Yan got to the surface through a stone corridor. He looked really disheveled.

Sha Zhao had blood on his chest as he looked at Shi Yan with feeble eyes. He reluctantly got a hold of himself and said huskily, "You got out eventually."

Mu Wei, Bai Ye Feng, Wu Lie, Jiao Mu, Sanji, Wu Feng, Mo Fou, and Sanji were standing there too. The juniors all looked tired and wounded.

"I think we should hurry to go to Black Iron City!" shouted Wu Lie.

Shi Yan glanced at him.

"When you opened the jade box, hundreds of thousands of people died in this city. I'm afraid that Tsunami Chamber of Commerce was planning to take revenge," Bai Ye Feng explained.

Shi Yan frowned but he said nothing.

He came to Tsunami Star this time because Frederick had asked Shang Chen to do that. The Bloodthirsty Force had some plan to send him here. However, Shi Yan wasn't so sure if the purpose of that chief of one force of the Bloodthirsty Force was for him to visit this place.

However, Shi Yan was shocked when he heard that hundreds of thousands of warriors had to die because he had opened the jade box. He felt so wrong.

And now, the Blood Vein Ring was worn on that finger, so he didn't dare to touch the jade box anymore. He couldn't have any method to know more secrets from the Ring Spirit. For the time being, he felt so puzzled about the future.

"Black Iron City isn't the place we discuss a big business. We're here just to wait for you. The people from Thousand Fantasy Sect and the Broken Hall are in Cold Iron City. We should go there," suggested Mu Wei, his eyes having a dim halo.

"Thousand Fantasy Sect? Broken Hall? Cold Iron City?" Shi Yan was puzzled.

"Thousand Fantasy Sect and the Broken Hall are the two extremely powerful forces in this universe. In fact, the league to resist the G.o.d Clan between our star areas is led by these two forces. Anyway, the warriors of Thousand Fantasy Sect and Broken Hall were killed too early on Desolate. They couldn't contact you there. Since they didn't join the operation in Agate Star Area, the G.o.d Clan didn't attack them. Before we came here, we have invited Thousand Fantasy Sect and the Broken Hall to unite with us to counter the G.o.d Clan."

Mu Wei explained simply. "However, they wanted to meet the person in authority of the Bloodthirsty Force. They wanted to discuss with you guys to see what we should do."

"Thousand Fantasy Sect and Broken Hall are intimidating. Besides the G.o.d Clan and the Four Great Creatures, they are the strongest forces in the sea of stars. If we get their support, we can dissolve the G.o.d Clan's threat!" intervened Bai Ye Feng.

"As you created such a terrifying commotion in this Black Iron City, I'm sure we can't stay here anymore. What do you think?"

Sha Zhao looked at Mu Wei, his eyes sinister. He always thought that Mu Wei was having some conspiracy and Bai Ye Feng didn't sound right, either.

Sha Zhao and Mo Fou used to discuss a lot before this meeting. Sha Zhao knew that Bai Ye Feng didn't appreciate Mo Fou. He thought that Mo Fou was just a playboy and that he wasn't eligible to inherit Black Wind's legacy. However, Bai Ye Feng had supported Mo Fou wholeheartedly in the Agate Star Area's operation. He had even tried to contact a strong force to help them.

Mu Wei and Bai Ye Feng were somehow similar. They cared about this union a lot and they were the most active people when going to Tsunami Star for the summit meeting.

There wasn't so much to say. If the meeting in Tsunami Star could be successful, it was because of Mu Wei and Bai Ye Feng for their efforts in planning and contacting the Thousand Fantasy Sect and the Broken Hall.

When Sha Zhao noticed that Mu Wei and Bai Ye Feng had each other's back as they wanted to take Shi Yan to Cold Iron City, he had a feeling that these two had already discussed with each other beforehand so they had understood each other tacitly. They treated Shi Yan with ambiguity, indeed.

Sha Zhao eyed Shi Yan.

Shi Yan was indifferent as if he was having something in his mind whether he should follow Mu Wei and Bai Ye Feng's suggestion or not.

When he was still hesitant, a flaming meteor shot over. A freezing aura diffused like a thick mist. Shortly after, it chilled people's soul and frosted them.


A shadow appeared in the mansion. It was Spark of the G.o.d Clan's Elder Committee. He shot a look at Mu Wei, Bai Ye Feng, Jiao Mu, Sanji, and Wu Lie, talking with squinting eyes. "You guys should capture this kid and hand me the jade box. I, Spark, ensure that our battleships will leave your star areas immediately. We won't attack you anymore."

His dark eyes emitted cold lights as if they could actually turn into billions of cold threads covering the entire mansion.

People under his gaze felt their blood slowly stop moving in their veins and their soul altar stopped spinning. Gradually, they felt dispirited as if they were losing power and becoming ordinary people.

Shi Yan experienced this much deeper than the others.

As Spark was gazing at him, many cold threads appeared in his Sea of Consciousness. They moved and screamed ear-piercingly as if they had their own consciousness. They swaggered everywhere in his Sea of Consciousness like shuttles that froze his Soul Consciousness.

A beam of power Upanishad with the consciousness of a living being was the sign of reaching Immortal Realm. Although Spark wasn't a real Immortal Realm expert, he had at least found some powerful abilities of this realm.

The cold threads were still screaming and winding his Sea of Consciousness. Slowly, his consciousness was frozen together with his thoughts.

"Your G.o.d Clan has carried out ma.s.sacres in our Hollow Fearsome Star Area and now you talk like nothing has happened. It's not that easy!" Mu Wei shouted. "If you were at Immortal Realm, of course, you could do anything you want today. But too bad, you've just taken a step in there. You still need a bit more to officially enter Immortal Realm!"

"Right. I also want to see if you can act haughty in front of us!" laughed Bai Ye Feng.

Sha Zhao became more puzzled. Under Spark's threat, Mu Wei and Bai Ye Feng were the first ones who reacted, which had surprised Sha Zhao a lot.

"Heavenly Soul Eating Gu!"

Mu Wei sneered, his body shaking. Countless gu insects emerged from his body like clouds. Those gu insects were so peculiar. They screeched and their twittering was ear-piercing as they were fiercely swarming towards Spark.

Bai Ye Feng looked focused. The sky above his head immediately had billions of lightning bolts that were grumblingly thundering in the sky. They had shaken the entire Black Iron City. Countless bolts of lightning cast a downpour on Spark like a flood current as if they attempted to kill Spark in one strike.

At the same time, Shi Yan summoned his co-soul.

A soul made of flames emerged in his Sea of Consciousness. Billions of flames like fireflies burned his Sea of Consciousness quickly.

His frozen consciousness was restored.

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