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"Black Iron City is really luxurious. It's worthy as the city of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce and the heart of the universe. It lives up to its reputation."

Walking on the streets packed with many warriors and the shops, Shi Yan couldn't help but acclaim.

Black Iron City was one of the nine cities on Tsunami Star. However, this city was bigger than Divine Great Land that year. The items showcased on the shelves of the shops could dazzle any person.

This city was build of outer s.p.a.ce black iron, which was almost unbreakable. Shi Yan had secretly tried and he concluded that normal Incipient G.o.d Realm experts couldn't break this sort of wall. Tsunami Chamber of Commerce had refined the black iron to make this city extremely tough.

Shang Chen was like an elegant and unconventional writer as he explained to Shi Yan a lot of things about Tsunami Chamber of Commerce. Gradually, they reached the mansion where Mu Wei and the others were staying.

Flying was prohibited in Black Iron City. Staying in this city, warriors had to follow Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's rules. Thus, it affected their speed greatly.

"I'm just in charge of taking you to this place. I won't partic.i.p.ate in anything else." Shang Chen said all of a sudden. He gritted his teeth and cursed under his breath before talking to Shi Yan, "After this, I no longer owe your Bloodthirsty Force anything!"

Shi Yan was surprised. "Er, I didn't force you to do anything. Even if you're mad, you shouldn't vent it on me, right?"

Shang Chen nodded and forced a smile. "Well, your Bloodthirsty Force didn't consider anyone. In the past, you guys had offended and caused grudges against many clans and races from many star areas. You're tough which is why you could survive until now. This time, no one can say beforehand if the Bloodthirsty Force could rise one more time. Anyway, I actually don't expect you guys to replace the G.o.d Clan."

People were walking back and forth like running water. Shi Yan could see the warriors from many different races getting in and out of the shops on the streets.

While Shang Chen was talking, he lowered his voice a little bit as if he was afraid of being overheard.

"Why do you hate the Bloodthirsty Force?" Shi Yan frowned.

He soon had that feeling. On the ancient continent, Cecilia and Sha Zhao were so frightened when they confirmed his Death power Upanishad and his Bloodthirsty Force's successor ident.i.ty. At the same time, they didn't conceal that they opposed him.

If the G.o.d Clan hadn't wanted to kill all the warriors there, surely, Sha Zhao, Wu Feng, and the others would have never wanted to go with him. It was his efforts that allowed him to gradually earn their acceptance.

He was a sensitive person. After thinking it through, he confirmed that Sha Zhao and Wu Feng weren't offended by his Immortal Demon ident.i.ty. What gave them the conflict was his Bloodthirsty Force's successor ident.i.ty.

As far as he knew, ten thousand years ago before the G.o.d Clan, the Bloodthirsty Force had ruled the universe. Its eight chiefs were similar to the twelve chiefs of the G.o.d Clan. They were infamous in each of the major star areas as they were the supernatural experts with outstanding abilities and grand vision.

When the precursor of the G.o.d Clan got the Genesis Fruit, the entire clan had been boosted. Then, in the alliance with the other clans and forces around the universe to wholly counter the Bloodthirsty Force, the G.o.d Clan had subdued and made the Bloodthirsty Force's power vanish.

It showed the tenaciousness of this force.

However, this force was like the G.o.d Clan now. They couldn't earn respect from the other warriors. They were even worse than the G.o.d Clan in some aspects.

"I didn't experience those years, but I know that during the era when the Bloodthirsty Force was so powerful, creatures in many star areas had to live in misery. Many life stars were shattered and bleak." Shang Chen contemplated for a while and then continued, "The Great Eight Inheritances of the Bloodthirsty Force only brought death, destruction, darkness, and chaos to this vast sea of stars. In those years wherever they went by, entire life stars didn't even have gra.s.s survive. They were much more extreme than the G.o.d Clan."

Shi Yan rubbed his nose and sighed inwardly.

The Eight Great Inheritances of the Bloodthirsty Force included Soul Control, Death, Corrosion, Dark, Chaos, Destruction, Despair, and Corpse Qi.

These eight powers Upanishads were evil and extreme. With these powers Upanishads, of course, the eight chiefs could be arrogant and tyrannical. They didn't put anybody in their eyes.

In that year, when they had ma.s.sacred everywhere, the G.o.d Clan could only survive vulnerably. However, it was because they were too haughty that they had to perish in the end.

"The Bloodthirsty Force's Master had suddenly appeared in this world. No one knows his ident.i.ty nor which race he is in. His existence had attracted many extreme experts of the Immortal Demon Clan, Heavenly Monster Clan, G.o.d Clan, and Imperial Dark Clan. They left their tribes and served him as their masters. Even now, the G.o.d Clan was still investigating his ident.i.ty. They want to know where he came from and which race he was. The powers Upanishads he cultivated didn't exist in this universe before his arrival. He's the eternal mystery of this sea of stars."

Shang Chen studied Shi Yan and then his Blood Vein Ring with a sigh.

Shi Yan didn't know what to say so he kept silent.

The Bloodthirsty Force had done many bad things in the past. Shi Yan understood this. However, he came here from another world. Lao Luo had dragged his soul here and imprinted the vestige of the Bloodthirsty Force on him.

Without the Devouring power Upanishad from that Master, Shi Yan would never have had his attainment today.

He had no way to get rid of the connection with this force. Because of the G.o.d Clan's existence, if he didn't resist, they were going to kill him.

Thus, he didn't have a choice. Although he knew this force was bad, he had to continue his journey.

Only smashing the G.o.d Clan and having his realm surpa.s.s all principles of this world would allow him to reconsider the working principles of the Bloodthirsty Force. He would use his mind and power to change it.

When they reached the mansion, Shang Chen stopped and then said, "They are in there. I can only take you here. I won't partic.i.p.ate in your activities anymore."

Shang Chen left alone before Shi Yan could reply. His back looked lonely but he looked as if he had just thrown a burden off of his shoulder.

As soon as Shi Yan walked into the mansion, Mu Wei, Jiao Mu, and Bai Ye Feng walked out of the hall and welcomed him.

Sha Zhao, Wu Feng, Mo Fou, and the other juniors were here too. They greeted him with heavy faces and forced smiles.

Their star area was being invaded. They were in a really bad situation and they needed help immediately. They were here to discuss the crucial matter and to get more reinforcements. And Shi Yan represented the force that had a power that no one could deny.

They needed help from this force!

"Hmm, last time when we were in Agate Star Area, we were in a hurry. This time, let's introduce ourselves properly." Wu Feng was stern. He pointed at the people in the hall and introduced them one by one.

"My uncle, Wu Lie, is from our Wu family. He's at Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm cultivating Fire power."

"Precursor Mu Wei, the Great Elder of the Gu G.o.d Sect. He has cultivated the supernatural Gu of the Gu G.o.d Sect at Third Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm."

"Precursor Jiao Mu from the Jiao family. He is at Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm and cultivates Wood power."

"Bai Ye Feng from Black River Star Area. At Third Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm, he cultivates Lightning power."

"Sanji, Fuller's uncle, from Earth Eye Star Area. He's at Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm cultivating Earth power."

Wu Feng introduced the experts in the hall with a respectful face. Each of them nodded to Shi Yan, but they were actually disappointed.

Shi Yan had come here alone.

They had thought that Shi Yan would come together with some experts of the Bloodthirsty Force. Those infamous warriors thrilled them. They had even properly prepared to prevent the awkward situation when they finally met the brutal experts.

Unfortunately, Shi Yan came alone. It made them so upset. Although Shi Yan was the successor of the Bloodthirsty Force's Master, he hadn't reached that height of realm.

Maybe Shi Yan could reach the height that surprised them in the future, but right now, his influence wasn't really significant, which had upset them a lot.

"This thing...er... Tie Dun, Manager of the Black Iron city delivered it here personally. He asked me to hand it to you. We guessed that the superior of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce decided to do that. We don't know what this box contains."

Bai Ye Feng took the jade box with the rock and threw them to Shi Yan, his face indifferent. Hesitating for a while, Bai Ye Feng said nothing in the end.

Wu Feng, Sha Zhao, and the juniors didn't know about this jade box so they were so curious.

Wu Lie, Mu Wei, and the others quivered a bit as they gazed at Shi Yan and the jade box in his hand. All of them had strange looks.

They were discontented because no famous warrior of the Bloodthirsty Force had come here. They thought that the others looked down on them so they didn't tell Shi Yan the deadly feature of the small box. They wanted to see Shi Yan tasting the bitter flavor. No one had told him the trap in that box.

"Tsunami Chamber of Commerce delivered this item?" Shi Yan was surprised.

He looked baffled when he studied the piece of rock that supported the jade box. He rubbed his chin, grabbed the box and threw away the rock.

The jade box felt really heavy in his hand with a cold aura. It didn't look magical or anything else. Contemplating for a while, he rose his hand to open the box. As soon as his finger touched the lid, a terrifyingly brutal force flooded his soul altar as if he had a bucket of water poured on his head.

His body trembled and the entire hall was shaken several times. Cracks appeared thickly on the walls.

However, Shi Yan stood still at his spot. He didn't back off as Wu Lie did. He looked frightened but he seemed to control it well as if he was listening to something.

Mu Wei, Wu Lie, and Jiao Mu looked stiff. They were shocked with concealed gleams of fear.

Wu Lie who had remained at Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm for so many years had been struck and he had to step back to steady his body. And Shi Yan, the one who had just entered Incipient G.o.d Realm didn't have to step back. He was as solid as a ten thousand years old rock. From only this event, did this prove that Shi Yan was stronger than Wu Lie?

Everybody was astonished. They looked at the lid of the box to see if he had opened it yet.

They looked disappointed as the lid of the box didn't even move. The designated person that Tsunami Chamber of Commerce had mentioned couldn't open it. This made the others more curious.

"I could feel my Master's aura..."

At the same time, Shi Yan heard the Ring Spirit's voice in his head. The Ring Spirit had woken after a long time of staying silent.

—— The aura inside the box had wakened it up.

Shi Yan furrowed his brows. He held the jade box and asked, "Please arrange me a secret chamber."

"Follow me," Sha Zhao was the first one to react to his request while the others were still baffled.

Shi Yan immediately walked after him.

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