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South of Tsunami Star.

Many majestic cities built like mountain ranges stood imposingly. Those cities were s.p.a.cious like giant beasts crouching on the ground. Under the nine suns, the cities had beautiful halos of iron or jade.

This planet had nine suns and six moons. It was so hot in the daylight and bitter cold when the night fell. However, whether it was day or night, the Tsunami Star was illuminating all the time. There was no absolute darkness.

There was a city called Black Iron in the South that was built of celestial jet black iron. It was one of the nine cities of Tsunami Star.

There was a teleport formation in the forest outside the city leading to the "Black" area of Tsunami Star. Usually, warriors from other star areas entered Black Iron City first after they teleported here through the Black area.

Tsunami Star had nine cities and each of them was a big trading center with countless shops. At least half of those shops belonged to the Tsunami Chamber of Commerce and the remaining belonged to many other forces.

The Tsunami Star was the most famous business center in the universe. People could buy any cultivating materials at any grade. Even Original Incipient Grade materials weren't rare in this city.

It could be said that if something couldn't be found in Tsunami Star, it wouldn't be found elsewhere.

The nine cities of Tsunami Star were arranged in each corner. Each of them was so grand they attracted many warriors from other star areas to come trade.

Tsunami Star was where warriors could buy anything including cultivating materials, mineral lodes, mine slaves, and even the life stars.

Rumors said that Tsunami Chamber of Commerce used to sell an entire star area!


Inside a strange chamber in a training building in Black Iron City, two people were cultivating.

The ceiling of this chamber had inlaid many seven-colored divine crystals arranged in a particular formation. With a close look, the divine crystals were arranged to create the word "Water." The tranquilizing energy rippled from that word to help warriors concentrate better.

This chamber didn't have a solid ground. There was a water pond that was crystal clear with murmuring water. This chamber was designed to increase the power comprehension of the warriors who cultivated Water power Upanishad.

It was a special training chamber build by Tsunami Chamber of Commerce. They let the warriors cultivating Water power rent this kind of training chamber to cultivate. There were so many similarly customized training chambers including Fire, Ice, Lightning, and all the common powers Upanishads.

These special cultivating rooms were aimed at the warriors from different races to accelerate their progress of acc.u.mulating energy and advancing their power.

These kinds of training buildings were categorized in different levels with different fees. Tsunami Chamber of Commerce managed all of them and the year-round turnover from this business wasn't something ordinary people could imagine.

Inside this Water chamber, the pond had many Water Heart Crystals. They were crystals that looked like a heart.

A s.e.xy woman was cultivating in the pond and taking in the energy of the Water Heart Crystals to refine her body. She was like a drop of water that became a part of this cultivating room to understand the water power.

Sitting by the pond was a white-haired woman. Her eyes were closed as if she was sleeping.

After a while, she opened her eyes and revealed glum pupils as if she had to bear a lot of grief. She looked at the melting Water Heart Crystals in the pond and said to the other woman, "It's good now. Your Incipient G.o.d Realm is stable."

The s.e.xy woman in the pond was Cecilia. After Desolate had thrown her out, she went directly to Tsunami Star to meet her teacher. She wanted to tell her the events that happened on Desolate and then went directly to Agate Star Area. However, Lena, her teacher, had forced her to stay. Cecilia had to use Water Heart Crystals to refine her realm and enter Incipient G.o.d Realm.

Before entering Desolate, Cecilia's realm was Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. After ten years of training on Desolate, her state of mind, will, and understanding of power had gotten over the bottleneck. Also, she was so lucky to collect Original Incipient Grade crystals of Water cla.s.s: the Water Heart Crystal. She got all the things she needed for her breakthrough.

Lena had ordered her strictly that she should seize the chance to break through. She had to stay. Under her teacher's protection, she used the special Water cultivating room to cultivate and break through to Incipient G.o.d Realm.

Lena had collected the magical materials needed to stabilize her Incipient G.o.d Realm from Tsunami Chamber of Commerce. After taking in the power of the Water Heart Crystals, Cecilia's realm was stabilized; her mind wasn't going to fall in trouble anymore.

"Teacher, my realm is stable today. Will you let me go?"

Cecilia smiled charmingly as her naked body emerged from the pond. Her skin was like beautifully smooth white jade. She was so eye-catching like a ripe peach that arose people's desires.

"You want to go to Agate Star Area to find the young man called Shi Yan?" Lena snorted. "It's very difficult for me to find a Guiding Fruit for you. I expected you to find his remains for me. You didn't do that and instead did something with that man. Now, you tell me that you want to go find him? Tell me, did you even care about your teacher?"

"No, I want to find him to talk about that," Cecilia hurried to explain. "He and I had gotten into that strange world, but I was kicked out unknowingly. He must have been kept there. Many things had happened after that continuously so I didn't have a chance to ask him about that until I was thrown out of Desolate."

"You said that you were thrown out but he wasn't?" Lena was surprised.

"I'm sure about that," Cecilia said earnestly, "When he fought Harson, I saw his Ethereal Extent, which was seventy percent or even eighty percent similar to the world that I had intruded. I think..."

"He had merged that world into his Ethereal Extent!" Lena was shocked.

Cecilia nodded.

Lena quieted down and, contemplated, After a while, she said faintly. "Then, you don't need to go to Agate Star Area. Lately, the G.o.d Clan attacked the forces that had helped him counter the G.o.d Clan in Agate Star Area. Their leaders have come to Tsunami Star. If nothing unexpected happens, the boy you've mentioned should be there too."

"Why will he come to Tsunami Star?" Cecilia was surprised.

"Because it's safest here. After dozens of thousands of years, although the Four Great Creatures have always been fighting, this planet hasn't been affected. Whether it's the Immortal Demon Clan, Imperial Dark Tribe, the G.o.d Clan, or Heavenly Monster Tribe, or even the Bloodthirsty Force at their peak of glory, they have never attacked Tsunami Star. Thus, when small forces want to have some secret meetings, the G.o.d Clan could capture them at once. But if they do that on Tsunami Star and even if their information is disclosed, the G.o.d Clan can't attack them immediately," explained Len.

"Teacher, you've met the President of the Tsunami Chamber of Commerce. Who is he after all? Why does even the G.o.d Clan not dare to touch Tsunami Chamber of Commerce?"

"Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's water is really deep. That President is also mysterious and unpredictable. I can't guess what mysteries he embraces."

"If Shi Yan goes to Tsunami Star, how can I meet him?"

"Go find Sha Zhao of the Gu G.o.d Sect. They're in Black Iron City now. When you meet them, you will also meet the one you wanted to find."

"Oh, thank you."


Sha Zhao of the Gu G.o.d Sect, Wu Feng and Wu Bai of the Wu family, Jiao Shan and Jiao Hai of the Jiao family, Mo Fou, and Fuller were staying in a mansion in Black Iron City. Accompanying them were leaders of all kinds of forces. This medium-sized mansion was hosting the real leaders of the major star areas.

All of a sudden, an old man wearing a cyan brocade costume with a crystal embroidered on the hem and dark green hair draping around his shoulder came with some warriors.

"The Black Iron City Branch Manager of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce Tie Dun is coming!" A Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm warrior standing behind the old man pitched his voice, which had an unconcealed arrogant tone.

Being the city guard of Black Iron City of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce, he was respected in every star area he had visited. Also, the leaders and tyc.o.o.ns of many forces had to respect him because he was part of the Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's staff. He considered it his honor.

The Tsunami Chamber of Commerce had stood still for dozens of thousands of years in this sea of stars. It had started in a small star area and expanded to the entire cosmos. It had become a special force in this universe. Even the Four Great Creatures didn't dare to challenge them in their peak of power. It was the solid confidence of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce and the honor of each member of this incredible organization.

The leaders of the forces staying in the mansion were startled when they heard that Tie Dun, the Black Iron City manager, wanted to meet them.

Great Elder Mu Wei of the Gu G.o.d Sect was a man with an aquiline nose and a sinister appearance. He frowned and looked at the crowd in the secret chamber. He asked, "Who contacted Tie Dun? How come he knows we're gathering here?"

Bai Ye Feng was Black Wind's sworn brother in Black River Star Area. He said naturally, "You guys have underestimated Tsunami Chamber of Commerce. They know every small commotion on Tsunami Star. There aren't many secrets that can be concealed from Tsunami Chamber of Commerce or their mysterious President."

Jiao Mu of the Jiao family discolored. "If Tsunami Chamber of Commerce knows we're here, I suppose the G.o.d Clan does too. I heard that the mysterious president of this chamber of commerce has some relationship with the G.o.d Clan. If he joins the G.o.d Clan to ambush us, aren't we in the tiger's mouth now?"

Bai Ye Feng waved his hand. "If Tsunami Chamber of Commerce and the G.o.d Clan walk the same path, the number of the star areas that the G.o.d Clan has been invading isn't a small one. Frankly speaking, if Tsunami Chamber of Commerce joined hands with the G.o.d Clan, our star areas would have become their va.s.sals for sure."

Hearing him, everybody quieted down to contemplate his opinions.

After a while, they nodded in agreement. They thought that Bai Ye Feng wasn't just exaggerating.

Tsunami Chamber of Commerce does have this weight!"

"Don't make a.s.sumptions. Let's hear what Tie Dun will say." Bai Ye Feng stood up. His figure flashed and disappeared from the secret chamber. He walked directly to the garden in the mansion and raised his voice. "Hey, Tie Dun, my old friend! Long time no see."

The others hesitated and stayed in the chamber for a moment before getting out to greet the guests with Bai Ye Feng.


At the same time, Shang Chen and Shi Yan were staying in front of a city gate of Black Iron. They had to submit divine crystal to get into the city. After making the payment, they stepped in.

"Too bustling and lively!"

Shi Yan couldn't hold his compliments as soon as he raked his eyes around the street.

"Of course, Tsunami Star hasn't been affected by the war for dozens of thousands of years. No one could know how much money and fame it has acc.u.mulated. As it's the heart of this universe, how could it not be rich?" smiled Shang Chen.

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