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Ancient G.o.d Continent.

A limestone cave ran directly into the earth where it was filled with heat waves. It had so many lava ponds filled with scorching red liquid. The energy fluctuations in this area were dense and powerful.

This limestone cave was so s.p.a.cious. It was like a small world with millions of lava ponds. Vaguely, they formed a magical formation. A figure was soaking in a scorching pond, his face handsome and resolute even though he was closing his eyes.

He opened his eyes and shot dark red lights.

The lights had triggered the power of the restriction in the cave. Instantaneously, all the lava ponds in the cave began to boil.

Then the lava in the pond gathered and created flaming ribbons. They flew out of the lava ponds, consecutively winding around his naked body.

The flaming scarlet ribbons had refined his spirit and body. It extracted the contamination in his blood to increase his power.

The lava pond quickly dried up. Within dozens of seconds, millions of lava ponds were exhausted.

However, after one hour, new lava came and filled the ponds from the earth core.

Once the lava ponds were refilled, the young man continued to use his secret technique to gather the flaming liquid and make them ribbons to quench his body and soul to perfect himself.

A shadow appeared like a ghost or a wisp of a soul. He stood inside the limestone cave and looked at the young man in the biggest pond.

After a long time, he snorted and called, "Haig!"

The young man lifted his head, red flames flashing in his eyes. He resumed his calmness. His naked body floated up and he addressed the other respectfully, "Elder."

Feng Jue looked at him coldly, "Did you reflect on your mistakes on the ancient continent?"

Haig nodded, "I know I was wrong."

"What is your mistake?" Feng Jue furrowed his brows.

"I had underestimated my opponent's competence," Haig pondered and said.

Feng Jue studied him, his eyes evil and bizarre. After a while, he said coldly, "You've reached Incipient G.o.d Realm and refined your body here. Your power Upanishad has advanced too. Anyway, that Shi Yan is standing in your way. You must kill him yourself. The others can't help you. Only defeating him and breaking his soul altar can help you advance further on your path of cultivating power Upanishad."

Ten years ago, Haig had one foot into Incipient G.o.d Realm. His realm, power, and body had been qualified to enter the new realm. However, to be eligible to enter Desolate for the Genesis Fruit, he had forcefully pressed down his realm. He had lingered at Peak of Ethereal G.o.d Realm during the whole trip.

When he came back from Desolate, he didn't restrain his power anymore. Shortly after, he had entered Incipient G.o.d Realm. He had used a secret technique to refine his soul and body. His soul altar was refined one more time. His realm and power Upanishad all upgraded.

However, the failure on the ancient continent had created a Mara in his heart. It affected his moods and it cracked in his arrogant confidence.

Feng Jue knew that this crack would affect his realm in the future and make his fast progress stagnate.

Haig had fused with the Origin of Ancient G.o.d Continent. He was going to become an a.s.surance for the prosperity of the G.o.d Clan in the future. Feng Jue wasn't going to allow Haig to fail again. He knew where Haig's illness was rooted. "Go to Tsunami Star. The one you want to kill is there. As soon as you destroy him, you can secure your state of mind."

"I will never fail you again!"

Haig answered. With a harsh gleam crossing his eyes, he mumbled to himself, "Shi Yan, I hope you're well prepared."


The G.o.d-blessed Mainland.

Audrey had woken up for a long time, but she still used the evil souls to nurture her host soul. The Incipient Extent she had created was a murky gray world. It had cold energy fluctuations that could terrify people.

This kind of yin energy ran directly into people's souls as if it could freeze the other's soul altar.

After a long time, she opened her beautiful eyes and smiled, "Mother, I've broken through to Incipient G.o.d Realm!"

Adele smiled lovingly at her. "With your innate talents, I'm not surprised that you can reach Incipient G.o.d Realm early. How do you feel?"

Audrey closed her eyes to sense her body. She answered happily, "Excellent. Oh right, did somebody help me by giving me many souls while I was cultivating? When I was condensing the Incipient Extent, I could feel my soul altar change, so I used our secret technique to refine it once."

"Yeah... something changed while you were cultivating." Adele's eyes brightened. "As you've done before, you should go to Tsunami Star and buy some divine liquids to improve your soul altar."

Audrey stood up and nodded. She was about to leave immediately. She had visited Tsunami Star many times. She knew how to get there.

It had started when she had reached King G.o.d Realm. After she entered the new realm, she went to Tsunami Star to find marvelous liquids to strengthen her soul altar. The soul altar training method of the Imperial Dark Tribe was unique. Every time their soul altars evolved, they needed some special liquids to secure it.

"Wait a minute," Adele called to her and frowned, "I heard that the forces of the star areas where the G.o.d Clan has invaded were having a secret summit meeting in the Tsunami Star. Many people with different purposes will go there too. You should be careful."

"I will."

"I will a.s.sign Gillette to go with you."

"Oh, do I need to go with Gillette this time?"

"Sure you do."



Tsunami Star.

It was a ma.s.sive level 7 life star. This life star was the life star that ranked only behind the ancient continent in the level of thick earth and heaven energy.

It stayed in the center of Tsunami Star Area and was surrounded by dozens of life stars like stars surrounding the bright moon. There was a Sea Territory near Tsunami Star where millions of battleships and s.p.a.ceships from different star areas embarked and disembarked. Every day, billions of warriors from many races came here.

The Sea Territory of Tsunami Star was acknowledged as the liveliest wonderland of this universe. It was much wealthier and more bustling than any Sea Territory of the G.o.d Clan.

All of this was because of a force at Tsunami Star Area: the Tsunami Chamber of Commerce.

The Tsunami Chamber of Commerce was similar to Potion and Tool Pavilion. They were specialized in collecting and trading materials. The Tsunami Chamber of Commerce also bought and sold crystals, divine weapons, Power Upanishad Source of Inheritance, beast bones and souls, and even life stars.

The structure of this Chamber of Commerce was much bigger than Potion and Tool Pavilion. Compared to Tsunami Chamber of Commerce, Potion and Tool Pavilion was like a small ant standing by an elephant. They weren't at the same level.

The Tsunami Chamber of Commerce had business affairs around star areas in this cosmos. Even if it was a small corner of the universe, the warriors could still find their stores. If the clan or force wasn't closed and conservative, it knew about the Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's existence and create a close and complex connection with this Chamber of Commerce.

If Potion and Tool Pavilion's business covered the entire Agate Star Area, Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's affairs had covered the entire universe.

Tsunami Chamber of Commerce and the ruling echelons of big star areas had a harmonious relationship. The forces of Hollow Fearsome Star Area, Prosaic Star Area, Earth Eye Star Area, Sirius Star Area, Black River Star Area, and other star areas had trading affairs with this chamber of commerce. Even the families of the G.o.d Clan had to have a close connection with this organization.

This Chamber of Commerce didn't join any war in the sea of stars. Just like a genuine businessman, it only collected and sold materials in the star areas.

At the same time, no one wanted to offend this Chamber of Commerce. Even the brutal G.o.d Clan didn't dare to attack its stores.

Many people had guessed that Tsunami Chamber of Commerce had a close-knit relationship with the G.o.d Clan. They thought that perhaps the mysterious president of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce was one of the elders of the G.o.d Clan's Elder Committee.

There were many rumors about the mysterious president of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce. Some said that he was from Immortal Demon Clan while others rumored that he was from Heavenly Monster Tribe.

This man was so mysterious. He had secluded to cultivate all the time. Many experts of the influent forces wanted to meet him once, but they were all denied. Not many people had the chance to know his real name too.

They heard that this Chamber of Commerce had existed for dozens of thousands of years ago. It had witnessed the four Great Creatures take turns to be the overlord and the rise of the Bloodthirsty Force. The president of this Tsunami Chamber of Commerce was always mysterious in each generation. However, they were all geniuses that could bring the Chamber of Commerce to their glory today.

Besides the Sea Territory for the battleships to travel, there were many s.p.a.ce Teleport Formations around the planet.

Although the s.p.a.ce Teleport Formations could teleport only creatures and not giant battleships, the four areas of the s.p.a.ce Teleport Formations were hectic like running water. Every day, experts from many star areas could come or leave through the formations. The teleport formations were much more convenient than the Sea Territory because they could go directly to the destination without traveling further as when using the Sea Territory.

The four areas of the teleport formation on Tsunami Chamber of Commerce were called Heaven, Earth, Black, and Yellow. Each area had dozens of differently sized formations. Some could teleport only one or two pa.s.sengers while the ma.s.sive formations could transport a thousand or a million pa.s.senger at a time.

Of course, anyone who wanted to use the formation in the Heaven, Earth, Black, and Yellow areas had to pay with divine crystals. Tsunami Chamber of Commerce collected fees and the fees varied based on the capacity of the formation and the distance.


Today, a small, normal-looking teleport formation in Black Teleport Area of the Tsunami Chamber of Commerce glowed up. The formation emitted waves of vague energy.

This formation was strange. It was rectangular shaped with four statues of savage beasts watching the four corners. Those monster statues had Empty Fantasy Crystals in their mouths. Their deep eyes sparkled together with the divine crystals under their feet. When the strange formation glowed, the four statues roared.

The roaring ceased. The divine crystals under the beasts' feet turned into ashes and scattered. Two people appeared.

The Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's staff stood by the formation. They fluently took out new divine crystals to replace the ashes underneath the monster. The formation was ready to use again.

A guard holding a shining black stone in his hand talked to them. "Submit three thousand top-quality divine crystals."

Shang Chen smiled and raised his hand. A bright yellow cloud flew up and carried a lot of divine crystals that were sparkling under the sunlight of nine dazzling suns in the sky.

"What do you think?" He turned to Shi Yan.

Along the way, he had briefed Shi Yan on the situation of the Tsunami Chamber of Commerce, but it wasn't very detailed. He wanted Shi Yan to observe it himself.

Shi Yan turned to look at the magical formation behind him. He was astounded. "... They used the monster's souls to carve the formation. The person who had designed and built this formation was very excellent and creative."

"Tsunami Chamber of Commerce has many warriors cultivating s.p.a.ce power Upanishad. One of them has reached Third Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm. He's stronger than Bello. The Chamber of Commerce's teleport formations are built by their staff who cultivate s.p.a.ce power Upanishad. Besides this place, they have three other areas, that are similar to here with dozens of big and small teleport formation," explained Shang Chen.

"This Chamber of Commerce is very powerful," Shi Yan nodded.

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