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Immortal Island.

The Yang family's mansion still stood firm. It just looked a little shabby. Yang Tian Emperor stood inside the mansion that was covered in spider webs and dust, silent for a long time.

Emotions swarmed him. He sighed, "It has been too many years..."

The members of the Yang family and the Shi family also were very emotional. They didn't think that after moving around the cosmos, they would have to return to their starting point. Life was strange, indeed.

Xia Xin Yan was standing in this crowd. Her bright eyes were dispirited. She looked lonely as she sighed.

The Xia family and the Yang family had been friends for many generations. Because of the incident in Divine Great Land, they had become strangers. Xia Qing Hou went in the wrong direction as they didn't want to stay on the same side as the Yang family. Eventually, the Xia family declined.

Shi Yan's people were the ones who stood and laughed at the end of the battle in the Perpetual Night Forest. However, he didn't ma.s.sacre the Xia family that year.

Two hundred years had pa.s.sed quietly. Many members of the Xia family couldn't break through to the next realm so they had to slowly die naturally. Xia Xin Yan didn't know where the other members were living. She felt so bitter. Seeing the Yang family and the Shi family walk to new heights compared to the Xia family, she felt so sour that she couldn't even utter a word.

Right at this moment, someone held her hand. She turned around to look at Shi Yan.

"There are still many members of the Xia family on this continent," he smiled at her.

"Where?" Xia Xin Yan's beautiful eyes brightened.

"I'll take you there."

A light pa.s.sage appeared. Shi Yan took Xia Xin Yan through it. They flashed and disappeared from the Immortal Island.

The Reincarnation Island in Jia Luo Sea Area was the place where the Xia family was staying.

This small island had many bushes of wild gra.s.s. Standing at the South-East corner were big halls and buildings made of flaming red stone. Dozens of young warriors of the Xia family were practicing on the training yard.

Xia Ye was one of them.

He was at Disaster Realm and he was practicing martial arts together with some other young members of the Xia family.

A crook-backed old man sat at the corner of the training yard and nodded his head as he watched Xia Ye.

Xia Ye stopped practicing his martial arts and walked to the old man. "Precursor Zhou, I heard that you've lived for more than two hundred years. What happened to the Xia family in Divine Great Land two hundred years ago?"

Zhou Yu darkened his face and snorted, "Why are you asking about such nonsense? The Reincarnation Island is the root of the Xia family. It has always been like that. The Xia family has never come to Divine Great Land!"

"Why does our great grandfather sigh and say every time that if we hadn't chosen the wrong side, we would have left a long time ago?" Xia Ye lowered his voice and murmured, "I heard that the real hero had left many years ago from here to outer s.p.a.ce. Rumors said that if we hadn't chosen the wrong way, our Xia family would have led them to enter the sea of stars. Is it true?"

Zhou Yu was irritated. He shouted at the young man, "Don't talk such nonsense!"

He lifted his head to look at the sky and sighed inwardly.

It has been many years, our Young Lady... I wonder if she still survives. Our Head doesn't have much time. I hope he can meet her one last time.

He stood up and walked by himself to the mountain behind the Xia family. Inside a cave mansion behind the mountain, Xia Shen Chuan was sitting cross-legged to doc.u.ment the martial techniques that he had learned. His vitality had weakened gradually, so he had to write down all the techniques he had learned throughout his life with the hope of leaving some legacy to the Xia family.

His father, Xia Qing Hou had gone with the Pure Land that year. In the end, the Pure Land was defeated and ran away. His father took them back to the Endless Sea.

Since that day, Xia Qing Hou was always dismal. And later on, his strange illness had occupied him one more time. As the earth and heaven energy in this area was reduced, Xia Qing Hou couldn't advance his realm further. Gradually, he died from exhaustion. Before he died, his sound mind came back to him for a moment and he had reminded his children about his mistake.

"Head Master," Zhou Yu came forward.

Xia Shen Chuan lifted his head and smiled, "Why don't you supervise the kids in the training yard."

"Head Master, you should continue to insist on it. "As soon as you can reach True G.o.d Realm, your longevity will increase. You can live more. Maybe you will see our Young Lady come home."

Xia Shen Chuan shook his head with a forced smile, "Don't advise me furthermore. I'm sure I can't break through anymore. It's better to save my remaining time to doc.u.ment more martial arts for the kids."

"Head Master! It's different now! Don't you feel like the spirit Qi in the Endless Sea is much thicker than in the past? You still have time! If you're still wasting your time and effort in writing down those martial techniques, you will not have any chance!" Zhou Yu said, "If Little Yan knew you were like this, she would have felt very disappointed!"

Xia Shen Chuan quivered, his hand trembling as he was writing. He said miserably. "More than two hundred years. When Little Yan left through the s.p.a.ce crack inside Fire and Ice Secret Domain that year, I knew she couldn't survive. Dangers are everywhere in outer s.p.a.ce. If she's still alive, she would have come back soon."


The stone at the cave entrance was broken.

Xia Shen Chuan and Zhou Yu unconsciously turned around to look. They were shocked immediately, their old eyes watery. They were so bewildered as they pointed at the ones who had just arrived, but they couldn't make a sound.

Xia Xin Yan stood by the cave entrance, tears lingering in her beautiful eyes. She sobbed, "Grandfather..."

"Little Yan! It's Little Yan! Am I dizzy?" Xia Shen Chuan felt like he had a dying flash of lucidity. He glowed in health and dashed out of the cave.

"It's me. It's really me..." Xia Xin Yan cried and tried to talk.

It'd been so long time. She wanted to go home, but she didn't have a chance.

The s.p.a.ce pa.s.sages connecting Agate Star Area to other star areas were sealed or full of dangers. She wasn't strong enough to go home, so she could only embrace and hide her nostalgia in her heart.

Today, her homeland had come to Agate Star Area directly. Since they were in the same star area, she had finally had a chance to visit her homeland.

It had been two hundred years. Xia Xin Yan couldn't hold herself when she knew that her family members were still alive.

Shi Yan stood at a corner behind the mountain and watched the cave mansion. He didn't step in.

Before he had reached Incipient G.o.d Realm, he had visited Sky Meteor City, the Endless Sea, and Divine Great Land once. From that trip, he knew that the Xia family was staying in the Reincarnation Island, but he didn't visit them. It would have been on the same day.

That year, it was Xia Qing Hou who had betrayed them to follow the Pure Land. Although this person had died a long time ago, Shi Yan still had a knot with the Xia family.

Thus, even though he had brought Xia Xin Yan back here to let her reunite with her family, he didn't want to meet them.

After a long time, Xia Shen Chuan and Zhou Yu appeared at the cave entrance and looked at him from a distance. Xia Shen Chuan bowed to him and said loudly, "On behalf of the Xia family, I want to deliver our apology to the Yang family."

Zhou Yu eyed Shi Yan. He was filled with astonishment.

From Xia Xin Yan, he knew Shi Yan's realm and status now. Compared to the man he knew in the past, the young man standing in front of him was a representative of miracles.

Many members of the Xia family heard Xia Shen Chuan's voice. They were surprised and they gathered from different areas.

Xia Ye was one of them. He dashed and saw a young man standing in the valley. That man looked around his age, twenty-something. He was wearing black clothes, his long hair draped over his shoulder as he showcased his majestic figure and harsh bearings.

"The Yang family? Is that the family of the prodigy that people have talked about? He's the one who had delivered many strong clans in our continent to outer s.p.a.ce. He's the immortal legend of our continent!" Xia Ye screamed in fear.

"Shi Yan, my grandfather said sorry. You... do you still hold the grudge?" Xia Xin Yan thinned her lips, her eyes bright. "Shi Yan? I think I heard this name before..."

"The Yang family and Shi Yan... Is he that man of the legend?"

"Is that really him? The one who has escaped to outer s.p.a.ce?"

The members of the Xia family were boisterous. They looked at Shi Yan as if he was their idol.

The name Shi Yan was a legend in this era. He was an idol and a hero in many people's minds. In every corner of the continent, warriors from every clan knew this name.

This man had brought their precursors and seniors out of this land and entered the cosmos. At that time, they weren't strong enough, so they weren't qualified to come with the others. However, their precursors had told them that when they were strong enough, they could get the right to enter outer s.p.a.ce.

Their precursors asked them to memorize this name and told them all of these events were possible because of an extraordinary expert who had brought hope to this exhausted continent.

Xia Ye and all of the members of the Xia family gazed at the man without even blinking.

Shi Yan's brows furrowed and then stretched. "With you here, how could I hold such a grudge?"

Xia Xin Yan felt so sweet.

"Then how about this Reincarnation Island?" She hesitated.

Xia Shen Chuan and Zhou Yu knew the secret so they clenched their fists anxiously.

From Xia Xin Yan, they knew many marvelous secrets of the continent. They knew the Endless Sea would be the most attractive place in the entire universe. It would attract many warriors from outer s.p.a.ce to come and cultivate. Each square meter here would be worth a whole divine crystal lode.

If Shi Yan nodded, it would be the huge fortune to the Xia family, which could affect the Xia family for the next ten thousand years.

"All right," Shi Yan sighed, "you guys can stay and cultivate in this island."

Xia Shen Chuan and Zhou Yu were thrilled. They honestly bowed to him.

"I'm leaving," Shi Yan nodded to Xia Xin Yan as he was about to leave.

"You have to leave tomorrow, so stay with me today." Xia Xin Yan's bright eyes moved as she walked to him and hooked his arm. They flashed and disappeared.

In the next moment, Shi Yan and Xia Xin Yan reappeared in a forest on the beach of the Reincarnation Island. As soon as they landed, she kissed Shi Yan pa.s.sionately. Her snow-white arms wrapped around his neck, her s.e.xy body leaning against his.

Her bright eyes were dreamy as her soft body arched toward him. She aroused his l.u.s.ty desire. Biting her succulent red lips, she breathed out the orchid fragrance. "You're stronger than me today. It's time to fulfill my promise that year..."

Her graceful body spun one round, releasing herself from her clothes. Her perfect body like the jade was exposed.

Shi Yan's eyes were scorching. Seeing the woman jumped onto his lap, he thundered huskily and hugged her, enjoying their time pa.s.sionately.

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