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There were beautiful white light halos expanded by the blood pond. Every time the white life flashed, it meant that a group of people had left Devil Blood Star.

Divine Land City's citizens had used the formation to continuously leave under Shi Yan's control. Many people who had partic.i.p.ated in his life had finally met him after so many years.

He stood by the blood pond. Blood Devil, Fu Wei, Feng Han, Lin Xin, and leaders of the other forces also stood quietly by the formation, their countenances complex.

The warriors of the Yang family and the Shi family stood at the end of the line. They didn't take the chance to leave first. Yang Tian Emperor was talking with Blood Devil. They were discussing something interesting.

Shortly after, most of the Divine Land City's residents had left. Only the members of the Yang family and the Shi family remained.

Yang Tian Emperor looked at Shi Yan.

Shi Yan chuckled and then explained, "You guys shouldn't go back to Divine Land City. We're going to Immortal Island. Later on, this sea will have more spiritual Qi than Divine Great Land."

Yang Tian Emperor and Shi Jian looked moved and joyful.

"How about me? Which good land have you preserved for me?" Blood Devil laughed.

"Also the Endless Sea," Shi Yan squinted. "Our family will go to the Endless Sea because it will be the most precious land in the continent later."

Since he had fused with the ancient continent, he knew that Heavenly Monster Mountain Range in the Endless Sea was the holy land of Heavenly Monster Tribe. That sacred land was really magical as Heavenly Monster experts had changed the world's structure there. They had installed many new things.

Earlier, Shi Yan had found that the richness level of earth and heaven energy on many islands in the Endless Sea had gradually surpa.s.sed the average level in Grace Mainland. Definitely, they would become the most lively and live in the most wealthy areas in the continent.

Shi Yan was greedy, so he had to keep the best things for his family. Thus, the Yang family and the Shi family who walked the last are going to continue to be the overlord of the Endless Sea.

Fu Wei, Feng Han, and Lin Xin were listening, their faces suspicious.

"Shi Yan, isn't Devil Blood Star good enough? Why must you leave?" Wu Lan had talked for all of them. "If the Devil Blood Star doesn't have enough energy, why did you have to cross thousands of miles to get here?"

The others also looked at him.

Leona, Fei Lan, Ka Tuo, Fu Wei, and Zi Yao were also curious.

The people standing here at this moment had n.o.ble statuses or a close relationship with Shi Yan. Thus, they were qualified to know the secret.

Shi Yan contemplated for a while. He understood that the ancient continent wasn't a secret in the other star areas. They were going to know it eventually. He didn't need to conceal anymore. "You guys go with me to see with your own eyes."

People then had their eyes brighten and they all nodded.

"Ka Tuo, go to the Giant Clan and ask Zhen Gu and Na Xin to come to meet me here. The Giant Clan had helped us a lot that year. We shouldn't mistreat them."

"Precursor Fei Lan, please call Carthew and the others from Raging Flame Star Area. Yeah, just the people who are close to us. For example, the pirates from the Land of G.o.d Punishment should be brought here. We don't need to care about the ones from the Underworld League."

Shi Yan pondered and then advised the other.

Ka Tuo and Fei Lan went away immediately.

Feng Rao's charming face was happy. She was touched. She was a smart woman so she could guest that the ones who were invited here should have a big chance from Shi Yan.

The pirates of the Land of G.o.d Punishment were under her father's control. As they were gathering in Devil Blood Star and Shi Yan had asked to bring them here, of course, he had given her face.

When Zi Yao heard Shi Yan mention Carthew, she smiled, her bright eyes rippling light as she threw him a look.

Shortly after, Na Xin and Zhen Gu of the Giant Clan came like two mountains. Na Xin had almost reached Incipient G.o.d Realm, and Zhen Gu had entered Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. Now, their bodies were sparkling with a crystal light like jade with surging, which immediately increased immense Blood Qi.

"Hey Shi Yan, what did you call us for? Haha, our Giant Clan is content to live in Devil Blood Star. We don't want to move," guffawed Na Xin.

The Giant Clan was contented to their current life. Devil Blood Star was rich of earth and heaven energy and it was the base of Demon Clan. It was also one of the strongest areas in Agage Star Area. n.o.body dared to provoke "the strongest clan in Agate Star Area") The Giant Clan had a private area in Devil Blood Star. Currently, their soldiers' realms sharply increased.

Na Xin and Zhen Gu really enjoyed their current lives. Hearing Ka Tuo talking unclearly that Shi Yan wanted to move the Giant Clan, they weren't so willing.

"You can decide later," Shi Yan just smiled and gave no explanation beforehand.

After a while, Feng Ke, Carthew, and the warriors of Raging Flame Star Area arrived.

"Uncle," Zi Yao smiled and called him gently.

Carthew bent his body elegantly. "Your Highness, you look much better than before. Getting out of Raging Flame Star Area was a precise decision. It's our fate that we can come to Agate Star Area."

He turned to Shi Yan and smiled, "You've changed terrifically. Every time I see you, I have to jolt back."

Feng Ke and the captains of the pirates in the Land of G.o.d Punishment looked wary when they came here. Standing in front of Blood Devil, Fu Wei, and Feng Han, the famous warriors of Agate Star Area, they bent their bodies slightly as they were tense.

Feng Rao then walked to them and said, "Father, don't worry. It's a good thing that you're invited here. We're blessed..."

Feng Ke relaxed, nodded and smiled, looking at Shi Yan.

Of course, he knew the relationship between his daughter and Shi Yan. He also knew that Shi Yan had an ambiguous relationship with many women. Sometimes, he didn't feel that it was fair for his daughter. However, most of the time, he was happy because his daughter's choice was made precisely.

Because of his daughter's accurate presumption, the vulnerable pirates in the Land of G.o.d Punishment could move to a high-level star area and live in Devil Blood Star.

Compared to Agate Star Area's warriors, Raging Flame Star Area's warriors were weaker. When they came here, they felt like they were farmers visiting a big metropolis for the first time. They understood that what they got today was because of Shi Yan's concern to Feng Ke's daughter.

"Okay, we're all here. Let's go." Shi Yan raked through the group and then walked to the formation.

People immediately followed him.

The dazzling halos flashed when they disappeared. Then, they reappeared on the Immortal Island in the Endless Sea.

This place had a formation that Shi Yan had created a long time ago. Before he came to Devil Blood Star, he had fixed it and turned it into a marvelous formation that could cross the border between star areas easily.

They were now standing on the formation on the Immortal Island.


Yang Tian Emperor arched his brows. He cried when he was touched.

The members of the Yang family and the Shi family were baffled.

That year, when the Dark Clan and the Demon Clan had invaded the Endless Sea, creatures living on islands of the Endless Sea had to live in misery. Mountains had collapsed and the lakes had dried up. When they left the continent that year, everything was barren and dreary. At that time, Grace Mainland hadn't reached the end of its energy cycle, but the earth and heaven energy had already diluted.

Today, the Immortal Island had many strange plants, green mountains, and crystal-clear lakes. They could even see fat shrimps and fish with spirit Qi. The valleys were now filled with flowers. They had also found many strange and rare floras that grew only in some areas of Agate Star Area.

The white wisps of milky mist wound around the islands. Many different kinds of birds were singing, their voices echoing around the mountains. The auspicious clouds hovered in the sky with the hazy mist decorating the island and making it a wonderland somewhere.

Blood Devil, Fu Wei, and Feng Han were dumbstruck. Right after that, they released their Soul Consciousnesses to check around.

Shortly after, Feng Han said, "The spirit Qi in this area is really abundant and thick. It has many rare gra.s.s and plants. Oh, I can sense a divine crystal mine near here. Why... did you guy leave this place that year?"

He couldn't understand it.

"No, it's not true!" Na Xin had been to the Endless before. He frowned and then said, "Completely different! This is completely different from the previous time I came here. It's a whole new world!"

"If the earth and heaven energy in that place had been one-third of what we have now, how could we have had to leave?" sighed Yang Tian Emperor.

After people listened to Na Xin and Yang Tian Emperor, they looked at Shi Yan since they knew that there was some secret behind this scene.

As the others were gazing at him, Shi Yan lowered his voice. "Right now, the earth and heaven energy of this area isn't as strong as the energy in Devil Blood Star. But I'm sure that within one hundred years, it will surpa.s.s Devil Blood Star. One thousand years later, this place will have the thickest earth and heaven energy in the entire universe. It will be an auspicious time for warriors to train their bodies and practice their abilities. Later on, this continent was going to become the wonderland of the cosmos!"

Listening to him, people changed their visages. All looked shocked.

"It's true. In the next ten thousand years, this continent will become the cosmic center." A voice came from deep in the sky. However, a man instantly appeared on the Immortal Island and stood in front of the others.

Blood Devil at Third Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm was baffled when he saw the man. He shouted in awe. "You! What's your realm?"

"Allow me to introduce myself. I was born on this continent in the Immemorial Epoch. I'm a member of Heavenly Monster Tribe." Azure Dragon smiled and looked at Shi Yan. "Bloodthirsty Force's successor, we finally met. On behalf of all members of the Heavenly Monster Tribe, I thank you sincerely."

"Who are you, Sir?" Shi Yan had a turbulent vibe in his heart. In front of this man, he felt so small as if he had to lift his face to look at a high sky.

After breaking through to Incipient G.o.d Realm, Shi Yan could fell calm even when he faced Blood Devil. However, after this man had shown himself here, he felt deadly dangerous. It was like having the tip of a sharp spear placed on his Adam's apple. He felt so tense in every second.

He had never gotten this feeling before!

"I'm the current Chief of Heavenly Monster Tribe. I'm Azure Dragon," smiled the man.

Shi Yan discolored in fright. He was baffled for a while before he could pull himself together. He took a deep breath and then bowed to the man. "Sir, you old man. I didn't know that you were alive until now. I truly am meeting about an archaic monster."

Azure Dragon guffawed. "I'm sure you will reach Immortal Realm. Once you enter that realm, you can live as long as I can."

Listening to him, Fu Wei, Feng Han, Na Xin, Leona, Lin Xin, and the others were astounded.

The Immortal Realm was a legendary realm. Although Agate Star Area was a high-level star area, they never had a warrior in this realm for the past dozens of thousands of years.

This sort of warrior had only existed in rumors and myth. It was an existence that n.o.body had ever met.

Today, they finally saw one.


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