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It didn't take a long time to clear Divine Land City.

Each resident of Divine Land City was a warrior with a relatively high realm in Grace Mainland because only those warriors were qualified to live in Devil Blood Star.

They had cultivated ascetically for many years in Devil Blood Star, so their realms all upgraded. The warriors didn't need a long time to move out of the city.

Several hours later, the entire Divine Land City was empty. Several million residents of Divine Land City were now gathering one thousand meters away from the city. All of them were warriors from Grace Mainland with high realms. Currently, they were watching Divine Land City and discussing boisterously.

"What does Shi Yan want to do? He wants to prepare more formations to protect Divine Land City?"

Outside the city, Cao Qiu Dao was focused, his face suspicious.

"Maybe, that kid is now a towering giant. He's surprised people a lot." Fan Xiang Yun of the Yin Yang Wonderland wore a sad face. She stooped and shook her head. She then looked at the woman standing next to her.

It was Cao Zhi Lan.

Cao Zhi Lan was so upset, her heart twisted with regret and her face sorrowful.

She had never thought that Shi Yan, the one she had chased after in the Chasm Battlefield, could reach his current height.

She had self-proclaimed to be smart and keen, but she had kept this regret for the rest of her life.

There's a sort of man that if you don't hold on to him when he was weak, you will never get that chance again when he conquers the whole world.

Cao Zhi Lan lowered her head and sighed.

At another corner outside the city, the four cold women were looking at Divine Land City, their hearts filled with sorrow.

Standing behind them were beautiful girls of Ice Emperor City. All of them were wearing white dresses, their bodies graceful and cold.

Bing Qing Tong's eyes sparkled while she was talking gently. "At least... We had a good time with him. It's the best moment of our life. We will remember it and we know he remembers us. Even though we're small, he remembers us. He has visited us many times and brought us here."

Shuang Yu Zhu, Han Cui, Ling Dan Qing had mature makings. Listening to their big sister, the three women could only stoop and sigh.

After they had moved to this place, their lives had become better. They had a lot of cultivating materials and their realms were increasing steadily. Their disciples behaved well and the other forces in the city had treated them well. They weren't in a war and they had a lot of materials to cultivate with thick earth and heaven energy...

They were living the lives they had always wanted.

However, sometimes when they didn't cultivate, they couldn't help but remember the old times. When they were in Ice Emperor City, a young man had come like a sharp sword that thrust into their hearts. He had brought them to fight others and they had experienced ups and downs...

They sometimes thought that if they had a choice, they would be willing to live the same old days of fear. At least, they had him at that time.

Recently, they thought about the ideal life where they could have anything they wanted. However, they knew that they lacked one thing.

The one thing that never belonged to them.

"A man like him will never be bound to any woman. No one will have him forever!" Bing Qing Tong sighed and continued sadly. "We're lucky. We're old stories of his life. We're much luckier than many women."

The other three contemplated for a while and then smiled gently. Memories arose in their minds. Whenever they recalled old stories, they looked even prettier.


"They're all gone."

In the City Master's building, Blood Devil retrieved his Soul Consciousness and confirmed.

Fu Wei, Yang Tian Emperor, and Shi Jian also stayed outside the city. The other cities on this planet also focused on Divine Land City as they were so curious.

They wanted to see what Shi Yan would do.

"In the coming ten thousand years, Grace Mainland will become the most suitable area to cultivate in this universe. Not only because of the abundant earth and heaven energy but the warriors can also touch the truth of power Upanishad." Shi Yan smiled and said to Blood Devil, "I will preserve an area for you. You will manage that place the way you want. How does it sound?"

Blood Devil laughed and nodded to him.

Since he knew the magical secrets of the ancient continent and the power of the Genesis Fruit, he knew how heavy Shi Yan's words were.

In the next ten thousand years, Grace Mainland was going to replace Ancient G.o.d Continent to become the most magical place in this universe. Each square meter of Grace Mainland was going to be as expensive as gold. Many warriors of the other star areas were going to want to cultivate there. It was also the reason why Sha Zhao and Mo Fou had rushed to rescue Shi Yan when they heard he was in trouble.

Later on, each section of Grace Mainland was going to become priceless. Blood Devil knew this, so he didn't pretend to be so polite. He nodded his head immediately.

"I will bring Divine Land City away," Shi Yan stated while his face was stern.

Blood Devil nodded one more time. He didn't talk more and just disappeared from this city after a flash.


Shi Yan appeared in the sky above Divine Land City. He sat cross-legged and hovered in between the clouds.

The crowds of Divine Land City and Devil Blood Star were watching him from a distance. They had concentrated, some even forgetting to breathe. Everyone was so excited.

They wanted to know what he would do.

Suddenly, the intimidating power that shook the entire sky arose. s.p.a.ce cracked. Several-thousand-meter long sabers appeared in the void like sabers of angels cutting the void.

The sky had many cracks where eye-catching lights shot out like thousands of meteors.

The void was like a ma.s.sive, torn open bag. Countless beams of five-colored light shot out everywhere. The gusts swept through the entire place terrifyingly. The incredibly enormous s.p.a.ce crack that covered the Divine Land City slowly pressed down.

The horrible pressure like the power of G.o.d grumblingly descended from the sky. Many warriors felt a ma.s.sive hand pressing on their soul altars that they couldn't even wiggle to resist. This kind of intimidation arose deep in their hearts. The higher realm warriors had to bear bigger pressures.

Many warriors standing outside Divine Land City screamed and stepped back when they saw the earth-shaking commotion.

The shining s.p.a.ce sabers that were dozens of thousands of meters long moved around the sky and cutting it. People could see beautiful wonders through those cracks. They saw meteors colliding, shattering, and shooting out billions of pieces. Those small rock pieces could kill even Incipient G.o.d Realm experts.

Many experts at Peak of Ethereal G.o.d Realm or Incipient G.o.d Realm looked at the meteors colliding inside those s.p.a.ce cracks with grimaces. Instinctively, they stepped backward.

All of a sudden, the ma.s.sive sabers in the air had transformed into ma.s.sive hands that pulled and tore the s.p.a.ce crack further.

Billions of outer s.p.a.ce streamers shot out, covering the entire Divine Land City like membranes. The several-thousand-square-mile Divine Land City was tied and lifted off the ground. In that grumbling commotion like an avalanche, Divine Land City slowly floated up and flew towards the crack that looked like a bag of air.

The crowd on the ground was astounded. They looked bewilderedly shocked.

"He... To where does he want to move Divine Land City?"

"My G.o.d, what kind of power is that? I'm afraid that Incipient G.o.d Realm experts aren't this powerful!"

"Is it true that only experts with the s.p.a.ce power could reach such height?"

". . ."

Many warriors were clamoring outside Divine Land City. They dropped their jaws in awe.

"Uncle Duo, you also cultivate s.p.a.ce power Upanishad. What do you think about that?" Fu Wei looked at Zha Duo.

Feng Han, Lin Xin, and the others who were by her also looked at Zha Duo, expecting a professional comment.

Zha Duo shook his head and said, "Basically, we're different from each other. Before he had reached Ethereal G.o.d Realm, we were... not at the same level. Now, I'm too far behind him. I can't see through his abilities."

"When we were in Shadow Ghostly Prison, Bello used to confine our s.p.a.ce and moved us to another place. If we compare him with Bello, what do you think?" asked Fu Wei.

"Bello at Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm had plotted us. He had prepared a different deed to move us to another area. It's not really similar to this..."

Zha Duo pondered for a while and explained, "This time, Shi Yan moves the s.p.a.ce here without any preparation beforehand. Moreover, his technique is different from Bello's. Bello had moved our s.p.a.ce to another spot within an area. Today, Shi Yan's forcefully using the s.p.a.ce crack to move the s.p.a.ce containing the entire Divine Land City away. He's moving a whole world!"

"You mean, his attainment in s.p.a.ce power Upanishad has surpa.s.sed Bello's?" Feng Han was astounded.

"Evidently," Zha Duo confirmed.

"Will it work?" Lin Xin wasn't so sure.

"I don't know," Zha Duo shook his head, "But if he dares to do that, he must be sure. He... I think he's going to succeed. I remember he has never failed."


Divine Land City slowly moved and soared out of Devil Blood Star like a sealed s.p.a.ce. While people were gawking, the Divine Land City entered the s.p.a.ce bag. After one flash, it disappeared.

Divine Land City disappeared into thin air.

Everybody couldn't stay calm anymore. They were bewildered and were looking at Shi Yan and the deep hole in the sky. They couldn't think about anything.

"Citizens of Divine Land City, you guys should use the s.p.a.ce Teleport Formation by the blood pond to leave. It's time to go home." Shi Yan suddenly shouted. "Our homeland today is much more suitable for you to cultivate. It's better than Devil Blood Star. From now on, within ten thousand years, you guys don't need to move anymore."

This moving s.p.a.ce ability was from Bello's attainment, indeed. However, Bello's power was limited so he couldn't perform like Shi Yan did today.

Thus, what Bello couldn't do at Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm, Shi Yan had made it work right when he had just entered Incipient G.o.d Realm.

If his realm had been high enough, he could have even brought creatures altogether and teleported them to Grace Mainland instantly.

"It's better to cultivate there than in Devil Blood Star?"

"Homeland... does it have some earth-shaking changes?"

"Since Shi Yan had come back to Grace Mainland that year, I have a feeling that I'm dreaming all the time. Crossing the star areas to visit Devil Blood Star, living in another star area, and crossing for something else? You can't cross the same distance to come home? Am I really living in a dream for such a long time?"

"Oh, home sweet home! We've been away from home for a long time. If he said it's different, it ends up binge different!"

"Move! Let's go home! Let's go home!"

"Home sweet home!"

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