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The Imperial Dark Tribe's holy land in G.o.d-blessed Mainland.

At the bottom of a deep chasm, Xuan He talked calmly, "Adele, I'm here today to meet your brother."

Adele's beautiful eyes had a mocking gleam as she sneered. "Well, then you came to the wrong place. After Bloodthirsty had enticed him, he agreed to give up the Chief of the Imperial Dark Tribe position to leave with him. Afterward, he stopped being a member of our Imperial Dark Tribe. He hasn't returned to Imperial Dark Tribe yet. He didn't even send me a message!"

"I'm not going to buy that," smiled Xuan He.

Adele put on a cold face and said indignantly, "He's the leader of your Soul Control Force. You can't contact him and you're here to ask to see him? Ridiculous!"

"I've used our own method to contact him, but I couldn't find him. The ones I've met recently are all his clones. I want to meet the real version of him!" Xuan He was persistent.

"I'm sorry I can't help you," replied Adele coldly.

Xuan He just laughed, but he seemed to not want to hang on this. He knew that Adele and the Soul Control Chief had a subtle connection. He thought that Adele would definitely notify him and that b.a.s.t.a.r.d should know why Xuan He had come to find him.

"The G.o.d Clan is attacking all the major star areas forcefully. What do you think about this?" Xuan He rubbed his chin, and said with an evil influence, "You and the G.o.d Clan had walked the same path that year... Hmm, do you want to bind to them this time too?"

Adele's bold brow furrowed as she sank in her thoughts. She didn't answer him.

"The G.o.d Clan is no longer the G.o.d Clan that year. That year, G.o.d Clan had united the forces everywhere to strike down our Bloodthirsty Force. After they defeated us, the G.o.d Clan didn't keep the agreement to share the universe with you guys. They have been the overlords. This time, will you do repeat your deed?" Xuan He said with a dark face.

"If your Bloodthirsty Force had restrained your force, you wouldn't have fallen into this situation. You reaped what you sowed!" Adele smiled faintly. Pondering for a while, she said, "Our Imperial Dark Tribe won't partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion between you guys. I hope you would burn the jade and common stone altogether!"

"Ha ha ha!"

Xuan He laughed, his face happy. "Excellent. It's the best if your Imperial Dark Tribe won't interfere with us."

Pausing for a while, he continued, "Ah, I got a gift for your daughter this time."

When he finished, he touched the void. The dark clouds started to gather and cover the thousands of miles around. Screeching and wailing noises came out from the dark clouds. Shortly after, dozens of thousands of evil souls arose from the clouds.

Adele's bright eyes had a five-colored divine light. She was shocked, indeed.

Those evil souls were at Original G.o.d Realm or Ethereal G.o.d Realm. Ten of them were one hundred zhang tall. They looked like ten mountains with t ferocious auras.

Those ten souls were the host souls of Incipient G.o.d Realm experts!

Xuan He pointed at Audrey and smiled, "My niece is going to break through to the Incipient G.o.d Realm, so I gave her this gift."

Dozens of thousands of evil souls screeched and cried. They rolled together with the dark cloud to Audrey. However, they were bound by an invisible force. They wailed and struggled pitifully to get rid of the restraint. The ten souls of the Incipient G.o.d Realm experts released ear-piercing shouts that were full of humiliation and unwillingness.

No matter how hard they tried, they couldn't get rid of Xuan He's bind. In the next second, they turned into gray shadows and entered the chaotic Ethereal Extent above Audrey's head.

The savage screeching and wailing arose from Audrey's body as if billions of angry creatures shouting and cursing the sky. A flow of intent domain was created by evil resentment that could erase all kinds of soul.

Audrey's exquisite face reddened. She glowed in health even though she still looked cold and the vitality on her body was feeble. After the Ethereal Extent above her head was added with dozens of thousands of evil souls, it slowly became a real matter.

Adele eyed her daughter, her face wearing perceptible happiness. However, she was still stiff and cold as usual. "Xuan He, it has been ten thousand years and you finally did something a human should do."

"Ha ha ha."

Xuan He laughed and turned into a bolt of lightning that entered the dark cloud. His voice came from the cloud. "Tell your brother that our Master's successor is about to enter Agate Star Area. As the Soul Control Chief, he will know what to do."

Adele just snorted and didn't say anything.


Shadow Ghostly Prison.

The sealed s.p.a.ce pa.s.sages like shining lines floated in between many s.p.a.ce cracks. The void in this area looked like a strange mirror that had many fine cracks.

After the Ascot's invasion, this area was temporarily abandoned. There was no creature or warrior cultivating here.

This place was also the Sea Territory of Agate Star Area. The Sea Territory was the entrance to a star area. Whenever a star area was formed, the Sea Territory was slowly but magically formed too. It was like a masterpiece of G.o.d to help many star areas connect to each other.

The thick barriers stood between the star areas to separate them.

Just like Agate Star Area, Fiery Star Area and Fantasy Mist Star Area, although they were adjacent, they couldn't visit each other because of the natural s.p.a.ce barriers.

There were star areas without barriers, but they were too far from each other. Even successful experts with s.p.a.ce power Upanishad needed a long time like dozens of years or even hundreds of years to travel through such a long distance.

Thus, when people from different star areas wanted to contact each other, they had to use some other methods.

The Sea Territory was the best method. It was the natural area that the Mighty Heaven had gifted each star area. Each of the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sages was a s.p.a.ce Teleport Formation that nature had created, which could allow someone to cross billions of miles in just a blink of an eye.

Shadow Ghostly Prison was the Sea Territory of Agate Star Area.

Today, a ma.s.sive, chaotic s.p.a.ce crack suddenly ballooned.

After dozens of seconds, that s.p.a.ce crack had enlarged hundreds of times. Then, a dazzling wave of light swarmed over. The s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage couldn't bear such power, so it shattered directly. Countless small pieces shot out everywhere in outer s.p.a.ce like meteors.

A beautiful life star suddenly emerged from the broken s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage and entered Shadow Ghostly Prison.

This life star had the light curtain of natural energy. The arrangement of mountains, lakes, and rivers on this continent was like a lively drawing with strong vitality.

That life star wasn't motionless. It continued to drift in Shadow Ghostly Prison and then accelerated.

Eventually, it stopped by Fighting Star of the Fighting League.

"We finally see the sun and moon!"

"Light! Finally, we have light!"

"What happened?"


Many warriors and ordinary civilians were watching the sky, their faces astounded.

They seemed to be sealed in a dark world. Without the changes of sun and moon, they didn't know how much time had pa.s.sed.

They only knew that this kind of time pa.s.sing had made them so worried. They thought that doomsday was coming.

Inside the planet, a young man opened his eyes, which had billions of tiny stars twinkling. It looked like he had taken in all the stars in the sky into his eyes.

He grinned and mumbled to himself, "I'm finally here."


A corner of Monster Dragon Star.

A wave of vibes suddenly expanded in Heavenly Monster Tribe's Holy Ancestor's heart. His eyes brightened as he laughed.

He suddenly flew out of Monster Dragon Star and headed to Shadow Ghostly Prison. He didn't cultivate s.p.a.ce power Upanishad, but his speed was a lot faster than the Heavenly Monster Tribe expert who cultivated s.p.a.ce power. In a blink, he was able to pa.s.s dozens of life stars or billions of miles.

When he was traveling to Shadow Ghostly Prison, he didn't know that the one he was looking for had left for Devil Blood Star already.

The marvelous s.p.a.ce Teleport Formation on Devil Blood Star.

The electric beams arose and created a wonder like a heavenly net covering the entire formation.

When the fierce energy expanded, a young man emerged from that formation.

Some Ethereal G.o.d Realm warriors of the Demon Clan guarding the formation jerked up in surprise. However, when they wanted to check out the one who had just appeared, they found no aura there.


Divine Land City.

The Shi family and the Yang family lived in the City Master's building in the center of the city. The members of the Yang and the Shi families stayed and cultivated here. They also had a change and enjoyed power and wealth too.

Yang Tian Emperor was cultivating in the chamber hundreds of meters underground. This secret chamber was built of divine crystals and many strange stones that could draw earth and heaven energy. It was filled with energy as the streams of milky white energy floated everywhere like spirit snakes. Yang Tian Emperor was taking in this kind of energy.

His brows suddenly arched. He got up and disappeared from the stone chamber.

At the East wing of the City Master's building, Shi Jian was teaching his family's juniors including Shi Tian Luo, Shi Tian Xiao, "You brats! You're living in wealth, so you don't cultivate wholeheartedly! Don't you feel ashamed when you face Shi Yan?"

Shi Jia blew his beard and thundered, "Shi Yan has risked his life so you can get what you have today! But Little Yan is also a member of the Yang family. Look at the Yangs. Yang Mo has almost reached King G.o.d Realm! How about you? You're a bunch of lazy rascals! If you continue like this, you will lose our Shi family's pride!"

Shi Tian Luo, Shi Tian Ke, and Shi Tian Ling had faces that they were supposed to make to a funeral. They sighed and didn't dare to retort. They felt so upset.

How could they compare to the Yang family's members?

Blood Devil had considered the Yangs as his relatives. He had opened the blood pond for them to cultivate. He had given them so many rare and precious pellets and secret treasures. That was why the Yang family had been enhanced greatly.

Their bloodline was already strong. With those favors, how could they compare to them?

They had their own objections but no one dared to voice them.

Elder Han Feng smiled discreetly while pretending to nod in agreement with the others. Sometimes, he added, "Sigh, we're all human, but why we're so different? Young Master Yan had his first beam of energy when he was seventeen years old. You had a better start and see how far you're left behind now? Well, I'm afraid I shouldn't point it out!"

"Who dares compare with Shi Yan? You?" Shi Tian Ke retorted.

Han Feng stepped back and forced a smile.

"Sigh, as we're talking about him, it has been a long time since we last saw him. As his realm is higher and his position is not ordinary, I'm afraid that he doesn't have free time to talk to his grandfather," Shi Jian said with a lonely face.

"Well, am I not here?"

All of a sudden, a clear voice arose when a black shadow appeared in the room.

Shi Jian quivered. His old eyes couldn't help but become watery. However, he scolded, "You little devil. So you think your wings are so strong that you don't need this grandfather anymore?"

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