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Giving up the junk thoughts, Shi Yan departed from the Dark Forest after purifying his soul.

He didn't use his power Upanishad and just walked like a normal human or more like a drunk. Starting from the Dark Forest, he had walked through Sky Meteor City to the Dead Swamp and then the Endless Sea. Crossing the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, he reached Divine Great Land.

Shi Yan had walked on the routes he used to walk many years ago in Grace Mainland. He had visited each place he used to fight others or places he had broken into a new realm. Every place was like a camera roll of pictures that were unfolding in his head. He didn't care about time and just sank in there.

Eventually, he reached the Demon Area where he had been teleported to outer s.p.a.ce together with Bao Ao and Jie Jie. He stopped by the Demogorgon statue: the Source of Power Upanishad Inheritance of the ruined Demon Area.

This place was the Demon Area connected to Grace Mainland. However, it was a small domain in a big world. The Demon clansmen were all relocated, so Shi Yan found no shadow in this area.

The Teleport Formation that had delivered Shi Yan, Bao Ao, Jie Ji, and Bo Rou to Raging Flame Star Area lay there under a thick layer of dust. Shi Yan sat down cross-legged on the formation and closed his eyes to meditate.

This teleport formation was the terminal that had ended his story in Grace Mainland. He left from here and entered outer s.p.a.ce and Raging Flame Star Area. It had turned his life to a new page.

His surroundings were dead silent. There was no living creature's energy fluctuation.

His soul altar quieted down and the vitality in his body gradually calmed down. Eventually, even his heart stopped beating. He was like a dead man and the surroundings were affected by his condition. Everything now had the Dead Qi. The tough wild gra.s.s around him withered and died.

Gradually, the entire Demon Area was filled with Dead Qi because of him. It was like Death had paid attention to this area all of a sudden. No plant could survive. There was no beam of life energy fluctuation.

It seemed like the earth and heaven energy had also abandoned this area and scattered elsewhere.

The Demon Area where Shi Yan was sitting had turned into a desolate area. There was no light, no air, and no sound...

And Shi Yan himself had been as still as a dead man.


At a corner of the vast universe that was hidden deep in a dark void, there was a vast azure sea. It stayed behind layers of thick black mist that they had to go through the mist to see the sea.

Above the dark azure sea were thousands of floating meteorites. Some were as small as a fist and some were even bigger than an entire continent. Those meteorites scattered around the azure sea but they weren't still. Sometimes, they bobbed with the sea water.

A brilliant light curtain floated above the azure sea and extended to an area far away that people couldn't see. This light curtain had so many s.p.a.ce slits that released brutal energy fluctuations as if they had countless meteors flying around that even Incipient G.o.d Realm experts would have been smashed if they were wandering there.

If Shi Yan was there, he would have figured out that the radiant light above the sea was very similar to a place he knew.

The river of outer s.p.a.ce!

When he was in Raging Flame Star Area, he had triggered the power of the Empty Fantasy Crystal to escape. It took him to that river. That outer s.p.a.ce river had many five-colored rocks bobbing in different sizes. However, the water of that river was gray and murky, and the river also had a light road that was filled with s.p.a.ce slits. Shi Yan used to learn s.p.a.ce power Upanishad in that place.

At that time, Shi Yan, Feng Rao, Bao Ao, and others had fallen into the river. From Feng Rao, Shi Yan knew that near the other end of the Land of G.o.d Punishment was a dead star that could navigate them out of the outer s.p.a.ce river.

Also, Feng Rao had told them frankly that she didn't know what was at the other end of the outer s.p.a.ce river. She told them that no one in Raging Flame Star Area had reached that end of the outer s.p.a.ce river.

At that time, the other end of the outer s.p.a.ce river was an unsolved riddle.

They never knew that there was an azure sea with many floating meteorites situated on the other end of the river. Those meteorites were moving as if they were alive. Or perhaps they were some kind of marvelous formation.

Today, some shadows appeared on a meteorite that was even bigger than Divine Great Land in the dark azure sea on the other end of the outer s.p.a.ce river.

Surprisingly, they were the precursors of Heavenly Monster Tribe.

There were many bottomless holes and abysses on that meteorite that they couldn't see the bottom. Vaguely, a formidable energy fluctuation emerged.

That fluctuation was so earth-shaking that it stirred up the entire sea. It seemed like the energy fluctuation had come directly from the bottom of the sea.

Many areas on this ma.s.sive meteorite had deep, ma.s.sive scratches. At the same time, those scratches were solemn as if it could destroy any creature that dared to trespa.s.s the area.

Some precursors of the Heavenly Monster Tribe scattered around a ma.s.sive abyss. They lay face down on the ground and turned back to their monster forms. There was the brilliant gold Unicorn, dozens of thousands of meters long pythons, the flying Three-legged Gold Craw, and even the flaming Phoenix.

They were surrounding the deep abyss and chanting something. The Three-legged Gold Crow was holding a bleeding body in its claw. It was the Bai family's Chief: Bai Can.

Mysterious and magical symbols flew out of s.p.a.ce slits above the outer s.p.a.ce river. There were billions of them in so many colors. They looked like mountains, the sea, and even forests. Each of them was marvelous and inexplicable.

The billions of symbols had flown out of the s.p.a.ce slits and descended like raindrops. All of them had plunged into the deep abyss.

The water of the azure sea was boiling and bubbling wildly, transmitting the earth-shaking energy.

Many small meteorites exploded. Smaller pieces of them fell into the sea and disappeared. From time to time, the sea emitted dazzling cyan light, rippling and covering the entire sea. It gave it a life energy fluctuation.

That intimidating commotion lasted for a long time. The four precursors of Heavenly Monster Tribe calmed down. They transformed back into their humanoid bodies. They all looked tired as if they had just used a lot of energy.

Their eyes were strangely bright as if they were waiting for something.

Time ticked hurriedly.

After a long time, the azure sea quieted down. The outer s.p.a.ce river seemed to lower as if half of its water was evaporated.

The four old Heavenly Monsters kneeled on the ground, their eyes fixed on the biggest abyss.

Eventually, a terrible cough arose from the abyss. Right after that, a senile old man crawled out of the abyss and gasped for his breath.

"Holy Ancestor!"

The four old Heavenly Monster precursors cried happily. Apparently, they were thrilled.

The old man was still panting. He had snow-white hair and a pair of strangely bright cyan eyes. He waved his hand powerlessly, "I've just woken up. I need energy. Sigh, Immortal ah, Immortal. Only the soul is immortal though. If the body doesn't have enough energy to resist, it will still be hopeless and vulnerable."

While he was talking, his eyes sparkled. People could see billions of symbols moving in his pupils. They were the symbols that descended from s.p.a.ce slits above their heads.

The old man lifted his head to look at the sky. Then, he opened his mouth and drew. Beams of pure energy hidden in the s.p.a.ce slit poured into his mouth like streams. After those streams had poured into his mouth, most of the s.p.a.ce slits above his head exploded and vanished eventually.

At the same time, his senile body was now like a dried tree in the springtime. He was filled up and the wrinkles on his face stretched. His skin was now glowing in good health.

After ten breaths, he had transformed from a dying old man into a brawny, middle-aged man. He shook his head and said, "Not enough. It's too bad that we need to leave now."

The four precursors of the Heavenly Monster Tribe bowed, their faces respectful. The elder with the human head and the snake body said, "Our ancestral land has fused with the Genesis Fruit. Our tribe will rise again. Holy Ancestor, please guide us."

"Let's go to Agate Star Area," he pondered for a while and then ordered.

Although the old monsters didn't know why, they didn't object. All nodded.


Monster Dragon Star in Agate Star Area.

Cang Yun and the members of Heavenly Monster Tribe were staying at Monster Dragon Star. From Cang Yun, Gu Te and Bath knew the relationship between the Monster Clan and Heavenly Monster Tribe. They also knew the reason why they could progress faster. It was because of the Heavenly Monster Tribe bloodline in their bodies.

Cang Yun hadn't told them the relationship between Grace Mainland and the Heavenly Monster Tribe's bloodline. He just told them that the biggest opportunity had come to the Monster Clan. Monsters who had the Heavenly Monster Tribe's bloodline were going to harvest a lot of benefits.

Bath and Gu Te had treated the Heavenly Monsters warriors as their distinguished guests. They respected the others so much.

However, there was an exception.

Ghost Hunter didn't give them face. If he didn't have his preserved cultivating place in Monster Dragon Star, he wasn't going to return.

He didn't meet Cang Yun. Right after they had returned to Monster Dragon Star, he went and sealed himself in his cultivating valley. He didn't get out or meet anybody. He didn't even give Gu Te face.

Gu Mo had visited him many times, but he was kept outside by Ghost Hunter's barrier. Gu Mo was upset, but the feelings she had for him were rooted in her heart. She couldn't do anything but wait for him in the valley not far from there. She wasn't interested in Cang Yun or the other members of the Heavenly Monster Tribe. She was dedicated to Ghost Hunter only.

Cang Yun stayed at Monster Dragon Star for the time being. He knew about the commotions at Devil Blood Star through Gu Te and Bath. He asked them to notify him immediately when Shi Yan was back.

Cang Yun was waiting for him.

OF course, he wasn't idle. He had set up a s.p.a.ce Teleport Formation at Monster Dragon Star that could move through star areas. That s.p.a.ce Teleport Formation was built already. He just needed to reinstall it.

Today, that formation glowed all of a sudden.

Cang Yun looked shocked. He immediately recognized the change. His body flashed and disappeared. He reappeared and guarded the entrance of the formation.

The immense light emerged. The precursors of Heavenly Monster Tribe walked out of the light. Cang Yun bowed to greet them and called their names with respect, "Elder Hugo, Elder Nathan, Elder Tian Yin, Elder Ao Gu. Ah! Holy Ancestor!" Seeing him, Cang Yun kneeled down and lowered his body to the ground, his face thrilled. He looked at the middle-aged man and cried.

The middle-aged man he called Holy Ancestor smiled lovingly and rubbed Cang Yun's head, "Well done, kid."

Cang Yun was excited, quivering.

Only the four Holy Beasts of Heavenly Monster Tribe could become Holy Ancestors. White Tiger had buried his body in Desolate. Shi Yan had found the remains of the Vermilion Bird, and Zuo Shi had received the inheritance from the Black Tortoise. Thus, this Holy Ancestor of theirs was the Holy Ancestor Azure Dragon, one of the ancestors of Heavenly Monster Tribe.

The Holy Beast Azure Dragon's soul was immortal. After so many years and kalpas, he had still survived.

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