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The dark forest in Grace Mainland.

Inside a cave that was covered with gra.s.s, a young man sat inside a dry lake. He closed his eyes and sat still like a one-thousand-year-old rock.

Time flew fast. After an unknown time, the young man's fingers twitched. He opened his eyes and looked around.

That man was Shi Yan.

Fick at Third Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm had wounded both Shi Yan's soul and body on Devil Blood Star. The cracks on his soul altar hadn't recovered until now. Fortunately, with the Blood Essence Crystal, his body healed.

When his soul altar cracked, he had used the Immortal Demon Blood to cross the s.p.a.ce. The first location that popped up in his mind at that time was this place: a cave where his soul landed into this world that year.

He fell into the blood pond. The blood in the blood pond was used up a long time ago to help him transform. It was currently dried up.

He sat in the pond and used the Blood Essence Crystal to recover. He healed until today. However, the cracks in his soul altar couldn't be mended within one day.

Looking at the blood pond, the spider webs weaving above his head, and the layers of dust on the ground, Shi Yan kept silent.

It'd been hundreds of years. His soul had come to this world and possessed the body of the guy named Shi Yan who was investigating the vestiges of an ancient area. Then, he used his body to live in this world. Slowly, he had grown and reached Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. He had become the most dazzling star in the vast sea of stars.

Returning to this cradle after many years, he couldn't hold his emotions.

Getting up, he stooped to watch the blood pond. He suddenly got something in his mind and waved.

The dust covering the blood pond was blown away, revealing the bottom of the blood pond. There was a magical drawing carved there. Shi Yan had never noticed it before.

This drawing was very similar to the blood shield with the blood mark in the center, which was the crest of the Bloodthirsty Force. That mark had an evil, magical power that could seep tens of thousands of miles deep underground to vaguely connect to Grace Mainland's Origin.

It was a marvelous formation.

With his current knowledge, it wasn't enough to comprehend the mysteries of this wonderful formation. At this moment, the formation was broken. It was out of order.

He understood that this formation had used the Origin of Grace Mainland to guide his soul here. However, it was overloaded and then broken. Anyway, it could bring Shi Yan's soul to this world.

The one who had cast this formation was the Chief of the Dark, Lao Luo. Shi Yan was sure that Lao Luo had used the Blood Vein Ring and the power of the Origin to complete such an earth-shaking deed.

Staring at the strange formation for a while, Shi Yan tried to contact the Blood Vein Ring. However, the Ring Spirit didn't answer.

Frowning, Shi Yan tried to stimulate his soul altar and urge his power Upanishad. His brain then tingled and the soul altar cracked. It startled him. He didn't dare to try furthermore.

When Fick attacked him fatally, he had used the gold saws to cut his soul altar and extract his soul. It had damaged his soul altar severely and he couldn't even use his power Upanishad. If he forced it harder, his soul altar would have more cracking noises.

As he couldn't use his power Upanishad, he couldn't create a s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage. He couldn't leave this place now.

He knew many things that could mend his soul, but he didn't have any of them now. He had to go to Devil Blood Star to find Fu Wei, Shang Chen, and Blood Devil to take those things to treat his soul altar and mend those cracks.

He wasn't worried about the war in Agate Star Area.

Before he had run away, Sha Zhao, Wu Feng, and the others had arrived. The G.o.d Clan were going to be the losers to the forces of Agate Star Area.

Currently, his soul altar had been damaged badly and he couldn't use his supernatural abilities. He was restricted a lot, so he could use only his strong body to move around. He tried to figure out how to contact the people in Devil Blood Star and ask them to take something to cure his soul altar.

Turning around to look at the cave, he chuckled and walked out.

Just like that year.

He still remembered Miss Mo Yan Yu of the Mo family. He had quarreled with her. Today, recalling it, he smiled.

"Ahhh ~~ !"

Taking in the fresh air, he was surprised. Then, when he recognized it, he laughed happily.

The earth and heaven energy in this dark forest was abundant. It was almost as much as what a level 2 or 3 life star could have. It was dozens of times thicker than when he had left the continent. It was the first time Shi Yan recognized that all of these changes were because of him.

He suddenly felt lighthearted. He wandered aimlessly through the dark forest. For the time being, he put aside the worries in his mind to behold the beauty of Nature.

Strangely, when he relaxed and put aside the worries of his wounded soul altar, he vaguely felt a tingle from the cracks on his soul altar.

Shi Yan was surprised, but he seemed to get something. He then tried to relax more.

The dark forest looked the same. It still had demonic beasts and of course, the warriors would take risks to hunt them. As Shi Yan was wearing dark clothes and wandering around the forest alone, he had aroused the greed of other hunters.

However, whenever they saw him and wanted to attack him, Shi Yan just frowned and released a bit of his aura. Those warriors then ran away for their lives like stray dogs.

The gap between their realms was so vast. Even when his soul altar was damaged and he didn't dare to urge the power Upanishad, he just needed to show off a beam of energy in his body to scare away the warriors at Nascent and Disaster Realm.

He still wandered around and tried to not think about his damaged soul altar or use the Soul Consciousness. He just strolled aimlessly.

Although he was nonchalant, his route was unconsciously the same as that year when the Mo family captured him to be a medicinal slave. Finally, he had seized the chance when the Mo family fought the White Blade Jade Spider to run away. He was now walking that path one more time...

That year was the first time he recognized the ability of his acupuncture points and used them to take in the Essence Qi. He had been subtle and patient to grow and survive.

After more than two hundred years, he had reached the peak of the Ethereal G.o.d Realm. As soon as he could understand the true meanings of Life and Death power Upanishad, he could break through to Incipient G.o.d Realm. Thinking about the realms and time, he felt like he had lived several lives.

Shi Yan didn't need to use the soul altar and the power Upanishad to comprehend his power Upanishads. As he was walking, he was absorbed into his world of thoughts, thinking about Life and Death. Gradually, he was fl.u.s.tered as if he was about to fall into bedevilment.

Shi Yan didn't recognize it. He was still thinking and walking ahead, his face bewildered.

Today, he reached a big ancient tree. He stopped when a memory popped up.

He knew this tree...

That year, he used to cultivate nearby. At this spot, he had his first woman, a female mercenary called Di Lan Ya, and the first woman who had touched his heart. A girl called Mu Yu Die.

Images of the old memory crossed his heart. Shi Yan stood still as if he was slumbering and he couldn't tell between reality and fantasy. He was still lingering in between the thoughts of Life and Death.

The lush ancient tree withered as its life weakened. The big branches dried and yellowed like a senile old man who was walking to the end of his life. The water murmuring arose behind the tree where Shi Yan could see a small bamboo house. The house was situated between the stream and many flowers.

Someone was playing a clear and pleasant melody. When the sounds from the string emerged, Shi Yan was shaken.

His eyes flared up with a strange light. He walked like he was dreaming towards the bamboo house, his face odd.

This melody was exactly like that year. It was so familiar. At this moment, Shi Yan wasn't sure if it was a hallucination of his or if it was real. He kept walking to the house.

When he reached the bamboo house, he pushed the door open, his face shocked. At first sight, he saw a white-headed old woman backing him, facing a window and playing music with her strings. She didn't recognize that he was here.

The old woman was wrinkled and senile. Her while hair cascaded on her waist. She also had an energy fluctuation, but her vitality was feeble. It meant that her life was at the end of its journey.

Shi Yan looked at the old woman, his face so strange. He just listened to her music and couldn't say a world.

After the old woman finished her melody, she sighed and spoke in a husky voice. "You've enjoyed my music. Please leave. Don't bother my quiet moment."

Shi Yan kept silent. He seemed to be rooted here, so he didn't move an inch.

The old woman was so indignant. She coughed and then turned around. Abruptly, she was shocked. Pointing at Shi Yan, she was shaking hard. She opened her mouth on her wrinkled face to say something, but she couldn't make a sound. Tears rolled down her face even before she could get a hold of herself to speak.

Shi Yan observed her, his face awkward. After a long time, he quivered and sighed, "I didn't think it was you."

"Yeah, I didn't think it was you too." The old woman sobbed, her face wet with tears. Although she looked so old, her facial features told him that she was a beautiful woman when she was young. She gave him a sad smile, "I can say that I will not regret anything when I can meet you one more time before I die. After more two hundred years, you still look the same as the first day we met. You haven't changed a bit, but I'm this senile. I'm going to die..."

"Where's Di Ya Lan?" Shi Yan sighed.

"She couldn't make it to Nascent Realm. Her time was over. She had gone ahead of me." Mu Yu Die forced a smile and pointed at the bamboo room next to hers. "She lived there. We had each other company. She died naturally from thirst years ago."

"Why?" Shi Yan shook his head.

"I just wanted to see you again. Even if I can't, I can still recall my memory," Mu Yu Die coughed and stooped her head, "You should have returned earlier when I wasn't this old so I could have the face to meet people. Seeing me like this, I'm sure you're disappointed."

"Why do you have to be so persistent?" Shi Yan sighed again.

"I just wanted to tell you that I was wrong that year. Hatred had blinded me. I couldn't hold you. That's why I've been regretting it for two hundred years," said Mu Yu Die gently.

"Those old stories have faded away in my mind. I don't remember your mistake. I just remember... you used to make me have feelings for you." Shi Yan pondered for a while and then said, "This pellet can supply more vitality to increase your longevity. I hope... we could meet again."

Then, he took in the glimpse of the bamboo room where Di Ya Lan used to live. He sighed, took out a bottle of wine, and drank. He staggered out of the place, singing loudly. "In between the lines of Life and Death. Born in a dream. Die in a dream. Under this vast sky and the eternal universe, destiny will bring us through thousands of miles to meet up..."

The true meanings of Life and Death power Upanishad and transmigration twirled in his Sea of Consciousness, advancing rapidly.

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