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Billions of spiky gold b.a.l.l.s rolled around and cracked the s.p.a.ce. A gold world emerged and was slowly placed in the real world.

Shi Yan was locked in this sparkling gold world. Instantly, he had lost the connection to the outside world. His s.p.a.ce power Upanishad had no room to perform. Shi Yan couldn't promote the magical ability anymore.

Fick's eyes were gold like the dazzling sun. The gold halos emerged behind his head, expanding into a gold world where a gold dragon spear was planted. That gold dragon spear didn't matter. It was the power of the Incipient Extent. It was the essence of the sharp metal energy, which stored Fick's attainment of Metal power Upanishad that he developed for his entire life.

The three-meter-long gold dragon spear flew across the sky so powerfully that it could directly tear the sky and pierce through anything.


The dragon spear was like a gold bolt of lightning that pierced through Shi Yan's chest. The sharp metal energy brutally destroyed his veins and body.

Just like a demonic flower withering, Shi Yan's body shrank and dried bizarrely. The power of his entire body drifted away rapidly. His soul altar shook continuously as if it was about to collapse.

"Your real realm is just Ethereal G.o.d Realm. You haven't created the Incipient Extent and you dare to brag and swagger everywhere. You don't want to live."

Fick squinted. The long gold dragons shot out from his eyes as he roared. Those long dragons looked like they were made of pure gold. Each of the ninety-nine dragons was several thousand meters long. They spurted gold smoke and fire, attacking Shi Yan.

At that moment, Shi Yan was covered in the gold smoke and flames. Amazingly, that block of smokes and flame had many tiny saws that then intruded Shi Yan's soul altar and began to cut and tear his soul altar.

His G.o.d body and soul were exhausted, his powers Upanishad restrained. In front of Fick, Shi Yan felt dispirited as if he was utterly subdued. He couldn't use his force.

From Ethereal G.o.d Realm to Incipient G.o.d Realm, there was a gap that people couldn't explain. He was relentless this time...

Now, he recognized that the higher realm could subdue his powers. Even though he had fused with the Genesis Fruit, it couldn't shorten the gap between their realms.

The gold dragon spear had pierced through Shi Yan's chest and drained his Blood Qi rapidly. At the same time, ninety-nine long dragons were burning him. The host soul on the soul altar was shaken and even the black hole of his Devouring power Upanishad was sawed by the mysterious gold saws. Shi Yan's host soul was wiggling as if it wanted to leave his soul altar.

Shi Yan was petrified.

Fick was worthy his t.i.tle of the Chief of the Ascot family. He wasn't like Bello. He knew how to deal with Shi Yan.

"After extracting your power Upanishad and your host soul from the soul altar, I can use the secret technique to erase your Soul Consciousness and memories. Your host soul will become my son's co-soul. My son will become the new owner of the Genesis Fruit." As Fick was wholeheartedly concentrating, sweat started to bead on his forehead.

Shi Yan's consciousness became hazy. He was aghast when Fick started to squeeze his soul to erase his memory.


His soul was screaming and crying unwillingly, his soul altar shaking hard.

A beautiful light sparkled and radiantly illuminating his soul and Sea of Consciousness. Shi Yan's soul altar became crystal clear.

A brilliant, galaxy-like Ethereal Extent emerged covered Shi Yan's body and soul altar. The suns and moons in there enlarged beautifully. As his power Upanishad changed, they emitted marvelous holy lights. These beams of light pierced through the layers of thick mist, shining on the world Fick had built.

Fick's gold world couldn't stand the piercing lights, shattering at a speed naked eyes could observe. Collapsing with Fick's Incipient Extent was his absolute confidence, "The Great World Purifying Light!"

He was aghast and he couldn't hold his shriek. He felt like he had just seen ghosts in daylight. He was so baffled that he stood blankly.

This power Upanishad was what a precursor of the G.o.d Clan had learned. It was the secret that the G.o.d Clan had never told anybody. Many years ago, only the warriors from the First Family of the G.o.d Clan could study this power Upanishad. People who could cultivate this power Upanishad and create the Great World Purifying Light could be counted by using the fingers of someone's hands.

Only the old generation of the Bradley family in the Elder Committee could use this ability. Even Haig hadn't learned it yet.

How could this man use the untold ability of the G.o.d Clan?!?

Fick discolored in fright.

His gold world shattered. The gold dragon spear he had created by the energy of the Incipient Extent had turned into a gold light that disappeared into his soul.

Countless spiky gold b.a.l.l.s and long dragons that were fuming smoke and flames had their energy reduced together with the collapsed Incipient Extent. After the Great World Purifying Light emerged, it had subdued Fick's power Upanishad!

Shi Yan had recovered his mind quickly. At first glance, he saw fear on Fick's face. He saw that the suns, the moons, and the stars were like light curtains attached to the dome of the sky. Gritting his teeth, he used the chest cavity of the Immortal Demon warrior to make a symbol. That symbol wiggled for a while and then turned into a ma.s.sive b.l.o.o.d.y mouth.

Turning around to look at Fick, Shi Yan got into the ma.s.sive b.l.o.o.d.y mouth immediately.

The b.l.o.o.d.y mouth closed right after that.

The crushed void now generated chaotic s.p.a.ce currents with terrifying tornadoes that carried the soul exterminating dust. Fick paled when he saw them.

His bright eyes dimmed. He sighed in disappointment and stepped out of the place.

He showed himself on the clouds of Devil Blood Star, his neck craning out of a gold rainbow as he shouted shout, "Did you contact the Elder Committee?"

"I did," Ranno shouted back.

The battleships that Sha Zhao, Wu Feng, Jiao Shan, Mo Fou, and Fuller led were like a school of bloodthirsty sharks. They created a thick mesh net to surround Devil Blood Star. The warriors of the major star areas roared and stormed out with terrifying auras. They began the first battle of the punitive war against the G.o.d Clan.

They had outnumbered the G.o.d Clan's warriors in this area and their corps had cooperated well with each other. The troops of Agate Star Area couldn't compare to such elite forces.

The warriors of the Ascot family, the Fernandez family, and the Bai family fell like a meteor shower. The ash-gray deadly aura covered the entire sky. Battleships were blown off under the brutal bombarding. Fragments of those battleships fell on the lakes and mountains of Devil Blood Star.

Devil Blood Star's sea was dyed red while the immense sky was ash-gray with a deadly aura. The mountains collapsed and ignited. The trees burned into charcoal. This was the true scene of the doomsday.

The G.o.d warriors were besieged and killed. Their life magnetic fields vanished. Their traces in this world all erased.

"d.a.m.n it! Why haven't they sent the Sky Bridge yet?!" Ranno thundered and hissed at the sky, his face ferocious. He was releasing energy fluctuations that could even shatter an entire mountain.

Deep in the s.p.a.ce above people heads, the dome of the sky was slashed as if someone had used a sword to tear a tent. The holy mountains emerged from the cuts.

Those holy mountains hid in the thick mist. They represented the faith and spirit of the G.o.d Clan. From the mountains emerging from the torn s.p.a.ce, the seven-colored heavenly stairs dropped down.

The heavenly stairs looked like they were made of a rainbow with endless mysterious energy extending directly to Devil Blood Star. Twelve heavenly stairs floated above the twelve points that gathered many warriors of the G.o.d Clan. The twelve stairs had appeared at the most crucial moment to take their fellows back home.

The G.o.d survivors had almost been hopeless. Seeing the heavenly stairs, they immediately rushed towards the twelve seven-colored stairs. Right when their bodies touched the steps, they disappeared.

Even the ma.s.sive battleships had been teleported away from Devil Blood Star to the unknown area when the rainbow light covered them.

Yan Chi and Blood Devil roared angrily. They wanted to destroy those heavenly stairs. They acc.u.mulated earth-shaking energy attacks and bombarded the Sky Bridges. However, it was like they were hammering shadows: They couldn't damage anything.

"Don't waste your efforts," Shang Chen frowned and sighed, "The Sky Bridge is another mysterious weapon of the G.o.d Clan. It will be like an illusion when you attack it. Not many people know how it works."

The G.o.d warriors disappeared continuously.

The Bai family's warriors were so thrilled by a Sky Bridge. They dashed toward the bridge and dozens of them flashed and then disappeared.

"The Bai family must be obliterated here," Cang Yun's voice arose from the dark void.

He appeared with the true form of the White Tiger from Heavenly Monster Tribe. His tiger eyes were wide open as he roared. His roaring was shaking even the void. Then, blood shed from his entire body. His drops of blood exploded in the air and triggered something or connecting this area to some mysterious area.

A magical mark emerged in that area and transmitted the earth-destroying energy fluctuation. The mark revolved crazily. And then, an ancient dragon claw emerged from the mark and forcefully gripped a seven-colored Sky Bridge.

The seven-colored heavenly stair that could bring the Bai family of Dry Bone Star Area the hope of surviving was squeezed off by the ancient dragon claw. Even the mountain that dropped the stairs was shaken grumblingly. People in this area could even hear someone bellow in pain.

When Bai Can of the Bai family saw the archaic dragon claw emerge, he paled and shivered. He attempted to run away.

The dragon claw s.n.a.t.c.hed over him from a distance. Just like there were some invisible ropes tying him, Bai Can was dragged into the mark. Before he disappeared into the mark, his body was deformed and bleeding. He couldn't escape this gory fate.

Cang Yun of the Heavenly Monster Tribe kneeled down in the void. He was the descendant of Holy Beast White Tiger, but currently, he was like a little white kitten looking at the dragon claw and the mark disappearing with great respect. He didn't move.

The members of the Heavenly Monster Tribe emerged from the dark void. All of them were using their true bodies, lying on the battleships. After the dragon claw disappeared completely, they stood up.

"Obliterate the Bai family." Cang Yun stood up and walked out of the white mist. He transformed to his humanoid body and heartlessly looked at the Bai warriors who were shivering in fear.

The Heavenly Monster warriors stormed over, showcasing their brutal features of the heavenly monsters. They bit and ripped the Bai warrior apart, devouring them. Their ma.s.sive mouths chewed the bones while blood trickled down from the corners of their mouths like a small stream. They looked utterly savage.

They were explicitly biting and swallowing the Bai warriors. This group of warriors had appeared in this area using their true bodies and showed the wild and ruthless features of the Heavenly Monster Tribe.

Many warriors of the forces sheltering on Devil Blood Star felt shivers sending down their spines when they heard the sounds of the beasts chewing bones. They had cold sweat and instinctively, they moved away to avoid them.

Sha Zhao and the others were still chasing after the G.o.d Clan's warriors who hadn't reached the Sky Bridges yet. The Ascot family and the Fernandez family had to bear a significant loss: Half of them had to stay in Devil Blood Star forever.


A member of the G.o.d Clan gawked and screamed, his eyeb.a.l.l.s almost cracking in the deepest despair.

The Sky Bridges faded out like an illusion vanishing. That s.p.a.ce crack slowly closed.

The Elder Committee in the far away Ancient G.o.d Continent had decided to withdraw the Sky Bridges after the ancient dragon claw appeared. They seemed afraid. They were afraid that the mysterious divine tool that G.o.d Clan had spent a lot of efforts to refine could be damaged here.

The G.o.d warriors abandoned here were destined to bury their bodies in Devil Blood Star.

It was the first time after several thousand years when G.o.d Clan was defeated in a battle in a different star area and their warriors couldn't withdraw safely. The legend of the invincible G.o.d Clan had ended here.

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