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The surface of the blood sea had so many blood lines moving. They weaved with each other and created a sketch of a terrifying world that could distort the soul and drag people into the deep abyss of the purgatory.

Shi Yan held the sword. His soul was vibrating and his eyes were as red as fresh blood.

His soul altar was bobbing continuously. The blood mark on the host soul's forehead was vivid and red as if it was resonating with the blood mark on the shield. Shi Yan felt like it was a big, throbbing heart.

He had a marvelous feeling...

It seemed like he had a magical, evil power that could control seven emotions and six desires of every creature. When he held the blood shield, he was controlling their minds and their feelings. He could magnify the evil desires at the bottom of people's hearts unlimitedly. He could make a genuine man become a savage murderer in just a blink of an eye.

It was a strange feeling, though.

When he looked at Bello, he seemed to see the desires hiding deep inside Bello's heart. He saw his unwillingness when the G.o.d Clan subdued his clan. He wanted to get rid of this constraint to decide his clan's matters...

He seemed to see every secret in Bello's soul. Bello's secrets were now exposed completely.

The blood shield had become the Mara in Bello's soul. It had confined Bello in an invisible prison and urged the desires in his soul to torture himself. The more secrets and desires he had, the stronger the Mara could be. It would entangle his soul and cause him to never be able to wiggle out of this confinement.

Shi Yan smiled all of a sudden.

He held a blood shield in one hand and a b.l.o.o.d.y sword in another hand. These two items had fused perfectly with him and they had become part of his flesh body.

Through the blood shield, he could see changes in Bello's soul. He understood the desires and what Bello had experienced through his life.

Bello's life experiences were like images projected on the blood shield. They crossed Shi Yan's mind continuously.

Bello's enthusiastic youth, Bello receiving the high position when he was a middle-aged man, Bello connecting to the G.o.d Clan and becoming Sloan's sworn brother, and his options for the future of the Dark Shadow Clan...

Shi Yan had seen through Bello's entire life.

"It's really sad," he walked towards Bello and shook his head, "You're life has been really sad and you're pitiful. You always think for the welfare of the family and make efforts for the development of your clan. Because of the Dark Shadow Clan, you have torn your pride and dignity. You've tried to befriend Sloan of the G.o.d Clan. You let the Dark Shadow Clan become the watchdog of the G.o.d Clan. You always live for your clan. Have you ever lived for yourself? Throughout your entire life, have you ever had a moment of satisfaction?"

Bello's face was malignant as if he was in a chaotic mind that the Mara had set for him. He bellowed indignantly, "You think I wanted it?!?"

Crack! Splash!

Bello's G.o.d body cracked like china. His blood splashed when his veins stretched until they broke. He had shattered the s.p.a.ce and created so many s.p.a.ce slits.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Those s.p.a.ce cracks had a strong suction force that had sucked all the ancient trees, rocks, and everything in this area into s.p.a.ce slits.

The strong suction force became fiercer. Shi Yan was trembling as if he was tied up and was being dragged towards those s.p.a.ce slits.

He knew that those slits connected to Bello's Incipient Extent. Once he fell in there, he would never be able to escape. Bello could squeeze him into any shape he liked. Shi Yan would have no strength to resist.

"Our Dark Shadow Clan is always weak and small. If we want to survive, we have to depend on the strong ones. The G.o.d Clan is the overlord of this world. As the Chief of the Dark Shadow Clan, I don't think I was wrong to choose a big mountain to lean on. My choice wasn't wrong and it will never be wrong! I've brought the Dark Shadow Clan a new life. I brought them many life stars. I WASN'T WRONG!"

Bello faced the sky and roared to vent out his unwillingness to his destiny. "Our Dark Shadow Clan isn't one of the Four Great Creatures! I could only do that! But it's different now. If I kill you and get the Genesis Fruit, I can bring the Dark Shadow Clan to a whole new world!"

Bello ripped his chest apart. The green veins broke like strings!

It seemed like he had triggered the magical power of s.p.a.ce, which had made the s.p.a.ce collapse ma.s.sively. Monster Dragon Star was shaking. The mountains collapsed. Parts of the ocean disappeared.


"What is Bello doing over there?!?"

"It's earth shaking in that area. Bello did that. He's fighting Shi Yan!"

"He didn't send us any message!"

"Something is wrong!"

The G.o.d warriors from different areas of Monster Dragon Star wore stern faces while they looked at the place with a big commotion. They frowned and discussed.

Sloan's eyes were cold and harsh. After a while, he turned to Kelda. "Do you know what Bello wants to do?"

Kelda was tense. He bowed and then said, "He's trying to kill that Immortal Demon brat. That guy is cultivating s.p.a.ce power Upanishad too. He has confined the s.p.a.ce and shattered it. In that case, anybody who gets in there will be endangered. Perhaps it is because we didn't cultivate this power and he didn't want us to get hurt, so he didn't tell us."

He stooped as his soul was filled with fear. He knew that Sloan was naturally oversuspicious. If Sloan had a bad review of the Dark Shadow Clan, it would be a disaster for their clan.

Anyway, the Dark Shadow Clan was a va.s.sal of the G.o.d Clan. They had to observe the G.o.d Clan's complexions to survive.

"If you're worried about him, I'm going there. Is that okay?" Kelda looked at him, his eyes sincere and obedient.

Sloan gazed at him for a while. He nodded with satisfaction, chuckled, and then waved his hand, "No need. I believe in Bello. I know that he won't fail me."

As he said that, the other G.o.d warriors didn't have anything to clamor. They stopped questioning Bello's deeds.

Kelda exhaled in relief.


Crack! Crack! Crack!

The void exploded like bamboo culms. Bello stood under the s.p.a.ce slits. His Soul Consciousness was too vague to be captured.

Shi Yan looked at Bello as if he was looking at an air ma.s.s. He couldn't locate the Chief's body.

It was because the s.p.a.ce nodes were all shattered and Bello's location was specific. It gave him advantages: Shi Yan couldn't target Bello and attack him.

Also, the mind control that the blood shield had applied on Bello vanished shortly after.

Bello recovered his sound mind. He was so wary of the blood shield. He said as he was still frightened, "No wonder why it's the top treasure of the Bloodthirsty Force. It's really magical. The rumors weren't wrong. The top treasures of the Bloodthirsty Force could create a unique world for each with many magical features. I'm convinced today."

He suddenly laughed excitedly. "Thinking that the top treasure of the Bloodthirsty Force is about to fall into my hand makes me so excited. Kid, are you ready to die?"

"I'm ready," Shi Yan grinned.

He gently knocked the blood sword's handle on the blood shield. The strange metal clinking sounded. The sound waves came like a surging sea or ten thousand warriors fighting. It was so thrilling to the mind.

"Clink! Clang!"

The sounds of the metal colliding had immeasurable evil power as if it was pounding on people's hearts.

The blood shield connected to Bello for the second time.

At that moment, Shi Yan saw Bello's experiences once again. He saw a secret that Bello had hidden deep in his heart.

A dim shadow in a sealed cave was floating in front of Bello and teaching him something. That shadow could pierce through the void, s.p.a.ce or the Sea Territory, moving between the s.p.a.ce slits like a swimming fish.

It was the biggest secret that Bello was hiding.

That dark shadow was explaining to Bello the mysteries and magical features of s.p.a.ce power Upanishad using a special training method...

He was Bello's primary teacher who had guided Bello to the mysterious shrine of the s.p.a.ce power Upanishad. He had imprinted the Upanishad into Bello's brain, affected him, and promoted him for years so he could become the Chief of the Dark Shadow Clan.

This piece of hazy, hidden memory seemed to be so far behind in his life that Bello had almost forgotten it.

Shi Yan got this wisp of memory from the blood shield, which was projected from deep inside his brain. That dark shadow was vague, but Shi Yan could see the blood cloud mark on his forehead. It turned out that the man was a member of the Bloodthirsty Force!

The evil sounds disappeared. Shi Yan was shaken. He then looked at Bello with a strange face, "Who's your teacher?"

"Teacher?" Bello was bewildered and then shook his head. "I don't have a teacher. I learned the power Upanishad myself. It's all from my efforts."

He laughed sinisterly. "So? You know that you are about to die in my hands, so you want to talk about something else to buy yourself more time?"

Shi Yan frowned and asked, "Did you used to have a coma or a dream that after you woke up, you figured out that you had knowledge of the s.p.a.ce power Upanishad. After that, you started to practice the power right?"

He remembered what had happened to Harson.

Harson used to be a wimpy kid. After a coma, he had fused with the soul fixation of Xuan Shan, which had transformed him completely and made him the new prodigy of the G.o.d Clan.

However, Harson didn't know what had happened to him.

"Kid, do you know the Fate power Upanishad?" Bello snorted impatiently. "It's true. That year when I was cultivating in the secret domain of the Dark Shadow Clan, I fell into bedevilment so I had a coma. I had a dream that a Deity had taught me s.p.a.ce power Upanishad. When I woke up, I found that my understanding of the power was deep enough. After that difficult cultivating period, I finally defined my path of cultivating. Eventually, I worked my way up and earned the achievements that I have today.

After that, Bello didn't talk more. He began to dash through the s.p.a.ce slits. His Soul Consciousness locked Shi Yan, urging the layers of s.p.a.ce energy and attempting to confine Shi Yan.

Shi Yan stood at his spot. His face became so odd. He stared at Bello and didn't move an inch.

He finally believed in what Shang Chen had told him: No force could compare to the foundation of the Bloodthirsty Force!

The leader that understood the Mind Control power with countless appearances had prepared many things for the Bloodthirsty Force. Apparently, Bello, the Chief of the Dark Shadow Clan, was one of the surprises he had prepared.

If the blood shield hadn't projected Bello's whole life experiences and the secrets he had hidden deep in his heart, Shi Yan could have never known that Bello was the disciple of that guy!

Even Bello had thought that it was just a dream. Bello knew the secret that he himself was deceived from. No wonder why the G.o.d Clan hadn't doubted anything.

A terrifying fella!

Thinking about his deeds, Shi Yan felt shivers running down his spine. This kind of strategic conspiracy made him sincerely admire the one who planned this!

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