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Chapter 122 - The Yin Yang Wonderland
On a deserted island in the ocean.
Having grilled fish to eat, lightened both Shi Yan’s and Xia Xinyan’s moods.
Especially Xia Xinyan, whose face became much warmer as soon as the grilled fish entered her stomach.
After Shi Yan ate his fill, he pondered for a moment, and suddenly took out a small bottle from his bag. He went to the water’s edge, by himself, and poured a grey powder from the bottle into the sea. He mixed the powder well with the seawater and thoroughly scrubbed his face with it.
After a while, Shi Yan returned to Xia Xinyan’s side.
Her eyes widened, then she snorted dismissively, “Such a deceiver. So this is your true face, huh?”
Back in the Shi family, in order to conceal his ident.i.ty in the Martial Compet.i.tion, he had sought for a disguise artist to change his looks.
But now, as he was in the Endless Sea, leaving the Beiming, Ling, and Mo families far behind, he had no reason to conceal his true features. Thus, he removed his disguise.
Without the disguise, Shi Yan’s looks were quite different. The dark toned skin became lighter, and the bushy black brows became thinner, like sharp swords which cut through his forehead. His face became a little more angular and less rugged, but with more cold and fierce features. He had a unique, unyielding, and imposing visage
Shi Yan wasn’t an extremely handsome man, but he had a special quality, which gave people strong-minded, direct, and fierce impression.
Xia Xinyan glanced at him a few more times, and then said, “The look you have right now fits your arrogant and despicable nature!”
Shi Yan was stunned. So he asked, “Are you complimenting or insulting me?”
“What do you think?”
Shi Yan shook his head, as he didn’t want to haggle over with her on this topic. His expression slowly darkened, and he suddenly asked, “That Demon King Bo Xun, who exactly is he?”
Whenever he thought about that frightening figure, Shi Yan shuddered in his mind. Being able to rip through s.p.a.ce and take away the Sky realm Shura King, Xiao Han Yi. The master of such earthshaking powers had made a deep impact on him.
“Bo Xun is one of the two Demon Kings in the Fourth Demon area.”
Whenever Shi Yan mentioned this terrifying master, Xia Xinyan’s expression turned gloomy, “In the Fourth Demon Area, there are two Demon Kings, named Bo Xun and Chi Yan. Both of them are nigh-invincible. Their demon powers are unfathomable and infinite. It is said that they are both on the verge of stepping into the True G.o.d realm.”
“Demons can also cultivate? Do they have the same rankings that we do?” Shi Yan was surprised.
“Of course.” Xia Xinyan nodded, and explained, “Not only demons but even the dark dwellers of the Sevenfold Underworld can cultivate! But, whether it be the demons or the dark dwellers, the powers they gather are different than ours. The demons live in the Demon Area and they absorb natural demon energy. The dark dwellers, living in the Sevenfold Underworld, absorb natural dark energy. Demon energy and dark energy are like the natural spirit energies we have here. There are also cl.u.s.ters of these energies that exist in this world. Other than demons and dark dwellers, there are also some foreign clans in the Endless Sea, who also cultivate in spirit energies that are different than ours. But be it the demon energy, dark energy, or spirit energies, they are all different kinds of natural powers. The cultivation of warriors, no matter what spirit energies, are mostly the same...”
Xia Xinyan slowly informed Shi Yan of all the common knowledge in the Endless Sea. She mentioned the demons and the dark dwellers, and the differences between the G.o.d Domain and the Grace Mainland.
“The Demon King Bo Xun…” Shi Yan frowned, “Why did he attack Uncle Xiao?”
“Back in the day, the head of the Yang family, Yang Qing Di, brought powerful warriors from the Yang family into the Fourth Demon Area. They killed a Demon Master in the Fourth Demon Area. I believe Master Xiao should’ve told you about this?”
“That Demon Master was under the command of the Demon King Bo Xun! In the Fourth Demon Area, there are four Demon Masters. Two of which follow the Demon King Chi Yan, and two of whom are devoted followers of the Demon King Bo Xun. Yang Qing Di killed one of Bo Xun’s Demon Masters, so of course Bo Xun would go against the Yang family.”
“Bo Xun is on the verge of stepping into the True G.o.d realm, so even if he were to attack, he would’ve gone for the head of the Yang family... Why go for Uncle Xiao?” Shi Yan was very confused.
“Who said Bo Xun had to attack?” Xia Xinyan glared at Shi Yan, then said coldly, “That giant white skeletal hand was only one of the three Skeletal Avatars of Bo Xun. Although the Skeletal Avatars are pieces of Bo Xun, they’re not his main body. Bo Xun’s original body has always been in the Cave of a Thousand Demons. He won’t easily come out. If that were really the main body of Demon King Bo Xun that attacked us, do you think you and I could’ve really escaped?”
“What?” Shi Yan was shocked,“You’re saying that that giant bone hand, out of the three of Bo Xun’s Skeletal Avatars, was only… the hand of one of them?
“That’s right.”
Shi Yan’s heart was shaken.
Only a hand of one of the Skeletal Avatars was able to cause so much movement in the Endless Sea. It ripped through s.p.a.ce, and directly grabbed Xiao Han Yi. If it were the Demon King Bo Xun himself, how much power would that be?
Xia Xinyan seemed to know the shock in his heart, so she didn’t rush to speak, and instead she only looked at him.
After a long time, the look in Shi Yan’s eyes became firm, and he said, “That certainly is a terror. I really hope I will one day be able to fight with the Demon King Bo Xun.”
Xia Xinyan was stunned, and her beautiful eyes were filled with strange emotions, “You’re only in the first sky of the Disaster Realm, how could you dare to rave about fighting with Bo Xun? Even after a hundred years, you will still be unable to go against one of the Skeletal Avatars of Bo Xun. The Yang family members sure are all arrogant! None of you know what you’re worth.”
Shi Yan smiled, “I’m still young, and I have plenty of time to catch up. One day, maybe I can also become known in all the heavens, and can split the skies with my bare hands.”
Xia Xinyan was silent, but, after a while, she finally nodded lightly. She didn’t say much, but inside, her view of Shi Yan had changed.
For an ordinary warrior, after seeing the invincible power of the Demon King Bo Xun, it would probably leave an everlasting shadow in his mind. Let alone fighting with the Demon King Bo Xun, maybe they would’ve been occasionally affected by the shadow in their mind while cultivating, and would never be able to get rid of that shadow.
But Shi Yan’s mind was as solid as stone. Not only was he not afraid, instead, his monstrous will to fight was activated, growing to have the arrogant thought of one day battling with the Demon King Bo Xun. With such disposition, as long as his luck and talent could follow through, he would surely some day stand on top of the world.
“Is Uncle Xiao going to be okay?” Shi Yan suddenly sighed, and said sadly, “Uncle Xiao helped me out a lot in the Merchant Union, I really don’t want anything to happen to him. Aii, too bad my strength isn’t enough, or else I would’ve definitely slaughtered all on the way to the Fourth Demon Area and take Uncle Xiao back from Bo Xun’s hands.”
“I don’t know either.” Xia Xinyan shook her head, “I’m afraid that even a Skeletal Avatar of Bo Xun is impossible for Master Xiao to defeat. Hopefully, the heavens would help a good man like Master Xiao, and help him survive through this disaster.”
Shi Yan’s expression was full of frustration, he shook his head and sighed, then said, “If anything happens to Uncle Xiao, one day, I will definitely avenge for him, and slaughter that Demon King Bo Xun.”
Xia Xinyan’s face changed, she was more and more stunned by Shi Yan’s arrogance. In the vast Endless Sea, there were many strong figures and countless powerful warriors, but none could dare say that they could slaughter Bo Xun.
This guy is only in the Disaster realm, having just stepped into the threshold of martial arts. While clearly knowing the monstrous evil powers of the Demon King Bo Xun, he could still speak of such arrogant things. Could he really be a madman?
Shi Yan didn’t explain, but this raving statement wasn’t really that arrogant to him.
There was no other real reason, but he was sure the mysterious martial spirit inside him would provide him with limitless potential!
As long as he was constantly killing, he would naturally be absorbing negative energies, and could then transform them into extraordinary powers to nourish his martial spirit and Profound Qi.
He only needed to kill several thousand people, and that would be equivalent to decades of heavy cultivation of an ordinary person. With this special feature of the mysterious martial spirit, one day, he would be able to talk face to face with the Demon King Bo Xun. Of course, he would never tell anyone else about this.
The next two days, Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan both stayed on the deserted island. They survived by eating fish meat and drinking fish blood.
The sea was endless, There were no flying demon beasts, nor were there any giant ships. It might as well have been wiser to stay on the island than to blindly leave.
Xia Xinyan also approved of this. These past two days, other than eating together, they both cultivated on their own and did not disturb each other.
Another day pa.s.sed.
Sitting on the sand, Shi Yan extended his mind’s power, and he suddenly sensed an object in the distance. Instantly his expression bloomed, as he quickly stood up and shouted to Xia Xinyan, “There’s a ship!”
Xia Xinyan came over from the other side of the island and followed Shi Yan to gaze, looking out to the east.
In fifteen minutes, an enormous iron ship slowly appeared. The iron ship’s flag flew in the ocean wind, looking majestic.
“Aaaahhhh! Aaahhh!”
Shi Yan screamed loudly. His shriek pierced through the sky, like the howls of wolves.
Xia Xinyan frowned and covered her ears, cursing him in her mind. She glared at him bitterly.
That enormous iron ship seemed to have heard the calls, and slowly started sailing towards them.
Shi Yan waved his arms and continued screaming.
“Hey!” He suddenly exclaimed, there was a shady look on his face as he chuckled, “Xinyan, that ship seems quite interesting.”
On that giant steel ship hung many flags. Lifelike erotic images were embroidered on each of the flags. There was a couple in the wheelbarrow position, a couple in the lotus position, a couple in the flower on the back position, and many more like this. Under the blowing of ocean wind, those erotic images flew wildly. The lifelike men and women on those erotic images, looked as if they were coming to life, and showing great vigor.
Xia Xinyan flushed, and she suddenly thought of something, exclaiming, “The ship is from the Yin Yang Wonderland!”
Then, Xia Xinyan quickly touched the green jade ring on her finger and took out a pack of powdered medicine, which she quickly smeared on her face.
A few minutes later, Xia Xinyan looked like a different person.
Her breathtaking appearance was completely gone. Instead, her face was yellow and dark and filled with pimples, making her a slightly ugly young girl.
“What the h.e.l.l are you doing?” Shi Yan was dumbfounded.
“People from the Yin Yang Wonderland tend to heavily indulge in their l.u.s.t. They’re one of the most unique forces in the Endless Sea. The disciples of the Yin Yang Wonderland cultivate through s.e.xual intercourse, so outstanding looking men and women become targets for disciples of the Yin Yang Wonderland. At the moment, my power has not recovered, so if I were to reveal my true face I’m afraid I’d be doomed.” After finishing up her disguise, Xia Xinyan finally relaxed a bit and spoke indifferently.
“Ah!” Shi Yan exclaimed, and then frowned and said, “Then wouldn’t a uniquely tempered, and extraordinarily handsome, man like me be doomed to ‘suffer’?”
“Mmm hmm. Some male disciples of the Yin Yang Wonderland are also gay.” Xia Xinyan said indifferently, secretly feeling delightful.
“Gay?” Shi Yan’s face quickly changed.
Translated by: Amy
Edited by: Jimmy, Eli, and Vick
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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