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The G.o.d Clan's battleships quietly increased the distance between them and Devil Blood Star.

Fick and Ranno ordered their subordinates and restricted them from approaching the Devil Blood Star. They had summoned Sloan and Kelda. They didn't scout by the mysterious area with the barriers of Devil Blood Star.

The G.o.d Clan's fleet was waiting for something.

Many battleships floating above Devil Blood Star were ordered to return to land. The warriors of all the forces had to get into mountain ranges or to shelter underground.

They didn't know why Fu Wei, Feng Han, and Lin Xin had such strange orders. Since they knew that the situation was urgent and dangerous, they had spread the orders to all the warriors.

Ninety percent of the warriors on Devil Blood Star had to get into the shelters, leaving one section of the strongest experts on the surface who faced the gray sky with stern complexions.

On the observatory station of the Demogorgon Temple, Shang Chen, Shi Yan, An Liya, Feng Han, and Blood Devil were gingerly waiting. Their eyes showed how they were terrified in the atmosphere with the pressure before the storm's arrival.

The G.o.d Clan were going to use the G.o.d Punishment!

Shang Chen had explained the situation. Although Feng Han, Blood Devil, and the experts of Agate Star Area didn't know what the G.o.d Punishment was, from Shang Chen's countenance, they knew that the G.o.d Punishment could destroy any life star in just a blink.

No one dared to neglect this formidable attack!

People kept waiting in silence. After one hour, Shang Chen discolored and shouted, "Here it comes!"

Everyone lifted their heads to look at the sky.

A ma.s.sive, deep vortex suddenly appeared by the gray edge of their sights. Thunderclaps reverberated inside that ma.s.sive vortex. It seemed to carry different powers of Nature and acc.u.mulate formidable energy.

The vortex was like a dark mouth floating above Devil Blood Star that was about to swallow the planet with just one bite.

The invisible pressure wounded people's hearts. It seemed like their soul altars were stagnant and they couldn't gather their energy.

Warriors at low realms felt so restlessly anxious. They even had brutal desires to slaughter as a way to vent out.

Rumble! Rumble!

Rumble! Rumble!

The vortex rippled tremendously like it was doomsday. The violent bolts of lightning and torrential sleet terrified people badly.

Shortly after, flaming meteors shot out of the vortex. Those meteors were much bigger than a mountain. Moreover, they were burning with lightning winding around. When they moved, they twirled the wind that had a destructive aura. Altogether, they became a formidable rain that attacked Devil Blood Star.

The bolts of lightning weaved with a downpour of sleet and gusts.

It was the scene of doomsday.

A meteor hit the barrier. A dazzling halo bloomed from the impact. Instantly, dozens of barriers shattered.

There were dozens of thousands of flaming meteors that showered down to the planet. The barriers, restrictions, formations, and weapons of the clans around Agate Star Area that were set up at every corner of Devil Blood Star were smashed by the flaming meteors.

Blood Devil, Feng Han, Fu Wei, and Lin Xin grimaced.

They understood that without those layers of barrier and restrictions, all creatures on Devil Blood Star would perish when the flaming meteors bombarded the star. They were going to fall into a bottomless abyss soon.

They were so scared.

Then, Shang Chen exhaled in relief. "It seems like the G.o.d Clan is declining. The power of this G.o.d Punishment wasn't even half of its original capacity. I wonder what those Elders of the Elders Committee are doing..."

Shi Yan, Blood Devil, and the others looked at him as they didn't have a clue.

"Isn't this apocalypse commotion terrible enough?" Fu Wei was astounded and was wearing a sour face.

An Liya shook her head and said seriously, "Big commotions aren't always terrible. The power of the G.o.d Punishment is... bigger with smaller commotion."

Everybody focused on her.

An Liya looked wary. She recalled something and explained with fear. "I used to see some footage from Shang Chen. It was a level 7 life star with billions of lives and around ten Incipient G.o.d Realm experts. It was the main star of a star area. Then, the G.o.d Punishment came. There was no sound and no sign. The entire life star disappeared strangely. The Life Seal of creatures there vanished. Then, I saw only a flash..."

An Liya was still scared. After so many years, every time she recalled such footage, she still felt chilled inwardly.

Hearing her, everybody shivered. They felt the hair on their napes rising. Now, they knew that the power of the G.o.d Punishment sent to Devil Blood Star was a lot weaker.

Shi Yan's eyes were cold. He looked at the sky and waited in silence.

Shortly after, hundreds of layers of barriers and restrictions protecting the Devil Blood Star dissolved. Flaming meteors began to cross the atmosphere. Blood Devil and the others shot up, using their powers to strike the meteors.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The meteors exploded and sent burning rocks everywhere on Devil Blood Star with terrifying flames.

Many warriors hiding in the shelters emerged and joined hands to deal with those rocks from the broken meteors. They didn't want to see Blood Devil burning.

"Watch out! Don't get out!" Shang Chen shouted ear-piercingly.

Water drops rattled from the sky. As soon as those drops touched anything on the ground, it exploded and created a powerful explosion.

When this kind of explosive water fell on the river, mountains, or trees, everything exploded instantly. The warriors who had gotten out of the shelters also got hurt by those explosions.

This sprinkle of explosive water had killed several thousand warriors. Their blood and flesh exploded and then their soul altars flew out of the shattered bodies. The gust from the sky blew them ad dissolved the soul altars directly.

Seeing the terrible situation, Blood Devil and Fu Wei shouted at the warriors, ordering them to get into the shelters.

Apparently, although the power of the G.o.d Punishment had been ma.s.sively reduced and couldn't erase Devil Blood Star in one blow, it didn't stop here.

The G.o.d Punishment continued.

Water drops, meteors, lightning bolts, strong gusts of wind, and sleet had severely hit Devil Blood Star, making the sea seethe and the mountain collapse. The ground exploded and cracked, injuring a lot of warriors.

Blood Devil, Bath, Gu Te, and the other experts moved around to deal with those earth-shattering changes to prevent unpredictable damages.

"Although it was not even half of the real power, it could turn Devil Blood Star into this pathetic situation. If it was stronger, even if the star remained, everybody would have perished."

Shi Yan wore a dark face as he was really cautious.

The G.o.d Clan was worthy of being the overlords of the entire cosmos for ten thousand years. They had many tricks. Only the G.o.d Punishment was enough to scare the other clans out of their wits.

Also, the G.o.d Clan didn't have only the G.o.d Punishment as their weapons for slaughtering.

"Let's get ready to fight. I heard the rumble of the G.o.d Clan's battleships. They are about to attack Devil Blood Star." Shang Chen frowned and confirmed for the last time, "Are you sure that it's okay to take your time?"

"I told you. After Bello got wounded severely, no one can confine me," Shi Yan was filled with confidence.

Shang Chen nodded. "Then, you should lure the G.o.d Clan out. It's better that you can lure a part of their army out of Devil Blood Star. I've noticed Sha Zhao's team. They are rushing to get here. As long as you don't get killed, the G.o.d Clan won't leave quickly. And once Sha Zhao's team comes, it won't be easy for them to leave anymore."

"Alright," Shi Yan nodded.

He rose one hand and tore the void. Sparkling s.p.a.ce slits with outer s.p.a.ce streamers appeared. He got in and disappeared from Devil Blood Star.

"Kill them all!"


"Erase them!"

Fick, Ranno, and Bai Can were ordering their battleships. The G.o.d Clan's fleet then hissed and roared, aiming at Devil Blood Star.

A faint halo glowed in a corner at the edge of Devil Blood Star. Shi Yan emerged.

"Shi Yan!"

"It's him!"

Mia and Phelps yelled and pointed at Shi Yan.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The warriors of the G.o.d Clan shot towards Shi Yan like hawks or electric spears. Sloan and Kelda were in this troop.

"I've fused with the Genesis Fruit. The G.o.d Clan will definitely decline. Accept your fate." Shi Yan grinned and turned into a beam of starlight, flying away from Devil Blood Star.

"Kill him!"

"The Elder Committee has ordered to kill him! It's the primary mission!"

Fick and Ranno bellowed.

More and more warriors of the G.o.d Clan riding the war chariot flew away with the Dark Shadow clansmen. Bello was sitting on a war chariot, his face pale.

His face was pale and his sinister eyes were gazing at Shi Yan. He seemed to have some plan.

This war chariot still had another person sitting in the dark. That one was jet black as if he wanted to merge with the darkness. He had no aura as he had concealed his soul energy.

"He cultivates s.p.a.ce power Upanishad. If you want to kill him, you must destroy the s.p.a.ce nodes first. Otherwise, he can teleport away instantly," said Bello in a cold voice.

The man sitting in the dark corner nodded, "Which good solution you have?

Bello looked at him, his face cold and savage. "You can repay me this time. I want to borrow your power. Only I can confine his s.p.a.ce."

"On one condition," the other pondered for a while and then lifted his face. "Help me take back the position of Pavilion Master of Potion and Tool Pavilion."

Surprisingly, that man was Great Elder Zuo Lou, the man who had disappeared for a long time.

"I agree with you," Bello nodded immediately.

"Sizzle! Sizzle!"

Zuo Lou emerged from the dark corner. His skin suddenly cracked and revealed nine cyan venomous snakes that were the size of a thumb. The tails of the nine snakes connected to his main veins, the G.o.d power Ancient Tree, and his chest. The snakes opened their mouths to show their venomous fangs.

All of them bit Bello's abdomen. Bello crouched down in pain and screeched.

The nine snakes connecting Bello and Zuo Lou twitched. Flows of cyan light moved through their bodies and poured into Bello's body.

Bello's pale face was now dark green and his eyes were turning green altogether. He looked like a toxic snake that had been hiding in the wetlands for many years. His body had turned green when it was filled with evil, br.i.m.m.i.n.g energy.

Shortly after, Zuo Lou looked like he aged dozens of years. His hair turned white and his face was wrinkled. He didn't have a lot Essence Qi left in his body.

Quite the contrary, Bello had revived his vitality. Once again, tremendous energy circulated in his body. His wounds were all healed.

"Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha!"

Bello laughed crazily. While he was laughing, the nine toxic snakes at his belly exploded. He casually patted Zuo Lou's head and exploded it like a watermelon. Blood and brain splashed around.

"You failed. You don't have the right to negotiate with me. Go die!"

Bello didn't look at Zuo Lou's body even once. He stood up and left the war chariot, flying away. His body flashed when he walked through a s.p.a.ce slit. He disappeared in just a blink of an eye.

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