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Gray clouds hovered above the barriers weaving with each other like electric nets. Different lethal weapons and traps were hidden in the dark. They released terrifying energy fluctuations like venomous snakes waiting for prey.

Many ghost-like shadows were moving outside the critical points of the barriers protecting Devil Blood Star. They were seeking for a chance.

This group included Sloan, Kelda, and some Incipient G.o.d Realm experts of the Fernandez family and the Bai family. They were hiding and waiting for a chance.

They tried to hide their auras in the layers of gray clouds and released no living signals.

Sloan and Kelta held their breaths, their eyes tranquil like water. They were calculating their plan.

Blue and green bolts of lightning weaved around them like teeth of a comb. The bolts had created a ma.s.sive net like a strange world of thunderbolts that could tingle people's scalps.

Although Sloan and Kelda were at Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm, they felt their hair rising. It was an instinctive sign of their bodies when they were in front of danger.

They felt so tense. They immediately put up guard and didn't dare to touch the electric fence.

They looked at G.o.d Clan's battleships, which sparkled in the cold light. They were majestically imposing like icy mountains. Gradually, terrifying energy bloomed when the divine crystals exploded.

Sloan and Kelda cheered up.


A rough, light column like a big tree log shot out grumblingly as if a river had just broken the dam. The pure energy bombarded the area maliciously.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Countless, similar light columns fired from the battleships of the G.o.d Clan. They were all crystal clear and shining dazzlingly. However, they had created a tremendous energy attack.

The ear-piercing explosions reverberated unceasingly.


Within the short time, hundreds of layers of barriers around Devil Blood Star had sparkled marvelously. The five-colored halos rippled like waves. It had almost shattered the s.p.a.ce and stirred up the galaxy.

Several thousand battleships of the G.o.d Clan fired the crystal energy at the same time. They consumed the divine crystals at a ma.s.sive rate, using the materials that the G.o.d Clan had acc.u.mulated for ten thousand years. They were using the crystal artilleries to bombard the enemy!

The ma.s.sive Devil Blood Star shook grumblingly. The surface began to crack. Many battleships anch.o.r.ed on the ground couldn't endure the tremors. Cracking sounds echoed from them as if they were about to break.

The leaders of Potion and Tool Pavilion, Fire Clan, Crystal Clan, Divine League, and many small forces rode war chariots as they shouted at their warriors to drive the battleships off the ground. They didn't let the battleships anchor on the ground.

The Demogorgon shook hard. The city in Divine Land exploded grumblingly. Many cities that were unstably built shattered and collapsed. Dust scattered everywhere. Many warriors ran away from the ruins.

Everybody knew that the G.o.d Clan had started the last furious battle. The most challenging moment for Devil Blood Star had come.

The G.o.d Clan's battleships anch.o.r.ed in the galaxy were bombing with crystal light columns unceasingly. They were like heaven rivers bombarding Devil Blood Star. This scene was brutal but really magnificent.

The barriers outside Devil Blood Star sparkled with magical light. They were like the most beautiful fireworks, but it had actually terrified the warriors.

"It's really magnificent and mesmerizing! It looks like Devil Blood Star has many rainbows at the same. Too bad that it's lethal."

"Well, deadly danger always waits behind the beauty. The G.o.d Clan can't hold it anymore."

"They want to use the battleships to break the defenses. I think it's not that simple. I'm afraid they have another plan."

Fu Wei, Lin Xin, and Feng Han stood on the roof of Demogorgon Temple. They looked at the sky with brilliant sparks above their head as they lowered their voices to discuss.

Underneath them was the main hall of Demogorgon Temple.

In there, Shang Chen had just taken out the crystal mirror to connect to the others one more time.

Sha Zhao, Wu Feng, Mo Fou, and Jiao Shan appeared in the mirror. They greeted when they saw Shi Yan. They all looked high-spirited.

"How is your preparation?" Shi Yan lowered his voice.

"Everything is ready. We just need your order to draw the net," said Sha Zhao.

Sha Zhao beamed and showed his white teeth. "We can take action now."

"Got it! Haha!"

Sha Zhao, Wu Feng, and the others cheered excitedly. They looked eager to take action as if they were waiting for this moment for a long time.

Right when they entered the ancient continent, Mia, Phelps, and Haig, the future leaders of the G.o.d Clan, had subdued and tried to kill them. In their star areas, they were the leading stars, but on Desolate, they were the supporting roles. The G.o.d Clan had murdered many talented warriors like them.

They were lucky that they met Shi Yan...

Otherwise, they would have been the sacrifice offered to the next ten thousand years of prosperity of the G.o.d Clan.

They would absolutely never stay idle!

After they had escaped Desolate, every one of them had pledged to take revenge. They wanted to teach the G.o.d Clan a b.l.o.o.d.y lesson.

Strangely, their seniors supported them. Many elders who didn't favor them had become so cooperative.

They had the right time, right people, and the right environment. They wanted to vent out their anger in this battle and slaughter G.o.d Clan's warriors. They wanted to strike the G.o.d Clan off their high tower starting from this battle.

The invincible G.o.d Clan was going to break. They wanted to become the witnesses and the ones who directly partic.i.p.ated in this milestone of a new history.

This had boiled their blood!


The battleships of the G.o.d Clan were like dragons that breathed fire. They surrounded Devil Blood Star and bombarded crazily. Many warriors of the G.o.d Clan were urging their soul altars to use the supernatural powers too.

The shower of icicles, a flaming sea, thunderbolts, and meteors were some kinds of power Upanishad that they were using to bombard Devil Blood Star.

The barriers protecting Devil Blood Star were worn out. Hundreds of barrier layers broke. The brilliant horizon of Devil Blood Star was filled with floating battleships.

"All barriers and restrictions in this world use energy. A barrier without energy is like a thin sheet of paper. A slight poke can break it easily."

Fick said nonchalantly, his eyes calm and indifferent. "Bombarding the barriers and restrictions will wear out their energy. Once the barrier doesn't have enough energy to maintain itself, its defense will dissolve."

He rose his gla.s.s of red wine elegantly and smiled, "We have time and our clan has sufficient materials and firearms. It's just the matter of time before the defense of Devil Blood Star breaks."

Ranno and Bai Can nodded in agreement.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

A special b.u.t.terfly-shaped war chariot of the Dark Shadow Clan roared as it was hurrying to reach them. It stopped by the high tower. The Dark Shadow man didn't care about the guards as it screamed hoa.r.s.ely, "Chief! Big trouble! It's really terrible!"

Fick darkened his face and waved at him, "Come here!"

The Dark Shadow warrior jumped off the war chariot and rushed. He kneeled down and reported, "Chief, our troops found many battleships when we were scouting. Those battleships aren't from Agate Star Area!"

Fick, Ranno, and Bai Can changed their visage.

"How many battleships are there?" Fick bellowed.

"Dozens of thousands! Countless warriors! They are... they are circling us!" The Dark Shadow warrior stooped and didn't dare to look at Fick, Ranno, and Bai Can. He was so scared.

"Investigate! Immediately! You must identify them!" Fick shouted.

The Dark Shadow warrior left quickly. He rode the b.u.t.terfly war chariot and continued to talk to his scouts.

"They are probably warriors from other star areas. When we were in Desolate, Shi Yan's reputation was really good. Many leaders of the major star areas had considered him their leader," Mia suddenly said, her voice gloomy and cold.

Phelps nodded solemnly. "Those people hadn't been cleared. They have a deep grudge against our clan. They had escaped and planned to attack our clan. Too bold!"

Mia and Phelps were there on Desolate. They knew that Shi Yan had formed alliances with the outstanding young warriors of other star areas. He had the Genesis Fruit and his prestige was boosted even higher.

Throughout the millions of years, the vast sea of star still had the rumor: the race of the warrior who got the Genesis Fruit became the overlords of the universe for ten thousand years!

The experts of the star areas around the cosmos believed this without a doubt.

Many events had proven that saying. The reason why the G.o.d Clan had been prosperous and powerful for so many years was that the precursor of this clan had fused with the Genesis Fruit. That was how they could unite the other forces to destroy the Bloodthirsty Force and replace it to be the overlord of the sea of stars.

It was ten thousand years later and Shi Yan had taken the Genesis Fruit. Was it G.o.d Clan's time to be replaced?

"d.a.m.n you, Haig!" Fick cursed. "If he could get the Genesis Fruit, how could they have other thoughts? We are in big trouble now. They must think that our clan is declining. That's why they are seizing the chance to attack us. We absolutely can't lose this battle. Otherwise, they will believe in that theory of the Genesis Fruit. More and more warriors will come to challenge our G.o.d Clan's authority!"

Ranno nodded calmly. He said resolutely, "I'm going to contact the clan."

"Yeah, you must tell them the seriousness of this event!" said Fick

Ranno sat down neatly. He took out a strange stone that had the carvings of the twelve families' crests of the G.o.d Clan. He then sent his Soul Consciousness into the stone.

He opened his eyes in fright as he shouted, "The s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage connected to our ancestral star is closed!"

Fick, Phelps, and Mia discolored.

They knew what it meant.

Unless there was no s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage connecting Ancient G.o.d Star Area and Agate Star Area, this situation would never have happened. Since they couldn't communicate, they knew that the pa.s.sage in Shadow Ghostly Prison was blocked one more time.

Apparently, their enemies didn't want them to return to Ancient G.o.d Star Area alive.

"Those d.a.m.n low races! They dare to challenge our clan's prestige!" Ranno hissed before muttering some incantation. Shortly after, his face was covered with tiny, bluish veins that also appeared in his eyes like tiny snakes.

While he was reading the incantation, blood dripped from his body. He paled, his spirit, soul, and Qi ceasing like a withered flower.

This was a secret spell of the G.o.d Clan that was similar to the Burning Purgatory. It consumed the energy of the body to create a strange energy.

This kind of energy could travel through star areas.

A gray light shot out of Ranno's glabella and poured on that strange stone. Ranno's Soul Consciousness crossed s.p.a.ces to reach a shrine on Ancient G.o.d Continent.

"I'm Chief Ranno of the Fernandez family. I'm in trouble. I ask to see the Elders to report the issue..."

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