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The s.p.a.ce Teleport Formation glowed and sparkled. The mysterious, magnificent star map looked like a real galaxy where two brighter stars were shining.

Not many people noticed the two stars or knew the mysteries behind them. Since they didn't know s.p.a.ce power Upanishad, they couldn't understand what the two stars represented.

However, some people knew what they were. Zha Duo who cultivated s.p.a.ce power Upanishad and An Liya's team who came from Fantasy Mist Star Area were aware. Since they knew many things about the s.p.a.ce Teleport Formation they knew it all just from the little details.

An Liya and Shusia exchanged looks. They nodded perceptibly.

Zha Duo understood it, but he couldn't tell the others. He looked bewildered.

Gradually, the crowd of warriors of the other forces gathering by the blood pond decreased in number. Bing Jie and Stark had submitted the expensive fees and then ran away, leaving the battleships and the items in them behind. The area they were heading to was going to hold them from rising for at least one hundred years.

Standing by the Teleport Formation, Shi Yan was indifferent. He had connected the two s.p.a.ces for several hundred times.

The teleport formation flashed for the last time as the last group of warriors disappeared. Shi Yan kept silent for a while before shouting, "Anyone else wants to leave Agate Star Area?"

Everybody kept silent.

People gathering from different places around Devil Blood Star were warriors of the forces around the star area. Millions of them were all warriors and not ordinary people.

Agate Star Area had around hundreds of billions of people. A part of them was killed in this disaster while most of them were ordinary people living in normal residential areas where thick earth and heaven energy or crystals to exploit weren't there. The warriors didn't want to live in those regions.

The G.o.d Clan wasn't interested in low, weak ordinary people. When the war happened, the forces around the star area had sent their ordinary people to seek shelter in those resident areas.

To the G.o.d Clan, people there weren't different from tiny, vulnerable ants. They didn't lay their eyes on those life stars. Without precious crystals, the G.o.d Clan were never going to waste their efforts there.

The exploitation required a lot of slaves and they needed slaves that had cultivated power Upanishad. Ordinary people couldn't do that. If they had to dig several thousand meters deep into the ground, they would die because of a lack of oxygen. To the G.o.d Clan, ordinary people weren't useful at all.

There were around dozens of millions of warriors who cultivated powers Upanishads in Agate Star Area. A part of them had a tragic death in the war. Only several million could make it to Devil Blood Star. However, 90% of them couldn't join the battle because their realms were under King G.o.d Realm.

Seventy or eighty thousand warriors at King G.o.d Realm and above could be the main force to join the frontier.

Looking at the silent warriors, Shi Yan's face became strange.

He made a simple calculation and found that the ones he had delivered away were large in number, but they were useless in fighting. All of them were under King G.o.d Realm and they were the children or grandchildren of the warriors who stayed.

The warriors standing here were all at King G.o.d Realm and above. They were the main force and they had decided to stay and defend until their deaths!

There weren't many leaders who had left with their clans like Bing Jie and Stark. There were more leaders who decided to stay than estimated.

It turned out that there were many people who had crossed their heart to die for their homeland when the catastrophe came!

Shi Yan and Blood Devil, Bath were cheered up.

"Wu Lan djie, please check the divine crystals submitted by the forces that had only the juniors leave and the experts stayed," said Shi Yan.

Wu Lan looked honored and happy when Shi Yan called her djie. She smiled at him, "Okay."

As the leaders of those forces were about to leave, Shi Yan's words made them suspicious.

"I'm done. There are... six billion and five hundred and thirty million divine crystals!" Wu Lan smiled like a blooming flower.

She was the majordomo of Devil Blood Star, so she knew that the number of divine crystals that Devil Blood Star had acc.u.mulated for thousands of years couldn't reach this ma.s.sive number. Wu Lan was so happy as if she could see money falling from the sky.

Fu Wei, Zha Duo, and An Liya looked shocked too.

Six billion and five hundred thirty million divine crystals was a ma.s.sive fortune. It was more than the sum of revenue of more than one hundred years in the business of Potion and Tool Pavilion. Shi Yan had spent only one day to collect this amount.

"Precursor An Liya, could you do me a favor?" Shi Yan asked all of a sudden.

"Tell me," An Liya was surprised.

"Later on, when you go back there, please give these divine crystals to the members of those families. I'm talking about the members of the clans whose experts decided to stay." Shi Yan pointed around.

Many leaders of the small forces heard him. They were shaken as they thought that it was unbelievable!

They never thought that Shi Yan would do this!

Fu Wei, Feng Han, Lin Xin, and Blood Devil were dumbstruck. They didn't know why Shi Yan did that. Six billion and five hundred thirty million divine crystals was a huge sum that made their hearts beat faster because of their greed. Shi Yan decided to give them away.

If he wanted to give them away, why did he try to s.n.a.t.c.h the money from them earlier?

They couldn't explain his deed.

To the leaders of those small forces, Shi Yan's decision was a marvelous thrill that made them jump and yell crazily.

Many of them had worked for the whole life to acc.u.mulate one million divine crystals. They had to bite their lips to submit the crystals and have their bloodline exist. They had cursed eighteen generations of Shi Yan's family for his cruelty and said that he was a blood-sucking a.s.shole.

They didn't think that while they were bleeding inwardly, Shi Yan had given them a blessed decision.

They believed that if their descendants could have a million divine crystals, they could live well in any place. Their lives would be much better with good living and training conditions. This cheered them up.

An Liya looked at Shi Yan deeply, her bright eyes filled with astonishment. After a while, she nodded and said, "Don't worry. I will help you arrange it properly!"

"Thank you!" Shi Yan bowed to her.


"Why did you do that?"

"Shi Yan, give us your answer," Jing Yu Wan screamed.

Not far from them, Yan Chi stood alone on a bleak hill. He also observed the situation over there.

Shi Yan rose his hand.

Everybody quieted down.

"I thought that under the desperate pressure of the G.o.d Clan, most of you would run away for your lives. To those individuals, I couldn't let them go easily. That was why I wanted to have a big bite. I didn't want them to live easily," said Shi Yan, his face stern. "Then, I found that I was wrong. It turns out that many of you have decided to stay and defend. You know you must die but you still stayed... You guys have earned my respect! If you dare to sacrifice your life, of course, I will protect your families! More than six billion divine crystals will be handed to your descendants. You earned them with your life!"

People were shaken. They looked at Shi Yan with red eyes. Some clenched their fists and gritted their teeth.

The Chief of the Fire Clan was also baffled. His stern face quivered as he nodded inwardly.

"Everybody, don't worry. We will properly arrange for your family members. We will a.s.sure their safety. We will make sure that they are treated well so you guys won't need to worry about them." Shi Yan's voice suddenly lowered. "Prepare to fight to the death!"

Everybody shouted and screamed wildly to reply to him.

Fu Wei, Feng Han, and An Liya looked at Shi Yan. The bearings he had shown them right now were like seals imprinted in the bottom of their hearts that they would never forget.

Also, he had earned the acceptance from his friends and the leaders of the remaining forces in Devil Blood Star. This magical young man had touched people's hearts. His words had boosted their fighting spirit. His pep talk had given them a new formidable aura.

Then, Shi Yan's orders were spread out. The forces from everywhere started to build defenses in the sky around Devil Blood Star.

No one was lazy. The strong affection was released and it brought them the best moments of their life. They had built many strange and marvelous barriers to protect Devil Blood Star. They had worked beautifully that Devil Blood Star was almost waterproof. From outer s.p.a.ce, Devil Blood Star had countless light curtains like rainbows protecting the planet.

As the light curtains were protecting Devil Blood Star, the war chariots were patrolling every corner like swimming fish. Everything was ready to encounter the G.o.d Clan.

They didn't need to worry about their families. Even death couldn't bother their spirits now. Now, they just wanted to damage the G.o.d Clan as much as they can, their union spirit extreme.

In their teams, there was no coward. There was no warrior with the hope of being lucky in the battle. With their determined minds, those warriors wanted to deliver the G.o.d Clan a big surprise. They wanted to show the G.o.d Clan that Devil Blood Star was a meat-grinding machine where they had to pay a b.l.o.o.d.y price.


In the dark universe.

"I'm going to Devil Blood Star alone. I need to contact that kid first. Otherwise, it's not easy to carry out the plan." Shang Chen was on a fulgent war chariot that looked as if it was made of white jade. He smiled at his daughter. "It's close to Devil Blood Star now. I found many guards of the Dark Shadow Clan. You should tell Sha Zhao and the others. Tell them to stay calm."

"Is it okay if you go alone?" Shang Ying Yue asked worriedly.

"It's not dangerous if I go alone." Shang Chen sounded calm and relaxed. "I've been traveling around the major star areas for several hundred years. What is there that I haven't seen? Don't worry. I have my methods. Yeah, when I go to Devil Blood Star, I will contact you."

"I will tell Sha Zhao and the others to scatter and wait for the G.o.d Clan to fall into our trap," Shang Ying Yue nodded.

"It's good then," Shang Chen smiled, his face strange. "If I'm right, your mother is in Devil Blood Star now. That kid must build a teleport formation."

"Oh?" Shang Ying Yue screamed in awe.

"Your mother has a small toy I made for her. I can sense her existence in the same star area. She should be in Devil Blood Star now. I wonder what she thinks about that kid," muttered Shang Chen.

Shang Ying Yue suddenly felt tense.

"Alright, you should talk to Sha Zhao and the others. I gotta go now. I will contact you guys soon." Shang Chen smiled. He flashed and leaped into the sea of stars. After several steps, he disappeared utterly.

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