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Because of Shi Yan alone, the galaxy was shaken. Countless battleships and experts were marching to Agate Star Area. Was it true?

Feng Han and Fu Wei were frightened as they didn't know the information.

In their eyes, Shi Yan now had a veil of mysteries that no one could see through.

"So, do you still need to move people to Fantasy Mist Star Area or not?" asked An Liya.

As many warriors were heading here, the Ascot family, the Fernandez family, and the Bai family wouldn't have a decent end. Shi Yan could tell them the actual situation and make them stay, waiting for the reinforcements. They didn't need to move anymore.

Fu Wei's group had considered the situation.

"The cowards who are afraid of death don't have the right to live in this world. We still move them!" Shi Yan hissed, "Do you have any barren and remote place in Fantasy Mist Star Area? I'm afraid that the ones who want to run away will be many. They will affect your Fantasy Mist Star Area."

"Yeah, Shang Chen used to set up the coordinates in the desolate South-West of Fantasy Mist Star Area. It's an abandoned mine on a dead mineral star. Although ordinary people couldn't live there, it's not a problem for warriors." An Liya said, "I can show you which way it is. There's a small teleport formation that only my family knows. Shang Chen had set it up earlier."

"Then we choose that area," Shi Yan's eyes brightened. He turned to Fu Wei and Lin Xin. "You guys notify them immediately. Tell them anyone who doesn't want to defend until death in Devil Blood Star should gather here. We will deliver them away. Also, tell them that once they decide to go, there's no way back."

Fu Wei and Lin Xin were shocked. They nodded to him and then turned to order their subordinates.

"Please tell me the precise location," Shi Yan bowed slightly to ask An Liya.

An Liya didn't owe him anything. Of course, he had to be humble. Moreover, she was Shang Ying Yue's mother.

"No problem," An Liya told him the coordinates.

Shi Yan adjusted his s.p.a.ce Teleport Formation. A new s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage was formed. He got through it directly.

He stepped on a dry, desolate mineral star where there were a lot of damages. It was the consequences of overexploitation. It looked shattered with a lot of bottomless holes. There was no life energy fluctuation.

Outside this mineral star, there were some dead stars or mineral stars and nothing else but a dark void. None of these were suitable for warriors to cultivate. The living conditions here were so harsh it was just a temporary shelter.

Anyway, it satisfied Shi Yan. He sneered and returned to Devil Blood Star, calculating something in his head.

"Do you want me to send you back?" Shi Yan asked An Liya.

"It's a rare chance to visit another star area. We will stay here for several days. We don't have anything rushed anyway," said An Liya. When she looked at Shi Yan now, it was strange as if a parent was checking her soon-to-be son in law. She wanted to know him better.

Shi Yan, of course, didn't have any opinion about this.

Everybody surrounded the s.p.a.ce Teleport Formation and waited in silence.


Many forces with their battleships were staying in a mountain range where earth and heaven energy was hovering.

Among them was a fire crystal battleship where Yan Chi, Bing Jie, and Jing Yu Wan were discussing with the experts of their clans. They just received news: Shi Yan had brought a s.p.a.ce Teleport Formation!

This information had astounded all of them.

Bing Jie, Jing Yu Wan and the new chief of the Ghost Mark Clan, Stark became excited. They were discussing and giving orders continuously.

Only Yan Chi kept quiet with a grimace. He looked as if he was trying to press down his anger.

"I thought we would die eventually in Devil Blood Star. We're no match against the G.o.d Clan. No one thought that that kid still had some trick." Bing Jie was so happy that she couldn't help it. She temporarily forgot how Shi Yan had humiliated her. She told the others resolutely. "Our Ice Clan has decided to leave. I don't want my clan to be killed here."

"Of course, our Ghost Mark Clan wants to evacuate. Who wants to stay and die here?" said Stark.

"Our Wood Clan will also move."

"Our Dark Spirit Clan will leave too."

Everybody became clamored.

Yan Chi's face got darker. After a while, he grunted when he saw Jing Yu Wan keep silent. "How about you? What's your plan?"

The Fire Clan and the Crystal Clan were the oldest clans in Agate Star Area. They were born in Agate Star Area, so they had rooted here with affection and dependence.

That was why Jing Yu Wan was hesitant. She hadn't made any decision yet.

"Do you want to run away too?" Yan Chi snorted.

"I will let the juniors leave. The old experts and I will stay. I can't be as heartless as you," sighed Jing Yu Wan.

Yan Chi's face became better. He nodded and then waved his hand. "Except JJ, all of you should get off my battleships. We don't welcome you!"

A brutal scorching energy expanded from Yan Chi. The other clansmen of the Fire Clan standing around also didn't have good faces as they looked at Bing Jie's group disdainfully.

Bing Jie and Stark discolored. They didn't talk more and just left using their war chariots. After they had left the battleship, the others then heard Bing Jie muttering, "Too stubborn. If you want to die, don't blame the others. Don't drag all of your clansmen with you! Crazy!"

Yan Chi grimaced and looked at the clansmen of the Fire Clan. He shouted, "What do you say?"

"We pledge our lives to protect our homeland!" All the experts of the Fire Clan kneeled down, facing the sky and screaming. Their voices reached the sky.


By the blood pond, the experts of many forces came and packed the area. They surrounded the blood ponds in thousands of layers. More and more people were coming.

Shi Yan was floating in the air and watching the area. He couldn't help but sigh.

He didn't think that there were so many cravens and cowardly people like that.

At least half of the forces gathering in Devil Blood Star had come. Apparently, they all wanted to leave.

Descending from the air, Shi Yan wore a dark face, but he felt upset inside. It turned out that when the catastrophe was near, humans showed their despicable face like this...

Fu Wei, Feng Han, Lin Xin, and Blood Devil grimaced. They didn't expect to see so many people like this. It was beyond their estimation.

"Can you open the formation now?" Bing Jie came with all the warriors of her Ice Clan, her face impatient.

Standing behind her were warriors of the Wood Clan and Ghost Mark Clan.

Shi Yan shot her a cold look.

Bing Jie was frightened. She shut up embarra.s.sedly. She was afraid of Shi Yan as if he would ambush her at any minute.

"Get in line. We can teleport one thousand people at a time. You need to provide divine crystals. It costs one million top-quality divine crystals every time!" Shi Yan thundered.

"A million divine crystal each time!"

"Too exaggerated!"

"You want to s.n.a.t.c.h our money!"

"Why do you need a lot of divine crystals?"

"What a rip off!

". . ."

They jumped up and cursed Shi Yan for lacking morality. Even if he was about to die, he still wanted to earn money.

"Only people can go. War chariots and battleships can't get through. Whoever wants to leave have to submit one million divine crystals. Also, you have to tell how to unlock the battleships left behind and the details of the containers." Shi Yan's eyes were cold and harsh. He didn't mind their screaming and cursing. "People who have done the procedure of submitting divine crystals and declaring the information about their battleships can go early."

"One million divine crystal to leave and they have to leave their battleships and materials behind... This fella is... vicious!" Shang Qiu expressed his admiration.

"The number of divine crystals and battleships he got this time can be counted with an astronomical unit. This kid is brutal. He has skinned them indeed." An Liya was also astonished.

"I like him! He's a qualified businessman!" Shusia had a strange halo release from her old eyes.

Declaring the items in the battleships and paying one million divine crystals for every thousand pa.s.sengers pressured Bing Jie and Stark heavily. Each of the clan had dozens of thousands of clansmen. It meant they had to pay hundreds of millions of divine crystals. They had to puke out the acc.u.mulations of hundreds of years.

Many people couldn't accept it.

Shi Yan spoke up again. "This s.p.a.ce Teleport Formation can't work forever. Every time we operate it, it will consume a lot of energy. I think it can endure around a couple hundred times. Whoever pays first can go first. If you are late, I'm afraid you can't leave."

His words boiled them up once again.

Some leaders of the small force couldn't hold it anymore. They hurried to make way, raising their hands and shouting, "I have one million divine crystals! I want to proceed quickly. I'm telling you the items in my battleships. We can't bring them together anyway."

"I do too! I'm willing to pay!"

"Please let me through, please! Oh please! I want to submit the fee! Please let me go!"

"Give way my a.s.s! I'm going to pay the fee too!"

Everybody was boiled up. After they knew this small issue of the s.p.a.ce Teleport Formation, they changed their countenance and tried to go to the front to submit the fee to leave.

They rose the Fantasy Sky Ring above their heads and tried to proceed to leave. They were the leaders of the small forces.

"Oh, this kid can earn money we had to struggle hard to get for several hundred years in one hour," said Bettina, the Third Elder of Potion and Tool Pavilion. She gasped in amazement. "He can do business better than us. I have to say that I'm convinced after this business."

"And the key point is even though they know they're tricked, they still want to join. Excellent." Fu Wei's bright eyes sparkled. She admired Shi Yan's deed wholeheartedly.

Bing Jie and Stark were hesitant for a while and many people had pushed them from behind to go to the front. They winced and wore grimaces. Pondering for a while, they knew that they didn't have another option around. If they didn't want their clan to get obliterated, they had to move forward.

Otherwise, what else could they do?

"Son, take care! Remember to take care of your sister too!"

"Honey, you must live well!"

"You guys should go! Promise me that no matter what happens, you have to survive! You have to live well!"

Outside the teleport formation, the leaders of the small forces turned around and bid the last goodbyes to their families.

Unexpectedly, they didn't decide to leave. They had paid the ripped off price to find a way to survive for their wives and children and for their soldiers' families. However, they decided to stay and fight.

"Oh f*ck! Aren't we going to die with the G.o.d Clan altogether? I don't believe they have three heads or six hands! Let's use our blood and lives to show them the big price they have to pay since they dared to invade our homeland! Perhaps we can use our deaths to exchange for a new life for Agate Star Area! And maybe my kids can return to this land. They can come home in the future!"

"Yeah, we will risk our life! Even if we have to die, we have to take some with us!"

"When I decide to stay, I don't care about life or death!"

". . ."

Shi Yan watched everything silently. He felt a p.r.i.c.kle in his nose. Then, he discreetly changed the coordinates to lead to Cloudy Water Star.

Those people wouldn't come to the dead, desolate land. They would arrive at the safe and wealthy Sea Territory of Fantasy Mist Star Area. Their fates were destined to be different from Bing Jie's and Stark's.

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