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Sea Territory in Fantasy Mist Star Area.

Potter was standing in the deck of a slim battleship that looked like a fish. His face was heavy as he was continuously asking his subordinates for something.

Potter was the Great Chief of Drifting Fire. He controlled everything of Drifting Fire Union. The other chiefs only listened to his orders. He was the most powerful man in Fantasy Mist Star Area at Third Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm.

However, Potter was having a severe headache at this moment.

The warriors under his command were also fl.u.s.tered. Each of them was holding a Sound Stone near their mouths, shouting and demanding to know the situation.

Potter had been staying in the headquarters of Drifting Fire. He was cultivating when he heard about the commotion in the Sea Territory. He hurried to get here through a secret teleport formation.

The current situation in the Sea Territory wasn't normal!

Recently, more and more battleships came to the Sea Territory. They carried warriors from different races. They all had surging murderous auras.

Listening to his subordinate's report, Potter was so restless. Right after that, he came to the site himself and summoned the chiefs of Drifting Fire. He wanted to know what was going on out there.

"Still don't know yet?" Potter thundered.

Francis was the one in charge of collecting intelligence related to Drifting Fire. With a severe countenance, he said, "We've identified some of them. We found battleships of the Wu family in Prosaic Star Area, battleships of the Gu G.o.d Sect from Hollow Fearsome Star Area, battleships of the Jiao family from Sirius Star Area, and even battleships of Black Wind the Freak from Black River Star Area. Also, we saw Earth Sect's battleships from Earth Eye Star Area lead by Young Master Fuller and..."

Potter's face changed after Francis announced each name. The other chiefs of the Drifting Fire also grimaced.

The Wu family of Prosaic Star Area, the Gu G.o.d Sect of Hollow Fearsome Star Area, the Jiao family of Sirius Star Area, the Earth Sect of Earth Eye Star Area, and the force of Black Wind the Freak of Black River Star Area were the strongest forces in the universe.

Although Drifting Fire was strong, it couldn't beat these forces. Listening to the report of the possible enemies, the leaders of Drifting Fire became heavy-hearted.

"Oh gosh!" Potter scratched his head and said irritatedly. "Why did they gather in our Sea Territory? Do they have a conspiracy against our Fantasy Mist Star Area? Impossible. I didn't receive any information before this huge commotion. I didn't do anything that could cause grudges against others."

Everybody was down.

"They came with a huge number of battleships. Each force has around several hundred battleships with dozens of thousands of warriors at Original G.o.d Realm, Ethereal G.o.d Realm, and Incipient G.o.d Realm." Francis sounded like he wanted to cry. "With the force of our Fantasy Mist Star Area, I'm afraid that we can't endure them. If they join hands, they can even attack Ancient G.o.d Star Area."

The leaders of Drifting Fire were filled with terror.

"We can't just sit here and wait for them to kill us. Although they don't have any strange commotion now, we should get the situation first." Potter pondered for a while and then said, "I want to talk to them myself. Prepare for me."

"Yes sir!" replied Francis.

He immediately took out the Sound Stone to send a brief message. Many warriors of Drifting Fire also took action. They got on war chariots and flew to those battleships, asking to meet the leaders.

After one hour.

The leaders of Drifting Fire felt like they had a flame burning their hearts while they were waiting.

Francis lifted his head, his face stunned when he spoke to Potter, "They said that they just wanted to use our route. They won't linger and they don't want to waste their time to talk to us."

"Use our route?"

Everybody was stunned. They asked as they didn't have a clue. "What kind of route?"

The Sea Territory in Fantasy Mist Star Area wasn't the biggest s.p.a.ce hub in the universe. Compared to the Sea Territory of Prosaic Star Area and Hollow Fearsome Star Area, it didn't have more s.p.a.ce pa.s.sages. The other star areas had almost all of the s.p.a.ce routes that Fantasy Mist Star Area had.

Potter couldn't figure out what route they wanted to take in Fantasy Mist Star Area. He thought that it was just an excuse they had fabricated.

Then, the Sound Stone in his hand vibrated.

Potter quivered. He looked at the beautiful amber halo from his Sound Stone. He became serious immediately, "Precursor Shusia!"

The chiefs of Drifting Fire looked touched and fearful at the same time when they heard the name. They put on respectful faces and listened earnestly.

"Potter, don't be so surprised. The battleships of the other star areas come here not to aim at us. You have to keep the information on the down low. Do not let the G.o.d Clan know this. They came to our Sea Territory to take the route to Agate Star Area. We're closer to Agate Star Area. Yeah, that's it. Don't do anything rash to get Drifting Fire in trouble," said Shusia who was Shang Ying Yue's grandmother.

Many warriors of Drifting Fire were astounded.

"What do you think about precursor Shusia's words?" Potter finally eased his worried mind.

People exchanged looks. They showed that they would listen to her words because Shusia wouldn't harm them.

"Then we just carry out this way. We must keep this secret, everyone. Try our best to facilitate them. Don't provoke them." Potter ordered his chiefs.

The others regarded him.


The secret chamber in the palace in the center of Cloudy Water Star.

The Icy Soul Cold Crystals had released an extremely cold aura that made the entire palace chilly to the bone. Shang Qiu shivered and clenched his jaw to endure the bitter cold atmosphere.

"Why did you make such a big commotion?" An Liya glared at Shang Chen. "The battleships of many forces are congregating in our Sea Territory. If we have any dispute with them, I'm afraid that we can't bear it."

Shusia frowned. She gave a dry cough and then said, "Little Chen, I'm an old woman. I can't bear such an attack. Tell me honestly... Are you sure that you can control them?"

Shang Chen shook his head. "I can't control them."

An Liya and her mother wore cold faces.

"Anyway, don't worry. They don't dare to act rashly in our Sea Territory. Sha Zhao, Jiao Shan, and Wu Feng will control them."

Shang Chen looked at his daughter who was sitting still as if she was sealed by the ice. "Even if it's to give face to our Little Yue, they won't do anything bad."

"Because of that kid?" An Liya snorted.

Shang Chen nodded with a forced smile.

"Sha Zhao, Jiao Shan, Jiao Hai, Wu Feng, Mo Fou, and Fuller are the ones who will control their forces in the future. After they returned from the ancient continent, they've advanced to different levels. However, they've secured their status and positions in the clans. Do they really listen to that kid?" Shusia was surprised.

Although she belonged to the high echelon of Drifting Fire, she knew that Sha Zhao, Jiao Shan, and Wu Feng had reached the peak of power in their clans. They were going to become the real leaders in the future.

Would such characters respect and consider that kid as their leader?

Shusia felt funny.

But Shang Chen nodded and said, "They will listen to that kid. Otherwise, they wouldn't have come to our Sea Territory with the elite forces of their families."

"Do they actually want to get into Agate Star Area through our area? They want to help that kid fight the G.o.d Clan? How could it be?" An Liya shook her head continuously as she couldn't believe it.

"Of course, I won't deceive you. I've asked a guy to help me open the blocked s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage between our place and Agate Star Area personally. The reason why they linger here is to wait for other battleships from star areas that are further away. Once they gather sufficiently, they will depart immediately," said Shang Chen.

"Oh my G.o.d! The battleships are still coming! What do they want to do? Attack the ancestral star of the G.o.d Clan?" screamed Shusia.

Shang Chen could only give her a forced smile.

There was one sentence he hadn't said yet. He found that besides those forces, the Heavenly Monster Tribe and the Immortal Demon Clan were operating discreetly. Many mysterious forces and sects that had secluded for years also began to take action.

... The combined force of those forces made him panic. After this time, he knew how terrifyingly formidable the hidden Bloodthirsty Force was.

He looked at his daughter who was sitting still and whispering inwardly: Perhaps it wouldn't be a bad thing if she was with him.


A s.p.a.ce bridge was opened. Two silhouettes flashed and then disappeared. A new s.p.a.ce bridge was formed that delivered them like shuttles.

The distance between them and Devil Blood Star was shortened gradually.

"Great Grandpa, how does it feel to enter Ethereal G.o.d Realm?" Shi Yan turned around and asked smilingly.

"It seems like I have an endless source of energy that I can use at any time." Yang Tian Emperor was cold and stern. "The Blood Essence Crystals are more magical. The Immortal Demon Blood has replaced all of the blood in my body. The Immortal Demon Body is really powerful since it can enhance my overall competence by one more level."

The Soul Rotting Aphides in his brain were cleared; his soul altar spun vigorously once again. Although he was confined for many years, his consciousness hadn't ceased. In the desperate situation where he was certainly going to die, his realm had advanced amazingly.

He just needed energy and surging G.o.d power!

The Blood Essence Crystal was the top treasure that benefited the Immortal Demon warriors. It generated endless Blood Qi to help him replace blood and give the ability to transform into his Immortal Demon Body.

Currently, Yang Tian Emperor had reached Ethereal G.o.d Realm and he had just formed the Ethereal Extent. His Despair power Upanishad was indeed an extreme power that gave people a deadly threat.

"Your Blood Qi is abundant. You just need time to stabilize your Ethereal Extent. After that, you will find more marvelous features of your Ethereal Extent," said Shi Yan with a smile.

"Yeah, I can feel the changes. The Agate Star Area is in a critical time, but it's good for my realm anyway," said Yang Tian Emperor arrogantly.

That year, when Yang Tian Emperor bid farewell to Shi Yan, he had received the Despair Inheritance in Agate Star Area. After that, he had begun to challenge the warriors with higher realms than his. He had never been defeated. After each battle, he learned something new from the power of Despair. He had defeated many experts whose realms were higher than his.

The last opponent he met had a secret treasure that contained the Soul Rotting Aphides. Although he killed the enemy, the Soul Rotting Aphides invaded his brain.

Fortunately, Shang Chen had received instructions from the Bloodthirsty Force to seal his body. Otherwise, his soul altar would have been gnawed, which could have destroyed him utterly.

While talking, the two of them continued to move through the s.p.a.ce bridges at speeds even faster than light. In a blink, they crossed several life stars. In a breath, they could travel trillions of miles.

A familiar star appeared in their sights. There were so many battleships of different forces that were anch.o.r.ed outside this star. Shi Yan could sense many auras that he had missed. He cheered up.

"Here we are!"

Shi Yan could relax now.

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