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Hollow Fearsome Star Area.

By the Black Blood Ghost Pond of Gu G.o.d Star, Sha Zhao's ferocious face was focused. He was concentrating on making hand seals, his hands moving as if he was using the grinding mill.

The Black Blood Ghost Pond in front of him had black and viscous water that rose as he was urging it. Countless bugs and worms that naked eyes could see were screeching while tearing and devouring each other.

The Black Blood Ghost Pond was the important cultivating area to train toxic insects of the Gu G.o.d Sect. It opened only to the Elders and the Sect Master. The other disciples of the Sect could only visit this area when they celebrated the Sect anniversary after every one hundred years. It was the chance to eye the mysterious features of the place. Normally, this place was prohibited. No one was allowed to enter, let alone cultivate here.

Previously, Sha Zhao didn't have that right.

Ten years ago, he had spent a lot of efforts to get the Guiding Fruit to enter the ancient continent. He was just one of the outstanding warriors of the new generation. He didn't have a strong background.

Ten years later, he survived the ancient continent with a lot of treasures. At the same time, his cultivating attainment and power Upanishad advanced. He was just one step away from Incipient G.o.d Realm. He had become more powerful.

Sha Zhao had become an eye-catching character in the Gu G.o.d Sect.

The Black Blood Ghost Pond that was open exclusively to the Elders and the Sect Master opened to him for the first time.

Sha Zhao was cultivating the secretly imparted evil techniques of the Gu G.o.d Sect. He was making countless bugs and worms eat each other to screen the most brutes. Then, he would use secret medicines to feed them and make them the Gu King!

He wasn't eligible to practice this secret technique before. However, after he had survived the ancient continent, most of the Elders had allowed him to start learning this technique. They gave him a copy of the textbook so he could learn it himself.

Sha Zhao's position and status in the Gu G.o.d Sect rose like a boat rising above the water. Many Elders who didn't have a good relationship with him now chased after him to make a good connection. They had even tried to win his favor. When he was cultivating the evil technique in the Black Blood Ghost Pond, they offered him useful gifts.

The toxic insects screeched and showed its fangs, swallowing others in the Black Blood Ghost Pond. Sha Zhao looked indifferent as he was using the power Upanishad in his soul altar to contact the insects and capture the most brutal ones.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

Two c.o.c.kroach-like bugs suddenly screamed from afar and sent Sha Zhao's soul into alarm.

Sha Zhao frowned and paused his cultivating. He looked in a direction.

Shortly after, an old man who had a lot of infectious, swollen wounds on his face walked over with a bright smile. He was one of the Elders of the Gu G.o.d Sect. His name was Gale and he had a close relationship with Sha Zhao. "I got something for you."

Gale threw a Magic Image Crystal to Sha Zhao from a distance.

Sha Zhao darkened his face and said unhappily, "I told you to not disturb me when I'm cultivating except for..."

"It's the "except" thing that you said," continued Gale.

Sha Zhao's cold eyes brightened. He didn't pay attention to Gale anymore and just opened the Magic Image Crystal. He then saw Shi Yan and heard his voice.

He listened quietly. After the image in the cube disappeared, Sha Zhao stopped his cultivation and spoke to the old man, "Gale, I need a force. I want to enter Agate Star Area and fight the G.o.d Clan!"

"You should talk to the Sect Master yourself. Ah, right. I think it's not gonna be a problem," said Gale with a strange expression.

"Why do you say so?" Sha Zhao didn't understand.

"The Great Elder doesn't like you, you know that, right? But this time, he proactively asked the Sect to send our warriors to Agate Star Area. He wants to attack the G.o.d Clan too. His reason for this operation is that the G.o.d Clan had plotted to kill you on Desolate. He said that the G.o.d Clan didn't think the Gu G.o.d Sect was strong enough."

Gale didn't understand this event either. When he told Sha Zhao the details, he also looked bewildered.

Sha Zhao rubbed his head and felt a little amused. "Which game does he want to play?"

"I don't know, but I'm sure he's dead serious. He's gathering the troops now. He looks even more rushed than you," Gale waved his hand.

"I don't care about him. I'm going to talk to our Sect Master."

"The Sect Master watched the Magic Image Crystal. He agreed. He also a.s.signed the army under your command. They're waiting for you to get out of here to start the operation," said Gale strangely.

"Oh gosh! What's going on? Why are they more enthusiastic than me? What did Shi Yan offer them?" Sha Zhao was baffled.

"Only G.o.d knows," Gale forced a smile.


Prosaic Star Area.

It was an extremely busy life star where people could find a one-thousand-square-mile arena. The area was so lively and noisy with the boiling crowd of dozens of thousands of warriors.

This arena hosted any kind of b.l.o.o.d.y battle that people could imagine. They had human and beast gladiators fighting against each other. They would have matches between humans and beasts, beasts against beasts, and warriors against warriors. This huge arena was divided into smaller blocks where many warriors were screaming and betting. It looked like a ma.s.sive food market, indeed.

The women from different races with exposing dresses walked around to offer various types of wines and products. The smell of sweat, the screaming, and the roaring of beasts expanded continually.

This was a completely chaotic scene.

This was the life star that the Wu family had managed. The Wu family was the strongest force of Prosaic Star Area. They always favored using martial arts to create a whole new world.

Both the warriors and the ordinary residents of Prosaic Star Area were combative. Their most preferred entertainment activity was to visit different arenas to get thrilled by watching different kinds of b.l.o.o.d.y matches.

Inside the biggest arena, there was a skybox built on a high tower made of divine crystals. Wu Feng was lying on a big, soft bed there. The beautiful maids from the Sea Tribe, Dark Clan, and Water Clan were serving him with fruits and wine. He was having fun in the middle of white and soft flesh while watching the box-like arenas down there to cheer at the interesting matches with the boiling crowd.

Some warriors at Ethereal G.o.d Realm from the Wu family were waiting, their faces arrogant.

Wu Feng's location was atop the arena. From here, he was like an archangel with extreme superiority, watching the creatures underneath his feet.

The Wu brothers controlled this arena. Wu Feng was the owner of this place.

"Young Master, someone delivered a Magic Image Crystal. He asked me to hand it to you." A haughty, brawny man stepped forward and kneeled in front of him, holding out a Magic Image Crystal. He was stooping and not watching Wu Feng's hands moving under the skirts of the beautiful maids from the Sea Tribe and Water Clan.

Wu Feng threw him a glance and impatiently took the Magic Image Crystal from his hand. He grunted, "Someone wants to ask me to do something. Again!"

After he had returned from the ancient continent, Wu Feng was appointed to be the successor of the Wu family. For the time being, the big forces in the Prosaic Star Area hand squeezed themselves through the crowd to meet Wu Feng, giving him beautiful maids and precious cultivating materials. They just hoped that Wu Feng would remember their names.

Almost every day, people came to offer him great gifts to seek for a chance to talk to him.

He got used to it.

His subordinates also got used to it. Now, they treated the others with arrogant, understanding smiles.

The Wu family were the overlords of Prosaic Star Area. Once Wu Feng took over the control of his family, he became the most powerful man in Prosaic Star Area. He would never lack precious treasures, cultivating materials, and beauties.

Being his subordinates, they also felt proud.

Wu Feng couldn't help but curse. He was still lying in the laps of the soft, white women. He opened the Magic Image Crystal leisurely.

Wu Feng jolted up. His impatient face was washed away. His eyes were now cold and dreadful ones he had when he was on Desolate. He pulled himself together as he muttered, "Shi Yan, big boss..."

All of his subordinates were bewildered. The beauties of different races sitting by him were astounded as they looked at him without a clear clue of what had just happened to him.

Wu Feng was the future leader of Prosaic Star Area. After he had returned from the ancient continent, he was always running wild everywhere. When people saw him, they had to bend their bodies or even kneel down. They wanted to win his favor. They had never seen Wu Feng giving his good face to anybody.

Shi Yan? Big boss?

His subordinates and the beautiful women were aghast. They couldn't believe that Wu Feng would respect anybody that much.

"Get out of here. All of you!"

Wu Feng snorted, his eyes terrifyingly dark and sinister. He glared at his troopers and then his venomous snake eyes raked through the women who were exposed by him. He sent them away impatiently.

They felt petrified as they ran away. They were worried that they would receive Wu Feng's anger. Before they left, they caught a glimpse of Wu Feng sitting neatly to listen to the Magic Image Crystal. It was just a stone, but Wu Feng still showed his respect and listened earnestly.

They were panic-stricken while wondering who that Shi Yan guy was and what kind of magic he had that made Wu Feng that cautious.

It was almost at the same time that Jiao Shan, Jiao Hai in Sirius Star Area, and Mo Fou in Black River Star Area received the Magic Image Crystal.

They didn't act differently from Wu Feng and Sha Zhao. After they had received the Magic Image Crystal, they immediately talked to their clans and family and requested to send a force to Agate Star Area.

Magically, their clans and families didn't oppose their request. They immediately sent powerful corps to help them. They had cooperated so well that they made the others felt somehow incredible.

They even encountered some awkward situations.

For example, in Sha Zhao's force, the Great Elder of the Gu G.o.d Sect was really powerful. He was just a little below than the Sect Master. In the Gu G.o.d Sect, he was under just one warrior but above tens of thousands.

This Great Elder didn't like Sha Zhao. However, this time, he gave Sha Zhao a special concern. He even asked to take the army to fight the enemy himself. Even the Sect Master was surprised. He had to find Sha Zhao and ask if he had some secret agreement with the Great Elder or not.

Similarly, Mo Four's Grandfather was Black Wind the Freak. He had many disciples scattered around. In Black Water Star Area, Mo Fou's Grandfather was the highest existence and he was like the earliest ancestor of martial arts.

However, there was a guy who had never liked Mo Fou. He was the sworn brother of Mo Fou's Grandfather called Bai Ye Feng. This great-uncle always thought that Mo Fou was a b.a.s.t.a.r.d and a playboy who would never succeed. He opposed all of Mo Fou's idea as if he couldn't stand the young man even for a second.

However, this time, when Mo Fou requested to bring their men into Agate Star Area, Bai Ye Feng didn't reject. Quite the contrary, he proactively gathered the force for Mo Fou and secretly helped him adjust the extremely dominating force. Mo Fou was stunned. He thought that his Grandfather had talked Bai Ye Feng into this.

When he asked his Grandfather, he knew that his grandfather hadn't done anything related to this. Mo Fou's grandfather also thought that Bai Ye Feng had changed.

To Mo Fou, Bai Ye Feng changing his att.i.tude towards him was always a mystery.

Some similar events happened in the forces of Wu Feng, Jiao Shan, Jiao Hai, and Fuller. The superior experts who didn't get along well with them all agreed to send the warriors to help Shi Yan resist the G.o.d Clan. It was so strange as if they had all changed.

In the dark, it seemed like an invisible power was planning for everything.

The major star areas in this universe had received the call. So many battleships were roaring and heading in one same direction.

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