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Inside the chilly, desolate dead star, the stone platform of the s.p.a.ce formation made out of Empty Fantasy Crystals had lights weaving into a brilliant net.

Shortly after, a five-colored chunk appeared from the stone platform. A figure became clearer inside the halo like a reflection in the water until a real person emerged.

Shi Yan opened his eyes although he had been sitting here for a long time. He focused on the man who had just arrived. He frowned, "You're late."

Shang Chen smiled relaxedly. "Little Yue's about to break through to Incipient G.o.d Realm. As her father, I have to protect her. If I hadn't received your message, I would have stayed there to take care of her. I wouldn't have shown myself early."

"It seems like the experience she gained in Desolate has affected her realm deeply. She got many treasures from Desolate and her will also became stronger. She has a new understanding of Ice and Lightning power Upanishads. It's reasonable if she can break through." Hearing him mention Shang Ying Yue, Shi Yan had a tender smile in his eyes.

When he was fighting Harson to take the Genesis Fruit, Harson had almost burned down his Ethereal Extent. At that time, Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue had neglected their lives to help him.

Unfortunately, Desolate attacked both of them. They were hit by the meteors and they fell. They were wounded badly.

Cecilia's and Shang Ying Yue's deeds had touched him and made him feel warm. Although he didn't have a deep affection for them, he had a new point of view when talking about them now.

Shang Chen was sensitive enough to recognize the slight change in his countenance. He felt his mind sink as he thought it was horrible.

Shang Chen didn't want his daughter Shang Ying Yue to have any relationship with Shi Yan. More than anyone else, he understood how dangerous Shi Yan was. He knew that Shi Yan was walking on a road that didn't have an exit. Unless he could eliminate all obstacles standing in his way, all kinds of struggles in this way could make him perish ten thousand times.

He didn't want his daughter to cry of such hurt. Also, he didn't want An Liya's family to get involved with this.

This kind of compet.i.tion was related to the structure of the entire universe in the future. He couldn't see it through, so he didn't want his family to sink with Shi Yan in this mess.

"You've called me because of your Great Grandfather, right?" Shang Chen pulled himself together and asked in a low-pitched tone.

"I've found the Seven-colored Demonic Flower," Shi Yan nodded.

"I've sealed your Great Grandfather in the bitter glacier of the Evil North Zone. Shall we go now?"


"I'm going to show you the way. You'll make our way and bring me to jump through the s.p.a.ces. We can move faster that way. I can also seize the time to brief you of the general situation of Agate Star Area."


Shang Chen showed him the direction and Shi Yan had to use his G.o.d power to build s.p.a.ce bridges. He brought Shang Chen through billions of miles and many stars.

On their way, Shang Chen had told him the current situation of Agate Star Area in details. The dominating G.o.d Clan had invaded the star area as if no one lived here. This happened until Leona commanded the Monster Clan and Demon Clan and tried to counter them. Gradually, the G.o.d Clan sent more experts and struck the forces of Potion and Tool Pavilion, Fighting League, and Divine Light.

Shang Chen told him the details as if he had witnessed everything with his own eyes.

Shi Yan's face darkened as he listened quietly. Whenever they pa.s.sed by a life star, he would release his Soul Consciousness to survey the area.

Many life stars were in dead silence and life stars with strong life energy fluctuations were where the G.o.d Clan's army based.

Time flew quietly.

Today, Shi Yan and Shang Chen appeared in the North Zone of Agate Star Area as they landed on a cold planet. From outer s.p.a.ce, this planet looked like a ma.s.sive s...o...b..ll with an extremely cold aura.

When they pierced through the atmosphere, they saw that the entire continent was covered in sparkling glaciers. There were so many icicles that many were like thick bushes of ice swords. Of course, it was chilled to the bone.

Shang Chen took Shi Yan to a remote glacier, broke it, and entered the inside of the iceberg. He then lifted the barriers that he had set up there.

At the center of an icy, blue rock was a lanky body with blood. It was Yang Tian Emperor.

He had been frozen here for many years. His entire body and even the brain and soul altar were frozen. He didn't have vitality anymore. He looked like an ice fossil.

"Give me the Seven-colored Demonic Flower," Shang Chen extended one hand.

Shi Yan didn't hesitate to give him the treasure that he had s.n.a.t.c.hed from Mia.

Holding the Seven-colored Demonic Flower, Shang Chen became earnest. His arm easily pierced through the ice as he placed the flower that had a beautiful female face on Yang Tian Emperor's glabella. Shortly after, the demonic flower was frozen. It then shrank and got into Yang Tian Emperor's brain through a mark.

Surprisingly, that mark was the blood mark, the significant crest of the Bloodthirsty Force.

As soon as the demonic flower had entered Yang Tian Emperor's brain, his frozen Sea of Consciousness started boiling. Countless tiny Soul Rotting Aphis were hissing and screaming. They were terrified and trying to find a way to escape.

The demonic flower in Yang Tian Emperor's head sounded like a sobbing woman that made people compa.s.sionate.

Strangely, the tiny Soul Rotting Aphides were frozen and the female crying had broken their souls. They didn't have the power to resist.

While the demonic flower was crying, its energy burned. Gradually, it melted, turning into an ivory fluid and seeping into Yang Tian Emperor's soul altar. That fluid had a magical effect of cleaning the remains of the Soul Rotting Aphides.

Yang Tian Emperor now had green blood trickling from his eyes, nostrils, ears, and mouth. The tiny bodies of the Soul Rotting Aphides washed away together with this kind of green blood. After the aphids were cleaned, Yang Tian Emperor slowly recovered his insane mind.

His soul altar began to spin. His Despair power Upanishad was urged. After this kalpa, his realm terrifically advanced.

Rattle! Rattle!

The ice melted and water was dripping. Shortly after, Yang Tian Emperor's shattered body emerged.

"He will need a long time to recover. His body has been damaged badly." Shang Chen looked at Shi Yan and said to him. "Although he has the Immortal Demon Blood and his recovery ability is powerful, his demon blood is limited. If he wants to fully recover, he has to acc.u.mulate demon blood sufficiently. This ability of his is far behind yours."

"It's alright. I'll make him recover faster and better."

A sharp stone emerged on Shi Yan's palm quietly. It looked like a gorgeous ruby with amazing Blood Qi. They could even see a wisp of blood detaching the stone.

Shi Yan placed that crimson stone on Yang Tian Emperor's left hand that had only one drop of Immortal Demon Blood trying to heal the wounds of his body...

As soon as the Blood Essence Crystal was placed on Yang Tian Emperor's hand, it connected to his veins. Many blood-red threads flew out, covering Yang Tian Emperor's body. Within several breaths, they had covered him completely, creating a blood coc.o.o.n.

Immense Blood Qi was released abundantly. The coc.o.o.n contained a lot of Blood Qi as if it was energy in the entire body of an Incipient G.o.d Realm expert.

"Blood Essence Crystal!"

Shang Chen hissed in surprise. He nodded as he knew that it was now pretty easy for Yang Tian Emperor to fully recover.

The Blood Essence Crystal was the top treasure of the Immortal Demon Clan. It could help condense Immortal Demon Blood faster. This stone was much more precious than Immortal Gra.s.s. As long as they had the Blood Essence Crystal, they could even revive from death unless their demon blood all burned.

Thus, healing the wounds wasn't a problem to this stone.

Shang Chen didn't worry about Yang Tian Emperor anymore, but his face was still stern. "I've told you the whole picture of Agate Star Area. What are you planning to do?"

"... What to do," Shi Yan contemplated and said solemnly. "Of course, we have to resist with force. Do you have any good idea?"

Currently, earth and heaven energy was filling Grace Mainland. However, it had been drained for a long time so it was going to take several years to recover until it became suitable for Incipient G.o.d Realm experts to cultivate again. He knew that he shouldn't move his friends and family back there right now.

Perhaps after dozens or even several hundred of years later, Grace Mainland would become a normal life star that could host most of the warriors.

After one hundred years, Grace Mainland would be full of earth and heaven energy. When that time came, it would become the dream place for warriors to cultivate other than Desolate. Then, Grace Mainland would bring him the most marvelous powers that he couldn't have imagined. If the ones who he cared stayed in Grace Mainland, they would receive concerns from the Mighty Heaven.

However, it was impossible now.

"The native forces of Agate Star Area are defeated. They have lost their fighting will. Of course, their real competence isn't as strong as the other three families of the G.o.d Clan." Shang Chen said frankly, "If nothing unexpected happens, the native forces of Agate Star Area will be cleared soon. The G.o.d Clan will claim this star area like they have claimed other star areas."

Shi Yan kept silent. He knew that Shang Chen was telling the truth.

"You should use your influence," Shang Chen suggested all of a sudden.

"My influence?" Shi Yan was surprised.

"Yeah, your influence. Your name Shi Yan is your influence!" Shang Chen's eyes were strange. "Do you know how famous you are in the major star areas?"

Shi Yan became bewildered.

"Sha Zhao is the new rising star of the Gu G.o.d Sect. He'll be designated as the leader of the Gu G.o.d Sect in the future. The trip to Desolate was his last training. If he can come out alive, he'll become the leader of the Gu G.o.d Sect. In addition, the Gu G.o.d Sect is the first ranked force of Hollow Fearsome Star Area. Even the G.o.d Clan doesn't dare to provoke them.

"The Jiao brothers, Jiao Shan and Jiao Hai, are the sons of the Head of the Jiao family. The Jiao family are the overlords of Sirius Star Area. After they come out of the ancient continent alive, one of them will become the future Head of the Jiao family.

"The Wu brothers, Wu Feng and Wu Bai, are from the main line of the Wu family in Prosaic Star Area. The fact that they could go to Desolate has proven their position in the family. They will become leaders of their family in the future too."

"Mo Fou is the nephew of Black Wind, an old freak in Black River Star Area. He's the genuine overlord of Black River Star Area. He has many disciples. That Black Wind freak is a living signboard."

"Fuller. . ."

Shang Chen observed Shi Yan and told him the ident.i.ty of each name.

"Sha Zhao, Jiao Shan, Jiao Hai, Wu Feng, Wu Bai, Mo Fou, and Fuller represent the major star areas in this vast universe. They could have been eliminated in Desolate without you. Today, they have returned alive and received the approval from their family respectively. Their voices matter in their families. Also, the G.o.d Clan has created resentment with these forces..."

Pausing for a while, Shang Chen spoke with a smile, "The most important thing for them is to look for you. Sha Zhao, Jiao Shan, Wu Feng, and Mo Fou are finding you using their own channels. Even after you guys had left Desolate, you are still the leader in their minds."

Shi Yan was baffled.

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