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A blue planet was by the edge of the dark universe. It was quietly spinning and showing the mountains, lakes, and sea on its surface. It looked like a beautiful picture with earth and heaven energy.

It was Grace Mainland.

Due to the planet's exhausted earth and heaven energy, Shi Yan had moved most of the warriors living on this continent to Agate Star Area. After they had left, earth and heaven energy here was almost used up. The plants and gra.s.s were yellowed. The ancient trees were dying. The forests had become deserts. A deadly desolateness took over the continent.

The ordinary people living on the continent were also affected by the change of earth and heaven energy. They started to have strange and rare diseases. Their longevity reduced ma.s.sively.

Previously, even an ordinary human who didn't cultivate martial art and take in the earth and heaven energy could live seventy or eighty years without suffering from a major disease.

However, after Shi Yan had delivered the warriors away, the longevity of human beings on this continent had reduced to fifty and even a slight sickness could take their life away.

Their immune system was weakened unknowingly so they couldn't explain. They were able to die easily.

Normal people didn't know what had happened to their planet. They just knew that the environment where they dwelled had become much more difficult to live on. The air wasn't fresh. It had become polluted easily...

They didn't know that the main reason for all of these adversities was because of the earth and heaven energy running out. They would never know the real reason.

However, recently, they were startled to find the situation change again. They saw ancient trees grow green buds; oases appeared in the deserted areas. The air became fresher. After each breath, people could feel much better.

Some sick people were healed magically. They glowed in good health. No sickness could kill them.

Many weakened people were strengthened unknowingly. Their feeble limbs became strong and even their crooked backs were straightened up once again...

The ocean and lakes became clear with many fishes and shrimps. The fishermen hailed at this miracle.

Many cities and towns in Quite Cloud Land, the Endless Sea, and Divine Great Land had the biggest crops ever. Everything they grew gave them a harvest that they could never have imagined. The crops that needed half a month were ripe after just two days.

In each corner of the continent, each area, each nation, and city, people gradually found the world changing.

Some low-realm warriors who stayed on this ancient continent found that their cultivation progressed faster. They could see that they could stabilize their minds and realm quickly. The earth and heaven energy in the world where they lived was increasing amazingly. They thought that it was a beautiful dream of theirs. No one could believe it was real.

They knew from their precursors that this continent used to have many experts who had left their homeland to the other star area.

Their precursors said that they hadn't had a hope of living in this land. It wasn't suitable for the warriors to cultivate. The reason why they stayed was that their realms were too low. They weren't eligible to leave.

They used to regret, whine, and be desperate.

Currently, the change of land under their feet had brought them to hope for a new life. It seemed like the Mighty Heaven had opened a new door for them.

People were so thrilled. The shrines and temples in the entire Grace Mainland were packed with people. They came to show their grat.i.tude to G.o.d. They thought that G.o.d didn't really abandon this land.

They had experienced despair and hopelessness. They had endured a lot of disasters. And now, seeing the world turning into what they had in their dreams, everybody burst out in tears.

They believed that G.o.d had heard them. They were now taken care of and protected.

In another dark star area so far away from Grace Mainland.

This place had no light, colors, or stars. It didn't even have any sound. It looked like a corner of the universe, which had been sealed for a long time.

It used to be a famous continent that was well known around the universe: Ancient Demon Continent.

The rough surface of the vast continent had countless holes and long gray rivers. The sky of this area was overcast year round. The entire continent had the dead aura of a senile, dying person. It seemed like the planet was about to become a dead star. It couldn't nurture any creature.

It was Ancient Demon Continent, one of the five ancient continents that were born at the dawn of this universe. By the edge of death, it was revived.

Anyway, its reviving speed was so slow. It was a hundred times slower than Grace Mainland.

In the dry sea, the yellowed forest and on the cracked soil, the thundering roars and howling rose. The noises were loud enough to shake the entire place.

The ma.s.sive beasts as big as mountains emerged. Pythons, Three-legged Gold Crows, Dragons, Unicorns, Phoenixes, and other kinds of beasts emerged. They were several thousand meters long, which made them look like the moving mountains.

They were the members of the Heavenly Monster Tribe and the purest bloodline of the Monster Clan. They were one of the Four Great Creatures of the world. They had unlimited G.o.d power as soon as they were born.

Many members of the Heavenly Monster Tribe were roaring and howling at the sky. They then transformed into their human bodies and became tens of thousands of times smaller. They had a human's upper body and a snake's tail, or a human body with a bird's head. Some had their bodies covered with flaming scales. And some even had red iron bodies. They looked strange and unique.

The members of the Heavenly Monster Tribe had transformed into their humanoid form to gather from different corners of Ancient Demon Continent. They congregated in a valley with many strange rocks.

This valley had many gray, brown, green, cyan rocks, which were carved into the statues of the giant Demogorgons with green faces and yellow fangs. They held weapons in their hands while they rolled their eyes and posed their terrifying, majestic makings. Seeing these statues, people couldn't help but bow in worship.

Even the members of the Heavenly Monster Tribe had to retrieve their brutal auras, showing their fear and respect for the Demogorgons here.

If Shi Yan could come here, he would have found a giant statue of the Demogorgon which was very similar to the Demogorgon phantom he had created from the negative energy.

The members of the Heavenly Monster Tribe appeared in the rocky forest where the statue stood in their human shape. They came and surrounded a formation surrounded by nine Demogorgon statues. It was a round formation that was as big as a football court. It had many fine lines weaving with each other, glowing in a faint, cold halo. Those lines were wiggling like worms.

The energy waves that could clear the s.p.a.ce emitted from that ancient formation. A bright silver vortex was slowly formed.

It was another s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage.

"Cang Yun did it," said a brawny man with a human head and a snake body. He had long, dark, green hair, which was with a closer look, created by thousands of small and thin snakes. Those snakes had their tails connected to his skull. He looked so fearsome indeed.

"G.o.d wants our Heavenly Monster Tribe to be strong!"

Another man shouted like a roaring dragon.

This clansman had a bird head connected to a human body. His head was a silver eagle head, which was cold and dark. It made people think that it was made of iron or steel.

"It's time to wake up the Holy Ancestor... Perhaps he has sensed the magical change even though he's sleeping. This Cang Yun kid isn't bad. He's worth our merit of teaching him for years. After the battle that year, our Heavenly Tribe will never bear the same loss. In the next ten thousand years, we will thrive!"

A member of the Heavenly Monster Tribe with flaming scales covered his body laughed crudely. He shouted and then jumped into the vortex.

The experts of the Heavenly Monster Tribe laughed and walked shoulder by shoulder. They entered the vortex. They were going to wake up their Holy Ancestor who had been sleeping for so many years. Their Holy Ancestor was going to bring this world a happy surprise.


Devil Blood Star, Agate Star Area.

Blood Devil, Gu Te, Bath, Ghost Hunter, Leona, and Fei Lan were waiting for something by the edge the star.

Everybody looked stern, waiting in silence. There seemed to be an invisible, unknown pressure applied to them.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The ear-piercing explosions echoed. Slowly, battleships started to pierce through the thick layers of clouds.

Those battleships looked shattered with bloodstains and patches on broken areas. Some damaged areas sounded squeaking as if its components were going to fall off at any minute.

Those battleships were ma.s.sive with different flags. Some belonged to Potion and Tool Pavilion, Fighting League in Dark Shadow Ghostly Prison, and Divine Light...

Several thousand ma.s.sive battleships carried around one million warriors of various clans and forces. Fu Wei, Bettina, An Yun, Zha Duo, and Timlin of the Potion and Tool Pavilion were there too.

On the Fighting League's side, they saw Feng Han the Hegemon, Xia Xin Yan of the Windstorm War Department, Feng Yan, Qi Ze, Miao Rong, and more.

The Master of the Divine Light, Zi Yao, Sana, and Ju Bo also emerged.

There were more forces, big and small, and the famous warriors of Agate Star Area.

They all looked like they had undergone all kind of adversities. On their battleships, the warriors looked pale; many of them had lost their limbs. Apparently, they just had a b.l.o.o.d.y battle, which they had lost.

This force was equal to half of the combined force of the entire Agate Star Area. They didn't stay in their respective regions but crossed thousands of miles to the Devil Blood Star.

"Make a safe route!" Blood Devil shouted all of a sudden.

The experts of the Monster Clan scattered and arranged rest stops for the coming battleships. They were so busy.

Blood Devil, Gu Te, and Bath were the leaders of the Monster Clan and Demon Clan in Agate Star Area. They frowned and their faces were dark and glum.

The Ascot family, the Fernandez of the G.o.d Clan, and the Bai family of Dry Bone Star Area had joined hands to attack Agate Star Area for ten years. The Ascot family opened a s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage that they used to seal before. The ma.s.sive army of the G.o.d Clan came in waves. They wanted to crush the Dark Shadow Ghostly Prison of Agate Star Area.

Feng Han's Fighting League was defeated shortly after. His warriors were killed. He didn't have the power to resist.

The G.o.d Clan scattered and attacked different areas of Agate Star Area. They hadn't had a defeat.

Leona commanded the new Blood Legion she had created from Monster Clan and Demon Clan to vanguard and storm Dark Shadow Ghostly Prison. It was the first time they made the G.o.d Clan pay a big price and temporarily hold their invasion.

In that battle, Leona had commanded the Monster and Demon warriors to destroy almost five thousand warriors of the Ascot family and the Bai family. All of them were at King G.o.d Realm and above!

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