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Haig, Cang Yun, and Audrey lifted their head to watch while their G.o.d Bodies were confined. They couldn't move.

Under them were Cecilia, Phelps, Mia, the G.o.d warriors, and the experts of the big star areas. They all lifted their heads to watch the sky and saw the two eligible young men.

Shi Yan and Harson!

No one had thought that Desolate would accept these two. They thought that Haig and Audrey had better chances. However, the reality was too far away from their guess.

However, they suddenly could accept this fact...

As Shi Yan was a member of the Immortal Demon Clan with the Origin and the inheritance of the Bloodthirsty Force, such a character was eligible to get the Genesis Fruit.

Harson was the best warrior of his generation in the Charteris family of the G.o.d clan. His performance was extraordinary in Desolate. Somehow, he had surpa.s.sed Haig. Harson's characteristics included bloodthirstiness, brutality, heartlessness, and he was inhumane.

Such a character was no doubt the most extreme. No one could ignore him.

Thinking carefully, everyone knew that it was logical when Desolate recognized him.

Today, under the Genesis Fruit, the two of them were releasing their soul altars and fighting the last battle to seize the Genesis Fruit.

Everybody waited silently. They had stopped fighting each other to focus and see who would be the one that would change the structure of this cosmos: Shi Yan or Harson.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Shi Yan's bright Ethereal Extent arose behind his back. The dazzling suns, moons, and stars created the vast galaxies, which looked so real.

A crystal soul altar hovered in this galaxy-like Ethereal Extent as the core of its soul.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

A burning world like a purgatory emerged above Harson's head. It was his Ethereal Extent.

Harson's Ethereal Extent was filled with thick blood. The vivid red sky and the shattered, smoking mountains. It looked like burning h.e.l.l.

His world had the energy of Death and Corpse Qi with endless burning intent.

Between the two Ethereal Extents was a co-soul with surging energy. It was shaking as it was struggling with two different auras.

The strange thing was that Harson's Ethereal Extent also had a strong suction force to the co-soul.

It was unbelievable to other people!

Even Shi Yan felt that it was strange. His co-soul had his Soul Seal and it was developed from the heaven flames. Usually, the co-soul listened to him.

In fact, it happened that way. He could control the co-soul as he pleased.

But it was different now.

Harson's appearance seemed to have given his co-soul another option. Harson somehow had a subtle connection with the co-soul.

He pondered and something popped up in his mind: Desolate!

Desolate was controlling everything discreetly. His co-soul had fused with the Origin of Grace Mainland, which had been detached from Desolate. So technically, it was part of Desolate! Desolate had the capacity to control his co-soul!

This place was especially the territory of Desolate. If Desolate chose Harson to fight Shi Yan, it would create a fair environment by cutting off his advantages.

As soon as he considered this possibility, he had an idea that he wanted to try to test his a.s.sumption.

He used the Devouring power Upanishad to urge the black hole and aimed at Harson's soul altar.

It was the power Upanishad of the Bloodthirsty's Master!

He had tested it before. No soul altar could resist the black hole. As long as it flew out of the body, the black hole could absorb it. This power Upanishad had brought him the marvelous benefit that he couldn't describe.

Right now, he was going to use it to deal with Harson!

A wild suction force came from the black hole and aimed at Harson.

Strangely, Harson wasn't affected. Both of his Ethereal Extent and soul altar were fine. They didn't even move.

It seemed like an invisible force had distorted his power Upanishad and made the Devouring power ineffective!

Shi Yan discolored in fear.

Then, he got it. He understood that Desolate had controlled everything.

The World Tree was just a part of Desolate. In this world, Desolate was the law and the principles of powers Upanishads! Desolate was the G.o.d and the way of virtue and justice!

Desolate was the fountainhead of the entire universe!

This conception made Shi Yan drop his jaw in awe. Who else besides Nature itself could deactivate the Bloodthirsty's Master's Devouring power Upanishad?

"You're right. Desolate is Nature. It's the way of virtue and justice. Desolate holds the fountainhead of powers Upanishads."

The Ring Spirit's voice arose timely in his soul. "All powers Upanishads, the truth, and essence of this world come from this planet. It's the greatest out of everything in nature. It's the law. And the most terrifying thing is that Desolate has consciousness and intelligence. It has the will of life that's different from anything else. No one knows what it thinks."

"Why does the blood sword seem to be similar to the holy mountain? And why could it make the mountain bleed?" Shi Yan hurried to ask.

"This Holy Mountain shields the World Tree. It was the body of the precursor from the Immortal Demon Clan. The sword in your hand was made of his spine. Of course, they have some connection," answered the Ring Spirit.

"Oh boy!" Shi Yan couldn't help but utter.

He knew that one hundred thousand years ago, the first generation of experts of the four ancient continents had come to this place and tried to refine Desolate and change the rule of Nature. It allowed themselves to create the way of virtue and justice.

Of course, the four of them had buried their bodies here.

The Incipient Extent of the G.o.d Clan's precursor had turned into a miniature version of the world that Shi Yan had taken and carved into his Ethereal Extent, which had boosted him to Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm.

The remains of the Holy Beast White Tiger of the Heavenly Monster Tribe had turned into a mountain range, which Cang Yun had found and taken its essence.

The soul of the Imperial Dark Tribe's precursor had turned into an icy blue halo that covered Desolate and prevented any warrior from intruding. It had become Desolate's protection.

The G.o.d Body of the Immortal Demon Clan's precursor was refined. It became the Holy Mountain in the center, which was the armor of the World Tree.

The blood sword in his hand was surprisingly the spine of that Immortal Demon precursor. No wonder why it looked similar to the Holy Mountain and could even trigger the mountain.

If the blood sword was the spine of that precursor... who was the Bloodthirsty's Master? How could he control this sword?

When this thought emerged, Shi Yan's soul altar started to tremble. This thought had stirred up his mind to the point where he had almost lost connection with his Ethereal Extent.

It was because Harson's soul altar, which was controlling the Burning Purgatory, had approached him.

The terrifying power of things from h.e.l.l came from Harson's Ethereal Extent that forcefully intruded Shi Yan's Ethereal Extent and brought an apocalypse to his Ethereal Extent. Harson wanted to destroy Shi Yan's Ethereal Extent.

It was Harson's attack.

"Stay focused and deal with Harson first!" The Ring Spirit thundered in his head.

Shi Yan temporarily put aside his chaotic thoughts. He pulled himself together and became placid. Seeing Harson's earth-destroying purgatory arrive, Shi Yan immediately urged his soul altar to change the world he had controlled.

In his universe, the suns and moons released dazzling lights that shined on the coming purgatory world.

Harson's world had a crimson, burning sky and the bleeding ground had many wounds. The mountains shattered while the sea was seething crazily. Countless meteors ignited and fell onto the ground inside Harson's world, attempting to destroy everything.

The meteors were hissing through the sky and then it plowed the ground and created many deeps ditches like the teeth of a comb. Lava surged from those ditches and tried to melt down everything.

It was doomsday.

Harson had caused this deadly catastrophe and sent it into Shi Yan's Ethereal Extent. He wanted to ruin Shi Yan's Ethereal Extent and turn it into ashes.

Harson stayed in his purgatory world, his soul energy fluctuation more terrifying. His soul altar also emitted tremendous energy fluctuations.

Harson had mastered his Burning Purgatory power Upanishad and this world was being burned down like doomsday, which was matched with his power Upanishad. It could provide him with endless energy!

Quite the contrary, as Shi Yan's galaxy with countless stars, got attacked by meteors, shattering mountains, and seas in Harson's world, he felt exhausted as if he couldn't endure it for a long time.

This was a battle between the soul altars where the Ethereal Extents wore each other out and used a world to destroy the other.

It was much more deadly and dangerous than using the body to fight!

From the ground, the other warriors could see the two Ethereal Extents like two projections in the sky. Watching the collisions happening above their heads, they held their breath and wore panic-stricken countenances.

This battle was so terrifying that it got beyond their imagination. Harson and Shi Yan's Ethereal Extents were colliding and attacking each other, giving them the scene of an apocalypse. They all thought that they would be obliterated.

"If Harson wins, his Ethereal Extent with the power of the doomsday will devour all of us," said Shang Ying Yue, her head lowered.

Everybody was shocked. The warriors became aghast and anxious. They quietly urged their power.

The fantasy worlds of mountains, seas, deserts, and forests emerged above their heads. They were ready for the oncoming battle.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Shortly after, the suns and moons in Shi Yan's Ethereal Extent spun and moved into a magical formation. It looked like some divine formation.

Using the suns, moons, and stars as the basis and the Star power Upanishad as principles, the formation that Shi Yan created could shake the entire world!

Shi Yan's entire Ethereal Extent was changing. The suns, moons, and stars were moving into different marvelous patterns with the everlasting Star power.

"When the earth and heaven aren't extinguished and the stars are everlasting, I will never be taken down!"

A mutter echoed in Shi Yan's soul altar like an angel's statement that showed the a.s.sured faith that could shake the whole world.

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