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In the immense, misty world where the World Tree grew, almost all of the most outstanding prodigies of the current generation of the entire cosmos were fighting to the death with each other. They fought for the Genesis Fruit and for the next ten thousand years of prosperity for their clan.

This battle was very important to all of them. The winner would become King and the losers would have to kneel down in front of the victor for the next ten thousand years.

In the fantasy world created by Haig's power Upanishad, Shi Yan stood neatly in his blood sea. The blood sea rippled its viscous waves. Upon layers upon layers, it supported him floating above the red surface.

Brilliant outer s.p.a.ce streamers crossed each other above his head like starlight chains drawing fantastic images in the sky. They were complex and mysterious, hiding the essence of the everlasting galaxy.

The blood mist hovered above the galaxy and the tornado of negative energy was wreaking havoc in this area.

Desperate, resentment, fearful, bloodthirsty and other negative feelings were examples of the endless evilness in people's minds. They could nibble their hearts and dirty their souls. They could send people to a cold, deadly silent prison, making them eternally consigned to d.a.m.nation.

It was the Death Prison triggered by the Death power.

In Haig's world, the sea was crying and seething. The ground cracked and shattered. The mountains collapsed while the trees and forest were ground into powder. This world was gradually crumbling.

Shi Yan had used his power Upanishad to destroy this world and send it back to the starting point.

However, it wasn't that everything would turn out as he wanted.

When the fantasy world corrupted, the pure energy of Five Elements flooded in from the horizon, the void, and even the abyss. The cycle of energy was generated and running continuously. It forcefully re-created the order of earth and heaven. It made the earth flat, the mountain stable, and the shattered things intact one more time. Someone had seized the role of the Creature and gave everything a new life.

Shi Yan had used his power to destroy while Haig used his power to mend things. With this world as the battlefield and their power Upanishad the basis, they had tried their best to fight each other!

Shi Yan was destined to stay in a disadvantaged condition in this battle.

His enemy had controlled this battlefield and taken all the advantages and better conditions. Haig was the G.o.d of this world.

Every time things changed and every time Shi Yan congregated energy, it consumed the G.o.d power he had condensed in his G.o.d power Ancient Tree, the negative energy he had collected, and the combustion of his Immortal Demon Blood...

He couldn't collect a beam of earth and heaven energy here...

It was different to Haig.

In this world, Haig was the real G.o.d. He could gather earth and heaven energy as much as he wanted. He could continuously draw energy from the ancient continent to refill himself.

Even though Haig had to consume his energy, it was much easier for him compared to Shi Yan. If it was a battle of attrition, there was no doubt that Shi Yan would lose.

He couldn't risk his life with Haig.

While the mountains, lakes, and even the ground were changing, a shining divine boat tore the sky just like the Messenger of Light coming to clean the dark. Loud explosions reverberated.

Boom! Boom!

The Light Divine Boat had hundreds of thousands of magical formations carved on the body, which could join and combine into one ent.i.ty. They carried the power of Five Elements and the in-depth meanings of earth and heaven.

The Divine Boat tore the sky to come and brought with its the threat to crush creatures, mountains, and everything. It attacked Shi Yan directly.

Galaxies created by Shi Yan's power were struck into pieces. The Light Divine Boat had cut the starlight chains, which prevented them to reconnect.

Even the crimson water of the blood sea started to evaporate when the holy light of the Light Devine Boat shone on it. The water sizzled and vapored.

This Light Divine Boat represented Haig. It was the foundation of this World of Light. Its role was like the World Tree to Desolate. It was the root or the heart.

It wasn't wrong to say that the Light Divine Boat was this world itself. If the Divine Boat were damaged, this world would be cracked accordingly.

Shi Yan squinted. His blood red eyes had two drops of blood vibrating and it looked really frightening.

They were the garnet Immortal Demon Blood, which looked as beautiful as precious gemstones. Having them in his eyes, Shi Yan had mobilized and used all the Immortal Demon Blood in his body!

Haig appeared deep in the sky like the projection of a ma.s.sive G.o.d observing the world underneath. He said indifferently, "Kill!"


The Light Divine Boat was like a venomous snake sticking its tongue out. The pointy tip of the boat opened and revealed the wooden white teeth that were biting Shi Yan.

"Ah, not that easy."

Shi Yan smiled ferociously. His red finger stroked the Blood Vein Ring as gently as if he was touching his lover's skin. A strange emotion flashed in his eyes.


The sound of a sharp weapon coming out of its sheath arose. A blood light pierced the sky and forcefully stabbed the Light Divine Boat.

The eyes on the broadsword opened. The incredibly evil energy flooded like the rising tide. The blood sword seemed to be able to break the horizon and this entire fantasy world. It stabbed the Light Divine Boat.


The Light Divine Boat exploded. Beams of blood light bloomed and moved around like sharp blades cutting this world.

The world that Haig had created shattered in just a moment. The Light Divine Boat cracked. The sky was pierced through. Shi Yan returned to the real world in just a blink of an eye.

The giant gory broadsword was like a sharp, bloodthirsty saber of a Demogorgon, quietly floating above Shi Yan's head. A beam of blood light from the sword tip seemed to connect to this Holy Mountain.

Glug! Glug!

Blood started to ooze out out the majestic Holy Mountain, which the blood sword drank. Then, the destructive energy fluctuated from the blood sword and frightened everybody.

It was the will of eliminating all creatures!

This will came from the blood sword, the Holy Mountain, and from the deep area of this ancient continent.

The blood sword and the Holy Mountain had fused into one. It had triggered some kind of terrifying energy inside the mountain and made it bleed. The blood sword drank the blood from the mountain, which supplied the sword with surging, abundant energy at an unimaginable speed.

It seemed to be different from the way Haig drew energy from Ancient G.o.d Continent.

Everybody inside the mountain felt their hair rising. It seemed like the Holy Mountain had just woken up. They felt as horrible as if they were inside the stomach of an ancient beast.

This feeling was so real. It was so real that they even found the wall of the mountain twitching like real flesh...

Someone couldn't help but shout. They felt their soul get stuck, so they had to try their best to get rid of this place. No one wanted to stay here anymore.

Some of them appeared to have collapsed.

"What happened?"

Cecilia found this immense world covered with blood and even the viscous blood streaks were found in between the clouds. The smell was so nauseating.

She had joined hands with Shang Ying Yue to fight Mia. After their times of ascetic cultivation, their G.o.d power was more condensed and abundant even though their realm didn't advance.

When the two of them joined hands, they could subdue Mia and have time to watch around.

When they saw Shi Yan getting rid of Haig's world, they also saw him reappear not far from them with the blood sword floating above his head.

Looking at the blood sword, Shang Ying Yue showed her fear and respect. However, Cecilia discolored. "He... He's the successor of the Bloodthirsty's Master!"

Cecilia was aghast.

Aside from her, when Mia, Phelps, Wu Feng, Mo Fou, and Sha Zhao saw the mark on the blood sword, they were dumbstruck and their faces were astounded.

Especially Audrey.

Her bright eyes showed her shock. Even her soul altar trembled when the big wave of astonishment swarmed over her mind.

No matter how hard she had imagined, she would have never known that Shi Yan's inheritance came from the Bloodthirsty's Master!

As soon as that man arrived, he had shadowed the four great races. He had made the experts of the four races follow him. That man... was the pole of the universe!

Every member of the four great races knew about an unidentified madman who suppressed the four races to rule this vast cosmos and created a new order.

His existence was mysterious and profound as if he was the law!

Haig showed his fear for the first time. He was afraid of this blood sword. Right when it emerged, this blood sword had pierced through his Light Divine Boat and tore the world he had created with great efforts.

How strong was that?!

He gazed at the sword and thought about a new plan. He intended to use the power he had hidden all the time.

Standing beneath the blood sword, Shi Yan checked Harson's situation. He discolored.

Harson had disappeared!

To be exact, he didn't see the mess of Harson's flesh and bones. Not even a single drop of blood.

He seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

Since everybody saw him turn his head to check Harson, they also turned to see Harson...

Everybody jolted up in fear and bewilderment. They looked around and tried to find something.

They were looking for Harson's remains.

They scanned every corner around and saw no trace of Harson. They all felt their hair rise.

His corpse... changed?

People were startled.

Only Shi Yan knew that it was actually the corpse that change. Harson had used Corpse Qi with an unknown force to resurrect.

But where did he go?

Shi Yan felt insecure when Harson didn't reappear. In some aspect, this young man was much tougher than Haig. He was crazier and more unreasonable. With the tremendous power support, he had become deadly dangerous.


The blood sword sent him a strange sound when it suddenly shook and gave Shi Yan a peculiar feeling.

His blood sword somehow matched with the energy of the Holy Mountain. It looked like the sword had just answered the mountain. Shi Yan suddenly understood it. He lifted his head to look at the World Tree immersing in the thick clouds and then the Guiding Fruits. Eventually, his eyes stopped at the Genesis Fruit that had the shape of the ancient continent!

The Genesis Fruit now had a hazy blue halo... Eh, that halo... Someone touched it!

It was Harson!

Harson had seized the chance when people were fighting to climb on the World Tree and weaved through the Guiding Fruits. He was standing on the flaming crystal branches to wait for the Genesis Fruit to ripen.

The Genesis Fruit quickly drew the essence power of the World Tree. The crystal five-colored streamers moved like beautiful rivers through the branches towards the fruit. All of a sudden, the Genesis Fruit shook hard. It seemed like the fruit had just ripened and it was about to fall off the branch. Harson was waiting right under the fruit!



"d.a.m.n it!"

"He's still alive!"

Everybody boiled up. Their countenances changed in fear. Now they all glared at Harson with rage.

Cang Yun, Haig, and Audrey changed their target in just a blink. They moved like three meteors shooting towards Harson.

They didn't retain anything but they burst out their best and fiercest attack!

The three of them had tried their best to s.n.a.t.c.h the Genesis Fruit. With the Genesis Fruit in their hands, they could rule the universe for the next ten thousand years.

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